Here’s a fun nugget from the ongoing Flores drug conspiracy trial: the narconephews explicitly trafficked (heh) on their family connections to gain street cred with the DEA agents they thought they were selling to.

Take it away, McClatchy:

Just moments before gun-wielding, masked officers stormed into the Haitian hotel to arrest him, the nephew of the Venezuelan First Lady talked with confidential informant about using the profits from a $20 million drug deal to help his “mother’s” congressional campaign, according to the informant’s testimony.

Efrain Campo, 29, who with his cousin Francisco Flores, 30, has been charged with conspiring to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the U.S., acknowledges in recent court documents that he lived with the powerful first lady, Cilia Flores, and presumably Nicolas Maduro, the current Venezuelan president. A sign of how close he is to the family, Campo refers to himself as the first lady’s “stepson.”

After he got busted, he walked it back. And I believe him! I’m sure the plan was just to pocket the money. It’s not like Cilia is short of ways to finance her shenanigans.

That’s not the point, though: the point is that being her nephews was baked into their business plan from day one.

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  1. What’s surprising is that so far there’s no indication of the nephews having connections with someone higher up in the government (some governor/minister/general). Apparently all they had was immunity to use the presidential track at la carlota/maiquetía.

  2. Quico, when are you going to connect the dots with the American Josh Holt? Do you understand that Josh was taken to keep the nephews from talking? The main concern of Cilia and Nick is preventing the nephews from talking. This can happen anytime even after the nephews are convicted. That is why you see the powerhouse legal teams and the two supporters in court. The nephews know all about Josh and how Iran, Cuba and North Korea hold American hostages. It’s obviously working by the smiles on the nephews faces. With time, the nephews will loose hope. Not sure we are going to exchange the nephews for American prisoners in Venezuela…. there are more Americans deserving out of prison who are also being held for contingencies like this. Josh Hold was wrong place at wrong time…. a stroke of luck for Nick and Cilia.

  3. {But they won’t be able implicate Maduro or Cilia, that’s politically incorrect, even in the USA, unfortunately.}

    How is that ‘politically incorrect’?


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