What started out as a large, peaceful protest in Caracas was met with a shocking, shocking amount of tear gas today. Some of it red.

Most large cities saw protests, and the situation remains tense.

Henrique Capriles’s headquarters in Bello Monte are in flames:

Repression has been nothing if not heavy-handed

Meanwhile, state media shamelessly blacked out news of the protests.

Or else acknowledged them only to attack the protesters:

Semana Santa is just around the corner…it sure doesn’t feel like it, though.

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  1. Something’s wrong.

    These so-called tear gas grenades are causing reactions on people that are too strong for the standard tear gas effect.

    They might have mixed some toxic chemical with the intent of causing more damage.

    The repressive forces best pray for those things not to start killing protesters left and right as probably was either diosdado, alsaimer, bernal or istúriz’s plan all allong, because thay would make people even more enraged against them.


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