According to lawmaker Pedro Carreño, the wisdom and discipline of chavistas are being tested and the time has come to energize “peaceful but armed” protest, despite claiming that: “When the GN, the PNB, the SEBIN are taking action, the people’s taking action, they’re the people in arms,” but there’s more, Carreño announced the plan to arm PSUV militants, because the parti has “a tremendous responsibility to sign in as fighting groups through four great axes”: registry (Carnet de la patria,) organization, training and employment.

Training means going “to training camps, to shooting ranges for training in combat, infiltration, instinctive shooting, personal defense, anti-riot defense,” training for all scenarios. Each one of the 10,176 UBCh (Bolívar Chávez Battle Units) will find 20 fighters to turn each UBCh into a platoon. Four UBCh will form a CLP and four CLP will form a militia battalion, and thus Carreño promised to provide 3,680 companies or 920 battalions “for the nation’s defense,” which will be at Nicolás’ disposal once trained and equipped. After exhibiting once again the “Revolutionary Fighter Handbook,” claiming that they’re distributing it by the millions, Carreño said that el finado trained them for that. The only incentive available for this version of the soviets will be food. They better have enough.

More threats

Carreño isn’t on his own, this is obviously an official stance and Communications minister Ernesto Villegas himself supported it with a paragraph in José Vicente Rangel’s opinion column, saying: “if the country reaches a borderline scenario, in which we’re forced to settle differences through violence -since the opposition refused to negotiate-, be sure that the fight will be fought. They don’t have it easy.” Yesterday, Diosdado Cabello claimed that the Armed Forces are “vaccinated” against the opposition, which is allegedly “looking for a Pinochet, but they won’t find him.” Unfortunately, his audience in Plaza Morelos couldn’t even fill a block, but this wasn’t chavismo’s biggest blunder yesterday.

In Miraflores

None of the members of the most important opposition alliance, the MUD, attended the Presidential Constituent Committee meeting and none of the parties who did attend, agreed with Nicolás’ proposal, despite the fact that they’re pre-invalidated after being unable to collect the 1% voter signatures required by the CNE for re-validation. In fact, the meeting even had impostors, which was denounced by party Bandera Roja.

To make things worse for Education minister Elías Jaua, when the representative from Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), Segundo Meléndez, read his extensive statement about the reasons to reject the Constituyente, VTV was still broadcasting live, so everybody was able to watch and listen when he said that the current Constitution has the necessary tools to solve the country’s problems, but the issue lies in the lack of political will to comply with and enforce the Constitution.

Parties Unidad Visión Venezuela and Democracia Renovadora also expressed their refusal, although VTV was no longer transmitting the official failure.

Imposed Constituyente

Nicolás closed the exhibition Venezuela Producción Soberana along with Defense minister Padrino López who said that the event was attended by over 100,000 people. Nicolás admitted that in his next life, he’d like to be a soldier, that the Constituyente will be installed in the next few weeks whether we like it or not; that he used to be an altar boy and that’s why he respects the Episcopal Conference although “they don’t know what they’re doing” and that he’ll activate a military constituyente “to strengthen and deepen the Armed Forces’ four components,” and also an economic Constituyente.

Letter for Elías

The Democratic Unity Roundtable issued the letter they were supposed to deliver at Elías Jaua’s office in response to his invitation. In it, they ratify that the call for a constituent process is illegitimate and unconstitutional since it wasn’t consulted with the people: “it not only usurps popular sovereignty, it’s being imposed through repression against the Venezuelan people, who are resisting on the streets with peaceful protest, demanding effective solutions,” adding that Venezuela doesn’t need a new Constitution, but a new government as the only way out of this crisis. MUD says that, without a referendum and with anti-democratic electoral rules, Nicolás seeks to avoid restoring the right to vote and wants to distract us from the severe problems he’s caused: inflation, shortages of food and medicines and rampant crime.

About health

A group of physicians ratified this Monday their complaint regarding the shortage of medicines in the country and condemned Nicolás’ Constituyente because: “The health of Venezuelans won’t improve or change with a new COnstitution, the health of Venezuelans will improve with an effective government, capable of guaranteeing supply,” said Danny Golindano, coordinator of Médicos por la Salud, demanding the government to allow humanitarian aid. They also demanded the Ombudsman’s Office to guarantee sufficient supplies and medicines, and well-maintained equipment. They announced that health unions will stage a protest in the next few days and denounced that some hospital chiefs are trying to prevent doctors from tending to wounded demonstrators if they’re not chavistas.


