President Trump

However much trouble we thought we were in, we're in way worse trouble than that.


I have. No. Words.

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  1. Why are you in more trouble? Did Obama help you? Did you expect Hillary to help you?

    Maybe Trump will have more backbone in standing up for democracy. For example, the OAS is supposedly an organization for democracies, but Obama was too weak to go against the many socialist Latin American countries that insisted on supporting the dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela.

    You socialists are something else.

      • The stock markets that rely on government intervention and central planning? The markets that are unhinged from fundamentals because the Central Banks will do “whatever it takes”? Besides, it’s just a short term tantrum, same as with Brexit. It won’t really crash until later.

        • Here’s where the alt-right meets the radical left, ladies and gentlemen. It is incoherent, uninformed paranoid nonsense, and it no longer can be dismissed as the marginal thoughts of Internet trolls. We will be seeing more and more of this in places that surprise many of us.

      • After Trump’s election, the AMERICAN stock markets rallied to almost record highs!

        The reason Trump was elected is because we in America don’t want what Venezuela has.

        You poor sap………………

  2. I think Trump will surprise you as he leads the USA the next 4 years.

    Now, do contributors to this site wish that Obama and his executive orders be overturned since they were just as unconstitutional as what Maduro issued?

    I think not.

    Get some sleep. Dawn awaits.

    • What’s actually funny is that someone like Bernie Sanders, the crazy person that admires the revolucion in Venezuela and said that there was a coup d’état in Brazil a couple months ago, didn’t make Caracas Chronicles even a little bit anxious about him ruling the most powerful country on Earth. Go figure… That was actually the closest thing from Maduro/Chavez we had.

      By the way, congratulations for all Venezuelans in Florida that voted heavily on Trump, and not on the Chavez/Maduro’s buddies.

  3. In six month there will be presidential elections in France with Mademoiselle Le Pen as possible winner…
    I really hope that not.

  4. “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans” – DT

    Maybe this guy ain’t that bad as we thought… Wait, I have already seen the Venezuelan version of this crap.

    This is gonna be much, much worse than we can even fathom… Brace yourselves.

    • I really don’t think you can compare Trump with Chavez, my goodness. Trump is likely to be harder on Maduro than Hillary ever would have been. Isn’t that good news for Venezuelan democrats?

        • Meh, it was about time that chavismo had an ACTUAL ENEMY rather than just continue punching anybody they want to all the time.

          Many of chavismo’s things they’ve done have been possible just because no one dared even to say them “NO”.

  5. Judging by some of the comments above, it looks like we have our share of the “basket of deplorables” around here. Who would’ve thought?

  6. The “resentidos’ of the US won last night. And now they will find out just how stupid they are just as those in Venezuela have discovered.

    • At least the Trump supporters are not repeating that stupid “let’s tax/expropriate/kill the 1%”, that kind of resentment is not good for any country.

      • Did not like clinton either, but from an economist point of view, his vision on the nafta an all free trade agreements will hurt american more than the outside world, with the side effect that more isolationism will bring the old foes of nationalisms and populisms. Perhaps the world needs that type of catharsis from time to time.

    • Seems to me that Trump’s victory is good for Venezuelan democrats. Trump is likely to tell Maduro where to go. Let’s see what happens but I cannot see Maduro celebrating this result, can you?

      • Trump is an isolationist. He hates that the USA is spending $ in defending other countries including the EU with NATO.
        He wouldn’t give a rat ass about South of the border. He would built a wall and that would take care of it.
        He has zero Military and Political experience, first time ever for a president of the USA.
        If Maduro ever insult him, he might do something, that is how childish Trump is.

        • Time will tell. As I say, I don’t think Maduro will be celebrating this outcome. Trump is likely to be less biddable than Hillary. And if Maduro is not celebrating it, I think this result is good news for the Venezuelan opposition.

        • And Obama had what going into the white house? Biden and the gang of thieves are hardly a brain trust.

