The Real Economic War

In a horror-film style video that is the Price Control Police version of the Blair Witch Project, SUNDDE proves it wants to bankrupt every business in Venezuela, before 2016 is over.


This weekend, the government went all María Bolívar on the economy and decided to bring down the prices by, wait for it, bringing down the prices. The assault started with Libertador Councilman William Contreras and his team of goons from The National Superintendency for the Defense of Fair Prices (SUNDDE). They visited shops and businesses in busy Sabana Grande, and demanded they sell all of their stuff with 30 to 50% discounts. Just like that.

It’s not like this is something new. Except, normally these price-slashing inspections have a varnish of institutionality, a procedure they have to follow. They analyze the cost structure of each business and assign a price that yields a 30% earning. But because of the recent rise of the black market dollar, and its effect in some prices, this time they threw the already nonsensical procedure they’d invented promptly out of the window.

Even the inspectors got scolded for following the rules, here are some quotes from the video above:

“What are you waiting for to demand the lowering of prices?”

“Don’t make any calculations, just BRING DOWN THE PRICES, BRING DOWN THE PRICES.”

“Don’t ask for any invoices because they will lie to you, just bring down the prices, that’s the order”

“Don’t waste your time on this [pointing the papers at the counter] because no one will tell us the truth, no one is telling the truth”

Government propaganda has done wonders with that guy, he looks genuinely angry at the business owners, and even threatens them with prison. He feels untouchable with his small quota of power, above the law. He justifies his actions by saying they want to make sure people have access to the holiday shopping season, despite the rise of the criminal dollar. In his mind this truly is a war.

What’s more disturbing is that they are planning to expand these raids to the whole of the country. With a 50% mandatory discount, they will most likely bankrupt every shop they visit. This new plague needs to be stopped now, or 2017 will be uglier than we thought.

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  1. That is not “genuine anger”. What you are seeing and hearing is panic and fear. He is merely parroting what he has been told by his masters. I think the panic and fear go right up to the top.

  2. And guys like those little minions are the ones that will be persecuted, lynched and hanged from a post.

    Bankrupting a business implies that lives will get ruined, for years to come.

    Don’t claim that they weren’t warned.

  3. Wow and the people celebrating these actions. Soon they can dance with victory that there will be nothing to buy at all. Human stupidity is just amazing to see.

    • The ones celebrating are the retarded imbecile parasites that live from the crap-bag-muzzle, the same idiots that are paid to attack the people that protest against the regime.

      A bunch of walking garbage, in a few words.

      • I think these human beings are deeply mistaken but the language you use reeks of classism. It only inflames matters when you call people ‘parasites’ and ‘garbage’. It’s the biggest problem in Venezuela this class divide. It enabled Chavez to come to power and it allows Maduro to use disgusting terms like ‘esqualido’.

        • I’m not calling “the people” such insults, I’m calling specifically the kind of lowlife person who explicitly wants everything for free, that considers the work of others as “free” just because they’re entilted to it, it’s a very specific kind of person, also called the “vivo criollo”

          You see, I don’t have the same mental and moral distortion that the upper heads of chavismo have and several of their followers have, who openly hate middle class people and those who are not chavistas either because they can’t be controlled easily or due to pure stupid envy or were just trained to hate via zealous brainwashing and indoctrination.

          When I call somebody “marginal”, I’m not referring to their wallet, I’m referring to what is called “the rancho within the head”, a marginal person can have millions of dollars in their bank account and live in the most expensive of Caracas’s manors, and still be a douchebag, because they treat society as just stepping tiles and morons to take advantage from.

          And THAT is what you see in those idiots in the video, they’re being paid for that, either with a paychek right after the show or with the crap bags they go and resell at 10000% later.

          Not every chavista is a marginal, but EVERY marginal is a chavista, because it’s not about having money, it’s about who ORDERS to wreck defenseless people’s lives, those who carry out those orders and also those who come to feast in the suffering of the helpless while laughing and mocking their disgrace.

          You want to know where terrorists come from? Well, every time this p.o.s. comes and destroys a business, dooming its owners to extreme poverty, that guy’s getting a perfectly valid and reasonable bill to collect later.

          And you know who will pay for that suffering, destruction and death (Yeah, death, because it’s not hard to picture somebody hanging themselves after they’ve been ruined and have nothing else to lose)? The disposable marginals like that sundde minion, simply because he doesn’t have the millions to flee from Venezuela once the payback time comes.

    • Atilio, I agree. No stores will be open for a long time. Purchases will still be made but the products will be delivered later. Then watch out for the Hoarding Police.

      Venezuela ain’t seen nothing yet. This market intervention will destroy the country worse than a huricano.

      • Sounds like the Russian Revolution. The authorities tried to force peasants to sell food at certain prices, they hoarded it, and then there were violent raids on the farms. The end result was a famine. As long as Venezuela ignores international markets (in other words, as long as it has exchange controls), the country is on a headlong collision with a very nasty ending. Maduro must see the writing on the wall or else.

