In a Show of Unity, MUD Doubles Down on a 2016 Recall

With a tarima that ran the spectrum, from Henri Falcón on the left to María Corina Machado on the right, MUD announces a protest agenda for the 2016 recall.


Over the weekend, MUD stitched together a broad agreement to move forward towards a protest movement for a 2016 recall. Today, they unveiled the key points in that strategy:

We call on the people of Venezuela to massively turn out to the signature collection drive to activate the Recall Referendum in 2016 which has been called for October 26th, 27th and 28th, understanding that our task is not limited to an administrative hurdle but that we must exercise every mechanism for democratic pressure to ensure our will is respected. The true Takeover of Venezuela will take place on those three days. The people will not be stopped either by the miserly number of machines, or by their malicious placement, or by setting a late day. October 26th, 27th and 28th will be three days for the democratic people to take to the streets and impose the constitution and the law.

The communiqué calls for protests every day and all over the country, building to a big rally on October 12th. MUD must understand the cost of previous flops: they have to grasp the heat is on now.

At lunchtime, at Parque Miranda, they came together in a show of unity to display that, indeed, everybody is on board with this strategy. I guess when they go to make a movie about this in a few years, the fact that MUD was having to hold its rallies in a half-completed galpón will look like an embellishment, a bit of a visual exaggeration by filmmakers to try to show how hard-up MUD was. But no.

MUD is wise to underline one thing: any attempt to impose a 20% per state condition on the recall is unconstitutional and will not be recognized. Speaker after speaker hammered this point, starting with Chúo Torrealba:

And for good reason, a per-state requirement would destroy the chances for a recall.

It was quite a sight. When was the last time you saw Maria Corina Machado, Henrique Capriles, Henry Ramos and Henri Falcón together on the same stage?


Even Andrés Velásquez is in da house…

Sadly, Freddy Guevara’s video gets cut off just as he’s getting to the good part…

Needless to say, the government prevented the broadcast media from carrying any part of this event live by holding some banal cadena broadcast at the same time. But that’s by-the-by at this point.

The key thing is MUD got the basics right:

  1. Real unity, across sectional splits.
  2. Signing-in-the-context of a Protest Movement
  3. Highlighting the rejection of the 20%-per-state requirement.

Jeez, it’s almost like they read CcsChron or something

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  1. The MUD refused to move to the back of the bus. The MUD started the Salt March like Ghandi did.

    Let us walk with them until victory.

    What we cannot do is to sit it out.

  2. La propuesta de ir por el 20% a nivel nacional viene de Alejandro Tarre quien escribe en su blog del 24/10 acerca de eso. El enlace a continuación:

    Si la MUD esta resteada y la razón de manifestar el 12 de Octubre es para hacer presión justo antes del 26, 27 y 28 de Octubre como explica Ana Julia Jatar, por que hacer la situación cuesta arriba para el votante y no exigir TAMBIÉN horario extendido como mínimo?

    Tomaría como ñapa que sean mas maquinas y mas días. Pero bueno, no se puede esperar mucho de unos delincuentes en el gobierno.

    SI van en un carrusel de exigencias, vayan con todo lo que puedan para que les aprueben algunas.

    • Escribi: “La propuesta de ir por el 20% a nivel nacional viene de Alejandro Tarre quien escribe en”

      Suavizo porque no estoy seguro. No tengo contactos dentro de la MUD como algunos parece que si tienen:

      La propuesta de ir al 20% “pareciera” que viene de…

  3. So October 12 people march. I would only call it a success if you have a river of people coming down Avenida Sucre and San Martin, otherwise Jaua’s point still holds -el este de Caracas otra vez-.

    Then the signature collecting will exact a high PR price on Chavismo. People signing, lines so long that the food lines se quedan pendejas. Drama at closing. Moreover, for sake of argument they bust the 20% count nationally by a good bit even if some state misses.

    Then Rodriguez pulls out of his ass some crazy excuse. I mean this is what Chavismo has done EVERY TIME! Then what?

    Chavistas are not going to leave nicely so it is up to the military to calculate that cost of buttressing these criminals.

    And as much as march on Miraflores sounds great, it would be a bloodbath. They’ve done it once before and they even anointed the murderers as hero of the revolution (so much for revolucion bonita).

  4. Rather than just a show of force, the October 12th demonstration needs to have an organizational purpose. The MUD should have people concentrate in their respective electoral center announced by the CNE for the signature collection (every single one in the country). As we know, there will be fewer centers and they will be (non)strategically placed. It would truly be a “Toma de Venezuela.”

    • So, a protest in the east, going to sign on the 26 27 28 with impossible odds of reaching 20%
      What then?
      Isn’t the RR Still in 2017?

      Is the military going to change sides just because a lot of people showed up?

        • no one said it would be a protest in the east of Caracas. That’s the way these things work. It’s frustrating but the fight is building alliances, changing minds, showing your public disagreement and repudiation, seeking international support etc..

      • I have posted this opinion before.
        Everyone in the opposition needs to engage every member of the military that they possibly can.
        The military, especially the lowly foot soldier, needs to understand that their responsibility is to the people of Venezuela and not the narco-criminals that have stolen power from the people. They are responsible for protecting the very people that they are currently oppressing.
        The military has to understand that there will be a day of reckoning and that they will be held accountable for their individual actions. Do they want to pay for the crimes of their commanding officers? Hopefully some mid level commanders will defy the leadership.
        Once the criminals that are running Venezuela start doubting the loyalty of the military, the cracks in their solidarity will come quick.
        They will start trying to save themselves and begin betraying each other.

