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  1. “Borges asks the army how they want to be remembered: As the heirs of Bolívar or the guardians of Maduro?”

    judging by their actions, I would guess they choose to be remembered as ‘the guy who rose from poverty to ultra-high net worth individual over the span of 10 years through drug trafficking and other illegal activities’

  2. Borges name-checking Juan Cristoforo Falcón…


  3. Not that it matters what I think, but I found the logic and cogency of his speech to be a breath of fresh air.

    As for the strategy, I can only think that he already has some level of tacit support for this from within the FANB and is betting the farm on gaining more.

  4. It will be the men in green that will make the decision to be, paraphrasing Borges, an occupation force or a liberating one.

    The thing is that the fight may be between chavistas factions within the army/PSUV, which would be bad in every way. Ultimately we may end with some ruthless warlord in place.

    However, in the short term, it sure sounds that they will elevate narco Tarek to the presidency with the hope of getting some badly needed political oxygen. A new face at the helms will buy a little time by which they can hope that the oil production quotas have the planned effect and them a few more petrodollars.

  5. With Borges appeasing the Military, the Church preaching open rebellion, and Trump expanding Guantanamo, things hopefully might get interesting in 2017 (as opposed to 2016’s “smarmy” HRA).

      • It wouldn’t be the first time. Over the last year, in particular, I have seen a lot of news articles that appear to have used CC articles as their principal source material.

  6. Hi all

    Can someone remind, what elections were supposed to be held in 2016 and what are supposed to be held in 2017?

    Are all elections still postphoned indefinitely by Maduro?


  7. I got censored here. They deleted two very pertinent comments about how Borges is the right man for the job because he likes to do nothing, so it is very logical that he gets to be the President of an institution that does just tha!: nothing! I also said that trying to sell a picture of Borges as a smart man is dishonest and that sweet words will not buy the corrupt military, who will just keep profiting and laughing at us until we get a decent leader who can actually prove his smartness with facts and not just with demagogic self-praise and censorship. This stupid game that leads nowhere is very costly to venezuelans. Some would give up the people in exchange for the miracle of doing nothing forever and being nothing kings of a nothing NA and a nothing State.
    So continues our downfall, sponsored by:

    • Borges is the backstabber that turned in the people that were organizing a blow against the regime during the protests of 2014.

      He’s one of those who’s totally waiting for chavismo to become so “unbearable” to people that they eventually lose in some election, maybe in 2035 or 2300, like drogadado said while wagging his pornographic toy.


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