There’s no sugar-coating possible: the accords announced by the Vatican-mediator today represent a comprehensive victory for the government, and a shocking, stomach-churning surrender for MUD.

Vague, non-committal, couched in the kind of chavista-propaganda “newspeak” lifted right out of the Misión Verdad style guide, the Communiqué read out by Monseignor Celli confirms all of our fears about the “dialogue”: that it’s a farce shrewdly orchestrated by the government purely to delay, divide, demoralize and demobilize.

It should be entirely obvious to anyone with dos-dedos-de-frente that keeping this charade going for as long as possible is the government’s only goal.

It begins with a commitment from both to “fight all forms of sabotage, boycott, or aggression to the Venezuelan economy”, essentially putting the opposition’s signature on the government’s signature propaganda lie: the economic war.

It then lays blame for the constitutional crisis not on the blatant abuse of the Supreme Tribunal for partisan purposes but on the National Assembly’s “desacato” of those absuses, on its contempt for that Kangaroo Court.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it veers off into a pledge to prioritize the border dispute with Guyana in the context of talks, because as we al know the Essequibo is the main reason we are dissatisfied with the government.

Shockingly, MUD’s Carlos Ocariz then tried to spin us by releasing a communiqué saying the dialogue had reached a result — the liberation of ‘detained persons’, like that, using the government euphemism — that no one from the government has signed up to. Then he vowed to keep fighting for early elections, only for Aragua governor Tareck El Aissami, to call bullshit in the most public way:

Look, the only part of agreement that the government is really interested in is MUD’s commitment to sit down again for another formal session three weeks from now, on December 6th.

It should be entirely obvious to anyone with dos-dedos-de-frente that keeping this charade going for as long as possible is the government’s only goal.

Writing that is painful to me. For a long time I’ve stuck by MUD, even as it made decisions that raised many an opositor eye-brow. I’ve yelled at Emi to chill out, I’ve dished out chancletazos to my VP friends, I’ve dismissed many a concern about MUD strategy as keyboard warriorism. I, of all people, cannot be said to point the finger at MUD lightly.

But Rafael Osío Cabrices’s tweet about today’s communiqué tipped me over the edge. Because I know Rafa well, I respect his insight and I know him as both a passionate democrat and someone constitutionally allergic to bombast.

So when I see someone like him tweet something like this…

…I know the gig is up.


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  1. I can hardly belive this shit, and here we are again exactly where we were left of on 2014:
    -Legimized the goverment
    -Froze protests
    -Thousands of venezuelans being pushed over the edge to just leave
    -Complete win for chavismo

    • According to the latest comments from Capriles, MCM, Allup, etc the “agreement” will remain just a paper.
      Lets hope that is the case.
      We will find out more next Monday since the MUD is probably discussing now the next step to take.

  2. I agree 100% with you Quico, it has been a long time since I last said that.
    We have been betrayed again with the same script and I don’t believe that the MUD is that stupid. Thus I am inclined to believe that they were bought off. I wonder how much was asked to sell the hopes and dreams of 30 million? I wholeheartedly repudiate them now.
    So, what would a person like me do right now?
    Well, for starters I welcome the leadership that Maria Corina, VP and the other 15 parties and I urge them to break from the MUD. If Henrique or any other leader from PJ, AD or UNT that believes that we been duped, I urge them to join us .
    Since I now don’t believe that we really have control of the AN as we were betrayed by the MUD, we should concentrate in winning the next election, whenever that happens, without them.
    I made a conscious choice to stay in Venezuela after all has happened and I will not leave right now, but I understand it is my choice and everyone is entitled to what they believe is best for them.
    All I ask for those of you abroad is to pray for us .

    • Bought off or….. threatened so badly there is only one path to follow or else… Do not forget for a minute that they are dealing with thieves, dope peddlers and bona fide assassins. And finally how much is left to buy them off? If it is only a matter of money they are better overthrowing the current gang so they can in turn eat at the trough to their heart content.

