Minutes ago, CNN en Español was taken down from Venezuela’s cable providers, after running a series of stories on Venezuela’s new Vice-president Tareck El Aissami.

CONATEL, the Telecoms regulator, has launched a series of punitive investigations against CNN en Español, charging them of broadcasting “content that threaten the Constitutional order in Venezuela.”

CONATEL’s communiqué, bizarrely, cites the right to free speech that specifically bars prior restraint in its order shutting down a news channel. Through the looking glass, peeps.

CNN International, it turns out, is still on the air, as nobody cares what people write about Venezuela in English, apparently.

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  1. “CNN International, it turns out, is still on the air, as nobody cares what people write about Venezuela in English, apparently.”

    CNN Chile is up on DTV, though I’ve never watched it for long enough to say if they speak about Venezuela. Definitely not to the degree CNNE does though.

  2. I know these actions, and their absurd, intelligence-insulting explanations, are par for the course, but it still sickens me.

    That was a great little piece on CNN about the Venezuelan passport sales in Iraq. I forget the exact words Anderson Cooper used to describe Delcy Rodriquez’ flight from a CNN reporter outside the UN…the “fastest moving bureaucrat” he’d ever seen?

  3. Let’s look at our checklist for a full-on dictatorship: 1.Take over all branches of government and sideline those you can’t, check; 2. Annul elections, check; 3.Organize paramilitary goons into “colectivos,” check; 4. Make everyone dependent on you to be able to eat, check; 5. “Hegemonize” the media and kick out foreign reporters, check. 6. Complete control of the military and promoting all criminal elements to the top ranks of power to ensure their loyalty, check, check. What’s left? I’m sure there are a few things to add to this list that I’ve forgotten, but the Bolivarians certainly haven’t…

  4. In a recent speech Maduro made it very explicit that they dont want to pick a fight with ‘el senor Donald Trump’ he was very very emphatic about it , they dont want to wake up the beast because they dont know how far he can go if awakened but the direct attack on El Aissami couldnt go unchallenged , they had to concoct some response to save face , shutting down CNN was it !!

    CNN is not one of Mr Trumps favourite channels but Mr Rubio who in the past has taken up the banner of Venezuela’s suffocated freedoms is an important republican senator he certainly wants to woo…so he is starting to take some actions which bring forth what appears to be a more frontally adversarial position vis a vis the Venezuelan regime …….

    The taking of the sanctions , having it announced by the Treasurey secretary in his first day of office in White House Press Conference , him saying that the President did so because he wanted Venezuelans to know that they were not alone , that the US govt stood by them , the insinuation that there may be other ‘measures’ in the making , the reception of LL’s wife in the Oval Office with the Vicepresident and Senator Rubio President , the call for LL inmmediate release , the oddly strong language used by the US embassy to describe Mr El Aissami as a drug kingpin all point towards something happening in the US front .

    As the regime is become more brazen and open at its intent of detroying the last vestiges of Venezuelan democracy thru the sabotaging of any future elections , the last speck of credibility which it had is being lost and the door is now wide open for international measures and sanctions to start becoming activated….!! The world is full of turmoil and thats helped distract attention from the ongoing tragedy of Venezuela , but the more noise the govt makes with this kind of action the greater the risk that they are awakening the worlds attention …something which they would rather avoid …….

    • “(…) all point towards something happening in the US front .”

      I believe that Trump has already done more against those criminals in one month in office than the Dems did in those long eight years that they had ruled the country, and it couldn’t be different, as the American right has always been harsher on dictators — that threat their country — than the left.

      And to think about how you guys were all so afraid of the new American president just because the liberal media told you to feel like that. I wonder if MUD is still marching side by side with PSUV chanting slogans against Trump. That would be an incredibly naive thing to do at this point.

      Trump is clearly preparing the terrain to go on Maduro’s jugular. I’m glad some of you can see that now. And most people in the Americas (with the exception of Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Cuba) will celebrate in the streets when that happens.

      • Correction tocayo, there are many Venezuelans living in Canada and, like me, visa versa. My Canadian parents and all their Venezuelan friends will have a nice cold Canadian beer the day that happens as well.
        On a side note, Trump hates drug dealers. He wants to send a message to all the cartels. What a great place to start right here in Venezuela, a nice easy, close target. Logistically it’s a dream cause practically the whole population wants him disappeared. We would just cluck our tongues and say bien hecho carajo…and move on…like we do every time some other ratero gets so damn annoying that someone finally smokes him.


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