Tuesday started with terrible news: 17-year old Yeison Mora Castillo, shot on Monday in the eye during protests in Ciudad Bolivia, Barinas, died. The kid worked at a hardware store. Later, in San Antonio de los Altos, the National Guard chased and shot 31-year old Diego Arellano in the chest, a biologist, herpetologist, who worked at the Central Universeity’s Pharmacy School, and who was also a Scout, a sportsman and a fan of Desorden Público. He was murdered for dissenting too.

The world reacts

The UN Security Council will discuss Venezuela’s situation today during a meeting behind closed doors as per request by the United States, one of the council’s five permanent members. Yesterday, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, appointed 41 new diplomatic delegation chairs and it falls to Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa to head the UE delegation in Venezuela. The Celac’s Foreign ministers meeting scheduled for May 20th in the Dominican Republic to discuss Venezuela’s crisis was postponed for an undefined date. Legislators from a dozen countries, together with the European Parliament’s delegation, will meet in Brasilia to increase international pressure for a peaceful solution to Venezuela’s crisis, said parliamentarian Rubens Bueno yesterday. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Guyana, The United States, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the European Parliament and Venezuela are set to attend. Meanwhile, Colombian Chancellor María Ángela Holguín announced that her country’s ambassador to Venezuela is not reurning by now.

Democracy can never be negotiated

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro denounced yesterday that crimes against humanity are being committed in Venezuela, directly accusing Defense minister Vladimir Padrino López of being “absolutely responsible of supporting the crimes of murdering dozens of peaceful protesters” and of applying military justice to civilians. He also explains that Interior minister Néstor Reverol and general Benavides Torres are institutionally responsible for each attack committed by State forces, condemning their actions and saying that the Armed Forces “cannot continue killing and torturing people with impunity.” Almagro urges the region’s countries not to be complicit “with an irresponsible silence” but rather demand a democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis.

For a seventh time

The Official Extraordinary Gazette N° 6,298, published on May 13th, 2017 and released yesterday, establishes yet another extension of the decree with which the Executive declares a State of Economic Emergency, under the pretense that they’ll adopt “urgent, firm, exceptional and necessary measures to preserve internal order and to guarantee that the people can fully enjoy their rights, as well as their proper access to medicines and other items essential for life.” Nicolás unconstitutionally extends his own special powers, those nobody controls or monitors. That is why calling him a tyrant is falling short, since the decree remarks that he could suspend the guarantees, the same ones he violates at will anyway, such as the right to life, to information, to due process, the ban against isolation and torture and other intangible Human Rights.

An excuse for threats

Nicolás spoke last night aledgely to announce that the new DICOM FX rate will enter into force on May 23rd. But what he actually needed was to reinforce the cruel fallacy of pretending that the chavista clique are just as victims as Jews during the Nazi holocaust, claiming that: “Chavistas are the new Jews of the 21st century. We don’t have David’s Star but the red heart.” He blamed National Assembly Speaker Julio Borges for “all the violence and the armed rebellion and the persecution taking place in Venezuela,” saying that he traveled to the US to “convalidate plans for internal and extreme assaults.” He said that Tulio Hernández and César Miguel Rondón “are promoting a new Rwanda, a persecution” and suggested that they should be in prison. He had the nerve to contradict himself, however, claiming that the country remains at peace.

The response

With six tweets on his account, César Miguel Rondón clarified his stance: “The tweet Nicolás Maduro mentions contains three questions, none of them inciting violence. I ask about the feelings of victims of escrache, which I condemn. I have a public career spanning four decades. I’ve never uttered a single word inciting hate or violence among Venezuelans. My Monday editorial –Nobility and Puputov– and other tweets sufficiently state my stance on escrache, which I continue to condemn. I don’t agree with escrache because I don’t agree with self-served justice. As a democrat, I’ve respected the opinions of others, even if I don’t share them. With words, never with violence. I apologize if the tweets caused faulty interpretations, I don’t encourage those actions, I’m a democratic civilian.”

Prosecutor and journalists

Yesterday, the National Guard violated the Andrés Bello Catholic University’s autonomy in Puerto Ordaz to arrest a student. As he covered the protests, Marcos Valverde, journalist and professor, was illegally detained and released only seven hours later. This takes place the same day that Tinedo Guía, head of the National Association of Journalists, revealed that he met with General Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz, who asserted that she’ll demand an end to attacks against journalists in the course of fulfilling their obligations, and protection for them in their job.