          Do recall the follow on disasters in the middle east that where committed by the left. Shipping arms to Libyans by a socialist is somehow more acceptable than to Iran?

          Do tell.

      • It would be interesting to see if the connection Russia/Trump is really there. Russia for sure does not want any change in Caracas. Time will tell.

    • The “resentidos’ of the US won last night. And now they will find out just how stupid they are just as those in Venezuela have discovered.

      With your arrogant, smug, sneering, condescending attitude, you’d make a pretty good “Progressive” Democrat. You may not consider your attitude to be arrogant, smug, sneering, or condescending, but that is how your comment comes across to me. Believe it or not, “STUPID” does say something. Te lo juro.

      As I pointed out several days ago, it is ironic that many CC writers and many of its posters consider Trump and his supporters to be hidden Chavistas/crypto-Chavistas [hidden, as they can’t find any explicit support for Chavismo], while they ignore or deflect caudillo-love coming from Democrats.

      While you consider Trump supporters to STUPID, I would suggest that they are not as stupid, not as replete with slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness as many CC commenters and writers would like to believe.

      An ironic element in this conversation is that that the first spur in my changing from a “Progressive” of the left into an evil right-winger was purchasing and reading Del Buen Salvaje al Buen Revolucionario when I was working in Venezuela.

      My only comment on this thread. Andate, pues.Ciao.

      • While you consider Trump supporters to STUPID, I would suggest that they are not as stupid, not as replete with slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness as many CC commenters and writers would like to believe.
        While you consider Trump supporters to be STUPID, I would suggest that they are not as stupid, not as replete with slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness as many CC commenters and writers would like to believe.

  7. I think no one seemed to notice that Democrats haven’t had three wins in a row since FDR, and that was in wartime.

    The popular vote, which doesn’t elect Presidents in the US is as tight as anything, and is as of this AM 47.7% for Hillary and 47.6% for Trump.

    Those numbers are not going to change much, so there is no popular mandate for Trump, he just happened to win where he had to, and there he squeaked by more than anything else.

    One thing is for sure, civil rights lawyers are going to be pretty busy these next 4 years.

  8. This should serve as a big wake up call to the fact that democracies , even those in politically mature countries have no only virtues but in built limitations that can lead to their own self destruction or decline ….., Its not Trump but what his triumph represents for the future of democratic politics and more worrisome to the health of the world economy which is facing some huge structural challenges which trumps announced policies will likely exarcerbate ..Ordinary people cannot be trusted to do the sensible things, they can help change a failed governance but not necessarily for something better but for something quite worse…..!! They can tell us whats not working right but not how to make them work better .

    We must forego the superstition that govts , no matter how great can solve every problem and adress every discontent , all govts now work in an environment where even if they get somethings right will always miss the mark in others , we have to stop thinking in terms of utopian expectations and realize that no one can realistically deliver on all that the political electoneering makes them promise to attain power….failure is part of the new normal , things are too complicated for any govt , even the most competent and decent to accomplish every goal society places on them . Good Governance can improve things , a lot , most of all it can usually prevent the worst disasters from happening but they cannot fully sattisfy peoples expectations that they can bring on utopia …….and a perfectly just order , or avoid all the miseries that we assail us ……!!

    • Bill, I have been saying the same thing for a long time. Agree with you and we are not alone.
      The Economist have put once again an 2014 article about Democracy exposing the flaws of the Electoral System in particular. Brexit is one good example, but not as obvious as Chavismo and now Trumpismo.

      What just happened is historic and will have consequences.
      The worst thing is that we are still far from reaching a consensus about the big issue and risk of Universal Suffrage.

    • “Ordinary people cannot be trusted to do the sensible things, they can help change a failed governance but not necessarily for something better but for something quite worse…..!!”

      I find it rather sad that this is what passes for intellectual thought.

