Hugo Chávez Frías Explains The Supreme Tribunal Ruling Shutting down the Legislative Branch

It's quite unfortunate that El Comandante's reaction to a dissolution of the AN is way more forceful than MUD's. #SalganDeSuBorrachera.




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  1. What I really want to know is: Why now? Every move before this has been deliberate and pointed at extending the regime’s life, kicking the table right now, when the OAS is speaking of these things doesn’t seem like it would do them any favors. The whole 100bs debacle there were voices talking about how it was to grab some cash, but right now why kill a legislation already defanged, beaten and bruised?

    • Falset, this is very predictable behavior and it makes perfect sense. Why now? Why not? They have to get the AN monkey off their backs. The AN is a nuisance and pebble in their shoe. The regime always had to unmask itself one day. They are only leaving in body bags the result of a superior force and fighting power. You know that ain’t gonna happen so why keep pretending and putting up with all the BS?

    • “Why now?”

      Because their fraud to achieve their 150 chairs failed.

      This is what they’ve done to every position they’ve lost in elections: Turn it into a chinese vase, then dissolve it.

    • I agree. I think this is a tactical blunder that now may evolve to strategic (if the oppo get the cojones).

      Well, we have to consider that those justices (ha ha dang it is hard to write) support the regime out of pure economic gain and/or fear of government change because they will be prosecuted.

      **Amigo Sebin que estas leyendo esto, si ustedes van a ir presos más temprano que tarde**

      I think there is something a lot more darker hidden in the noise, I think they are just running out of money and moving on to usurp the AN will basically reduce risks for investors. Loyalty pledges are greased with money, particularly with the military. Without money they are all dead in the water.

  2. El primer resultado de lo que pasa esta semana en Venezuela se va a ver este Domingo en las elecciones en Ecuador.

    Veremos qué piensa el pueblo ecuatoriano.

    • JJ, the Ecuadorian election will be won by the government. Then the reds will set their sights on Colombia and Brasil elections. Getting Santos’s successor elected and getting Lula elected.

    • Las elecciones en Ecuador están casi tan arregladas como las de Venezuela, aunque al parecer la oposición allá no está tan comprada y/o infiltrada como la de Venezuela.


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