Juicy Webcast: F. Rod, H. Falcón & O. Ochoa on Venezuela

Tune into our live stream of Americas Society/Council of the Americas panel, right now. Quico is moderating, so it should be a lively debate...


Today at 5:30PM ET, the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in collaboration with Torino Capital and Caracas Chronicles, will be hosting a panel to discuss Venezuela’s economic situation and the political troubles taking place.

To analyze the situation, Lara governor Henri Falcón, and economists Francisco Rodríguez and Orlando Ochoa will be going over what’s the current state of things and possible solutions to the political and economical crisis.

Henri Falcón and Orlando Ochoa have been on the road rallying support for their economic plan, which has won them more than one detractor, so this should be fun.

Moderating this event will be no other than our own Francisco Toro, and Víctor Sierra from Torino Capital.

You can tune in by clicking the livestream above. Please make sure you leave your questions in the comment section and use your Twitter handle! They might be asked to the panel. The hashtag for this event is #VZascoa


  • Henri Falcón, Governor of Lara @HenriFalconLara
  • Francisco Rodríguez, Economist, Coauthor of Venezuela before Chávez@frrodriguezc
  • Orlando Ochoa, Economist and Professor, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas @OrlandoOchoa
  • Victor Sierra, Chairman, Torino Capital (moderator)
  • Francisco Toro, Founder and Executive Editor, Caracas Chronicles (moderator) @CaracasChron