The second extraordinary session on Venezuela this week was called by Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, U.S.A., Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Santa Lucía and Uruguay. The only point on the agenda was the “Consideration of the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.” An atrocious impingement upon this country’s sovereign right to self-determine, to be sure.

The Venezuelan delegation was on a mission to make a circus out of the session, sending Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and most-punchable-in-the-face-contest-winner (beating Ted Cruz by a galaxy) Samuel Moncada to sabotage the meeting with a slime cocktail of equal parts whining, newspeak victimization, and straight up badgering of his fellow diplomats. He began by delaying the agenda’s approval with a 14-minute rant on the “principist” [his words, not mine] destruction of the OAS, egged on by his socialist buttplugs, Bolivia and Nicaragua. By the end, Moncada had turned the session into a searing roast of his neighboring countries, complete with “oooooh’s” and “no he didn’ts!” from the audience, accusing the Colombian government of cocaine-production, making Brazilian president out to be a coup-monger, telling Mexico they deserved their wall, and demanding the United States pay back corruption money. It was spectacular.

We had a drinking game going, and were supposed to be doing a shot every time Delcy said “injerencia,” “derecha,” or “imperialismo. ” Halfway through, we switched the rules to “drink whenever the word ‘diálogo’ is said.” That was a big mistake. In the end, though, the result was positive. 20 countries voted in favor of today’s agenda, and later came out with a joint document, agreeing they would work towards “concrete proposals to define a course of action that contributes to the identification of diplomatic solutions in the shortest possible time within the institutional framework of our organization and through inclusive consultation with our member states.”

All these states explicitly recognized the existence of political prisoners in Venezuela, as well as the absence of separation of powers and the government’s outright refusal to hold elections. Thats as bold as we’re going to get in OAS for now, so it’s a pretty big deal. Venezuela said it was a hostile act.

Other funny things included Haiti calling Almagro’s report a “rumor” because it was never translated to french, and Guyana suggesting Venezuela be doused in water (they don’t know it’s being rationed here).

Today’s session was never meant to end in a vote, it was just for discussing Almagro’s Report. There will probably be a next one called soon. The whole Democratic Charter thing is a process..but it’s gathering steam. Stay tuned because this can only get better.

Here’s a look at how voting has evolved over the years:



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  1. ‘We’ll be doing a shot every time Delcy says “injerencia,” “derecha,” or “imperialismo.”’

    You won’t last until half-time.

  2. We’ll be doing a shot every time Delcy says “injerencia,” “derecha,” or “imperialismo.”

    Good luck for your livers!

    • Today’s meeting was for discussion of Almagro’s report, there was never a plan to come out of this session with a resolution or a vote. It was meant to put Venezuela on the agenda for further action down the line. Unfortunately the meeting ended abruptly due to the Venezuelan delegate’s antics, which is why there were no concluding remarks or call to action. Twenty countries have convened a working group to come up with recommendations for speedy solutions, they have all admitted that there is no separation of powers in Venezuela, that there are political prisoners, that elections must be called. Expect another CP to be called in the next few days.

  3. I saw parts of it.

    1 hour of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia trying to sabotage the session.

    20 Countries a favor, 11 en contra.

    Session: Most of the “sane” countries STILL want this to be resolved via dialogue. Seems like these diplomats haven’t done their homework on what’s happening in Venezuela right now.

    Venezuela then proceeded to insult every country one by one, Peru, Brasil and Mexico tried to bring order and sanity.

    • “homework”? No, this is pure politics. This is about the Alba countries combined with a few small Caribbean countries whose economies are dependent upon cheap oil from Venezuela. So, let’s see:

      Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela. 4 votes

      Dominican Republic, Haiti, El Salvador, St. Lucia, Nevis-St. Kitts, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 7 votes

      And there you have it. We just got fucked over by a small handful of tiny countries who blatantly sell their out-of-proportion vote in the OAS to the highest bidder.

      I don’t know that that is how the vote went, but that would be my guess. I know that Sen. Marco Rubio was trying to convince DR, Haiti and El Salvador to side with Almagro, by threatening to cut foreign aid. Looks like it didn’t work.

      • The diplomats I’m talking about are not the Petrocaribe ones, but Colombia, Chile, Mexico….they all pressed for more dialogue.

  4. You won’t blackmail countries like Haiti into voting for the measure.The airport in Cap Haitien is named after El Comandante lol. Ecuador may turn politically next month and either T&T or DR could be persuaded.They probably will not vote for suspension unless they are guaranteed to have the 22 votes.It will take some arm twisting.God Given said today that they would do Venezuela a favor by suspending.Not sure it will make a difference but it will be embarrassing to the government.

  5. Venezuela has about a week before it plunges into the abyss.

    The only solution is for the AN to declare the 350 ya and call for civil disobedience; otherwise many decades of isolationism and misery are to come.

    Maduro says he has an “habilitante”: abolition of the AN, outlaw of the political parties and suspension of all elections “until the country recovers from the economic war and imperialist aggression”. He does not care about OAS, ONU and the Church.

    Wait and see.

      • I used a “week” as a figure of speech for a “very short time”.
        Elections in Ecuador are in this week, I doubt Maduro will rock the world before the elections.
        But it is coming. The validation of the parties is just a distraction.

  6. Give it to Chavista to raise the level of fuckery in this events, this dude in a few minutes was able to call illegitimate Brasil government, accussing Colombia government of distributing drugs, alienate Mexico delegate, put in doubt the moral compass of Canada government(LOL) and throw the well know anti-imperialist insults.

  7. Clearly, what still keeps Maduroland from being isolated in the OAS is PETROCARIBE, the Venezuelan oil being given to the tiny Caribbean nations. The other “supporters” are parasitic Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Trinidad abstains, Colombian balancing act is Santos hypocrisy at its best.

  8. Question of clarification…

    You say, “20 countries voted in favor of today’s agenda,” followed by, “all these states explicitly recognized the existence of political prisoners in Venezuela, as well as the absence of separation of powers and the government’s outright refusal to hold elections.”

    Are you conflating the 14 nations who signed a recent document…(

    …with the 20 who signed something more watered down in this latest meeting? (

    Shouldn’t your article read, “Of these 20, 14 have previously and explicitly recognized the existence of prisoners, etc..”


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