  3. No estamos jugando con chamitos, la dictadura cubana, titiritero de todos los payasos de la revolución chavista, y posiblemente de algunos títeres de la mud, lleva más de medio siglo engatuzando a gobiernos, generaciones de jóvenes idealistas, y sociedades completas.

    Solo nuestro amor patrio y decisión de libertarnos a cualquier precio, lograra los objetivos.

    …pero hay que enfrentar la realidad y definir los problemas sin más eufemismos ni engaños.

  4. Bueno, no voy a dejarlo pasar. ¿y que propones tú Quico entonces? ¿ah? Ese discurso divisionista no suma y le hace juego al gobierno. Sí quieres un baño de sangre espero que estés dispuesto a salir tu primero a enfrentarte a las otras chavistas.

    • Entonces la unica opcion es agachar la cabeza para siempre? genial, si todo el mundo pensara asi en este momento seriamos Nazis o quizas nos hubieran matado a todos. Gracias a dios ha habido gente con el suficiente coraje como para lograr cambios verdaderos. Tu propuesta entonces es mantener la cabeza agachada hasta que ellos mismos se cansen de estar ahi? 200 o 300 años?

  5. So, no real results, what’s the government committed here? No further pressure? Use chavismo’s own language? Agree to keep it quiet for them? What’s wrong with these guys?

  6. What’s curious is that after so many years playing the same game people still believe the likes of Aissami and Cabello when they say that a bloodbath has been prevented!!!

    No, fellas, the bloodbath will keep going on, in the streets, in the hospitals, in la Tumba, in the households due to the lack of food and medicine. For years, possibly for decades to come now.

    This whole peace agreement thing reminds me of the naive Neville Chamberlain extremely happy after the Munich Agreement signed in 1938, thinking that a bloodbath woud be avoided in the following years.

    When Churchill summarized the situation perfectly:

    “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”

    How actual that quote is.

  7. Zimbabwefication of Venezuela continues 🙁

    Given the results I would say the Army assured MUD they would be willing to commit a politicide to avoid the fall of Chavizmo. MUD would likely walk away with something better if it were simply bribed.

  8. I wonder if they were really bought off…or if they are just that stupid.
    I wrote it already last month: this looked like the same farce as the Diálogo de 2014 but worse as people are tired, hundreds of thousands have left the country.

    It is a pity there is no independent, well-known voice that might call to these people in public and ask them in front of everybody else: what are you going to do for the opposition that is not going to end up like the wasted time we had in 2014 with the same negotiators, the Catholic church and the UNASUR group?
    What are you going to do different now?

    • They’re powerless. The only thing they can do is a popular uprising, but Chazismo has the army and the ‘collective’ professional thugs. No one outside of Venezuela cares, so nothing will happen, unfortunately.

      The story was the same in Zimbabwe 8 years ago. The opposition was partially cowed into submission and partially bribed as junior partners. One third of population left the country then.

  9. Here is an English translation of the Communique:

    (Caracas, Venezuela) – The representatives of the Government and the Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD) culminated this Saturday at the Hotel Gran Meliá Caracas the third meeting established at the dialogue table.

    At the meeting, they agreed on a joint declaration called “Living Together in Peace”, in which they both committed to comply with the country’s Constitution and express their “firm commitment” to a “peaceful and constructive” coexistence that “banishes violence.”

    The Vatican envoy, Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, was in charge of reading the communique in which five fundamental agreements were reached, while indicating that the Government and the MUD agreed “to work together to combat all forms of Sabotage, boycott or aggression against the Venezuelan economy. ”

    “The National Government and the MUD assumed the commitment to implement a roadmap that would make it possible to normalize the constitutional relationship between the powers of the State, mutual respect among them and explore measures of economic support in the legal, constitutional and Respect for national sovereignty, which contribute to improving the conditions of supply of the population, “he said.

