AS/COA Webcast: Venezuela's Faltering Economy

If you missed the live stream, we've got you covered, watch the entire event here.

Today, the Americas Society and Council of the Americas along with Caracas Chronicles hosted a panel to discuss Venezuela’s economic troubles and what to expect going forward, en español.


With whiplash-inducing inflation estimates of 720%, a worrying 8 percent contraction of the economy, and one of the highest unemployment rates in recent history, it’s pretty safe to say that Venezuela is nearing an economic meltdown; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A panel of experts went over the current woes of a once prosperous nation and what we could be looking forward to.


  • Alejandro Grisanti (@agrisanti), Economist and former Venezuela Analyst at Barclays
  • Armando Briquet (@armando_briquet), Political Consultant and former Campaign Manager for Henrique Capriles’ presidential bid
  • Francisco Monaldi (@fmonaldi), Fellow in Latin American Energy Policy at the Baker Institute, Rice University
  • Luz Mely Reyes (@luzmelyreyes), Journalist and Founder of Efecto Cocuyo (moderator)