OAS: Special Meeting of the Permanent Council (round 3) [UPDATED]

Twenty countries called for an emergency session today. Bolivia cancelled it. Argentina's Foreign Minister flew all the way from Buenos Aires. Honduras has been named temporary president. Madness, I tell you, madness!

This is huge. The OAS Permanent Council approved the first resolution on Venezuela in 15 years. Check back tomorrow for a full analysis of the proceedings.

On Friday, after #Autogolpe happened, 20 countries petitioned to hold an emergency session of the Permanent Council on Venezuela this afternoon. This morning, Bolivia, acting as newly appointed president of the CP, decided to suspend the meeting.

After the 20 countries sent a letter of protest, Diego Pary Rodríguez, Bolivia’s ambassador and acting CP president decided to hold a private meeting instead of the session. That meeting never happened.

This was Bolivia’s response:

A resolution was approved with 17 members, 4 abstaining, 13 absent.

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