    1- In the economic-social field, the National Government and the MUD agreed to work together to combat all forms of sabotage, boycott or aggression against the Venezuelan economy. They decided to prioritize in the short term the adoption of measures aimed at the supply of medicines and food on the basis of helping to promote their production and importation. Promote the design and implementation of cooperation policies between the public and private sectors to monitor, control and control the mechanisms of acquisition and distribution of inputs and merchandise.

    2. In the political field, it was agreed to move forward in overcoming the situation of nullification of the National Assembly dictated by the Supreme Court of Justice. In that sense, it was agreed to urge the competent public authorities to act in the resolution of the situation of the Amazonas case in peremptory terms.

    In the same context, it was agreed to work jointly, within the framework of the Constitution, for the appointment of the two rectors of the National Electoral Council, which culminate in its mandate in December 2016.

    3. Within the framework of national sovereignty and safeguarding territorial integrity, we agreed to our unanimous position to defend the legitimate and inalienable rights of Venezuela over the Essequibo and to defend the Geneva Agreement of 1966, a legal instrument in force between the parties That settles this territorial controversy.

    4. The Joint Declaration “Living in Peace” was adopted.

    5. In order to institutionally strengthen the dialogue, it was decided to include a Governor for each of the parties to the Bureau; Invite representatives of the different segments of society and establish a follow-up commission to continue the process that will be coordinated by former President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, by the companions, Jorge Rodríguez, the Bolivarian Government and Luis Aquiles Moreno, for The MUD.

    However, the mayor of the municipality Sucre and representative of the opposition alliance, Carlos Ocariz, added a new point after finalizing the joint statement that includes “releases of arrested persons.”

    • “However, the mayor of the municipality Sucre and representative of the opposition alliance, Carlos Ocariz, added a new point after finalizing the joint statement that includes “releases of arrested persons.””

      Added a new point after finalizing the joint statement.

      After finalizing!

      How pathetic is that?

      That clown could have added yet another point: “and to give some ice-cream to Carlos Ocariz”.

      At least it would get a bit funnier, and not just pathetic.

    • Pretty close to what one might expect from a first very early stage negotiation with a extremely pretentious gangster regime …..of course lots of bombastic BS…about peace and other stuff lacking in practical substance but rethorically syrupy …dont know why so much attention is paid to it .

      More potentially substantive points:

      1. Improve medical and food supplies to all those that need it (think charitas and other offshore organizations) and make participacion of domestic business in supply chains something more robust than haphazard.,
      2, Restore chance of fair elections by allowing appointment of 2 new Rectores to the CNE (this can be really important ) missing international oversight …
      3.. Restore full functionality to AN decisions and measures by getting rid of Amazonian Deputy dispute (which is legal pretext for denying AN the exercise of its constitutional powers) . This is a first step which must be followed by others.

      The Guiana maritime boundary dispute is a BS point but it sounds good and everyone can agree with it…..

      Adding other participants to the negotiation bureau ……might make it messier to operate but every one will want it …it may be impractical but so Deeeemocratic ……!! Every one will lap it up…!!

      Giving the agreements a follow up mechanism is OK but maybe it should be stronger and include foreign participation in the commission which is set up.

      Two big omissions ,1. the RR polls and fast upon that the Governors and Mayors election ( that we knew the govt would never agree to at this early stage but having a more reliable CNE might make it easier to do.and 2.. Freeing the political prisioners , although of great sentimental value those 100 prisioners are pieces of dynamite in the oppos arsenal , both to keep the home fires aglow and burning and the international interest.., very stupid for the regime not to do more……..but they are gangsters and they always like having their hostages to trade off in case they have to make a run for it.

      Good for the oppo to strenghten the Muds hand by making a big display of anger to what has been agreed , might come in useful later…meantime lets not turn the rage fest into an ocasion for giving the regime something it really wants to do .. Divide the Oppo….!!


