Dept. of Overly Literal Metaphors: Venezuela's Academies Ransacked by Thugs

Bájale dos, metaphor.

How iconic is the Palacio de las Academias, the Guzmanblanquista neo-gothic landmark across the street from the National Assembly that was just ransacked by PC-thieving thugs this weekend?

Iconic enough it used to be on our currency:

The 17th century Franciscan Convent turned hospital turned university turned library turned seat of the National Academy of History, the Venezuelan Academy of Language, the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Political and Social Sciences, the Academy of Jurisprudence, and the Academy of Physics, Mathematics and Nature is valued chiefly for the electronics bric-a-brack it housed.

See if you can notice the progression in this set of images…

¿Así o más over-the-top?