Stop and think. Five years ago, if someone had told you that the most consequential moment in a U.S. presidential debate would involve a Venezuelan public figure, what are the chances you would have guessed that figure would be Alicia Machado?

Take it away, Chait…

The final exchange of the debate was the most devastating. Clinton lacerated Trump for his dehumanization of women — the kind of sexualization that offends social conservatives and social liberals alike. She brought up his abuse of one of his beauty-pageant contestants — noting, as an aside, his fondness for hanging around them — and that he called one contestant “Miss Piggy” and, because she is Latina, “Miss Housekeeper.” When Trump fell for the trap by demanding her name, Clinton supplied it: Alicia Machado, driving home the justifiable impression that Clinton sees her as a human being, unlike her opponent, who sees her as a piece of meat. His response consisted of whining that her campaign was spending money to attack him in advertisements.

Had this whole thing been in the works for some time? You betcha!

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  1. Trump took the bait every single time Hillary dangled it in front of him. Every time. Yes, the “Alicia Machado” moment was sweet because it marked the end of the debate and one more opportunity for Trump to go after red meat and embarrass himself in the process.

    But there were so many other moments! I think this one will be a footnote.

  2. Does no one see the irony of Hillary Clinton defending women against Donald Trump while she herself has run cover for her husband while using his power and wealth to take advantage of them for as long as we Americans can remember?

    • Not really because Hillary isn’t responsible for Bill’s actions. Because social conservatives are also against divorce and they would have criticized her no matter what choice she made. And because Donald Trump is on his third wife and cheated on the previous two and he’s the one actually running for president.

      • Hillary Clinton has been Bill Clinton’s partner and enabler since the beginning. She covered up for him, lied for him, defended him. She knew what he was long before he was exposed. Her entire career has piggybacked on his.

        In my opinion, the chief reason that a sleaze like Trump could now be a plausible Presidential candidate is that the left-liberal establishment (then including Trump) openly embraced a notorious sleaze in Clinton.

        • Left-wing people are blind to facts when they don’t suit their agenda, they love their ideology more than anything else, they will pretend to feel outraged with Trump calling Miss Piggy what she is at the same time that they will just ignore rape accusations that Hillary tried to hide; Hillary, as lawyer, defending a child molester; Benghazi, and multiple other mistakes and bad behaviour from the Clintons. Left-wing people are really strange, I don’t get them, and never will.

  3. I do not like either… Trump started well but looked bad as the debate developed…

    Now, lets talk about the new terms of the swap. 1 -1.17 and 1 – 1.22 and 75% cap, interesting.

  4. Well, let’s just wait til Trump’s campaign people find out Alicia is in the middle of a scandal in Mexico for giving birth to the daughter of a narco who’s just been thrown to jail.

    • Bingo. She was my neighbor. Una Loca! Did you see her on ACooper last night? Awful. A true spotlight seeking bimbo buscando pasarle factura a Trump por todo el abuso que recibio en la vida…. from Osmel to the bad boyfriends.

    • Trump is right about Alicia being the worse Miss Universe ever. Alicia le entragaron dos titulos. El de Venezuela y el del Universe. If you think she “won” I have news for you. Thus Alicia really reneged on her part of the deal. Not defending Trump but he could have called her a lot worse. Listening and watching Alicia last night shows how awful she is. It was a good setup by Hillary but pathetic dragging out shit from 20 years ago. Is that all they got?

  5. Completely OT. Does anybody know whatever happened to the Devil’s Excrement Blog? No new posts in quite a while and the existing ones are closed for comments. Thanks.

  6. Weak performances all around. However, Clinton forced Trump to show his true character, which is a petty and temperamental bully.

    Trump would be a disaster for the USA, but Hillary represents more of the same, which is just not working for them. My first choice is Gary Johnson, but it hard to see him as presidential.

    What to do? What to do? 🙁

    • Roy, you could look at it this way, a vote for Johnson is a vote less for Trump and it sends a message.

      For now, that is how I’m voting, for Johnson (regardless of whether or not he knows what A leppo is or not)

    • Vote for Chavez…oh wait a second he is dead.

      Same conundrum 17 years ago..see how Venezuela ended.

      Gary Johnson is like a music band playing in a whore house. No one is paying attention to him but he is part of the entertainment.

