The First Significant Split in the Regime Following the Autogolpe

This is a video of regime stalwart Luisa Ortega Diaz, Venezuela's Prosecutor General. Denouncing a breakdown in the constitutional order. To sustained applause. On State Television!


Let me just say that again.

This is a video of regime stalwart Luisa Ortega Diaz, the prosecutor general. Denouncing a breakdown in the constitutional order. To sustained applause. ON VTV!

I just feel the need to add one thing here.

The video above makes a lot more sense to a Venezuelan if you put this on softly at the same time for background music:

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  1. I wonder if this is more of a smoke screen than a split between factions? Pure distraction spearheaded by a very loyal supporter of the regime. It does make for a good story and a bit of drama, but nothing of substance.

    • Most likely. After the hunt for the guilty comes the punishment of the innocent. Chavistas decry the obvious crime before the whole world, then will blame everyone except the chavistas. See “immunity bath.”

  2. I wonder…if this a genuine act of self immolation for the respect of the constitution or she is the first one jumping out of a sinking ship…

    You have to give it to her, she could have stayed silent and she didn’t. Some others may follow, we all hope.

    • Hmmm… “rats” do not announce their intention of abandoning ship. They just leave.

      I am not sure what we should make of this. She is one the last ones I would have imagined taking a moral stand.

  3. Either this was the plan all along, giving room to Maduro to semi-walk back the ruling and make himself look like a magnanimous democratic ruler… or se cagaron con la reaccion hemisferica.

    • Yep. That is what I fear. Slowly walk back, “give back” the powers to the Assembly they took away (even though they were already de facto taken away)…and generally just keep this Democratic Charter and dialogue and whatever going another two years.

  4. If she shows up in Miami in the next 24h, then this would be something, if not, it’s just them trying to fool OAS on how they tolerate different opinions. A desperate move, by the way, that can backfire.

  5. If she was serious she would have denounced maduro and the Supreme Court instead of making an ambiguous reference to “constitutional order”

  6. If there is a real split, then I expect massive arrests starting any moment.I thought at first that Maduro was just rising the bet so he could force a negotiation in his favor, but we have to consider the possibilty that maybe if that doesn’t work he is going all in for a bit of the old ultra violence. In that case, we are all in danger and we have to act quickly before the repression begins. I mean, I don’t think that Maduro will let the so called leaders speak if they are really going to call for a rebellion. He will arrest them before they do. If the army is loyal to Maduro, as I think it is, massiven arrests are indeed a possibility.And if the army is divided, there will be a clash with uncertain result.The important thing is to not back down now. If there is a split, that is no reason for us to be moderate or to back down from the conflict. On the contrary. If we back down now and accept the dialogue again it means that his strategy was correct. So right now we must focus on the removal of the government.

  7. What makes the suspension of the congress anything more than an arrogant gesture from Maduro and company? Had the government ever listened to the congress about anything? They simply have announced that they no longer will even recognize the congress, even as a feckless voice in the background. This whole thing reminds me of a scene from the movie, “Goodfellas.” The narrator tells about what happens when the mob partners with a company or business, how the mob steals all the profits, loots all the inventory, blows out the credit, steals anything not nailed down, then abandons the business as it burns to ashes, gutted and finished. It is not only Cuba, but every nation on earth who stands to make one future dollar from Venezuela, and who will keep things hands off till there is no more to extract, even from futures. The bailout will be ugly and costly and as the world stands by they avoid having to deal with the inevitable restoration process in which there is no money to be gained. Sad and ugly, indeed.

  8. Retaguardia covering attempt, so, when it hits the fan, she might be able to continue in freedom wearing her red beret, and following a Che lookalike, as she did in her youth. Where was she during the systematic violation of the AN’s constitutional rights during the past year, not to mention the illegal judicial condemning/even holding of “released” political prisoners?? When crossing the treacherous Venezuelan current to democracy, you don’t want this smiling scorpion on your back.

  9. This is her way to say “Maduro, we simply tell people ‘no hay’, we don’t outright tell them ‘we won’t fucking sell it to you’ in their faces IF THEY CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”

  10. The oppo made a terrible mistake not to call for protests inmediately. Now I fear they will end up in jail or worse. After all, that was seriously threatened.
    If there is a split, you can only exploit if you act.
    Will they back down again?
    And there is more more thing to ask: Who is pulling her strings?

  11. The cynic in me can’t help but think this might just be a chavista faction taking advantage of the massive screw-up of the radical main branch.

    Actually, you can’t be called cynical when the people in question have earned not a single atom of trust, right?

