In One Way, God Does Provide

Juany Iznaga, holding mangoes and other tropical fruits called "Mamones," poses for a picture next to her house in La Fria, Venezuela, June 2, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Reuters’ Alexandra Ulmer has a piece on how the mango went from seasonal treat to lifeline in Venezuela:

Venezuela’s mango season is providing some relief during worsening food shortages that are forcing the poor to skip meals and sparking a rash of lootings.

Facing Soviet-style food lines for increasingly scarce products at supermarkets, more and more people are turning to the South American nation’s lush mango, coconut and papaya trees.

While children have always scampered up trees or tossed stones to knock down the juicy yellow mangoes, workers are now joining them during lunch breaks, and parents are making long poles to scoop up the high treats.

As usual, El Chigüire is way ahead of the real media…

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