  10. I don’t have anything more to add other than more expletives to punctuate my disgust and disappointment with the MUD. And, since Emi is the master of expletives, I will let her supply them.

  11. Im sorry but this is the most hilarious post ever after your “viva la mud” in upper case and bold a couple of months ago. The writing was so in the wall back then as it has been for at least a couple of years. The mud will never achieve anything.

    I’m going to die a miserable death like every Venezuelan that can’t leave this ****hole but at least I have the schadenfreude of seeing pro-mud people having their beliefs straight up murdered.

    In any case. The short term goal of the opposition if we can organize into something must be making the MUD disappear. Nothing will be achieved unless the mud is dead.

  12. This is an OD of humble pie for you Quico. Your arrogance kept dismissing what we have been saying for months now is that this government will not give up power willingly. Here are the results. Can you say now that civil disobedience is the way or will you keep sighing?

  13. As soon as I realized that the MUD was a complete fraud, keeping Maduro in power and stable because of its financial interests, I looked for a way out of the inferno, and I found one. Thanks to my best friends who sponsored my way out, I changed my head of project planning position in a 50 year old engineering company, for a teaching position one. Now I teach, English, french and German in Berlitz Mexico.

    But not a single day passes where I don’t despise the MUD even more than the government, because is their actual fault that Maduro is still in power despite of the humanitarian crisis in the country. And is their fault, I’m afraid I won’t return to live in Venezuela never again in my life. And I truly believe Venezuela is doomed and there is no way out. The MUD still does a wonderful job keeping the people discouraged, patient and frozen, not moving a finger to throw away chavistas from power. And now it might be too late to change that.

    Whenever the list of PDVSA’s bondholders leakes, so many things would be clear for everyone.

  14. As an outsider, I hate to criticize the MUD. Probably they know critical information that I don’t know, or so I tell myself. So here, I assume that the generals told them that without this accord, the Army promised to slaughter Venezuelans on the streets, in the thousands.

    That’s the only explanation. MUD chose to abandon democracy to save lives.

    • An useless move, because chavismo keeps slaughtering people by dozens everyday anyway, so the “save lives” part is just a fallacy in the end.

    • Pope Francis I was born, raised and educated in the cauldron of Argentinian left-wing politics. He is not well-read on topics dealing with economic issues and the creation of wealth, nor does he fully understand the dramatic events which led to the horrors of 20th century communism. How could he? Castro? He is a very strange and isolated figure on the world stage, and will cause enormous turmoil when he chooses to intervene in political squabbles as demonstrated by that so-called “agreement” signed yesterday. That Vatican-inspired document is simply breathtaking in its naivete.

      • Also the Church know his fundations are in the dignification of being poor and ignorant, since the beggining of times, the world is getting more and more educated and rejecting the image of the church and all the cronies that take part of it.
        Helping countries like Venezuela to stay poor an ignorant is probably a must to them they know their organization is at the face of extintion and seeing how Venezuela is at the gates of medieval times they probably licking their chops as we speak

  15. Para estar guindado es mejor caer. The anger is there, is not dead bevause the dialogue. Starvation, medicines shortage and hampa are killing people everyday.
    The path is to take the streets of Caracas (once and again) to retake the moment, the are troops are everything but loyal (they have families).
    The goal is to create the right scenario to throw the govt.
    The govt unity is another myth. They are only together filling their pockets. They know is a matter of time. So they stall, they buy time so more money goes in.
    The need to go after the power (Miraflores) and eventually it will happen. Para estar guindado es mejor caer.

  16. The talks’ outcome was worse than any possible negative expectations: legitimizing the “Economic War”; legitimizing the “desacato” of the AN; using the Essequibo as a distraction to Venezuela’s real daily problems of hunger/holdups/sickness; no mention of an electoral solution; no mention of political prisoners except as an Ocariz add-on (LL, get used to a concrete bed for the long-haul); and, delaying the next dialogue til Dec. 6, with year-end Xmas in full swing, to be followed by hangover dead-zone January. This is akin to the bungling of 4-11 by the Oppo. The MUD is dead, Long Live The Revolution–Equality Of Misery For All (except, the ruling elites).

