OAS: Special Meeting of the Permanent Council (round 3) [UPDATED]


This is huge. The OAS Permanent Council approved the first resolution on Venezuela in 15 years. Check back tomorrow for a full analysis of the proceedings.

On Friday, after #Autogolpe happened, 20 countries petitioned to hold an emergency session of the Permanent Council on Venezuela this afternoon. This morning, Bolivia, acting as newly appointed president of the CP, decided to suspend the meeting.

After the 20 countries sent a letter of protest, Diego Pary Rodríguez, Bolivia’s ambassador and acting CP president decided to hold a private meeting instead of the session. That meeting never happened.

This was Bolivia’s response:

A resolution was approved with 17 members, 4 abstaining, 13 absent.

Resolution on the Recent Events in Venezuela by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd




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  1. Off topic – but interesting to see how whilst CC put a UK-flag ribbon on the day of the London attacks – no similar reaction to the terrorist attack in St Petersburg. So shallow –

    • I can assure you our inability to keep up with ribbons has nothing to do with the current constitutional crisis in Venezuela.

      • Nah I can just sense an age gap between a mid 40s old man and the “Facebook” generation (most contributors). You drape your profile pick in a flag or put a ribbon on your blog (caricature coming up) if 1 person is killed in a western capital you merrily carry on if 1,000 are bombed to Kingdom come in Yemen, Syria or Iraq. You know- media driven sympathy bla bla bla. As I said shallow. Ironically the headbanner “beyond the cliches”. Was too busy excuse doesn’t fly – fear not- we didn’t get the London Eye, Eiffel tower or Brandenburg Gate lit up in the russian tricolor either. Not all human lives are deemed of equal worth to some people that is clear to me.

        • They never were and never will be, as you know and seem to show yourself. I don’t remember you coming around here belittling Emiliana and company for not putting up banners/ribbons for attacks in Syria or Turkey or wherever. But now that one happened in St. Petersburg here you are.

          So shallow.

          • I don’t read as often – quality has gone down hill – however as a citizen of London for almost 20 years now, my eyes rolled over when I saw the ribbon. No ribbon for Colombian mud slides either. Listen this has been going on for a while. When we had the Vargas mud slides (thousands of dead/dissapeared) BBC coverage was wanting. I just remember when CC started it was a bit above average, now its just in there with the pack. The ‘beyond the cliches’ in the banner no longer holds. In my opinion.

  2. “Argentina:Tomamos nota de que el TSJ enmendó sentencia, lo cual pone en evidencia real separación de poderes en Venezuela. #OEAChron”

    Wait what?!?!

    Emi, please tell me that was a typo. I almost vomited at that.

  3. Love, love the argentinian guy who told Moncada a modified, “por que no te callas” uttered by King Juan Carlos I of Spain to the intergalactico during an UN session. Priceless!

    • I apologize. I made a mistake. It was at the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile, were those famous words were uttered.

  4. Wadie Habboush, who went to the WH on Feb 8 and 9 to meet with NSC and call Delcy Rodriguez, heads small family business in Virginia. The business made it’s money with Iraq reconstruction and the set its sights on Turkey hydroelectric projects circa 2008. These projects all guisos:


    The guiso that was presented to the NSC involved the sale of U.S. Citgo to a group led by Wadie and Trump donor (and pana) Gentry Beach.

    Delcy and Maduro beat all other Venezuelans to the WH to offer Citgo!

  5. cuando Delcy vino a Washington escondida por tres dias durante la inaguracion, se reunio con Wadie Habboush? Trataron de parar la designacion de TEA y otros a cambio de la venta de Citgo? Pidieron “forgive and forget” y darle baja a todas las designados por kingpin y ddhh? Me parece q si.


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