      People get the gubmint they deserve, rightly or wrongly.

    • I know is going to sound racist and I may get some maledictions here and there but I believe there should be a requirement to be a voter that goes beyond age.

      I think voters should have at least high school education, not have any previous convictions and be employed in order to vote.

      Pluralism + Populism= Poor Product

      • So what happens with those that do not have high school ed?

        So if I committed a crime 20 years ago and have since become a productive member of society, I cannot vote?

        Are you also going to propose that if you make less than 120% of minimum wage you can’t vote?

        A lack of a high school education is not necessarily a sign of lesser intelligence.

        There are plenty of folks wrongly convicted, justice is not perfect in the US or anywhere in the world.

        Now if you want to establish some kind of exam that proves you have a grasp of the issues at stake, maybe. But even then you will disenfranchise voters.

        If the problem is low information voters, then excluding them is not the solution.

        Educating them is.

  9. The result is still sinking in. I don’t know what to think.

    I keep seeing a Trump version of Alo Presidente coming to a flat screen near you… every week… for years… Hope I am wrong.

    • I hope you are wrong, too. But what are the chances? The media are the elites and they do not cover him in a manner that feeds and flatters his narcissism, so he will need to create a direct link to the people, one that goes beyond Twitter, while he wages a war on the media that has rejected him. Breitbart is America’s Aporrea.

      Venezuelans have seen this movie.

      • Well, time will tell. We saw executive action by Obama/Maduro/Chavev during the last 6 years and little in the way of counterpoint from left. I guess it all depends on your political stripes.

  10. You guys seriously think Putin buddy isolationist Trump is going to be harsher on Maduro than liberal internationalist hawkish Hillary would have been?

    Anyone who has looked at Ultimas Noticias’ twitter timeline for the past few months knows who SIBCI was rooting for.

  11. Trump won Florida.

    Which means that a lot of Latin American expats, mainly Cubans and Venezuelans voted for him, just like they did on the primaries against Marco Rubio.

    So there’s that.

    Also, after the recent Shannon episode, the Obama admin and their precious “stability” can go burn for what I care.

  12. Like I have said many times and The Economist has once again republished its thoughts in an essay about Democracy and in particular the election system.

    Universal Suffrage as is practiced today has been the most flawed and naive idea on the 20th and 21st century. And there are plenty examples to prove this, saying other wise is wishful thinking.
    Subjects as complex as Politics, Economy, etc have never and will never be the providence of the ignorant masses.
    The electoral system is utterly vulnerable to the exploits of these narcissistic charismatic leaders who are big on ego and small in ideas or morals.

    I’d like to believe that the Democratic institutions in the USA are going to be strong enough but anything can happen, as we Venezuelans experienced with Chavismo. (No vale, yo no creo…)

    Trump still thinks Climate Change is a conspiracy theory and he will be the first President of the USA without any Political or Military experience not to mention he has the endorsement of several racist groups, etc, etc.

    The world is in a huge risk with this guy in power.

    As an isolationist I think Trump would leave Venezuela alone in the struggle to get rid of the Maduro Dictatorship.

    We are in big trouble.

      • Is not about stupidity is about not being informed on the subjects and candidates.
        I am being honest and realistic, the majority of people have neither time nor the interest to properly be informed to cast the vote for the most competent leader or ideas..
        Most votes in any country are cast by emotion rather than rational thinking.

        There has to be system in place that demands a minimum standard of knowledge/information/education in order to have the right to vote.

        Trump won in rural, poor and less educated jurisdictions in the USA. These speak volumes.
        Same happened with Chavismo.

        The current electoral system has the tendency of polarize and favor populist unscrupulous leaders.

        If you cant see these big flaws and possible solutions I give up on reasoning.

        Democracy YES.

        Unfettered universal suffrage, NO.
        It is naive, reckless and stupid.

    • “As an isolationist I think Trump would leave Venezuela alone in the struggle to get rid of the Maduro Dictatorship.”