    • Yes, with all those legitimazations, basically the dialogue was about giving the government things they didn’t have before the dialogue started, for nothing in return.

      It would have been preferable if they had just said “fine, let’s not have any referendum this year, and let’s leave at that. No dialogue, please”. The outcome would have been a lot better.

  17. This Pope’s intention is to save “el socialism del siglo XXI”. He is pressuring MUD, like he pressured Capriles into accepting the results of the election.
    The CEV should firmly oppose this charade. This Pope re-writes the gospels and calls the “comunistas como cristianos”: . Remember that this Pope went to pay homage to Fidel Castro in his own house when he did not have to go because of protocol; he went on his own.
    Venezuela is lost unless MUD repudiates his intervention and the CEV steps forward and call this Pope for what he is – after all the Pope is not infallible in political matters.

  18. Did anyone expect the regime to resign?

    What remains to be seen over the next few days is the action taken to back up the words. Will the FAN or GNB reign in their medicine-stealing troops? Will supplies be distributed?

    The regime was backed up against a wall, and they knew it, otherwise this dialogue would never have happened. Those here and elsewhere can keep the pressure on the regime, and make it easier for the MUD in the talks, or you all can in your haste and “I know better // see, I told you, you were wrong!” turn against yourselves and talk about replacing the MUD and fragment. No one to organize votes, no one to organize marches, no one to represent you.

  19. Reading the latest comments from Capriles, Mari Corina, Allup. It seems that the agreement will be ignored from the opposition as well.
    So no, the MUD has not betrayed anyone.
    We will know more about this Monday though.

    Lets end the speculation and whining and go to the real action.

    The solution? Stop waiting time on these negotiations or any hopes that a peaceful march to Miraflores with the constitution in hand will topple a communist dictatorship.

    It is big time for the opposition to go to the drawing board and plan for the final solution (as in well organized armed fight).

    Count me in !!

    • The march to Miraflores must be done with guns in hand, because chavismo won’t hesitate to murder dozens or hundreds to scare the rest of the country into submission.

      • Finally!! That is exactly what needs to be done! Leave the women and children home and let the real men of Venezuela do what must be done!!

          • And this is why they cant have nice things in the house.

            All kidding aside, the population was already disarmed.

            Pitchforks and broomsticks will only get you so far… And nobody wants to die unarmed. Nobody.

            And certainly not with MUD/AN leading from behind. Getting shot in the back is no better than in the front.

            I just dont see a reasonable path forward when neither the PSUV and military are not going to let go of power peacefully.

    • They just talking for the sake of talk, and to please the heart of those who still believe in them, Capriles aint doing nothing that puts him in harms way, MCM doesnt even have influence inside oppo and Allup? the men that turn agressive and barks like a spoiled Chihuahua everytime the name Derwick is throw around in his presence.

  20. Parece que finalmente va calando en todos ustedes que Venezuela no es Canadá y que no va a serlo en un futuro próximo o a medio plazo… esto duele mucho y por ello se sienten traicionados peró, al final, ver las cosas tal y como son, apreciándolas en su valor justo es sin duda lo mejor.

  21. “Capriles, MCM, et al say its just a paper and the fight goes on”

    What does it say about the oppos credibility that they signed an agreement that right after it they say its nothing?

    If the “oppo” is truly to change this country for the best, and not just the government, then it starts with morals: if you make a commitment, you fullfil it! Otherwise, what difference is there with chavismo?

