Some reactions to the death of the RR


Just after we celebrated Pancho’s release, and learned that Manuel Rosales was allowed to complete his sentence under home arrest, and less than a week before the recollection of the 20% signatures to activate the Presidential recall, we noticed something rotten was coming out of Psuv’s filthy kitchen.

One by one, the governors of Aragua (Tareck El Aissami), Carabobo (Francisco Ameliach), Bolívar (Francisco Rangel Gómez), and Apure (Ramón Carrizales), as well as the infamous Deputy for Monagas and host of El Mazo Dando (Diosdado Cabello), announced that criminal courts from their respective states had annulled the 1% signatures collected by MUD to activate the 20%. Hence, the CNE “postponed” the 20% recollection until further notice.

And to make matters worse: one of the courts also decided that 8 MUD representatives (Henrique Capriles, Jesús “Chúo” Torrealba, Ramón Medina, José Cartaya, Oscar Barreto, Ricardo Sucre, Luis Aparicio y Arnoldo Gabardón) can’t leave the country under any circumstances.

What’s going to happen now? Not only did Maduro decide to take a trip to OPEC and non-OPEC countries –just like in January 2015-, but the opposition seemed like a deer frozen in headlights. Which is… well, worrying.

So I took to Twitter to look for some answers from the oppo leadership.

Henry Ramos Allup, following his traditional short but lethal rants, tweeted: “There is simply no rule of law. It’s a dictatorship product of a continued coup d’ etat” and “A democratic government consults the people. A dictatorship flees electoral consultation. They killed the recall because the ‘narcorrupto’ government is a dictatorship”. Yet, he says nothing about what’s to come.


Voluntad Popular shared a press release claiming: “the change must be conquered in peace and democracy and, most of all, in THE STREETS”. It’s pretty telling that the party says -in three separate occasions- that any actions to come will not be individual, but from the “Unidad”.

Maria Corina took on her Twitter to, intelligently, channel the anger of opositores towards her #22PaLaAutopista initiative of “resteadas pa’la autopista” . I don’t particularly like that what should be a  pro-democracy demonstration is been sold as a women’s power demonstration. She probably figured it out, because three hours later she tweeted: “It is the time of the Great National Unity. All are necessary to, with strength and without fear, in the streets, make the transition a reality.”

Then I checked on PJ and noticed Henrique Capriles is pretty pissed about it all. He tweeted that Maduro will “abandon” (probably meant “loose”) everything soon and attempted to drop-the-mic with a “¡Que después no chille!” Capriles also let Maduro and his combo (not my words) know that “esta es otra Venezuela” because 80% of the country wants a change.

Julio Borges also took on Twitter to profess his discontent: “Venezuela doesn’t surrender or won’t be negotiated. In National Unity we draw the way forward to enforce our Constitution. Todos Atentos. This ‘wait for Unidad to talk’ seems to be the go-to answer for everything, so I though maybe another PJ member might have something else to add.

Looking at Tomás Guanipa’s TL, something caught my eye: “The government turned dictatorship, is terrified of the vote and the people. Our duty to the country is to achieve the change through vote”. Can’t help but wonder: is he talking about the recall vote or the regional elections vote, because both are a vote nonetheless. Right?

When It came to UNT, I found almost nothing. As one could expect, Delsa Solórzano, Timoteo Zambrano, and Eveling Trejo said nothing. But Omar Barboza tweeted: “The regime has given a zarpazo to the rights of the people”.

With many unanswered questions, I checked on Chuo Torrealba who took to Periscope for close to an hour to say “Neither violence nor submission… peaceful resistance until the Constitution is restored”. The opposition is in constant peaceful resistance, so -honestly- I’m not sure what the new strategy might actually be.

While I was finishing this post, the MUD tweeted this:

Hopefully, we will get some answers.

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  1. Rosales goes free, and lo and behold the mayors in Zulia sign accepting the illegitimate budget Maduro had the TSJ approve.

    .Coincidence! NOT!!!!!!!!

    • UNT are sacks of shit, they will do anything to get the Wealthy Philosopher on the streets so they can have any chance of mantaining power in Zulia, meanwhile other political prisoners rot in jail. #vendepatrias

      • OK, that was funny. If Rosales is a philosopher, a piece of shit is Kant times square.
        By the way: it is about time the MUD declares Zapatero is absolutely a waste of time and they could just as much put Castro as mediator.

  2. I don’t know how to react. The news yesterday was not a surprise, and at the same time it was a shock. Perhaps it was the same for the leaders of MUD? They appear to be in disarray and the government appears to be pushing the opposition in only one direction, I suspect so they can jail as many of them as possible.

    We’re fucked it would appear.

    • Do you really think the MUD haven’t gamed this out?

      Do you really think they were surprised?

      I don’t think so. Granted, they might not have known the day and time for them to do what they did, but the MUD has been saying for DAYS now to expect something like this.

      There are times when a quick reaction is called for, and a time for a bit of thought before you put your pieces on the board.

      First they said that at 16:30 today they’d have an announcement, now they’ve tweeted that Chuo will speak at 1pm.

