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  1. I’d love to punch everybody in the face. Do we really pay these people to represent us? My daughter, 5, would have less problems to understand what they are voting,

  2. I’ve been wanting to punch this Antigua&Barbuda guy for a while now. He thinks way too highly of himself, like he’s the caribbean version of Churchill. Sit down!

  3. As much as we don’t like it, the Antigua guy is making valid points, this is not a role for a SG… However, I deeply thank Almagro for choosing a path and sticking to it… Few men at that level can say the same…

  4. Just want to thank CC for this liveblog. For someone living in Australia that needs to hit the bed since its past midnight on a weekday, being able to know that I’ll wake up to a step by step narration of the events is just awesome

  5. Ah ok, los mediadores están en unasur según Ecuador, the fact they’re there while this is happening gives out a clear message…

  6. If this situation on the country does not merit the outright “dictatorship” label, I don’t know what does.

    Nations have no friends, only interests. It’s sad to see how these institutions work. No wonder so much madness went through on the 20th century.

  7. I am having flashbacks to 2014 and the international pressure for “dialogue”. That resulted in two meetings, one public and the other closed. That nicety concluded, the government immediately continued with repression as usual. There was no result. None. What the hell makes them think anything will be different now?

    • Wait til the Ven. military finally, if ever, react to the complete Cubanization of Venezuela–bingo, Carta Democratica immediately. Next step now, final subversion/delay by Ven. Govt. of the RR.

  8. “…
    Pero, eso sí, los sicarios no pierden ocasión
    de declarar públicamente su empeño
    en propiciar un diálogo de franca distensión
    que les permita hallar un marco previo

    que garantice unas premisas mínimas
    que faciliten crear los resortes
    que impulsen un punto de partida sólido y capaz
    de este a oeste y de sur a norte,

    donde establecer las bases de un tratado de amistad
    que contribuya a poner los cimientos
    de una plataforma donde edificar
    un hermoso futuro de amor y paz.”

    • Sorry won’t do!
      Jimmy has been advocating as of late against governments that use excessive force against their citizens, well , maybe he can be influenced to be flexible in his advocacy again…


    The above link shows a session last week where in preparation to the session today, Bolivia’s Quoroga basically spells out in lucid terms exactly what is going on in Venezuela. For speaking on the fly like this, it is obvious that he has considered the issues at depth and for a long time.

    Is there a link for today’s session? I missed it owing to work.


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