How iconic is the Palacio de las Academias, the Guzmanblanquista neo-gothic landmark across the street from the National Assembly that was just ransacked by PC-thieving thugs this weekend?

Iconic enough it used to be on our currency:

The 17th century Franciscan Convent turned hospital turned university turned library turned seat of the National Academy of History, the Venezuelan Academy of Language, the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Political and Social Sciences, the Academy of Jurisprudence, and the Academy of Physics, Mathematics and Nature is valued chiefly for the electronics bric-a-brack it housed.

See if you can notice the progression in this set of images…

¿Así o más over-the-top?

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  1. Chavistas do not reality interfering with their versions of history and their definition of socialism. Destroying other versions leaves only the Chavista version.

  2. Violence and vandalism represent the eponimous expresion of raw power , and love of raw power is what drives the thug , the bully to his greatest excesses , its the only way he has to gratify the overblown demands of his visceral primitive narcicism , By being destructive and violent he shows the world that he is grandly superior in strenght and ferocity to the weaklings he abuses and victimizes , this is King Kong dressed up as the hero of a farsical ideological pantomine , We pay too much attention to ideology , taking their devotion to exorbitant ideologies at face value , but in reality ideologically inspired rethorical speeches only serve to fancifully adorn their beastly thuggish self glamorizing passions………!!

    If they had been born in early XX century germans they would be nazis , if in Medioeval Europe torturers of the Inquisition. what they crave is to have enemies they can humiliate and abuse to feel all powerful and proud ……they are self glamorized scum !!

  3. “By being destructive and violent he shows the world that he is grandly superior”

    Yeah, it’s a loser’s rationale, it’s the same thing that moves a bullied teenager to enter his school and shot everyone, “conquering the school”; or a rapist that forces a women he would never get under normal circumstances to enter his car, “conquering her”; or a poor youngster from the slum that gets a gun, joins a gang and starts setting the local rules “conquering the neighbourhood”.

    The only way they can ‘ascend’ is through force. They have such a low self-esteem that, in their minds, there’s just no other possible way of achieving their goals if not like that.

  4. And the only real power they have stems from your fear of them. Stop fearing them, and they are like cockroaches running for cover when you turn on the light.

  5. Thank you Francisco.
    Thank you to all the commenters.
    Are you sure you’r first language is not english (compliment intended)
    The State has removed hope, so what else can these deprived children do ( teens , twenty year olds or thirty year olds, or above).
    They have no hope of/or future, so they resort to violence.
    It is an act of despair.
    God bless the children, and the beasts.
    I do not condone violent or destructive actions under any circumstances. But hope may not be denied.
    It’s unfortunate that Venezuela does not have the DEATH penalty. (except that it does in its prisons).
    Do you think the moustach will ever replace the EYES.
    Senior Bill I would like to converse with you, I am on skype, energycalcs is my name.

  6. Bill Bass I am serious about talking. You have my skype name Gerry. I now live in England, much more cold than Valencia. I still have family there. (energycalcs)


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