OAS: Special Meeting of the Permanent Council (round 1) [FULL VIDEO]


Last week, in the build-up to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro’s latest push to invoke the Inter-American Democratic Charter on Venezuela, 18 countries accounting for 89% of the hemisphere’s population (Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estados Unidos, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Santa Lucía and Uruguay) called for an Extraordinary session of the Permanent Council to meet on Tuesday, March 28.

Not to be outdone, the Venezuelan delegation called for another meeting to be scheduled today, with a presentation by Foreign Minister and mentally unstable person Delcy Rodríguez at the top of the agenda. Then, our Cancillería put out this statement, calling for the cancellation of Tuesday’s session called by the 18 countries above:

There is a campaign of harassment against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela underway, led by te United States of America through the Secretary General of the OAS, Mr. Luis Almagro, and a group of countries making up a minority faction, which has promoted a pernicious international atmosphere around Venezuela’s democracy and wit the aim of undermining Venezuela’s sovereignty and independence.

Uh huh, Delcy. A minority of 89% of the population.

Hours later, Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal apparently got worried that perhaps not every single person at OAS could see it isn’t a real tribunal at all but rather a straight-up Maduro puppet. They set out to correct that oversight by calling for Almagro to be removed from the post of Secretary General in a statement signed by all magistrates.  Reading the statement was an honor reserved for convicted murderer Supreme Tribunal chief justice Maikel Moreno.  Así les queda claro, or do they have to draw you a diagram?

I love watching Delcy at OAS. For real, I love it! On one level, because it’s hilarious to see a straight-up crazy person ranting and raving like the lunatic she clearly is in a room full of dour, straight laced diplomats. On another, because she is so far and away our most effective spokesperson in the international sphere.

Just think of it, these diplomats, they don’t watch VTV. They don’t live here. They don’t get any exposure to the Ocean of Crazy that is Venezuelan state rhetoric in 2017. They just don’t know. Or they wouldn’t know, if Delcy wasn’t there to remind them. It’s glorious!

My only worry is that Delcy will move to take tomorrow’s session behind closed doors. Let’s hope she doesn’t get her way — where’s the fun in a private session!?


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  1. A Minority of 89% of the population of the Americas. Very good, Emiliana.
    The statement by the Supreme tribunal of Justice is enough to put them in prison, together with the members of the Executive power. Venezuela is a member of the OAS and the OAS charter is part of our laws. These clowns are saying that this is not the case. How stupid can chavistas get?

  2. How stupid can chavistas get?

    Wait until the report on Round 2.

    I am always convinced the Chavistas can out do themselves.

    It’s a natural ability

  3. Maikel was busted in Miami by Tobias Roche, PI. Toby told me the story of Maikel’s sham marriage. Maikel was a very frequent flyer to Miami. Heard he know married an Italian…What a sleazeball.

  4. Delcy is one of the reasons why I disagree with those who say Maduro is smarter than he looks because he is still in power. He really is that dumb or he would have replaced her.

  5. Perhaps most striking of all is the sense any sane and sober person gets that “Her Excelency” Delcy R. is so horribly overmatched by the situation, spewing such shameless hogwash and then expecting educated diplomats to believe it. She might as well be pointing at the moon and saying it is triangular – because she says it is.

  6. Delcy knows fully well what she is doing and she actually thinks she is smarter that most everyone in the room. Delcy is a pathological narcissist at a minimum. This is a cluster B personality disorder. In Delcy’s case, there is more going on. She may be a malignant narcissist or worse, a socialized psychopath. These are broad terms with broad definitions. While this is in the DSM-5, I am partial to going outside of the DSM for labeling individual cases. Delcy’s father was killed by an old school cop from the IV Republic. His identity was only known to a few. This cop has passed away. The children (Jorge and Delcy) never knew the identity of their father’s killer. Why was he killed? I asked this same question over a decade ago and the answer I got was the vicious cycles of violence stemming from payback and revenge. The Left was always dirtier than the Right which was hell bent on revenge (it got personal). Delcy’s father was Leftist scum POS who got his just rewards in the view of many. Having said this, the kids are now grown up and avenging their father.

    These personality disorders are genetic and hereditary as well as learned the product of one’s environment. I have no doubt that Delcy and Jorge inherited the gene from their father.


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