Peru Takes the Lead


Remember back when every former president in Latin America was against the Venezuelan regime and every current president was either in favor or on the fence? That’s over, Perú Reports:

Peru’s president and Congress on Thursday both called on the Organization of American States (OAS) to invoke its Democratic Charter against the government of Venezuela. The news came one day after the “Takeover of Venezuela” protests which saw hundreds of thousands march against Maduro’s government.

The resolution expresses support for Venezuela’s opposition-controlled legislature.

Peru’s Congress on Thursday passed a resolution which stated that Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro had staged a “coup d’etat” and demanded that Peru recall its ambassador from Caracas. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who has long called for pressure on the socialist country, signaled his intention to convince regional leaders to invoke the OAS’s Democratic Charter.

“The undersigned members of Congress of a multi-partisan nature [condemn] the acts the government of Venezuela has systematically implemented to impede the realization of a recall referendum, which constitute a break in the constitutional order and unacceptable coup d’etat,” reads the congressional resolution which passed with 81 votes in favor and 13 against.

The resolution expresses support for Venezuela’s opposition-controlled legislature, which the country’s government-controlled Supreme Court has deemed in contempt and annulled all of its votes, and calls on Venezuela’s government to respect the life and rights of its citizens.

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  1. I remember some CC’s writers supporting the Bolivarian candidate back in the last Peruvian elections. So I ask, would that have happened with Veronika there? Obviously not.

    Some pragmatism is needed sometimes…

  2. Many Peruvians remember when Carlos Andres Perez when to Peru and spoke on behalf of Democracy while Fujimori was consolidating his power Dictatoral syle just as Maduro has done.. Bravo Congreso de Peru !!

  3. OT- Is anyone having trouble making calls to Venezuela? Whatsapp or otherwise?
    Calls seem to have been blocked since last night.

    • From where I sit, internet service seems to be slowed down considerably over the last four days. A friend of mine reported receiving a Whatsapp message last night a full two hours after I sent it. It could be simply due to congestion in the system due to increased traffic related to people using social media more than normal…, or it could be a deliberate measure to degrade the Opposition’s command and control.


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