Caracas Chronicles does Group Therapy

Our resident artist, AdryTatoo, led the Caracas Chronicles Team through an exercise of channeling our frustrations into collage, while we get back to covering the crisis. The results are as fascinating as they are perturbing. Behold.

Anabella Abadi @Janabadi
Carlos Hernández @carlos_t815
Carlos Hernández @carlos_t815
Daniel Cadena @dcadenajordan
Javier Liendo @Hasfast
Javier Ruiz @GuacharoRuiz
Pedro Rosas @Pedro200
Raul Stolk @RaulStolk


Daniel Urdaneta @Dauz_ucv
Alejandro Machado @Alemacgo
Barbara Lira @BSLira
Emiliana Duarte @EmiDuarte
Emiliana Duarte @EmiDuarte
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  1. I love it when leftist-apologists focus their attention on Trump. It makes tearing apart their straw-man arguments so much easier.

    But, if putting a floral halo around Trump makes you happy, go with it.

    • whaaaat???

      desarrolle su respuesta señor defensiveness

      Is calling other’s arguments “straw-men arguments” supposed to give YOUR arguments more weight/ standing/ legitimacy/ coherence???

      apologists, you say, I mean por favor….

    • There’s one thing that I bet that Venezuelans in exile in the US hate very much and go mad about it: to be called the Tea Party/Republicans/right-wing of Venezuela, which in fact is exactly what they are.

      “No, no, we are left-wing too, but we are against Maduro because, hey, his version of socialism is not exactly what we want, so we support Bernie Sanders and Hillary to be accepted by people like you, American Democrats, even though both supported Chavez, the man who that destroyed my country, my family and ultimately my life! Do you know what? Just KILL ME! I’m so confused! Give me a hug too!” *sobs* *sobs*

      That what I see every time Trump is mentioned in the Rorschach tests above, haha!

      • You do know that the opposition has many factions right??

        Their biggest issue, which is lack of consensus, is a thing exactly BECAUSE they have different positions, ideologies

        As you say, many (maybe most) opposition parties are, we could say, republican — HOWEVER, other parties (still opposition!) are NOT! They are, we could say, democrat.

        so there are right-wing opposition parties, and thus right-wing civilian opposers


        there are left-wing opposition parties, and thus left-wing opposers, AS WELL

        so whoever would get upset at being called a republican, gets upset because they are NOT, and because you seem to say you know better than them about what THEY themselves think.

        your smug condescension is unnecessary, most of us are confused, upset, frustrated, angry, sad – and yes, we might even sob!

      • People keep talking about “right-wing” or “left-wing” politics.

        When there’s hardly any true difference.

        Democrats or Republicans sell themselves as such for political reasons. Mainly because many people are dumb enough to adhere to such fake “parties” and even pledge lifelong voting for them. That’s as stupid as claiming to be an “adeco”, a “copeyano” or a “chavista” or a revolucionario” Beyond retarded.

        In the USA, or Europe, things are rather civilized. And Congress/Parliament really rules. What has changed in Decades in the USA or Europe? Very little, as various political brands change places. Sure, you have Greece or Spain with problems, but due to all types of political ‘brands’.

        You have to go with any party, or go with none. Because, basically, in politics, they are liars, promise the world and won’t deliver: one and the same, decade after decade, worldwide.

        The one style of government to avoid are ruthless dictatorships. 12 man regimes of terror. Like Chavismo was and is. Then again, sometimes a few years of dictatorship is the only thing that can start to fix extensive disasters like Venezuela.

        Henry, Capriles, MCM, MUD guys, Leopoldo, good luck with that!

        For a muddy, ‘democratic’ government, it will take decades, 4-5 decades, to return to the mess Vzla was in the 80’s or early 90’s. For numerous reasons.Meanwhile, for those still left in that mess, I’d recommend to carry a gun at all times and go home early soon, people get shot everyday for a pair of shoes, worse than Honduras or even Syria.

          • You just stated the truth. Your post will soon be removed.

            Small (L) lefties always come back and say “it’s for the children” when what they rally mean is “we take this from the your children”.

  2. Waking up on Sunday morning to see pictures of Masburro, Diablodado and Tibisay, and Tarek is downright depressing. Thankfully, you forgot a few crooks like Aristobulo and Delcy and Luisa Ortega. That would have made me sick, unable to have breakfast.

    In the USA we deal with the insufferable Hilary and Donald. And others. But things work. I hope there still are Disneyland morning cartoons on TV over there..


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