      It will be the same as Bush and Obama’s managements have done with Venezuela during the last 16 years then.

      • Bush supported the ousting of Chavez.
        Obama was soft but believed in the stabilizing power of the USA.
        Trump will ignore Latin America like no other.
        His border wall will take care of all the problems.
        Trump has racial issues if you care to dig in his past.

        My only hope is that he has been saying populist shit during the campaign to get elected.
        At least he is not a religious nut or a communist, but in terms of helping to get rid of Maduro Clinton would have been of better help.
        She was the one who organized the ousting of Gaddafi

        • If USA had actually supported the “ousting” of Chávez in the power void of 2002, the corpses in the streets would have been those of Richard Peñalver, the death circles (aka today’s colectivos) and those of the cuban snipers that were posted on Miraflores’s surroundings.

          A lame statement after the deed has been done doesn’t matter at all and doesn’t help to anything.

          In fact, if there’s something Bush can be blamed for, it would be for cementing chavismo in Venezuela due to his part on the rise of oil prices, the conflict in the middle east after the 9/11 that Bush used as an excuse to carpet bomb Irak and Afghanistan coupled with the rise of demand in oil ended cranking the prices above 100$, something that went exactly in the same direction of Bush’s interests since part of his family is involved in the oil business and made ridiculous amounts of money from the expensive oil.

          Chavistas should beg for forgiveness and be thankful while kneeling on rusted bottlecaps to Bush.

  13. I think that you are over reacting. This is not the end of the world nor a new coming of the Chavista socialist revolution.

    Trump’s election needs to be seen not as a vote for Trump but a vote against Clinton. Many people in his own party did not support him or his campaign rhetoric. Clinton is hated in this country for what she represents … Old school corrupt power based (pay me for my support thru hidden institutions) politics. People are just tired of it and want to move on to something different. If the Republicans had chosen a different candidate, that person would most likely have also won the election over Clinton.

    Do not forget that in the U.S. things are very different than in Venezuela. The president does not rule over all like a dictator or a king. Just because Trump was elected does not mean that all or even any of his campaign promises will happen. He only leads the executive branch of the government. The congress and the Judiciary will balance out any of his craziness. History has shown that when a single party holds the executive and the majority in the house and the senate, the president has even a more difficult time having his agenda implemented by the congress. In addition, he has no political experience or anything resembling a power base in Washington to use in his effort to implement his agenda.

    Obama tried to circumvent and by pass the separation of powers when the congress didn’t agree with his agenda by issuing “executive orders”. Many of those orders were challenged in the courts and declared illegal as the president does not have the authority under the constitution to issue such orders.

    • Dude, the guy is a fraud with a narcissistic issues.
      Even though we are hoping for the US Democratic institutions do their job, the Executive power is very important to set the direction of the country.
      Clinton was overwhelmingly the most capable candidate.
      Just look how the financial market reacted to give you a clue.

      There is a lot of uncertainty.
      This is really historic in a bad way.

      • There are a lot checks against his abuse of power …. if he is that bad he’ll be impeached by a congress (lead by his won party)

      • “Just look how the financial market reacted to give you a clue”

        That’s irrelevant, after Brexit the same thing happened, and then things were normalized again a couple weeks later.

        When you have all that left-wing media with their apocalyptic headlines + lefties crying everywhere, from their social networks to the streets themselves about the impending doom coming that only they can see, the markets will obviously react, but that won’t last much. Thy will rebound later. Trust me.

        You guys were wrong about Trump winning and are wrong again now about what’s coming with their victory.

        Leftists have a hard time grasping… REALITY.

        • You really need to read history and politics to understand what just happened.
          This is not about left or right.
          Is about an incompetent, mentally unfit leader got elected to be President in the most powerful country on earth.
          A guy with zero experience for one of the most demanding and important jobs of this planet.
          Just about any serious media outlet are worry about this event.
          Just watch how he will throw shit at the fan and spread.