  12. How does a Supreme Court walks back from its own ruling with the same Justices on the bench? Because the Fiscal General doesn’t agree? With a big “Bienvenido a Qué locura!”??? This is BIG.

  13. Chavismo always being behind the scenes for personal benefits for themself or the group they belong, I really doubt Maduro and c.o gonna back down and weakened the TSJ in from of everybody, specially because they are well know for their huir hacia adelante strategy for everything, not everybody on the same page, some of them were just happy with running the country in complete anarchy rather than full blown dictatorship, Ortega is also know to be swore enemy of the primera combatiente some i guaranteed there is some fuckery behind the scenes, the reunion in TSJ was cancelled, and nobody is repeating like parrot what Ortega is saying all the contrary is what i see on tv, we will see what we discover next but this isnt the first time a Chavista put their own personal benefits over the PSUV interest (example: Padrino).

  14. My impression. Some say this is an attempt from the govt to minimize the increasing international pressure. It could be. But not.

    That’s what i think. Maduro is trying to keep in power ajuro. He dodged the recall. De vainita. So he thought “this is easy” and most likely his advisor last year was Alsaime. So now the VP leads the strategy. And some give a lot of credit to this guy for his ability. But this guy really sucks in a lot of thing and probably his biggest flaw is in venezuelan political strategy. He is not Chávez. Probably his strategies are good in Syria or Palestine. But this guy in 2015 was the governor in Aragua. The state was so red that most elections chavismo got the biggest net difference in votes there. So it was easy cake for this guy to put his revolucionarios en la Asamblea Nacional. Remember the fake Ismael Garcia? Remember the fake party “Alianza para el cambio” , and all kind of tricks. He lost. And he lost badly. All seats in Aragua were won by the opposition. Even the deputy 112 who was announced three days later and won by less than 100 votes. The amount of money invested to get ZERO seats. The fake Ismael Garcia got almost zero votes.

    So if this is the case that the VP is pulling the strings, it’s a matter of time to see them out of power.

    And no. How are they going to withdraw TSJ’s decision? If they cannot control La Fiscal, how are they going to control Los Cuarteles? They are done. The jig is up.

    • Aissami is part of the radical branch of PSUV aka the Pariahs, people involve in more illegal bussineses than just stealing from thir own country and got international law enforcers breading on their necks, guys like Aissami and Cabello know there is no life if a change of tides in Venezuela comes, all the moves they plan will be erratical because are made out of fear of losing power.

  15. BTW remember what happened a friday back in 2003. 12 de Abril just hours after the Carmonazo el entonces Fiscal said on national tv that ” es ruptura constutucional. ” Hours later Carmona and his combo were looking the way out of Miraflores. Que miedo, que angustación, que desesperación.

    And it happened around Semana Santa.

  16. The title should read “split”. On Monday the tsj will issue an “aclaratoria”. Congress will still be f…, Maduro will crow about how he respects the separation of powers, and the world will applaud the “restoration” of the rule of law and democracy.

  17. Las declaraciones de Luisa Ortega son para aparentar separación de poderes y así apaciguar la reacción nacional e internacional! Puro show mediático!

    • Smart people from the opposition like Corina Machado won’t care whether the Fiscal General statement is genuine or part of a conspiracy. That is irrelevant for the goal at hand.
      The opposition is better off to take her declarations at face value and exploit it to their advantage because the overall goal is to run with the momentum against Maduro and to encourage other Maduro supporters that need a little push to defect and show them that is OK.
      The last thing you need is to threaten the last Chavistas supporters. On the contrary, they should be welcomed and encouraged to side with Democracy.

  18. Francisco,
    I have been antichavista from the start but I have to say you are rushing up again and that does not do any good.
    Chavistas keep “accepting to give back powers” etc tome after time but basically we haven’t have much of a power since well over a decade.
    It is too early still to say if this is not yet a new invitación al diálogo ad infinitum while chavismo keeps on raping Venezuela

  19. She is part of the game. LOD reaction to this coup will reinforce maduro leadership and let him create a “foreign enemy”. Having this done, a violent stalinist clean-up of the country will come. Remember Turkey’s Erdogan? The same.

  20. Ya pasó todo, se defecaron y recularon:

    “El Consejo de Defensa de la Nación insta a resolver las discrepancias entre la Fiscalía y la Sala Constitucional, asimismo declara ratifica “que el máximo Tribunal en su Sala Constitucional es la instancia competente para llevar a cabo resolución entre poderes”.