    • Roy, it’s very easy. Look at all the Republican leadership voting for Clinton. Look at the former CIA bosses voting for Clinton. Do you know what a narcopath is? Trump is America’s Chavez. Same shit. Hitler was the same shit…Look at the new bio

  7. Hillary played Trump so easily with this one, and the irony is that Alicia completely deserved the heat she got from her weight gain. Its a total lack of responsibility to compete in a major beauty pageant only to win it and then allow herself to gain a very noticeable amount of weight. You’re obviously a public figure because of your looks so complaining that someone calls you fat when YOU put yourself in the spotlight to be judged is absurd. Playing the victim even when you’re at fault is such a Democrat move, looks like she found the right party!

    • Nice. Typical of the Clintons to not know anything about the folks they get in bed with. Re: INNOVIDA and the Osorio’s. Another Venezuelan caper….

    • The folks at PrioritiesUSA who prepared the Alicia hit job are the same people who lobbied for Innovida and then covered it up. Hillary people.

  8. Hillary brought up a very straw-woman argument. The internet is far less forgiving…

    Former Miss V and her rather colorful past … and violent history

    And how CNN attacked her and the weight she put on:

    Look, beauty pageants are not for pork-loins. You gotta keep up appearances. Right or wrong, don’t enter if you don’t meet the demands of the role.

  9. Team Hillary has been involved in two projects involving Venezuelans. The Alicia Machado hit job and the Claudio Osorio/Innovida cover-up. I say cover-up because the American Greed “Charity Starts At Home” is sophisticated whitewash designed to minimize Hillary and Bill’s role while deflecting and emphasizing Jeb Bush. The GOP is being played but that is because they are unprepared. Team Hillary is very good but you can’t keep secrets forever.

  10. Read about Innovida from Alana Goodman, Paul Brinkman and Jay Weaver. These three covered the story. Alana came in after Claudio was convicted and connected the dots with the $10M OPIC loan, State Dept, Bill and Hillary and Innovida (Claudio). It was a scam within a scam. The players thought they where involved in a get rich scheme but they where scammed themselves. The pay-to-play comes from the OPIC Haiti loan. Venezuelan Claudio Osorio and his ex-wife Amarilis are the top embezzling couple in America in the 21st century. They bagged the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. A very under-reported story.

  11. Alicia was contractually bound to watch her weight and did not. That is the issue. The inevitable happened and Trump had a choice of either getting her to lose weight or yanking her crown as he had to do later with Miss Russia who wouldn’t do her events and instead preferred to party with oligarchs including rumors of Putin. He has a remarkable history of compassion with his beauty queens, take a look – there was the alkie party chick Tara Connor (he sent her to rehab). My friend sat with her family when she went to the Miss Universe Pageant several years ago, they were very nice humble people from Kentucky and Tara wasn’t good at handling pressure and Trump recognized that.

    Trump was also even kinder to Rima Fakih, the first Arabic American Miss USA, fiercely defending her from baying rightwingers and Taliban types who screamed Muslim at her. Trump should trot those women out to have them testify about how kind he was to them when they were under attack.

  12. “The Night Alicia Machado Swung a U.S. Election” – Oh my. I had heard that Trump Derangement Syndrome had spread beyond the borders of the United States but I didn’t know the condition had spread quite so far. This article probably makes sense to women and Democrats. I am sure that many women and many Democrats will read this article and reconfirm their intent to vote for Hillary Clinton. 99.9% of Men and non-Democrats will realize that no Miss Universe pageant wants a fat spokesperson and that calling a fat woman Miss Piggy is telling the painful truth.
    Francisco Toro should stop shoveling bull shit for the PC matriarchy and focus on writing about current events in Venezuela. He does a fine job at the later.

  13. What is really unfortunate is that Trump’s visceral style seems to bring everyone else down into the gutter with him. After reading the articles about this twenty-year-old non-event, I personally don’t find anything worthy of crucifying Donald Trump over. Why would Hillary Clinton need to drag up old history, when every day he says and does things to disqualify himself from being the President of the U.S.?

  14. There is no doubt that Trump has said stupid things. His own success shows that he is also capable of great things.
    Clinton will be another 4 years of Obama. That does not bode well for Venezuela or any part of Latin America.
    Improving the living conditions of the people in the South American countries would help the US get control of illegal immigration. Trump understands this.

    • Tearing up NAFTA and thereby destroying the Mexican economy is sure going to help improve living conditions and control illegal immigration. Is that another example of ‘trutherism’?