    Sorry, but that news does not undepress/undissapoint me

  22. Everyone saw this coming the moment Chuo announced the first meeting….

    This is a full capitulation, MUD realised it had no means nor balls to transform overwelming discontent in the streets into political change. I would say “we only have to wait until presidential elections” but a this point it seems unlikely they will ever happen the way we hope.

    • And who told you there would be elections ever again? Maduro himself claims that “as long as the economic war is active, we won’t have any time for elections to satisfy the ‘caprichitos’ of four snobs”

  23. Well… a lot of us saw this coming as soon as the “dialogue” was announced, I just can’t believe it took you this long to finally go to Emiliana’s side. And the fact that you did, gives me hope for you as a “political interpreter” but destroyed my little ray of hope, which was the optimistic people (of which you were one of the most optimistic)

  24. It reminds me more and more of “The man in the High Castle” series of amazon prime. Higly recommended. I see it as about a world of extreme levels of distrust.

  25. The Vatican has betrayed the people of Venezuela and colluded with Maduro to deny basic human rights and necessities to the people of Venezuela.
    Maduro has violated the Constitution and should be removed from office. The conspiracy that he, the election committee and the Supreme court have all been part of to deny the people of Venezuela their Constitutional rights to democracy can not be tolerated.
    It is time for the people to stop acting like sheep as their families starve or suffer and die from easily preventable and curable illnesses.
    The military must decide if they are supporting an illegal regime or whether they are going to do their duty to protect the people of Venezuela and the Constitution.
    The next protest should be the men of Venezuela. The real men. Men that understand the task ahead of them and are committed to doing what needs to be done.
    Keep the women and the children off the streets. If the police attack you, disarm them. If Maduro won’t give up power, burn him out! The Supreme Court needs to be removed. Do whatever it takes!
    Make these people live in the same fear that the people of Venezuela are living in.
    End this charade NOW!!

    • Men men men!
      They want it now, they want it where, they want it when?
      You don’t want it
      Men men men
      They try it once then go to sleep just when you want to go again

      To the barricades!

      With you and youR children.

  26. Mugabe managed to cow Tsvangirai by killing his wife. Is the MUD stupid, or are they being threatened?

    One hopes Venezuelans remember the similarly traitorous role the Church played here.

  27. Elections. What about letting people go ti an internal elections of the MUD letting all of them to participate including those held in prisons.

    The problem is most of the MUD are not elected officers. Remember that all seats won by the opposition in the National Assembly were going to be won no matter the name so any Juan Bimba would win the seat of Ramus Allup or Julio Borges, same goes to most of them.

    Let the people choose their leaders and the directions of the opposition, they must be elected in an open primary ( without colors to avoid portaviones), and then you will see how those who are “leading” the opposition nowhere to favor the govt will be the ones to oppose the right of people to choice.

  28. I was called a Chavista troll when i was telling everybody to leave Venezuela because MUD was dirty and scared and Chavistas arent leaving in a peaceful way, sadly Venezuela aint even going down the Cuban way, at least in Cuba there is order, Venezuela is consumed by anarchy, dont be surprise if that Mad Max way of lives becomes the norm in Venezuela

    • Seeing how this are developing Leopoldo is never getting out, Chavista know he might be the only leader that will not bend the knee and MUD is happy he is there because they can remain as the other option.

  29. Any group that supported a coup against the government in earlier years (a Latin American staple of the upper middle classes) deserves to have their “rights” curtailed.

    The denial by Latin America’s middle classes that they are being manipulated by the US to further ‘its ambitions’ in the region is embarrassing. Even the US has admitted to its involvement in destabilising south American governments illegally in defence of “its” interest (not those of the local people).

    Political prostitution has limited currency. Why a great nation like Venezuela is cannot come together for a common good is beyond anyone. Even the poorest of the poor states in Asia have something to show for their existence with their dignity intact. But not Venezuela.

