The Spotlight Is On: Time to Tell Your Story

As Venezuela shoots up to the front pages, we ask you to take a minute and tell us the story from 2016 you think is worth passing down the generations.


We need your help, we need your stories.

Maduro’s vague announcement that he will declare a nationwide state of emergency brought home the real urgency of Venezuela’s in newsrooms around the world. Think about it, when was the last time Venezuela led the news across major European news media like this?

And we’re beginning to see a step-change not just in the visibility but also in the tone of reporting. Like this cute little nugget from the AP:

U.S. intelligence analysts are increasingly convinced that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is likely to be pushed aside by members of his own socialist movement before finishing his term…

…potential turncoats include former National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello, former Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres and Tarek El Aissami, a powerful state governor.

Or this one from The Guardian which led their website:

Guardian Front Page

Or this Naky-like news roundup from the BBC, again page-one-above-the-fold:

BBC Front Page

Then there’s Spain’s El País,

El Pais Front Page

And of course the Naím/Quico piece on The Atlantic that we are sure you must’ve read (which, btw, made it to El País as well).

Last time we had this much attention was at the beginning of the 2014 crisis. News of that crisis hit hard: here at Caracas Chronicles we had over 2 million hits in less than a day.

We learned, however, that this window of interest can be fleeting. While Venezuelan students were being shot in the street by government agents, and as the country was being torn by our dumbass authoritarian regime, the whole world turned its eye on the Ukrainian revolution (squirrel!)

As a journalist friend from Iceland said to me at the time: Ukraine just fucked you.

So the time to tell our stories is right now. 

So, we need your help.

We know Venezuelans are going through some really extreme experiences right now. There’s just too much going on out there, and too many aspects of this tragedy are slipping through the fingers of local and international media.

You, your family, and your friends, are going through a situation that’s too hard to grasp for the modern day brain. But we know there’s extreme stuff going on, stuff you’ll be telling your grandchildren about decades from now.

So let’s spell it out to them. You sing, we write.

To show the big picture, first we have to put together all these bits and pieces that are scattered all over the country.

So take ten minutes to work through this simple, powerful exercise with us.

Tell us in a few, words the story from the last few months you see yourself telling your grandchildren a generation from now:


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  1. Back in 2014 was Ukraine that took the News spotlight.
    Today is Donald Trump that is sucking all the air, and for the rest of 2016 🙁

    But ! Newspapers are the “old media”. Today, many of the fights are taking place on Social Media and Blogs like this one.
    So, we can’t just sit passively at the mercy of the News cycle. We need to be more proactive !

    And, talking about acting, those interested can join this little social media campaign, it is a display of strength by the numbers and unity. In the same spirit than the French campaign of support after the terrorist attacks.
    This campaign is simple, we are just pasting on our profile picture a little symbol.
    We are using the legitimate Venezuela Cote of Arm Horse, the one running forward! 🙂
    You can download the horse icon by clicking on my Twitter name bellow.
    Those who need help adding the icon, please let me know.

    Sorry for the free promotion 😉
    Thanks !

  2. Excellent initiative by Quico Toro. I hope it gets many contributions. The article with Naim showed that well-selected individual stories can make a great impact.

  3. It wasn’t that the Ukraine was eclipsing Venezuela in 2014. It wasn’t that Donald Trump is doing it now. These are things I used to think.

    Today I think the only reason Venezuela makes American headlines is so that people who hate Bernie Sanders can flog a tired talking point “Socialism! Hurr Derp something Venezuela!” etc. That’s it. It’s a cute joke and that’s all they care about.

    I for one am so goddamn sick of the snark. Every comments section in every American news article about Venezuela begins the same way “Glad to see Socialism is working out so well” (and so on)

    These people don’t give a damn about Venezuelan lives; all they want to do is make fun of Venezuela as it slips into the morass because it’s a cute talking point to browbeat the other side to satisfy a parochial American obsession over internal partisan dominance.

    Not to mention that nowadays, Americans can’t do anything other than speak in Sarcasm. Anything even approximating sincerity or registering genuine concern is seen as naive or precious. I’m done appealing to Americans for help. They simply DONT CARE and never will.

    Venezuela is going to have to find its allies somewhere else. Not sure where.

    • de pana, I concur. That schtick makes me livid, oh yeah & do watch out for all the unreasonable Rand praising…

    • son los snarky gringos o los extranjeros con ideología que se juran conocer la situación de Venezuela mejor que cualquier venezolano – exhibit A:

    • Well, over here in Spain you have to deal with that AND with the whole left wing that is convinced that EVERY mention of what happens in Venezuela is just a media maneuver against Podemos.

      Which, lets be serious, it is, but come on. That doesnt mean it is NOT TRUE. Or that the people suffering in Venezuela dont deserve something better, like, if not help, at least a true acknowledgment of the situation no matter in what political coordinates you are.

      But no such luck, so it is watching corrupt assholes use Venezuela as a tool against Podemos or snark about how it is all about Podemos. Because god help us things would be about something else than Spain politics.

      • “Which, lets be serious, it is, but come on. That doesn’t mean it is NOT TRUE. Or that the people suffering in Venezuela don’t deserve something better, like, if not help, at least a true acknowledgment of the situation no matter in what political coordinates you are.”

        –> so accurate and thus so unfortunately poignant. When the debacle is addressed it gets exploited left and right (by the left AND the right) to be inserted whenever needed, wherever needed, to make a point separate from the human tragedy that our patria is currently suffering.
        It seems to be treated more as a metaphor and is not approached as the issue-in-urgent-need-of-resolution (para ayer!) that it is. No engagement with nor sympathy for human suffering, per se, in sight.

        It feels hopeless to hope for outsider-help (I DREAM for acknowledgment of the gravity of it all!) but maybe we shouldn’t even expect it…

        la ayuda vendrá de los que estén para los que queden – damned brain drain.
        perhaps this perversely effective ‘perfect dictatorship’ might awaken some academic interest as a case-study.

  4. He/she living in Venezuela who “tells his/her own story” will be sure to end up on the new massive Lista Tascon, and, that, unless something worse happens…..


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