    Entre los puntos del documento, el que más destaca es “exhortar al Tribunal Supremo de Justicia a revisar las sentencias 155 y 156 con el propósito de mantener estabilidad y equilibro entre la sociedad venezolana”.”

    Además salieron corriendo a agarrar su mantica de seguridad, los diálogos burundangueros:

    “Asimismo, en el comunicado el Gobierno insiste en su disposición al diálogo y exhorta a la oposicion a “incorporarse inmediatamente, así como a los ex presidentes Martín Torrijos, Leonel Fernandez, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero”.”

    • It was expected, the pressure was worldwide and not everybody was on board with the TSJ coup, aside from the radicals(Pariahs) they rather rule with constant chaos and anarchy instead of a full blown dictatorship, Cabello and Aissami must be foaming at the mouth at this decision i still expect fuckery from the radicals inside the PSUV party as a consequence for this decision.

  21. Announced by Maduro around midnight : The regime has decided to backtrack and had the TSJ rectify their decisions taking out the part which 1) deprived assembly members of their inmunity and 2) allowed the TSJ to take over the NA functions under the Constitution (just as Ramos Allup predicted last night) . Very revealingly they left in the part where Maduro could change the Law of Hydrocarbons and create mixed oil companies without the prior approval of the NA.

    Maduro of course made the announcement with lots of fanfare after a session of the National Security Defence Council ( which neither the head of the NA nor the Fiscal attended)

    My own take on the matter : This 18 of april Pdvsa must pay 2,5 billion US$ to its bondholders or be declared in default , by last week it was more than a billion dollars short of raising the money , they have however made a deal with a Russian Oil Company whereby the latter grant Pdvsa a loan (enough to cover the shorfall) and in return the Russians get a higher participation in certain oil fields , because the oil deal requires NA approval under the Hydrocarbons Law they need some legal support to doing the deal without such approval or risk the deal not getting done .

    They may have also made a gamble that they might be able to advance a plan to take over the whole of the govt and used the decisions to do so , the international and national ruckus raised by these sentences however quickly convinced them that it wasnt prudent to carry it thru just yet.

    The regime contrary to what quite a few think is still vulnerable to the outside pressure of international public opinion!! Their backtracking proves it !!

    • The Military did not approve; they want to continue unfettered sucking the Country dry through preferential $, and CAMMINPEG (spelling?), the Venezuelan equivalent of Cuban GAESA….

    • The inner workings of the Chavista regime are now so secretive and lacking in transparency that we are now in the same situation that I recall with the USSR during the Cold War. They used to refer to the art/science of Soviet political analysis as Kremlinology. And as smart as all of the people working on this were, they still failed to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union.

      • Well, most here at CC aren’t so dumb as the Kremlinologists–they’ve been predicting the collapse of Chavismo for many years now….

  22. Democracy seems to have been ‘restored’ for now, then.

    International pressure can cease, MUD will call the protests off, as they don’t want anyone being shot and expropriated, because people being expropriated and shot is the last thing the country needs. And that could also trigger scarcity.

    Imagine that… Scarcity.

    A happy ending at last, it seems.

    Well, at least for the people in possession of some outrageously good booze all that might make some sense.

  23. Two things that caught my attention : first how hastily and quickly Maduro reacted to the highly hostile response to the TSJ decisions and Ortegas (much applauded) speech condemning it , in less than 24 hours , the TSJ totally backtracked its decisions (that shows how subservient they are to what Maduro tells them to do) ….., think what would have happened in the US if the president asked the Supreme Court to anull a decisions it has taken just a day earlier !!

    Second: The SILENCE of the army chiefs when then whole thing exploded , usually they inmediately give a message of support to the regime when its criticized , this time …NOTHING ….very telling , also the fact that this morning Maduro announced a decision to raise the Militarys wages and benefits by a big percentage …..things happen inside the army that no one ever reports.

    Oh and maybe something that tells us how the regimes inner circle if full of oppo informants ….last night Ramus Allup gave a press conference predicting that the two TSJ decisions would be ‘rectified’ that same night !! , time and again Ramus Allup surprises us with his knowledge of inside stuff about what is happening inside the regimes inner circle of power….!!

  24. […] The decisions seem to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. They came in for heavy criticism not only from MUD but also from the international community. They were even rejected by Chief Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz, who after making one pro-government decision after another for more than a decade —even as late as during the 2014 protests— suddenly decided this was a step too far. Reading her accountability speech on VTV on March 31st declared that sentence No. 156 broke the “constitutional order.” […]


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