    • But babe, we do it for fun not profit, doesn’t that make any difference?
      Honey button, if we sneezed a force five hurricane would slam into your coastal swamps 48 hours later, 96 hours after that the begathon would begin, 100 hours later an at sea amphibious force would be bringing fresh water and surgical suites to a port near you gratis.

    • Hey, look, it’s the new member of the “communicational guerrilla” garbage, blaming the middle class in Venezuela for all the manure chavismo is using to bury the country.

      I knew it was just a matter of time before the sadistic onanists came to start their mockery.

    • Yes, those people hungry with their loved ones dying in misery due to lack of basic medicines, those people facing threats of criminal violence every day, etc, they are being manipulated!

  30. Renovate the MUD leadership in free elections, elect a council of ten or so people to represent the people (people vs govt).
    The ones in charged (MUD)and not elected by the people are leading the opposition and the country (along with govt) to live like the jewish in Warsaw during the nazi’s era.

    The next rally of the people must be to force the so called mud leaders to resign inmediatly if they do not, elect a new leadership, maybe a couple of delegates per region and then a new national council, that could be done in the next daysaybe weeks.

    The govt has an easy game right now, they know how to puppet those four or five “leaders” and with that they control the opposition and the whole country.

    Remember people gave those “leaders” the undreamt 2/3 of the assembly and they did nothing, they let a tsj elected illegally by 80 deputies to overpower a new elected assembly of 112 deputies!!!

    So is clear that the revocatorio must be carried in 2016 (as per Capriles) but to recall the mud inmediately!

  31. So isn’t this where the MUD is suppose to stand up and walk off from the dialogue? This was all triggered by the “suspension” of the RR. The other issues are ancillary to political change. Everything changes with a new government, including loans, supplies, amnesty, respect for the Assembly, etc. Get up, walk off.

  32. Will any of these bloggers ever understand an simple fact? : Venezuela is simply a Kleptocracy. Look it up on Google. No “socialism”, no ‘communism”, certainly no “democracy”. Not even a full-blown dictatorship.

    KLEPTOCRACY. Puro ladron.

  33. Después de escuchar diferentes voces y esperar que me bajara la adrenalina me atrevo a decir que no llamaría Traición lo que ha hecho la MUD, para mi esa no es la palabra, (o será que no lo quiero creer), lo que pienso es que estamos en una posición dolorasamente precaria a pesar de que estos malandros hayan perdido el apoyo popular, pero es que es eso, son unos malandros y nosotros no.

    Ayer leí esto del pana Luis Carlos Díaz que me dejó pensando “… El pasado sábado, en la reunión de la mesa de diálogo, la criticadísima mesa que terminó con el terrible documento que hablaba de “personas detenidas” en lugar de “presos políticos”, pasó algo a lo que la oposición no hizo mucha publicidad (porque tienen la estrategia rota): no se sentaron en la mesa hasta que Rosmit por fin recibiera atención médica. La mesa estaba pautada a las 10 am y fue a final de la tarde, luego de comprobar que lo habían sacado de la celda y estaba internado, que se sentaron.
    Lo sabe la Iglesia, lo saben los secuestradores del Gobierno, y tuvieron que ceder. A cambio se la cobraron con neolengua en el documento….” Lo que quiero decir, es que a pesar de los pesares, la MUD y sus operadores son lo único que tenemos de éste lado y, si el lanzagranadas lo dirigimos a ella no sé con qué carajos nos vamos a quedar.

    La verdad es que pienso que sabemos poco de las habas que se cuecen ahí dentro, también creo que el error más grande fue prometer que el Revocatorio iba este año sabiendo perfectamente que no existía esa posibilidad, (si una pendeja como yo siempre lo supo, qué no sabrían ellos)
    Para mi la estrategia es calle, más calle y mesa de diálogo.

    Bueno, en fin, bla bla bla bla y sigo igual de jodida….

    Y que no se le ocurra a nadie mencionar ese dicho infeliz de que no hay mal que dure cien años porque muy largo al carajo los voy a mandar.


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