Reinforced cynicism

Interior minister Néstor Reverol denounced on Tuesday that the National Sit-in violated the right to free transit and promoted terrorism to sabotage “food supply and fuel distribution in the country.” He said that that the opposition’s frustration claimed “the life of innocent victims, once again sending Venezuelan families into mourning,” as if gunshots had come from protesters and not the National Guard or government-controlled armed civilian groups. This line was also adopted by general Fabio Zavarce (GN) in a video released by minister Reverol, saying: “When you block or shut down the highway, that’s not a peaceful protest,” which should help explain the four people murdered in less than 24 hours, besides dozens of people wounded and arrested. I won’t repeat the shameful words of Táchira governor José Vielma Mora, a bit more creative but no less cynical.

You can hear them on your own:

Amazonas governor, Liborio Guarulla, called “The Great March of Shamans and Maracas” for today, May 17th, in Puerto Ayacucho with the phrase: “The Dabukurí war has started.”

Everything counts these days. If you have maracas, shake them today.

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  1. The “escraches” campaing against the bolichicos abroad is a deep mistake, but one a lot of people are jumping in. I dont know how to break it to some of my relatives, that they are doing more harm than good by giving the chavistas a way to portrait the opposition as bad. Yes, is hypocrisy for them, yes is unjust that people are having to endure all they endure in Venezuela and they send their sons abroad to enjoy all the things the thugs destroyed at home, but publishing addresses is not going to get us anything but a good talking point for the useful idiots abroad to paint the situation as “both sides”.

    • Yes, it’s alright for DC on Ven. natl. TV to show a “Manual Del Combatiente”, with major Oppo photos/home addresses, calling for the “Pueblo” to do “what they know how to do”–i. e., Colectivos, take your shot, if you get a chance–but it is so, so reprehensible for Venezuelans forced to emigrate abroad to verbally criticize those Venezuelans/their children living comfortably abroad with their stolen $millions/billions, who are co-responsible for the forced- emigres penury, as well as for the millions starving and many dying for lack of medical care back home in Venezuela….

    • No, is not “all right” when the government does it. In fact, it is part and parcel of their strategy of abuse. And we, rightfully, denounced it as that.

      If you dont understand why it is not going to give anybody anything but cheap satisfaction, while giving the same government ammo for their smear campaign, well, I cant help you.

      • Only died-in-the-wool Leftists would believe a smear campaign criticizing the downtrodden for rebelling against the downtrodders….

    • I don’t believe is a deep mistake to show that the revolution is only for the poor to stay poor and the connected ones to become rich. Let’s not forget the vast amount of money that have been stolen (some say in the guise of $600 billion – yes billion).


      The campaign delegitimizes the core principle of the Chavista government. It also brings the fight to the doorstep of the boliburgueses that cannot stand an audit on how the obtained the money to pay for their perks.

      I am kind of sensitive that some of them are just kids enjoying the money stolen by their corrupt parents but some very high and close to Maduro are just criminals (remember the narco sobrinos,.. we are not done yet).


      Yes, it may be harassment but it is a very small token to pay for the millions of $ stolen while the rest of the country is eating crap to survive. Ahh and don’t forget the narco sobrinos and the other ones still around…if smells like puputov it is certainly puputov.

      • There is nothing wrong with documenting and showing the deep hypocrisy of the leaders of the so called revolution having their children living a great life abroad with preferential dollars.

        There is a big problem in posting the address of somebody on the internet.

        • If you consider the context, which is a clear context of self-defense, it is actually legitimate to do what they did; in wars, when one country bombs civilians areas of an enemy, the attacked country will also respond by bombing civilian areas of the attacker, just look at the UK vs Germany bombing campaigns during WW2. No one sane would censor the UK by saying that they were ‘copying Hitler’.

          It’s the only way to say: the more you do that against me, the more I will do that against you too. Either stop, or deal with the consequences of your act. Hopefully, Chavistas will think twice when they dox opposition members from now on.

          What is immoral is to deny the opposition their right of self-defense. That’s really unconceivable.

