Juicy Webcast: F. Rod, H. Falcón & O. Ochoa on Venezuela



Today at 5:30PM ET, the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in collaboration with Torino Capital and Caracas Chronicles, will be hosting a panel to discuss Venezuela’s economic situation and the political troubles taking place.

To analyze the situation, Lara governor Henri Falcón, and economists Francisco Rodríguez and Orlando Ochoa will be going over what’s the current state of things and possible solutions to the political and economical crisis.

Henri Falcón and Orlando Ochoa have been on the road rallying support for their economic plan, which has won them more than one detractor, so this should be fun.

Moderating this event will be no other than our own Francisco Toro, and Víctor Sierra from Torino Capital.

You can tune in by clicking the livestream above. Please make sure you leave your questions in the comment section and use your Twitter handle! They might be asked to the panel. The hashtag for this event is #VZascoa


  • Henri Falcón, Governor of Lara @HenriFalconLara
  • Francisco Rodríguez, Economist, Coauthor of Venezuela before Chávez@frrodriguezc
  • Orlando Ochoa, Economist and Professor, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas @OrlandoOchoa
  • Victor Sierra, Chairman, Torino Capital (moderator)
  • Francisco Toro, Founder and Executive Editor, Caracas Chronicles (moderator) @CaracasChron

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  1. I share the economists optimism. The economic problem, even the humanitarian problem is not that hard, once you have a proper government in place.

    What I do not see, from all of them including Mister Dialog Henry Falcon, is how they can be so optimistic that the RR is going to happen this year.

    It is hard to listen to Henry Falcon, he sounds like he is reciting poetry, instead of speaking his mind. He makes good points (not so much on the dialog part) but it is hard to swallow just because of the intonation.

  2. Not to downplay what is going on in Venezuela, but the use of the word genocide, used by one of the questioners, bothers me.

  3. thanks for the effort, it truly is much appreciated!

    I think that having discussions is really necessary, so kudos
    …but also: “Go tell hungry Venezuelans that dialogue will put food on their plates.”


  4. A less than impressive showing by Falcon, Orlando Ochoa and Francisco Rodríguez.. Falcon sounds like a combination of Hugo Chavez and Bernardo Alvarez Herrera and his lack of response to very specific questions was almost insulting to the audience. Orlando Ochoa and Francisco Rodriguez are competent economists but show a panglossian faith in the ability of the oil industry and China to raise the money needed to recover the Venezuelan economy. When the money is found, they say, the government of National Unity would use it to install fiscal discipline in the country, keeping in mind that extensive alleviation of poverty will be needed in the country.
    Frankly this does not sound very feasible/promising. In particular Rodriguez enthusiasm about the “300 billion barrels of oil in the Faja” as a sure means of getting the required financing is exaggerated due to the poor quality of the oil and the global trends already existing to phase out this type of hydrocarbons.
    The session was interesting and I will comment it in more detail in my blog.
    By the way, now we know who is behind the “economic recovery” Plan, proposed by Leonel Fernández during his visit to Venezuela, an unsolicited proposal which generated a quick rejection by MUD.

    Good moderating by F. Toro.

    • Missed Falcons part so cant comment on it but did manage to see the Ochoa and Frod interventions and fully share Dr Coronels impression that they over rated the capacity of a reformed Oil Industry funded by Chinese moneys to turn arround the countrys situation, China is facing a very different situation now than was the case in the past , they can get their oil from a reopened iran and irak and from african sources without the problems that Venezuela offers , they liked using Venezuelan oil to finance their own commercial ventures in Venezuela but absent that mortgaged oil there financial help will dissappear almost totally in todays circumstance . Ochoa is missinformed as to what the current situation with the Fondo Chino is right now….!!! The Chinese are nowhere as generous as he seems to believe…..!!

      Good comment by F Rod that the Chavistas by themselves lack the credibility to get any out side help and likewise the problems for an oppo led govt to obtain that same help with the Chavistas sabotaging each measure with unscrupulous attacks , which underscores the need for a govt so strong and stable that offshore investors financial institutions can trust in and support in its actions …!!

  5. O.T. question for the CC Team (Emiliana is probably in the best position to answer): We know (or can assume) that the CLAPs will be used to extort people into refusing to verify their signatures for the RR. Which states are the most vulnerable to losing their 1% threshold? Topic of a separate post perhaps?

  6. The main subject of discussion was the urgent need to stabilize the Venezuelan economy.
    However they never mention the Dollarization option once.
    Mr. Rodriguez said the usual orthodoxy of a floating FX, like Argentina is doing now.
    No good…


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