Venezuela Storms Out of OAS Session In Support of Venezuelan Position


Yesterday, OAS did what OAS does best: approve a totally anodyne, milquetoast, unobjectionable declaration redoubling the members’s unflinching support for motherhood, apple pie, and Dialogue in Venezuela.

The declaration, as a whole, reads:


Reiterating the Declaration of June 1, 2016 about the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela [CP/DEC. 63 (2076/16)],


1. To welcome and support the establishment of the national dialogue in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and recognize the commitment of both parties to peaceful, respectful and constructive coexistence and the decision to put the common good of Venezuela above any differences between parties.

2. To encourage the Government and the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica to achieve concrete results within a reasonable timeframe to end the difficult situation facing Venezuela and to stress the need for the constitutional authorities and all political and social actors to act with prudence and avoid any act of violence or threats to the ongoing process.

3. To support the Vatican’s important accompaniment of this process, and reiterate its support for the efforts of the three former presidents Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Leonel Fernandez and Martin Torrijos.

4. To reiterate the readiness of the Permanent Council to support these efforts.

So what does the Venezuelan delegation do in response to a declaration that reads like it might have been drafted in Casa Amarilla? They storm out of the meeting, of course, because saying the totally-unobjectionable-declaration constitutes an aggression against its sovereignty because it was prepared behind its back.

(One suspects the real reason has more to do with the fact that was accompanied by a letter of support from their archenemy, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, who wasn’t even in the room.)

Just a reminder, if one were needed, that when it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, MUD still faces determined competition in Venezuela.

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  1. The natural reflex reaction from the sloth and chavistas is to histerically throw a tantrum everytime they aren’t in absolute control.

    • Remember Evo Morales furiously kicking another person in the leg during a goddamn inoffensive football match among friends just because things didn’t go his way?

      Most of those people have an untreated narcissistic personality disorder.

      From wikipedia:

      “People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others.[8][9] These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors.[10]
      Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements.[8][11] In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority.[11]”

      It’s as if they could never surpass their early-childhood. They are just stuck there, but in a adult body now. I just hope that as the years pass by, this sort of people start seeking more psychiatric clinics and less seats in our governments.

      • Remember Evo Morales furiously kicking another person in the leg during a goddamn inoffensive football match among friends just because things didn’t go his way?
        It wasn’t just a kick in the leg.

      • Marc, saying most are untreated narcs (npd) is broad. Pathological narcissists are rarely diagnosed and treated. Most are not aware. This is a very complicated subject and unless you know it and know it well (few do), then you’d be wise to tread carefully. BTW, there is no treatment. Talk therapy may help mild cases but narcs and covert narcs are the worse patients and informed shrinks detest them. There is nothing you can do…no cure except to medicate them hoping they stay calm and mellow but again, narcs don’t acknowledge there is anything wrong with them.

  2. I dont quite understand how this move makes sense under the Governments last couple of moves. Maybe it works because not many people can or will pay attention to this, nevertheless it is a stark difference from what theyre doing here and highly incoherent

  3. It is evident that these organizations are ill prepared to face rough regimes. If we follow suit, we would find ourselves in “Dialog” for years to come. Wouldn’t be nice to work at the OAS? all you have to do is parrot, “lets have a dialog” and “peace for all”, who cares about the consequences, you still get your pay check.
    Multinationals, aren’t buying it, they just packed and left.

  4. Two reasons for the government to oppose the declaration:
    1. The declaration tried to say that it is not only the binomial Pope-Samper who has an interest in the dialogue. The government created the farce of the “dialogue” with the coaching of these two; it needs all others to stay away.
    2. The declaration “encourages” concrete results in a reasonable time frame. With the help of Samper-Pope the government plans on not having concrete results and keep the “dialogue” going for a long time.
    The OAS resolution although bland undermines the plans of Maduro-Pope-Samper.

  5. “Talks are just exactly what the word implies, talks.” Nothing will ever come out of these talks. Nothing to see here and move on.

  6. “The declaration “encourages” concrete results in a reasonable time frame.”

    So, is “a reasonable time frame” before or after crime, famine and disease has decimated a a large fraction of the Venezuelan population? Pray tell, exactly what would it take for the OAS diplomats to feel and express a sense of urgency?

    • Good question!
      But the resolution nevertheless puts pressure on the Samper-Pope duo. These two are the ones that sustain the regime.
      That is why the government would not have had it if it could.

  7. Just like the brainwashed, whiney, social justice warriors-don’t get what they want so they have a tantrum! Nobody is allowed to disagree with a communist!!!


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