Secretary General of the OAS slams Maduro in press release


“I am not a CIA agent,” this is how Luis Almagro begins his response to Nicolas Maduro’s accusations on the involvement of the Secretary General of the OAS in an international plot to depose him.

Maduro made his statement during, perhaps, the clumsiest press conference he has held until now (?!?!?!?!). Yes, I’m going on a limb with that one. But keep in mind that the government’s intention was to simmer down the hype around the whole authoritarian state of exception sham of the weekend, and in the end he basically said the recall referendum was part of a scheme to oust him, and that he was sort of willing to scratch the AN.

Almagro was quick to respond. First a bitch slap: “You betray your people and your supposed ideology with your rambling tirades, you are a traitor to ethics in politics with your lies and you betray the most sacred principle in politics, which is to subject yourself to the scrutiny of your people.”

And then this:

I hope that no one commits the folly of carrying out a coup d’état against you, but also that you yourself do not do so. It is your duty. You have an obligation to public decency to hold the recall referendum in 2016, because when politics are polarized the decision must go back to the people. That is what the Constitution says. To deny the people that vote, to deny them the possibility of deciding, would make you just another petty dictator, like so many this Hemisphere has had.

This last bit we’re still trying to digest. The Spanish version, however, is so much better. The Secretary General’s unbashful “tuteo” of Maduro makes it sound deeply personal, and irate. You can almost see the stains from Almagro’s foaming mouth:”No soy agente de la CIA. Y tu mentira, aunque repetida mil veces, nunca será verdad.” Damn.

Maduro and the gang are not in a labyrinth. They are clearly between a sword and a boot.


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      • El sistema judicial debe revisar los videos e identificar y detener uno a uno a los agresores de nuestros PNB. Justicia para que haya Paz

        Is that a grammatical error

    • Maybe the US is not interested in him, he might have info on people they already have enough trash on, so he is negotiating his stay in Venezuela in exchange of his support.

      All I see are people going from plan A to plan B…

  1. Carajo, no fué conmigo y me dolió :V

    Ya era hora de que alguien le dijera al miserable cacique chavista que fuera a lavarse el paltó, justo como Uribe le hizo al muerto en su momento.

  2. Uhmm… I am trying to read between the lines and the obvious. Almagro just increased the bet with that “open” letter. I don’t think he got fed up with Maduro, that already happened anyway, I believe he is seeking political high ground. Stir the pot and keep Venezuela in the newspapers while pushing the passive presidents of OAS to get ready for what is coming, forcing the hand, pues.

    Perhaps he wants to see the cards of the other presidents for an eventual application of the Democratic Charter. Who get’s offended, who go out to defend the adefesio or who would pass agachado. Or perhaps he is just getting the first salvo out.

    Today was a searing article in the NYT about Ramirez that contained a quite good amount of corruption allegations. Undermining the Venezuela UN envoy that also co-chairs the UN Security Council makes sense, and in June France will be presiding which makes quite the perfect timing to get rid of a dictartorzuelo with the pretension to become the Bashar al-Assad of Latin America.

    Equally interesting is the virtual silence of the Castros…was this coordinated with the Pax Obama?

    Perhaps what is left of the left in the continent would rather let Maduro burn down and go on damage control.

    May be the oust of Maduro just need a little push…

  3. Even though these things brings a lot of support, I am not sure if Almagro did good by lowering himself to Maduro school yard bullying and personal attacks.
    I guess Almagro couln’t contain his anger and blew off, after hearing Maduro insults and threats last night. I don’t blame him.
    Wouldn’t be great if the OAS formally sanction Delcy Rodriguez as persona non-Grata for lying before all of the OAS diplomats? I think that organization needs to demand more respect.
    Can’t wait for them to finally issue the Democratic Charter.

  4. Almagro served as Foreign Minister under Pepe Mujica. I could not imagine Pepe Mujica making such statements about Maduro. The times they are a-changing

  5. If you add Credibility + OAS General Secretary Open Letter statements + emergency decree = cold coup d’état by Maduro.

    Let me explain:

    If the OAS GS says things like: traitor, dead kids, obligation to public decency and rule of law and all those quite strong things that are contained in the letter and you believe that then…

    ..that means we already got served by Maduro, the military and the TSJ. We may haven’t realized just that.