Once again Canada expressed concern for our crisis and, in view of Amazonas governor Liborio Guarulla’s disqualification, they remarked that “each attempt at silencing elected leaders is an attempt at silencing voters,” also condemning that civilians are being tried by military tribunals, considering it to be a serious lapse in the government’s international obligations on Human Rights, both civil and political.

President Juan Manuel Santos said that Venezuela’s instability is a priority for Colombia. Lastly, Costa Rica ratified its support for political dialogue and a democratic solution to the crisis.

Repression was fierce and disproportionate yesterday once again. The PNB and the National Guard attacked journalists and photographers, they threatened, beaten and robbed protesters, and even chanted macabre slogans. Diosdado Cabello threatening to sue opposition mayors who allow protests in their municipalities for damages to public property while ignoring the consequences of repression only makes everything worse. Repression in Mérida was terrible, with the Green Cross reporting well over a hundred people wounded, while power outages affect several residential areas and others were under attack with tear gas, as Tupamaros (paramilitary armed groups) stole the fire brigade’s only operational ambulance.

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  1. Nicolás admitted that in his next life, he’d like to be a soldier,

    In this life I would like to see him become a prison inmate.

    I sit in the US and I am constantly frustrated that I can not do more to help the people of Venezuela in your courageous struggle to live free and to alleviate your suffering.

    Keep the faith. You have the support of people throughout the world. Your cause it righteous and just.

    The regime is in a panicked state. The cracks are beginning to show. The military is questioning the brutality against civilians. Paranoia is setting in among the cadre of criminals.

    Sadly the more desperate they become, the more brutal they become.

    As the brutality and oppression increases, know that the end of this regime is getting closer.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people as are the thoughts and prayers of millions of people around the world.

    Viva Venezuela!!

  2. Let me repeat something I said before.

    What a piece of shit, completly debased lying sack of excrement, tower of hypocrisy is José Vicente Rangel.

  3. Its frightening listening to a true sociopath like Pedro Carreno speak. As a PSUV deputy he speaks for the government and bears responsibility for the consequences of his speech. I hope that this is being adequately documented to help bring him and his compatriots to justice in the end.

    • True sociopath? Good one….they are all cluster B CD (character disorder) BTW. Socialized psychopaths, narcissists, malignant narcissists, etc. Easily five percent of population…all in power

  4. This open threats about mass killing protesters are really serious and undisputable evidence of their intentions “if the country reaches a borderline scenario”. Cabello’s and Maduro’s masters are from Cuba and know that “el paredón” has been the ultimate dissuasion weapon in the Cuban arsenal for decades. Thus, it’s not a matter of choice anymore, the countries in the region must issue an ultimatum to Maduro immediately, well, unless they want a new Syria in the heart of the Americas, with huge refugee camps and everything that comes with it.

    • And nothing to stop it. Regional military efforts will be focused on the refugee flows. BRV is a security issue that requires American leadership but these days one wonders about POTUS. Today BRV belongs to Russia and it may well stay that way.

  5. PC will probably represent the Juan Bimba (illegal-no 1%) party (it really “exists”)’, one of the 17 or so political parties attending the Miraflores Constituent Assembly meeting–after all, he is El Payaso de La Revolucion (DirecTV is spying on them via the little red light–he was also kicked out of the military for being “El Ladron De Cantinas”).

      • The difference between 2002 and 2017 is not in the repression, mind you, but it is in what the regime offered as the alternative to repression.

        Chávez offered free handouts for EVERYBODY, from the poorest surliving in a slum, the rich boliburgués that wiped millions of dollars through the government toxic subsidies, to even the hated sworn enemy of chavismo: The middle class. Everybody received something that was much more appealing than a fractured skull by a tear gas bomb, being crushed under an armored car or a truck or starving to death.

        It’s not that Chávez was interested in “being appreciated” or having a population being grateful to him, he was interested in keeping people silent for as much as possible as he scrapped every corner of Venezuela’s vaults and sending as much of those riches as possible to his cuban masters, that’s why he along with his crew, built a system that entangled and left the people completely trapped with no other choice than to live in it.

        Now, because the base stone of that system is no more (the high oil prices, which came to be thanks to Bush, how ironic), the only thing that chavismo can offer people is repression and die quickly, or not doing anything and dying slowly and VERY painfully, or in a more graphic way, chavismo offers either a bullet to the head or starvation.

        That’s why people are responding in a much less passive way now to repression, they don’t have a chance to survive if they don’t fight, with the high oil prices there was at least have one chance.


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