    • Trump praised Chávez’s regime, with the lamest excuse ever: “He took the poor in account”

      That tells you what he’ll do about his political child’s dictatorship.

  15. Trump already responded to her:

    I had some trouble explaining my english speaking friends why Misses are so important in Venezuelan culture so I usually start with a little of history.

    70 years ago, Captian Albretch von Souce fled to Venezuela, which never actually declared war on Germany.
    Wishing to continue Mengele research on how to create the Ubermensch, he brought with him to the country all of the German eugenetics investigations raw data and made a deal with Fascist dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez: Knowing that less- than- 4,9 -foot -tall- gocho-overweight- dictator wouldn’t be pleased with the idea of perfect men roaming his country, in exchange for his safety , Albretch offered him instead that he would provide him with an endless flock of the most beautiful women in the world.
    Jimenez was busted out eventually during the 50s, but the new formed alliances of democratic parties saw Von Souce line of research worth keeping. They helped him more than the dictator ever did, and in return, Von Souce paid them with 7 miss Universe titles, which is quite a feat considering the entire population of the country was 1/100 of that of the US, which holds the most amount of Miss Universe titles altogether (with 8).
    However the project began to show side effects: turns out breeding selectively for beauty causes as a secondary effect slight mental retardation. This caused that rich and powerful men, after breeding with those women, realize that the offspring was simply not worth raising. This gave rise to a new social class- “the desposeidos”: Children of powerful men and beautiful women being thrown into the darkness to be raised under fake names by foster families.

    But the Venezuelan man’s heart is soft. More often than not, the powerful men still found way to give its bastards part of their fortune, disguising it as luck or talent. Paul Gillman was one of such men, whose raise to fame is only explicable if he had outside “help” from a well-placed collaborator. Other suspected “desposeidos” are the Primera Brothers, Wiston Vallenilla, Roque Valero, and el Potro Alvarez: people who fit perfectly the bill of both “famous, although completely talentless” and “slightly mentally retarded”

    Alicia Machado was Albretch Von Souce (or as he is now known: Osmel Sousa) last attempt to recreate the “ubermensch” before the whole system was dismantled by president Hugo Chavez ( whose hatred for the contest and inexplicable rise to power made many think that he was a desposeido as well)
    Von Souce might had known the end was near, and in its rush, might had created what was in fact the supreme “Untermensch”, a miss so mentally deficient many question if it is sentient at all.
    Many suspect that in fact the 94 coup attempt was actually made to destroy its research facilities, and this is why his last creation was so imperfect, so monstrous.

    Donald Trump, American magnate, had for long tried to make the “American answer” to Von Souce program, but with far less success than his competitor. Some speculate that was because his plan was not to win as many crowns as the Venezuelans, but rather to create his own race of “desposeidos” (now known as “the deplorables”) ones that he would put him in the throne, as their god and creator, when the stars were aligned.
    In this Trump has worked on for twenty years, and now… the time is right.

    And it seems humanity only hope lies on a single ex-SS agent turned into Queen-maker, and a police woman who would had to masquerade as a beauty queen once again.

    Sandra Bullock
    and Christopher Waltz as Osmel Sousa in:

    Rise of the Pepes

  16. Alicia Machado was among the many Venezuelan beauty queens one of the best endowed with that kind of funky , light headed , spontaneous , free, fun loving likeable personality that ordinary Venezuelans most appreciate and enjoy in young women . True ,.she wasnt particularly disciplined ( few young Venezuelan girls are) or smart (few beauty queens shine for their intellectual brilliance) , and yet she won her beauty title fair and square

    Maybe at her young age she wasnt as dedicated to fulfilling the demands for maximizing the business profits of the pageant owners as was expected of her. After all a beauty pageant isnt just a celebration of female beauty but a BUSINESS, something which was at the forefront of Mr Trumps mind when he purshased the pageant ….!!

    For a man as driven to the achievement of business success as Mr Trump, Mz Machados lack of business like discipline and dedication must have been very vexing ..thus the intemperate language he used in treating her………!!

    We must understand that Mr Trumps peculiar type of narcicism cannot abide people who dont support his efforts at attainning the most conspicous kind of wordly success are intolerable , hence his rather shoddy treatment of young beauty queen Alicia Machado .

  17. Woaw; I haven’t been checking Caracas Chronicles in a while and I am very surprised to see so many Trump supporters (???????) write comments…….. Why are Trump’s people reading this blog??
    Similarities between Trump and Chavez are too many to list…..


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