At some point, it becomes impossible to shield any part of society from implosion. Witness this enormously dismaying story. 

Over the weekend, six members of the Venezuelan military were detained by local authorities for stealing goats, the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported Sunday. It said the soldiers confessed to stealing the goats and said they did it to feed themselves, since they had no food left in their barracks.

In the end, Maduro’s strategic dead end is entirely contained in that story. We’re now approaching a situation where disorder on the street is growing, and the people the government will need to call on to deal with it have been reduced to rustling livestock for food.

¿Qué más se puede decir?

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  1. Yup, pretty much sums up the Venezuela situation. A good heads-up would be to keep your pet dogs in the house.

  2. For chavismo it was totally fair and square, the owner of the goats was just a dirty capitalist hoarder playing the economic war, and, more important that anything, CHAVEZ SAID IT WAS OK TO STEAL IF YOU CLAIMED YOU WERE HUNGRY.

  3. I recommend you to read this article:

    But aqui tienes la papa pelaa, la parte mas relevante na lo que escribiste…

    “Cuba used to have the biggest, most productive cattle ranches in the Western Hemisphere,” Wright tells me when I call him at his home in Naples, Florida (which is so close to Cuba, he says, that “on a clear night with a good cigar” he can almost see Havana from his front porch).

    “What happened to that grand cattle-ranching tradition?” I ask him.

    “They ate all the cows,” he answers.

    I laugh, thinking it’s a joke. “No, really, I mean that,” he insists. “Listen: A few years ago, I asked one of the comandantes of the revolution what went wrong. He said, ‘Look, we were hungry, we were young—we ate them.'”

    • “tesla’s Rise” is poppycock. Battery technology has to improve a lot, delivering lower prices and weights before we will see Pakistani and Bolivian truck drivers using electric vehicles.

      • You are underestimating how quickly electric vehicles are evolving. You are correct that it might be quite some time before Pakistani and Bolivian truck drivers use batteries, but if only a relatively small portion of cars switch, it could mean big trouble for oil. Why do you think Saudi is desperately looking to get away from relying on oil. They can what is coming and are looking to avoid it, although I’m not sure they can accomplish it because they are too used to living off the Government, kind of like Venezuela.

  4. Not much differerent from Chavez’s military time, except his troops ate rustled beef. On then-free Globovision, Mezerhane was asked why Chavez hated him/his bank so much; his response, “When Chavez was commanding some troops (I believe) in Barinas, he would steal a cow a week to feed them, until the ranch owner decided to give him a cow/week to keep him from stealing more–and, that ranch owner is my (Mezerhane’s) bank first administrative officer.” Venezuela has been lost for some time, but, as in that apocryphal story/movie “The Asylum”, the lunatics really are/have have been running the asylum…and for some time….

  5. From this story,it would appear that while some in the army appear to be enriching themselves by corrupt means, this money is not trickling down to the troops. This would indicate to me that if ever an officer commands troops to fire on civilians, the order will not be followed.

      • Just an example of understatement. From the goat-stealing incident , it would appear to me that among those in the military who enrich themselves by illicit means, there is a minimal attempt to “share the wealth.” Result: money gained by corrupt acts tends to increase income inequality- an observation by no means limited to the military. The alleged great reduction in the GINI inequality index that Chavistas and PSF tout is false to the degree that corrupt income is ignored in the calculating of GINI.

  6. South American military outfits tolerate the governments they serve so long as the moneda and privilege keeps coming. Now that that even the food is running out, or has actually run out, I wonder what will sustain the loyalty. Man, this could get ugly if the army goes on a rampage looking for what is not there – no moneda, no comida, no nada. The point previously raised, that the state is now engaged in a diabolical murder-suicide, is starting to make some sense. Basically, “If we go down, you go down with us.” The ego of Chavismo cannot bear to bite the dust while another man or woman is left standing.

    And now the military has no grub. One wonders if this is an isolated case…

  7. I guess I agree with Juan Cristobal that there is a strong possibility that the RR will be shot down and it will not be held this year and perhaps never. However, though I accept that the regime is capable, willing and working hard to block that path, I believe the RR will not take place rather because other crucial events will make it irrelevant. Change is coming through the accumulation of pressure from a score of other powerful social and political processes and I think they will explode before a RR is organized even without the shameful maneuvering currently carried on by PSUV and CNE. Just to mention the most obvious issues with high potential to impact on the political outcome, I call attention to the exhaustion of Guri, the disappearance of the Polar beer from the market, hyperinflation, lootings and lynchings, the lack of high denomination bills, scarcity of food and medicines, the fall of oil production, the flight of oilfield service companies, the international growing complications and so forth.
    It is hard to imagine how a government confronting such a terrible assortment of problems can survive except by brute force and repression and that is a difficult endeavor in a twenty first century world. It is quite enough harassment to have a National Assembly pitching inconvenient laws and decisions at the rate of one per week. It is inconceivable that a government pretends to keep afloat for ever based on having a supreme judiciary spiting monstrous, ridiculous, inept and pseudo legalist sentences loosing legitimacy by the hour. Of course, I reckon history take weird turns very often and I may probably prove to be quite wrong.


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