    I think it already happened…they just did it!!! They just got rid of democracy… no more challenged democracy, this is a coup d’état! This is a Fujimorazo, rule by decree with the support of the TSJ and the political elimination of the AN…wow perhaps Maduro just pulled a Homer Simpson.

    • Son, the democracy in Venezuela got killed along the victims in the april 11 who were gunned down by Chávez’s death circles.

  6. Sorry but all this is ‘puro cambur y peo”. I personally enjoy anyone who slams Maduro but it doesn’t bring or benefit us in any way. Even if they approve the infamous carta democratica, that is only a diplomatic sanction and you know whats is going to be wiped with it.
    I actually think it gives chavismo another thing to show that el imperio is attacking them.

    The only way he is going out is when the opposition convince the guys with guns to buy into it.

  7. One key point most of the world does not know: “You betray your people and your supposed ideology with your rambling tirades, you are a traitor to ethics in politics with your lies and you betray the most sacred principle in politics, which is to subject yourself to the scrutiny of your people.”

    As said earlier, Chavismo was established on a military model, where the big man / bus driver give the orders, and the gente obey. Imperios don’t offer themselves up for peer review. The entire notion contradicts the basic charter of giving orders unchallenged. There NEVER WAS any democracy to any part of Chavismo. How many times did federal courts ever decide against the government? Zero.

    If nothing else, Amargo is simply calling out the obvious: Maduro runs a dictatorship, plain and simple. Allowing the ANC to even exist, let alone letting a referendum go to the vote, means embracing the very democratic principals that they never have. Not once.

    Chavista’s democratic farce is being called out big time. And with the flood or articles showing babies dying by the dozens etc., Delcy’s declaration that Venezuela is not in full blow melt down is seen for what it is: A bold and heartless lie, a betrayal to the people.

    This might be a last straw per the credibility of the Chavista’s on the world stage. To support Maduro now is, internationally speaking, a declaration of personal insanity – like pointing to the moon and telling the world is is square.

    There basically is no place for the Chavista’s to go. There are or will soon be pariahs outside their own borders. And with no resources, only the military is holding them in power. The coup already happened (per the military holding the cards). It just was never declared.

      • I don’t think that guy’s an idiot. I think he’s a anti-capitalist, anti-american Jacobin and doesn’t give a shit if Venezuelans are starved or killed in the process of building “the new man.”

  8. Sadly, this is more of the same. Another King Juan Carlos moment that will fade away in about two days. These guys will eat this with papas fritas.

    Shocking news would be to hear that the PNB are letting people through to Libertador. When that happens, then we can talk about times changing….

  9. Maduro is shrilly brutal and blatantly mendacious in his attacks on peoples and institutions , more so than any other chief of state (which he purports to be) , he seems to relish in the brutality of his discourse , in insulting people , in making them the object of incredible accusations ……..not sure even a Saint would be able to take such attacks and insults and false accusations sitting down , Almagro has probably had it with Maduro , he is that rare creature an honest brave statesman , despite holding such high diplomatic post he is not going to allow Maduro to get away with his obscene behaviour so he lets him have it , good and hard .

    He also knows that good manners and a diplomatic politeness dont work with this regime , that they are hell bent on on creating for themselves a toxic enviroment as a tactical means of defending their abuses , they have adopted the skunks tactics of defense , dont get near me or you are going to get showered with pestilent rethoric …..

    Almagro is also resolved to methodically and incesantly attack this regime every way possible , even if inmmediately his attacks dont appear to cause it lethal harm , he is going to hammer away agaisnt its image and credibility with well researched papers, with hard punching exposes…..

    People will say that by itself wont topple the govt , it will just raise its shouting ,but Almagro knows as we should too that as the regime grown more vulnerable each day , as its supports erode more and more there comes a tipping point where a grain of sand will topple the whole edifice of its already cracking power !! As the US Govt says we can already hear the ice cracing under its fee……!! Every blow counts !!

  10. !7 years of using a softball to play polite diplomacy against chavismo hasn’t worked. Its time for everybody to use the hard ball and ditch soft rhetoric and soft actions.

  11. Our esteemed Foreign Minister summed up Almagro very well as “part of the political scum of the Empire”. Vertias dixit I say.


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