AS/COA Webcast: Venezuela’s Faltering Economy


Today, the Americas Society and Council of the Americas along with Caracas Chronicles hosted a panel to discuss Venezuela’s economic troubles and what to expect going forward, en español.


With whiplash-inducing inflation estimates of 720%, a worrying 8 percent contraction of the economy, and one of the highest unemployment rates in recent history, it’s pretty safe to say that Venezuela is nearing an economic meltdown; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A panel of experts went over the current woes of a once prosperous nation and what we could be looking forward to.


  • Alejandro Grisanti (@agrisanti), Economist and former Venezuela Analyst at Barclays
  • Armando Briquet (@armando_briquet), Political Consultant and former Campaign Manager for Henrique Capriles’ presidential bid
  • Francisco Monaldi (@fmonaldi), Fellow in Latin American Energy Policy at the Baker Institute, Rice University
  • Luz Mely Reyes (@luzmelyreyes), Journalist and Founder of Efecto Cocuyo (moderator)
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  1. Howdy! @dauz_ucv twitter handle here
    A question for Monaldi/Grisanti: Do you guys expect a voluntary swap/exchange/reprofiling of PDVSA’s short-term debt later this year? Would this exchange be enough to solve the nation’s liquidity crunch?

  2. Están comparando mucho a Venezuela con otros países latinoamericanos, pero donde existe democracia y en donde los consensos son posibles.

    Me gustaría que comprararan a Vzla tomando un modelo político más totalitario. Casi como el modelo cubano, del cual evidentemente estamos más cercanos.

  3. Pregunta para Mr. Grisanti – Vemos que – extrañamente – el gobierno sigue dejando subir la tasa de cambio complementaria (SIMADI/DICOM o como le estén diciendo esta semana.) Ud. ve que el Dicom esté en camino en convertirse en una solución real para sus clientes? O es la paja de siempre?


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