OAS: Foreign Ministers Session on Venezuela


With 22 delegations confirmed to attend, 18 Foreign Ministers present (perhaps including nuestra Delcy Eloina), and three draft declarations on the table (not to be confused with draft resolutions, those are binding), the Organization of American States is holding the open session portion of the 29th Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the Hall of the Americas, after a one-hour closed session earlier in the day.

Here’s the complete session:

These are the Declarations to be considered, the outcome of which will probably be a hybrid of all three:

Antigua & Barbuda:

Antigua y Barbuda by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

The CARICOM bloc, presented by Guyana:

CARICOM by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

And finally, the project submitted by Peru, Canada, USA, Mexico and Panama:

Perú, Canadá, Estados Unidos, México y Panamá by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

We’ll be tweeting updates on the whole session, make sure to follow and join in using HT #OEAChron

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  1. As I work not very far away, I was able to stop by and check out the scene outside the building for a few minutes, for those of you who might care… As of about 2pm, there were a lot of people out front protesting. The crowd seemed to be growing, and someone was speaking to them (someone who came out from OAS, not sure who though).

    Surprisingly, there were also about 10-15 ‘Chavistas’ across the sidewalk from the protest. That’s the first time there have been Chavista counter-protestors in a few years in this area. Most of them certainly were not Venezuelan as they didn’t know spanish, they had ANSWER coalition signs and “Hands Off Venezuela” signs.

    There were news cameras there and reporters, etc.

    All in all, there was a lot of energy and passion, more than any other recent OAS meetings there. One protestor told me the crown is expected to peak at around 4pm, near the end of the session.

    • There’s usually a few paid idiots at these protests. Last year we saw the same 10-15 numbnuts protest at the OAS and a couple hours later at the Mexican Embassy….

  2. I repeat myself, but really…. no more dialog, for the love of God.

    “Ok, your goverment has almost done a self-coup, or at least one more brazen that what they already do every time the TSJ opens its mouth, starved your population, delayed all elections and sabotaged the recall referendum, is about to impose an arbitrary and undemocratic Constitutional process, and is actually shooting anybody protesting all this.

    So its clear that the solution is for the opposition to sit down and talk to the goverment and …. ”

    No me jodan hombre.

    Dialog is what comes AFTER they stop violating law and human rights, after the worst of them get in jail or out of the country, and the actual mechanism for dialog in a democracy, elections and the Assembly, start to work like they should.

  3. Everybody laments so much the situation in Venezuela, but a lot of them translate that as “and therefore, we are going to do nothing at all … “


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