Polarapocalypse Now

Your drunk uncle who keeps saying shit's only going to get real when the beer runs out is about to have his theory put to the test.

Polar announced yesterday it will put your drunk uncle’s favorite political forecast to the test. You know the one I’m talking about, right? That one uncle of yours who gets drunk at every family gathering and starts to rant about how the only way we’re going to get people mad enough to take to the streets and overthrow the government is if the beer runs out?

Well, here you have it, Tío…


Empresas Polar SA, the country’s largest privately-held company and biggest brewer, said Wednesday that it will be forced to stop producing beer because it can’t get the foreign currency it needs to purchase malted barley.

“We haven’t been able to replenish inventory, and we only have malted barley until April 29,” the company said in a statement published on its website. “Because of that, we’re obligated to suspend the production of beer until we get access to the foreign currency necessary to procure the material.”

The mind boggles over how Gawker’s going to headline this one.