On the Verge

A night of mayhem. Riots, protests and burning barricades deep in government strongholds. And that video. That VIDEO!

A night of mayhem. Burning Barricades in El Paraiso, in Montalban, in Quinta Crespo. Cacerolazos in Mariperez. A proper riot in La Vega. This is all deep in Caracas’s West Side. These are not the kinds of places where you expect these things to happen.

Further afield too. National Guard Armored Personnel Carriers on the streets of Guarenas following another there. Also Petare. Of course Petare.

Four wounded in midnight protests in Barquisimeto and Cabudare. A PSUV party seat burned down in Merida. Burning barricades in Guacara. In Los Teques. 

And then that video. From San Felix. Like Villa Rosa, just more so.

That guttural “¡Malditooo!” That moment that crystallizes everything.

And then that feeling. Evanescent, but impossible to miss. This isn’t normal. Even for us, this isn’t normal.