The San Cristobal Moment [Updated with subtitles]

The clip from Táchira lasts 26 seconds. A kid gets right up — RIGHT up — in a riot cop's face. What follows...crystallizes the volcanic fury and the deep humanity behind Venezuela's protest movement in a way no staged moment ever could.


This kid made his way into my dreams last night. Literally.

I hugged him. He cried in my arms.

That video. Jesus.

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  1. Venezuela needs less drama and a much more colder attitude but unfortunately the latter occupies a very small room in their idiosyncrasy.

      • Really Rafael? Hunger is drama? Frustration and hunger is drama?
        We need more love and sympathy in this world. I have a lo! Even for you.
        Thank you Francisco Toro for this post. I am crying, I want to feed him and hugh him too

      • as healthy as usual thanks (by the way, you should have asked about my lunch because I write from Spain and I check this web usually after my midday meal). These days the Spanish media talks about the book “¿Cuando se jodió Venezuela?” I haven’t read it but it seems that the author describes the one century series of boom-bust cycles of the the country. Chavismo is just the last chapter.

  2. You should look at the mirror and see part of the reason why this person is in such dire need. Months ago it was clear that this government will not allow to be voted out. Is it clear to you now? Well, welcome to the club!!!

    Because of the arrogance of many to try to outsmart people that couldn’t care less if they are viewed as thugs, nothing was done and good percentage of the population is facing the consequences.

    I feel for you and your disrupted sleep…

  3. Powerful imagery indeed! Perhaps lingering smoldering justified emotions from times past. The “Plugged-In” elites ignore this at their peril? Uncertainty prevails as never before.

  4. Not too long ago Quico, you said that polls imply that people would support a peaceful solution to the current conflict, but not a violent one.
    Well not too long ago the people also supported Maduro and the PSUV, it was when they begun to starve that they changed sides.
    So maybe what we need them to go from supporting the opposition only “” under certain conditions”” to “” getting rid of the whole thing at whatever means available”” is for them to starve even further. Wait till they starve even more and maybe they will stop worshiping socialism. And even some more and they would understand they are directly responsible for everything that is happening to them, that all the pain they feel right now is directly proportional to every time they cheered when the gigante said “expropiese””
    Just saying.

  5. The mood has really changed , in the past most people one met casually on the streets , were sour , bitter in their comments , some wearing ironic brittle smiles , now they are red hot angry, looking for someone to punch in the face , like nothing Ive seen before (except in some of the most enraged old ladies from El Cafetal) ……!! inflation and scarcity are hitting every one really hard ….people literally aren’t taking it anymore…!! there is a spirit of violence brewing in the air ……, !! scary…..!!

    • It was about time people finally got angry at the true culprit of their disgrace: The chavista regime, instead of babbling the same stupid chants over and over again about how people with absolutely neither power nor responsibility of some wort were guilty for everything just because the biggest swindler told them so.

  6. “inflation and scarcity are hitting every one really hard”

    Not to worry, Maduro just raised the minimum wage 40%, while chavistas danced and chanted long live the revolution.

    Stupid shits.


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