          • TV- I suspect it is you who is ignorant of history and what has happened time and again when the pendulum swings. Obama got into power not because of his superior intellect or his ability to unite the country. Far from it.

            Obama/Maduro/Chavez were all about power. Keeping it. Selling it. Burning down the homes and biz of their opponents.

    • Um the Republicans hold the legislative power. So that’s 2/3 of the government controlled by people who claim that global warming is a hoax. Yeah no reason to be worried.

      • Most Republicans in Congress do not like Trump. In fact many of the leading/senior members of congress refused to support Trump or much of his agenda. I very strongly doubt that Trump will have an easy time with congress. It is just not a given that his ideas or agenda will happen.

        • Sounds like the early Chavez years… Besides, let’s not forget that Congress is more prone to follow public opinion than any other branch of the government…

        • Well, most republicans in congress did not go against Trump the candidate, so what makes you think that they will go against Trump the president?

    • Yes, I agree that we all might be over reacting; however, I want to point out:

      “Trump’s election needs to be seen not as a vote for Trump but a vote against Clinton. Many people in his own party did not support him or his campaign rhetoric.” – Exactly what happened with Chavez.

      “Do not forget that in the U.S. things are very different than in Venezuela.” I heard that one so many comparing Venezuela with other latin american democracies and Cuba.

      “he has no political experience or anything resembling a power base in Washington to use in his effort to implement his agenda.” Again, so much similarities that it is not funny.

      Overreaction? Maybe, only time will tell, but for sure we will be very stupid not to consider the possibility that we are not.

    • If Trump made a modest proposal, that the USA adopt Singapore’s immigration and visa policies, the histrionics from the left would be incredible. They have absolutely draconian policies. The kind of policies Trump has been talking about are not even on par with what the Latin American hypocrites implement.

  14. We cant trust ordinary pols because its in their interest to lie both to bolster their popularity and to bash that of their opponents …….people at the same time are more gutsy and passionate about their preferences and dislikes than thoughful and lucid , so the first think we need is to create elite technocratic institutions that are not subject to partisan political meddling and who can render objective judgement on proposed policies , their likely results and to monitor their progress and final outcomes in ways that is credible and reliable . They have in the UK and in the US non partisan agencies that study policies and their implications , their task is to asses policies realistically so that they can serve as a guide to the politically mature public to judge on their merits and defects ……just as in more developed countries an attempt is made to develop and maintain an army , a judiciary and a central bank which is not beholden to any partisan group , we need to have an agency, a fiscal responsability agency that makes it possible to have all govt policies scrutinized objectively to see what they imply and to grade their results if they are implemented.

  15. And the guy broke his first promise, damn, I guess it’s a new record:

    lapatilla com/site/2016/11/09/sere-el-presidente-de-todos-los-estadounidenses-dice-trump/

    “I’ll be president for ALL americans”


  16. And here we see the whining of those who opposed Trump and their arrogance toward those who voted for him.
    The USA political parties have no one to blame but themselves for the rise of Trump.
    As I have said before Chavez and Trump both took advantage of the political elites failing to listen to the street.
    Now, carry on with your Trump bashing.

  17. As an American, I just could not vote on this election: Voting for Trump or for Hilary would have been equally nauseating.. And then living through it for years to come..Both were despicable candidates, heck I can only think of one even more unpalatable in US History: the ignoble Ted Cruz..

    Now a few bloggers said the right thing here: what did Obama do for Venezuela? In 8 years: Zilch. Nada. What tells you that a Trump administration wouldn’t do something to cripple Chavismo? Then again, stop dreaming: not even the Europeans care much about little Venezuela and its cheap oil anymore. Obama, the insufferable Hillary or the egomaniac Trump: There are other countries to worry about, many others, much more important for business and world balance than us Criollitos.

