Boundless outrage

The Venezuelan government's criminal decision to invalidate 77% of the country's cash will be remembered as the most unhinged, unfair, and immoral economic measure of our history.


Starting yesterday, the decision to withdraw the Bs.100 bill from circulation paralyzed a whole sector of the economy: private and small-value transactions, informal commerce; affecting precisely those in need, the poorest and most underprivileged, people who need cash to get by because they don’t have a bank account.

Photo: @goyosalazar

The person in this picture came from Valencia to Caracas, and spent seven hours in line in front of the Central Bank (BCV) to exchange the equivalent of one dollar ($1) of the United States. But the BCV doesn’t have any other type of bills, so he was given a promisory note “to be paid at BCV offices.” This is a tragic irony, since this note is technically also a banknote, except it completely lacks value, can’t be exchanged, and isn’t worth a thing.

Chavismo has subjected the people to a horrifying humiliation. They have diminished humanity to its minimum expression. They have stripped Venezuelans off their dignity. They have put us through the cruelest of sufferings.

The consequence of this mindless decision is more hunger, unemployment, destruction, and death.

My outrage is boundless.

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  1. Yes. Many Venezuelas suffer but somehow my pity is offset by:

    42 comercios chinos fueron saqueados en El Callao y Sifontes…
    Además, los reportes señalan que cinco vehículos, propiedad de los chinos cuyos negocios fueron saqueados…
    un comerciante chino, linchado por las turbas…

    Everyone in Venezuela knows the saying “trabajar como Chino”
    so this targeting is racist, pure and simple.
    And nobody points it out, because it is ok for “el pueblo” to be racist.

    • I live in Venezuela and I have lived here for 11 years. To “work like a Chino” means you really work. A taxi driver once pointed out to me that, Chinese people (as opposed to Venezuelans) here actually force their kids to work from an early age. They are a closed community built upon commerce and these are all family businesses. Venezuelans on the other hand, raise their little principe or princessa to go on holiday every other day (quite literally), rob their petrodollars (cadivi), buy a bunch of crap at the mall, take selfies and then complain that their country is going down into the gutter when they themselves are a part of the problem.

      This all goes well deeper than Maduro and his merry band of banditos who are sipping on imported whiskey right now while the rest of us suffer… Only once everyday Venezuelans will stop blaming a scapegoat (Chinos, Colombians, el Imperio) and realize that they themselves (everyday Venezuelans) are a part of the problem, we then can wake up to the sober truth that the only path is for everyday Venezuelans to start rebuilding their country with their own hands and not waiting for somebody else (generally the government, the State) to do it for them.That is the real revolution.

      The only future for Venezuela is one of a productive Venezuela and that only begins with “productive Venezuelans” (and I say that as here again, they go on vacation yet again for another month). “Give a man a fish for a day, and he can eat. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for life.” This truly has become a country of beggars and that is why we are seeing what we are seeing unfold now.

    • The meaning of “trabajar como chino” is basically the same as “trabajar como negro”. It means busting your ass every day working more than the rest just to end up being robbed, looted and disgraced.

  2. The saying is “trabajar como un negro”.
    The govt is treating us like cubans. Most people voted time and time again for a trip to “El mar de la felicidad”, well we have arrived. Those can’t complain.

      • I used to think the same thing. Now I don’t. Pressured votes yes, but most people are chavistas. They are mad with Maduro because he betrayed the legado, but still chavistas. They will vote for any red candidate that can keep the true legado.
        I always underestimated people’s stupidity, it’s infinite.

        • “Pressured vote” = Fraud

          ANYTHING that might alter the intention of someone for voting for another choice that’s not what they actually want is fraud, plain and simple.

          Also, no, not the majority of people is chavista, they might have been once (in 1998), but after that, chavismo has been always a minority, but the regime kept the power combining electon frauds, massive bribes to buy voters and collaboration from disgusting garbage like Rosales and the other wall jumpers.

        • Also, they’re not mad with Maduro for “betraying the legacy”, they’re mad because they’re having a taste of true chavismo, which is “eat a turd or our death squads will put a bullet in your head”

      • Venezuelans disagree with the results of their public policies of the past eighteen years, but not one person in Venezuela disagrees with the policies.

  3. Wanley:

    I agree that Venezuela is finally sailing in the Blissful Sea.
    The question is, why hasn’t the opposition connected with “el pueblo”? even now?

    Couldn’t it be that Aristobulo is not a token figure after all?
    I mean, somebody has to ask finally this politically incorrect question, no?

    It is not a question of message. The message of the opposition is correct!
    It is a question of race, pure and simple.

  4. And now he walks it back to January 2!!! After the trauma, the violence, the uncertainty!!!

    Me thinks Maduro just burnt with the 100 Bs will all his political capital. He should be dead the MUD should pounce on him now.

    They already called for his resignation and this should be followed by Tahrir square style protests. But not in Altamira or Chacaito. They should move into Avenida Bolivar and (I pray) people will stream down Avendia San Martin and Avenida Sucre.

    If nothing else, these days were a foretaste of how hyperinflation will feel next year.

    I hope Venezuelan realize that their lives depends on going all out after this ass.

    (Live up to your national anthem!!)

  5. Classism is more like it. Being an uneducated malandro is chic. 17 years of hate have taken its toll. What does race have to do with it?

  6. Ask him who did he vote for in 2013 and stop feeling bad immediately!
    Hint: he is old.from the countryside and has 1 buck to his account.

  7. Another exercise in eating shit for vzlns. The regime has been progressively adjusting the proportion of shit in vzln’s lives. Once in a while they press the accelator to probe and then relent just before the Horizon limit. But the exercise was accomplished .,.. And the shit sandwich is now richer in fecal matter than before.

  8. Having to backtrack so drastically on a supposedly necessary measure can only be seen as a source of bitter embarrasment for the regime , they have had to publicly recognized that they fucked up good in taking this crazy stupid measure , to read this as evidence of the regimes subtle machiavelan wisdom is to reveal one self as a troll ( even if they change their names) , this is without a doubt a MONUMENTAL fuck up that raises the Regimes level of impopularity to sky high levels…….

    You just had to see the FACES of the minister as they listened to Maduro backtrack giving those stupid excuses to do so…they looked sick and humbled to their stomach……The more Maduro screeches the more his is trying to drown out his embarrasment at the sheer stupidity of the measure .

    Not only that but they stand revealed as utter incompetent fools before the World ( read how the event is reported in international media)

  9. El Caracazo was for a lot less of what we are going through right now (or the last few years for that matter). So, sadly, I don’t see any major changes in Venezuela’s political situation in the near future.

    • Because the lootings of february 27 had a political motivation (Destabilize CAP’s government) and had a political direction (The marxists and other castro-commie sewage in the society) and the means to provoke disasters (They armed hundreds of thugs to kill policemen, natonal guards, soldiers and then civilians)

      Stop believing that those were “the spontaneous rage of the ‘pueblo arrecho’ that didn’t want to take any crap from FMI”, because it was a coldly calculated movement.

  10. […] But how much can you keep the fantasy alive? Well, on the one hand you have Venezuela’s Number One Winners on Keeping Unrealistic Fantasies Alive: The Chaverment. Last year they imported toys and Canadian pines and this year they simply cut out the middle-man by seizing toys and then delivering them through CLAPs on Christmas Eve and thus, saving Christmas for the very same parents they screwed over throughout December by invalidating their cash after asking them to withdraw them from banks en masse. […]


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