Another Doozy from the TSJ

Tribunal Supremo de Justicia doubles down.

Late on Tuesday night, after dozens of protesters were wounded and dozens more detained, our Supreme Tribunal of Justice issued a statement that couldn’t be read because their webpage was down.

Here it is, in all its self-incriminatory glory:

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in a meeting of its Board, in the exercise of the powers conferred to it though articles 254 and 267 of the National Constitution and articles 2 and 3 of the Framework Law of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, releases this statement to national and international public opinion.

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice, through the Constitutional Chamber, in its role as ultimate interpreter of the Constitution, is the guarantor of constitutionality and legality in the country and rejects any action against the institutional stability of the Republic and any violation of due process, essential for the exercise of Public Power.

This Tribunal rejects the actions of a sector of the National Assembly that seeks to erode political and democratic stability and the constitutional order of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

This sector, currently in contempt of court, persists in ignoring what our Constitution establishes in article 265, where it clearly states that the concurrence of two branches of government is needed to proceed with the removal of the justices of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, after the Citizen Power declares that a severe violation has taken place.

The body of public servants of this Judicial Branch will continue to provide answers to the needs of our country in compliance with legality and prudent and strict interpretation of our Constitution, thus preserving calm and peace in our country.

We categorically reject any action that seeks to undermine the legitimacy of the justices of the Constitutional Chamber, who have acted in accordance with constitutional mandates to safeguard the democratic order and social peace.

We urge the national legislative body to comply with the Constitution and the laws to preserve the Rule of Law to safeguard Branch autonomy and independence.

We agree with the statements issued by Pope Francis and support dialogue as the only path to protect peace, always within the boundaries of national sovereignty.

In Caracas, on April 4th, 2017.

WTF is a “prudent interpretation”of the Constitution?

Emiliana Duarte

Emi is a cook, a lover of animals, politics, expletives, and Venezuela. She is the co-founder of Caracas Chronicles LLC and Managing Editor if the site until December 2017.