    Lastly, those who worry too much about that idiot Trump do not understand America’s politics. Here Congress rules. The President cannot do whatever he pleases on a whim. Faster than peo in chinchorro, he/she would get impeached. Sure, at one point the US went to Vietnam, a real dumb and tragic move, but times have changed. The US can’t even step into Panama anymore. All they can do is decide to buy arepas, if Venezuela had any, or limit trade with China.

    The days of interventionism are over, heck everyone knows loves even Cuba and could not care less about Africa – a starving entire continent – or North Korea. With cheap, heavy oil, and US fracking Venezuela is practically invisible here.

  18. The move to US energy independence by Trump will cap crude oil prices and the jump in US nat gas exports will cut off any Vene pivot to develop those reserves – game over PSUV by 2018

  19. Latin American countries demand two things of the United States:

    1. Stay the hell out of our affairs

    2. Remain engaged in our affairs

    Stop panicking. Trump is not a true Isolationist. He will almost undoubtedly be harder on the Chavistas then Obama was. Obama sought to “lead from behind” and to obtain consensus.

    Trump will not seek consensus with the anti-democratic, leftist Latin American states and the Caribbean statelets they have bribed. He will point out that the charter of the OAS states that it is an organization that must promote democracy. He’ll be like a bull in a china shop, he will talk of withdrawing from the OAS and then the real bed wetting will begin. And he will get what he wants. I believe his election is bad for Cuba, the Chavistas and the authoritarian Latin American left (who are posting here in force).

    This is what I believe. I could be wrong. I have been hoping that the USA would issue ultimatums to organizations like NATO and the OAS for a long time now. I think Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Trump is an American patriot and a nationalist, and not a true isolationist. You will despise him but he will help you. Wait and see.

    • Agreed. Good for Venezuelan/L.A. democracy, maybe more difficult for more intricate international diplomacy. Trump single-handedly/against all odds reflects a grassroots discontent with the economic status quo in a large majority of the states. As for personal qualities vs. Hillary, it was a choice between two types of slime, and the greater of the two won….

      • International opinion is overvalued.

        Russia bombed and meddled the fuck out of Ukraine and no one gave a flying rat’s ass.

        Everybody and their mothers ganged upon Honduras when they kicked out Zelaya, and that tiny country staunchly stood up for their own and said “gimme a break”

    • Well said.

      Trump surprised me with his acceptance speech. It struck me as an immediate “Welcome to the board meeting; let’s have a seat around the table and lay out some business plans.” It is the business side of Trump we didn’t get to see in the campaign.

      Many who aspire to be president may not realize what they are wishing for, and their acceptance speeches are often about themselves and their personal political victory. The Democrats would have had balloons and singing and hugging each other – something like Maduro dancing after the dialogue thing.

      It surprised me to see how very well prepared Trump was, immediate responsibility as president-elect, “Thank you, glad to see everyone here, now let’s begin the meeting.” I just hope everyone else is as on-the-ball, has done their homework, and has material value to contribute to the organization, and not just the all-too-usual whining and complaining and demanding a raise.

  20. I just wanted to point out that I am not trying to tell you how amazing the USA is. Far from it… I believe human beings will always make mistakes and naturally tend towards hypocritical behavior. We are not different than any other country in that regard so please spare me the stories of how the USA has screwed up in Latin America.

    The point is that Obama came into office an intellectual light weight who had no understanding of how to lead, nor how to negotiate. Being an ideologue, he learned nothing during his 8 years serving as pres.

    Trump will be no easy touch for the Chavistas. Trump and his team will sense the leverage they have and you better believe they will exploit it. He is not Obama.

    That being said, I can really only guarantee you one thing – you will despise him.

  21. If Bernie Sanders had not been blocked by the elitists in the Democratic party, I bet that the results might have been different. I disagree with Sanders’ ideas but I sure as hell respect that he did not hide his ideas behind coded words. Too bad that he did not attack HRC as Trump did his opponents. Too nice or too afraid to do so. Loss opportunity.

