Too dirty. For an OIL TANKER.

So this is how PDVSA ends: not with a bang, but with an unpaid tanker cleaning bill.

[Probably best to get earphones and hit play as you start to read this…]

For Reuters, Marianna Parraga and Mircely Guanipa have one of those stories thatman, well, just read it:

More than 4 million barrels of Venezuelan crude and fuels are sitting in tankers anchored in the Caribbean sea, unable to reach their final destination because state-run PDVSA cannot pay for hull cleaning, inspections, and other port services, according to internal documents and Reuters data.

About a dozen tankers are being held back because the hulls have been soiled by crude, stemming from several oil leaks in the last year at key ports of Bajo Grande and Jose, which has resulted in delayed operations for loading and discharging.

Since debt-laden PDVSA cannot afford to have the ships cleaned, they have to wait for weeks to navigate international waters, delaying shipments.


Did you get that? People in Venezuela are skipping meals while PDVSA has $176 million worth of oil stranded at sea, because it can’t afford to clean them!