Back in Chigüireland Venezuela, just hours after it was announced that Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, was awarded with the Nobel peace prize, Nicolás Maduro created the Hugo Chávez Peace Prize for the Sovereignty of the Peoples: An award for leaders (and lideresas) with a deep commitment with peace and stuff, and who may not be considered for the Nobel.

During the unveiling of yet another statue of the Comandante, in his hometown Sabaneta de Barinas, President Maduro revealed the name of the first recipient of the Hugo Chávez Peace Prize.   

And the Hugo goes to…


Mainly because… why the fuck not?

Maybe Maduro hasn’t heard of the latest shenanigans by Langley:

“Sources are confirming that the Central Intelligence Agency has orchestrated a coup d’état in the South American nation of Venezuela, toppling the country’s 30 million residents and replacing them with an entirely new, pro-American populace.”

You see how this may be a problem. Unless Trump wins, of course.

Watch this rare english-spoken villanous pitch for hosting the world expo and tell me he doesn’t deserve a peace prize:


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  1. Furthermore, the winner of the “Hugo Chávez Peace Prize for the Sovereignty of the Peoples” comes with a duffelbag filled with newly-printed Bolivars!

  2. Flash from the past: Chávez won the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights in 2004. Other winners have been such luminaries as Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Erdogan, Louis Farrakhan, Evo Morales, and Ahmed Ben Bella.

    Perhaps Gadaffi could be awarded the “Hugo Chávez Peace Prize for the Sovereignty of the Peoples” posthumously. Another possible winner could be Timochenko, the FARC honcho.

  3. A fun fact: the Hugo Award is one of the most important prizes granted to the best sci-fi and fantasy works annually. Considering our epic collapse and the parallel universe in which these guys seem to live in, the coincidence is striking.

  4. Well, we couldn’t expect any less for a guy whose army uses cluster bombs against the people in Syria.

    The cavistas are su brainwashed that they even claim that russian missiles are so smart they don’t hurt civilians, ever.

  5. Here’s my theory:

    Most people thought the Prize as going to the Syrian White Helmets, dedicated to saving anfd helping the victims of constant bombing in that country.

    But the leader of the White Helmets has accused Putin of a war crime, that is, deliberately bombing civilian hospitals in Syria.

    So the counter-prize would be awarded to disrupt that narrative. It “teaches the controversy” rather than what happened at the hospitals.

    But the Russians had already been informed, and it as too late to pull back when Santos was awarded the Prize.

  6. “Und, if you dunt cum, u vill be denied entri to 2021’s Foro De Sao Paulo”. The Hugo Peace Prize, like the statue, Chavez holding up stoned Venezuelan patriotic symbols, with a base coiled by a snake, resting on the snout of the animal ridden by Maria Lionza….

    • An amazing story. The Times really lit into Dudamel. Gabriela Montero, however, is simply a national treasure. One cannot help but admire her fortitude and courage.

  7. Since China very sensibly abandoned the regime to its self wrought miseries, and it has seen itself increasingly isolated by an encircling ring of international condemnation , the regimes leaders are seeking to replace it with a new ‘sponsoring world power ‘ , that might help it with support no one else is prepared to give it . Because Putin’s strategy is to play the anti american card (which feed on the russians fantasies of still being a world power as was the soviet union before is collapse …) and likes proyecting the image of a ruthless thug ( both of which speak to Chavismos favourite conceits) the regime is trying to ingratiate itself to that sinister character ….!!

    For one by giving Putin a ‘made up’ peace price which must have the whole world laughing at the absurdity of the gesture ……!! a peace price to the blood spattered man who has shown himself as the most aggresive promoter of wars in the Caucasus , in Crimea. East Ukraine and Siria .!!

    But also by being the only country in the UN’s security council voting in favour of a russian motion that would allow it to continue the genocidal bombing of Aleppo.!!

    Dont think that Putin will fall for it !! even if he plays along to exploit the propaganda opportunity it offers him , He will not put in the huge amount hard cash the regime needs to prop itself up, they might promise it but they will never fulfill their promise !! Russian isnt on such great shape itself and in the end Venezuela is a competitor to its oil industry , the main source of the revenues that Putin needs to survive the difficult times that russia will be facing in the future.!!


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