Colombians Rejoice

Who needs a birth certificate when you have the TSJ?

Folks, its official. Maduro is not Colombian. So says our highest court. 

As if acting on some sort of premonition that his nationality would come into question these days, Maduro (well, PSUV ex-congressman Elvis Amoroso) conveniently filed a suit before the Supreme Tribunal (TSJ) last week to clarify any doubts about his birthplace.

Basically, in 9 days, the Constitutional Chamber rendered a ruling which concluded that:

a) Maduro is Venezuelan by birth,

b) He does not have another nationality,

c) He was born in La Candelaria,

d) His birthday is November 23 1962 (save the date, everyone!),

and therefore meets the constitutional requirements to be President as stated in articles 41 and 227 of the Constitution.

The court also ruled that this topic will not be discussed again at the Constitutional Court. Period.

Here’s the ruling for your reading pleasure, you can scan it while you put away that bandeja paisa you had been eyeing for dinner tonight.

Alternatively, you can always check out what the Capybara has to say on the matter. They usually get it right.