  5. So, a protest in the east, going to sign on the 26 27 28 with impossible odds of reaching 20%
    What then?
    Isn’t the RR Still in 2017?

    Is the military going to change sides just because a lot of people showed up?

  6. MUD: We reject your conditions in advance!

    CNE: Ok. But you still have to fulfill them if you want referendum.

    MUD: At least we will not accept the 20% per state condition!

    CNE: Good. In that case there wouldn’t be referendum.

    MUD: The RR will be in 2016 because it is in the Constitution and because it is our right!

    CNE: Ehh, no. If the minimum quorum for the activation of the mechanism is reached, the call of the event would take place in early December. The law then requires a 90-day wait before the referendum could actually be held. So that the event could take place in the middle of the first quarter of 2017.

    MUD: But it’s unfair!

    CNE: Do you really think we care?

    MUD: We will overwhelm the streets across the country peacefully!

    CNE: Right. Like the march on Sep 1. Go ahead.

  7. Best course, but impossible odds, still better than rolling over and playing dead; needed is a massive downscale turnout, in order to begin tipping the scales.

  8. It took us 17 years but at last some “mature” politics. Will it work (i.e. will we get the referendum in 2016)? Probably not. Does it have a better chance however than a “march to Miraflores” strategy? In my view it will. It depends how you define the end game (having a referendum in 2016 vs completely delegitimizing the government). In the long run, the MUD’s strategy is the one more likely to succeed to get rid of this government.

  9. I remember how moving it was when Iraqis swarmed to their voting booths lit er ally risking their lives in the first elections after Sadam’s downfall. I remember photos of women voters with ink covered fingers which they had used to mark their ballots. If only MUD could capture that same spirit with a tee shirt for the upcoming elections or other display saying I will vote to recall Maduro, hopefully a mass display of all Venezuelas united around that basic human right, the right to vote in a fair election.

  10. Apparently the “MUD” is finally understanding that they need to join forces, and unite, great. Mainly Capriles, MCM, and Henry Ramos need to work together. And Leopoldo, whenever he gets out of jail..

    This criminal regime can only be defeated by a united opposition, plus the majority of the people. They won’t go down easy, because they risk jail time, and loss of their stolen properties.

    The MUD could also use a teacher among its ranks. You see “obstaculos” has 2 ss, not just 1. If they’re gonna print a big sign, at least spell it right! (see above picture)

  11. Lo que anunciaron fue el inicio de la campaña del referendum de 2017. Espero que el fracaso tanto en las negociaciones como en la estrategia tenga repercusiones que lleven hacia una transformación de la MUD o hacia la aparición de una alternativa mejor. Debo aclarar esto: lo único que era importante era salir del gobierno este año. Si eso no se da, pues, la MUD no tiene nada ue ofrecerme para el futuro. Si voy a esperar hasta el 2018 igual (si acaso), entonces el costo que le haré pagar a estos políticos será terrible. Hay un grupo de personas que todavía creen que el RR este año es posible. Pobres. Luego hay un porcentaje pequeño pero poderoso que sabe que no va a ocurrir, pero apoya a la MUD en todo por fanatismo o por conveniencia . Le dicen que si no está de acuerdo es radical y se deja dominar por la demagogia de quienes lo conducen. Pero luego hay mucha gente como yo que nunca hemos creído en partidos como Primero Justicia, que priorizamos la reinstauración de la democracia en el país y sólo por eso justificamos la existencia de la unidad. Pero si la unidad no tiene ninguna eficacia y se convierte en una plataforma decadente para hacer pseudopolítica en medio de una dictadura y además en medio de la peor crisis económica y social que hemos vivido en más de 100 años, pues… por qué apoyarla? Lo mejor es que colapse y que los partidos que quieran crecer a expensas de la miseria, como PJ, que lo hagan solos. La MUD no tiene razón de existir si el RR es el próximo año. Si tenemos que esperar hasta el 2018 entonces que los líderes de los diferentes partidos se dediquen a sus respectivas campañas por separado y ya está, como si no estuviéramos en dictadura. Todos ustedes saben muy bien que la estrategia no va a funcionar. Quieren pensar que hay algún premio secreto que se obtiene muy a largo plazo después de haber perdido todo y sacrificado todo. Pero no funciona así, ni en el ajedrez ni en la vida. Personas como Quico me recuerdan a un futbolista italiano que dijo después de una derrota: “no nos importa perder todos los partidos si al final ganamos la liga”. Quiere pensar que es un estratega como Magnus Carlsen, pero en el fondo es algo así como el entrenador del Zamora FC preparando un partido contra el Barcelona. Piensa en fútbol, no en ajedrez. Y ni siquiera lo saben. Miren: esta claro que la estrategia no va a funcionar y que además si funcionara no le es útil a las personas normales sino solo a los políticos. Qué más queda por decir. O se está con la gente o se está con los políticos. Es una lástima lo de Leopoldo y María Corina.

  12. ¿La MUD tendrá las bolas de seguir adelante con algo que parece casi imposible, como la deslegitimación del régimen, y no dejar el pelero como hicieron con el boicot a las elecciones de 2005? Porque con 85% del país en contra del chavismo en esa época pues decidieron echarle tierrita al asunto y barrerlo debajo de la alfombra.


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