  4. It’s a temporary thing guys. Christmas is around the corner. They just want people to be a bit more comfortable for Christmas. A media play.

    • Considering 2 things:

      – For some business, Christmas is the time of the year they really make profit.
      – As inflation goes, what you sell at its full price is already not covering much of the cost of the next batch, now try it at 50%

      This, if it is really enforced, will push some business over the edge.

  5. His anger is not simulated , it is self induced to the extent that by releasing it he feels grand and powerful, a vengeful heroe of the revolution acting arbitrarily and brutally against someone he can delight in victimizing but who cant fight back ……he is a small mediochre man, a thug who feels empowered and punch drunk at the glamorous revolutionary violence he wields BEFORE A CAMERA , before the eyes of the world , before the EYES of HIS BOSSES who have told him , BE BRUTAL , BE STRONG against these fiends who profit from exploiting the poor ! For him his abuse is cathartic and self glamorizing ……., we think that ideology is important because it explains the world in terms that reveal its inner truth , but much more important than that is the chance it grants these small thugs to feel grandly heroic by being brutal against people who are weaker than himself!! Im quite sure that much of these scenes are staged , attended by regime thugs who are told to cheer and applaud before the camera , they are meant to tell a story to make the victims of our economic cataclysm hate the merchant and love the hand that punishes them !!

    • Bill—I think your comment reflects quite perfectly my understanding of the current situation in Venezuela. Admittedly, I am way behind the eight ball and just now trying to learn the circumstances that the population finds itself in. If I was to show this to any of my friends they would think this was a satire piece from The Onion. My spanish is barely above worthless but the terms “economic assassins” and the “socialist revolution” will live forever stand out. Not sure what percentage of the population believe this or this was stages comments by the producers. Would it be useful for the opposition to produce youtube videos (or something else) explaining the principles of econ. 101/2 and 201/2 and how the inadherence of such basic economic principles causes mass pain?

      Not that it is important but this video seems to be dated from nine months ago.

      • Unfortunately, quite a lot of Venezuelans buy into the claptrap. Hard to know why. A lot of Venezuelans have never left the country and it is one hell of a bubble Venezuela. It’s not only until you have left that you have an inkling of what the real world is like. Maduro after all still commands around 20% support. Astonishing that people still support him when many of their compatriots have to forage for food in rubbish bins.

  6. El video es sin duda espectacular a su propia manera y por eso lo mencioné ayer en un comentario. Celebro que, aunque sea tarde, se hayan hecho eco de él en esta página. Dije que si la gente aplaude un robo tan descarado Venezuela se merece lo que tiene pero estoy con Bill Bass, probablemente el video ha sido editado para dar una determinada impresión y no solo mandaron a policías y funcionarios del gobierno sino también a seguidores. Si todo esto se extiende de veras supongo que las tiendas cerrarán, al menos temporalmente. Termino expresando mi solidaridad con los venezolanos y mi deseo de que termine su pesadilla lo antes posible

  7. Part real, part show, all damaging for current private business/confidence. Much worse is yet to come: most staples goods wholesalers are shutting down Dec. 15, reopening Jan. 18, IF stocks are available for purchase by them (many think there will be few/none available til February,if then)….

  8. I feel that they’r in the right and the wrong at the same time, it’s painful to see how they just enter whining, shouting and all aggressive, it’s like they’r animals, there are other ways to do this kind of “regulations”. In the other hand some merchants here in Venezuela really do speculate with prices with old stock, i mean, i know they have to make some profit of their old stock supplies but you cannot just put “new” prices to them, it’s wrong.

    But all this come to the same river because it’s all fault of our government that pushes corruption and “mala praxis” to almost everything in this country. The worse part is that the opposition is even more clueless than ever.

    • ” i know they have to make some profit of their old stock supplies but you cannot just put “new” prices to them, it’s wrong.”
      There is nothing wrong with the practice. How else are they going to replace the stock (and make a profit if this is not asking too much)?

    • Exactly. If I sell, say, a microwave oven at the “dollar price” of when I bought it, then as things go now, I’m not going to be able to buy the next one to sell with what I got.

    • If you buy something from me it’s your’s, not mine, not the Goverment’s, so it’s sale price is made by you, say you sell me a car but i tell you the price at which i buy it for and you have no say, would you sell me your car?
      Now picture that but with everything, look up Dakazo, now picture that but in all retail stores.
      Also those things never happen to stores who got hooked up on the preferential dollars, all of those are enchufado stores

    • Everyone see the big problem here? Ignorance. People talking shit and don’t have a clue what the fuck they are talking about. Ignorance to something so fricken simple you have to be stupid to not understand it. Is it all the socialist lies and propaganda? Naw, thats no excuse, this is the electronic age, you can learn whatever you want on the internet, no excuse to be that ignorant anymore. DUMMY UP EVERYONE!! Shit is about to hit the fan,

  9. He’s wearing a nice looking shirt. Big label on the back K3? does anyone have a clearer view? Shirt seems to be of a poly blend, gusseted under the arms. Looks like the fancy fishing shirts worn here in FL, not a cheap piece of clothing.


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