        • William Sherman said couple of things during the American Civil War that may be interested to you:

          “My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

          “Our hitherto political and private differences were settled by debate, or vote, or decree of a court. We are still willing to return to that system, but our adversaries say no, and appeal to war.”

          “War is the remedy our enemies have chosen. Other simple remedies were within their choice. You know it and they know it, but they wanted war, and I say let us give them all they want; not a word of argument, not a sign of let up, no cave in till we are whipped or they are.”

          What I say to you is that the government broke their morals long time ago, and they shot first. If you haven’t realized yet, the longer it takes to get them to understand the situation, more people will get hurt and/or killed. I am not advocating violence, but we have to fight with the resources at hand even if some activities affect sensitivities. I rather harass a bunch of daddy kids living the life to expose the fake of their morals than to have our youth killed by the GNB or the colectivos.

        • They want to hide their hypocrisy.

          It can’t be allowed, they must be exposed, because how are you going to reverse the brainwashing that claims that the high chavista bosses are poor pueblo while the actual poor people are eating one arepa in the whole day, a couple of boiled bananas or are outright scavenging through the garbage cans in Venezuela?

          Also, they want to remain hidden and pass for oppos outside, enjoying all the good stuff from the capitalism after they stole billions, what they’re getting is a tiny slap in the wrist, no one’s going to kill anybody in USA or Sweden because they know the address of an enchufado.

          And about the “they want to portait oppos as violent”, that’s why the counterpoint must be to show that the chavista bosses are exploding in health, food and dollars while the children of that very pueblo are starving to death.

          “The fascist snobs are violent! They cornered our poor little Inspector Squirrel in Spain! Boo hoo!”

          “The enchufados are living outside Venezuela with billions they stole, these are the photos, the proof that they are living in luxury! And because of those billions they stole, you and your family are sick and starving!”

          Let’s see which one catches faster on the disgruntled chavistas.

          • I watched the whole protest in Madrid via streaming, and I couldnt feel more proud of the people there. It was an amazing act and more like it should be done.

            That has nothing to do with sharing “Fulanito lives at address X in city Y” on the internet, for God’s sake.

  2. When your excuse for doing something is “chavez did it” you should rethink it.

    Escraches is Doxing in english.

  3. The dictatorship has its propaganda and we have ours. We say chavistas are murderers, thieves, and hypocrites, and chavistas say we are violent. That’ s the way it is, there is no other way around it. They say what they have to say and we say what we have to say. Some are more inclined to believe us, and some are more inclined to believe them. But if I fucking shut my mouth our of fear I will not convince anyone of anything. And I happen to think right now people are more inclined to believe in us and not in them, so we have to seize the moment.
    We do have to be effective, though. But by effective I only mean that we have to expose them and embarrass them as much as we can, without breaking any law. We want to fuck them up, not end up in jail or broke Also, we need some level of organization.
    About publishing their information on the internet Shut the fuck up. Let people do it. Believe it or not, it is ultra-effective. Why? Because for many reasons, most of those enchufados don’ t want to draw any attention, they know they are criminals. Are you guyes fucking forgetting that they are thugs, with dirty hands? If they receive too much attention, they migh lose everything they have. So this is a real threat for them, and they can’ t do anything about it, because they are not in Venezuela, where they can simply bribe the authorities. I am not saying that we should go and burn their houses, but I am saying that it terrifies them to be investigated. That is why they walk away, they don’ t even answer. Also, have you seen the videos? They do suffer.

    Think before you speak, dudes.

    And by the way, who cares about what the moralists and so called intelectuals say anymore?They speak of civility, when they are not citizens. They speak of law, when there is not even a Republic. In sum, they want to act as representatives of an order that no longer exists, and don’ t even understand that they have become nothing but slaves, they play no part in the current order.
    They lost the right to speak a long time ago, and yet they still want to tell us what to do instead of joining our fight..

  4. Free people will say what they feel and think and if they are offended at some occassional oppo simpathyzers attacks on the relatives of the regimes reps abroad its all right to ask people not to do it , not because it helps the regime in its publicity (which dont think it does ) but because to do so is plain WRONG under the standards of the values we stand for …….

    Being free in your thinking and in your voice is not a gift of the regime , its part of who you are at your deepest moral core ….

  5. In the coming VI Republic, I hope they build a big monument to these fallen heroes and martyrs to be forever enshrined in eternal glory. God bless their souls.


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