A Dark Night for Venezuelan Fútbol

Ni un partido de fútbol puede ver uno en esta vaina.

It’s hard to put into words how embarrassed I feel as a Venezuelan. In an official qualifying match for the Russia 2018 World Cup, Merida’s Metropolitan Stadium, the one we were emphatic in calling the best in the land, went pitch black in the middle of the match.

Yes, qué ladilla con el comunismo. Yes, godammit Maduro! This is plain ridiculous.

I fancy myself somebody who enjoys sports considerably more than the average person. A larger than normal portion of my week is dedicated to following this usually joyous hobby of mine. I think I’ve only seen anything like it once, in a highlights reel with news anchors chuckling over this schadenfreudesque embarrassment somewhere in Whocares, Bolivia.

We all know how dire and in need Venezuela is. But this is the sort of thing that ticks all the wrong boxes. It’s tough enough to spend the day dodging stories that can bring you to tears, or reading news that makes you flinch. Or develop the unusual habit of saying “WTF WTF WTF!” every time you check Twitter, in awe of how messed-up current events can be.

All this putting aside the fact that La Vinotinto couldn’t be doing any worse if they tried.

It’s absurd how poorly we’re performing, and how often we lose. I wasn’t expecting a world class performance, pero coño!

Now we have to be the laughingstock in sports as well? ¡No me jodas pana!