      If that’s not fast enough for you………..

      • Yeah, I heard Capriles warning last week that the river was making sounds. Perhaps I’ve just given up hope of the MUD actually having a reasonable answer for any of this.

        • “La esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde”

          It’s hard to maintain hope in the face of things.

          Do not despair, change is coming soon, and it will surprise you later why you didn’t see it.

          • I wish I was so hopeful.

            Today on Vladimir I saw a chavista “constitutional lawyer” lawyer make the claim that the RR isn’t dead, it’s just suspended while the fraud is investigated.

            I think we all know what that means.

  3. I’m under the impression that the MUD will proffer strong words and be picked up as political prisoners later. Noble martyrs for the cause.

    This phase is one of brutal power. The MUD is not and could never have such assets in its repertoire, hence the MUD is a non player.

    The players here are the security forces, military and to a lesser degree, colectivos.

  4. OT – see the dictator of Venezuela just landed a few minutes ago in the territory of another dictator in Baku, Azerbijan. He isn’t using King Raul’s plane instead he has Chabe’s crappy little Airbus.

    0001 / Airbus A319-133X(CJ)

    Date Flight From To STD ATD STA Status
    Lisbon (LIS) Baku (GYD) – 10:25 – Landed 19:25
    Caracas (CCS) Lisbon (LIS) – 18:53 – Landed 07:44
    Quito (UIO) Caracas (CCS) – 19:01 – Landed 22:19

      • Thanks. The link was back shortly after I wrote that. Thinking about it, The DT news feed was also unavailable nearly all of yesterday. Coincidence that it happened on the same day after a major bombshell from the regime? Coincidences rarely are.

        • Could be, but unlikely.

          The attack centered on one company that provides DNS resolution, located in N.H. I don’t think it was specifically aimed at Venezuela since the outages were worldwide.

          This is more the Russky Hackers that work for Voldemort Putin, thumbing their noses at Uncle Sam.

          • Yeah, after I wrote that too hastily, I thought about it came to the same conclusion. Although, they may have had an inside tip that the DoS attack was planned, and took advantage of it for the timing, to blunt the international fallout.

  5. All MUD Leaders should gather today and ask the people of Venezuela to go to the polls next week AS PLANNED, and vote (except) the ballot should be another (that is designed in a PR way, to be printed before going to the ballot) to read.
    _________ Bolivarian Revolution
    _________ NOVEMBER 2016 Revolution

  6. The MUD has reaped what it siwed by committing bltant and massive fraud. But the RR is not dead. The five states where the courts acted will probably have their 1% recollected and then the opposition can collect the 20% of sugbatures or at least try to do so.

    Calling the government a dictatorship is just acting like desperate anti deomcrats taht you are.

    Get over it! The MUD is incompetent, dishonest and incapable of actin with any dignity. That is why the RR is being delayed.

    Of the 8 dirigentes de la MUD with travel bans outside the country……………..wel,, some of them could actually go to jail.

    • you really piss me off – do you even live in Venezuela?
      massive fraud? I take it math is not your forte – Nor sound logic and coherence, for that matter!
      the regime is dictatorial! denying that reality is not only a sign of being completely blind to reality, but also of complete and utter disrespect for the suffering of Venezuelans!

      • Don’t let the little, useless and meaningless propagandist get under your skin, Fabiola, he’s getting paid to post his delusional manure.

        In a better world he would be reduced to a whimpering sociopath because the government doesn’t give stuff for free to him.

      • So, Fabiola, I pose the same question. Do you live in Venezuela? I doubt it.

        Almost 33% of the signatures collected in Aragua were FRAUDULENT but I guess that is not a massive fraud in your book?

        I think your last sentence applies to the opposition and their economic war against us all.

        The laws need to be enforced in Venezuela and the system of justice made more efficient so that the speculators, hoarders and crominals such as Capriles (he caused 11 deaths in 14 April 2013) should be jailed for long periods.

    • That is a very dangerous and deadly path to follow.

      I would agree if we were not talking about venexuela. The people have now been broken… There is not even enough will to fight.

      People always get the government they deserve. Unless they are anexed or conquered.

      These people were bought and paid for by the Chavistas and are just now realizing what was given up for the free meals.

      I hope it was worth it at the time. Starvation today in Venezuela is mighty unhealthy.

  7. Yesterday, I passed a young woman protesting in the street. She had a sign that said, “Yo estoy harto con esta mierda! Y tu?” (I am fed up with this shit! And you?)

    I thought that pretty well summed up the reactions where I live.

  8. The so called fraud could have easily been perpetrated by regime followers using fake ID’s o ID;s of defunct persons precisely with the intent of later claiming that the process should be subject to anullment because they included such ID’s . In that case it would be the regime that is guilty of fraud not the oppo, If the courts were half honest they would see that the oppo needed no fraud to collect the signatures , that it was the regime which had the most to gain by enacting a fraud to discredit the oppos the signature process and use its control of the courts to cut short the RR …..they so feared!!

    Its so transparent that Im wondering why it doenst get mentioned more!!


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