    What Democrats are really asking themselves today as some Republicans did when they rejected all candidates but Trump is: “Has my voice been heard?” We’ll see if it has in the next election cycle…

  22. The fact that some didn’ t see the Trump victory coming is just a troubling as the fact that he won. It means that most liberals (funny thing is I consider myself one) live in a bubble, a media bubble. They have to get out of that bubble if they want to fix this. I don’ t like Trump and I would never have voted for him, but I was sure he was going to win because he had everything working for him, both in the US and abroad. It is very difficult to accept one’ s own decadence, but in these decadent times those who are more aware of how rigged the system is have the upper-hand.
    The fear-campaign didn’ t work, just as it didn’ t work in Colombia and just as it will not work in Venezuela. People is sick of the fake political correctness imposed by the elite and of the media telling them how they should feel and think in a condescending way. That’ s what prompted their reaction, in my opinion. In a way, the people did have an historical,unprecedented victory,even though it is possible that it will backfire terribly . They prefered the guy who is unabashedly full of shit, over the other “guy” who is also full of shit but hides it completely. That’ s just completely revolutionary in a country based entirely on hypocrisy! I just regret the fact that Trump is so terrible…

    Now, about the repercussions this will have in Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia. I don’ t know. Florida gave Trump the presidency, so he will, for sheer political interest, take that into acount and give those key voters what they wanted. He will certainly need to win Florida again if he ever wants to be reelected so yes, I do think we are going to see some changes there. We just have to wait to see what Rusia brings to the table.

    • What does Russia have to do with Vzla, Colombia or even Cuba now? Heck, they can barely handle their own people and survive in Europe.

      Trump? Again: Congress rules in the USA. The people rule. There are Laws here. This ain’t Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

      • I agree with you. Trump does not have absolute power and I trust American institutions in general. But you have to know that the executive branch does in fact decide foreign policy and I remind you in case you forgot that Trump will have the support of the senate and the house. The Republicans were very critical of Obama’ s foreign policy, so they will want to make some changes. We will just have to wait and see.
        And yes, Rusia does have a say in all of this. And also about Siria and many other issues. You have to know this.

  23. So happy for the USA to be free from the Clinton family. So happy for the USA to have a President that doesn’t owe anything to the established major parties (regardless of having joined the R Party)

    So happy for this result. Those that see President elect Trump as being inexperienced, don’t seem to notice that those with a lifetime of experience in gov’t, are unable to point to any real world successes. Something Donald Trump in the business sector seems to be able to do.

    Nobody thought Trump was an idiot when his politics were ill defined, nor had bogus rape and sexual harassment charges brought before the public. It was only when he chose to run as a Republican that people questioned his intelligence.

    I hope President Trump appoints a Special Prosecutor to look into the multiple levels of financial malfeasance the Clintons abide by, as well as overruling the political football the FBI seems unwilling to move forward on regarding Hillary’s illegal use of a private server to hold her now supposedly deleted emails. A crime anyone else would be in the big house for, not the White House.

    • Marc,

      Stop making sense… the risk of being banned is too high.

      People/socialists(lite) are weeping in their lattes and already talking about having snipers go after the elected (not selected) candidate.

      The Clintonistas heavily supported the FARC and enjoined actions against Columbian sovereignty. Don’t expect much sympathy or introspect from apologists. Either they call Trump a “racist” or they re-evaluate their own methods. We all know its easier to shout down the opposition than it is to talk about the issues. (something folks here have obviously taken a page from Maduro/Chavez)

  24. Mitchell—i may be new here but the least you can/could do is spell colOmbia correctly, the rest of your post/argument died from there.

  25. A very long time ago, I once assured someone that the institutions of the U.S. were strong enough to survive four years with Mickey Mouse as President. It was intended as absurd hyperbole at the time I said it. I guess I will now find out if I was right, or not.


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