Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis: Charting a Way Out


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  1. F. Toro was excellent on injecting a note of urgency into the diplomatic back and forth humming and hawing. His comments about “dialogue” totally crushed the regime’s phoney narrative on this.

  2. Francisco Toro gave an excellent explanation to the people that may not be familiar with the crisis.
    Explaining the denial and propaganda that is the hallmark of the regime.
    His frustration and disbelief regarding the regime’s propaganda and using the concept of the sky being called orange when it is blue was an excellent analogy.
    The contrast between the core of lunatics that are running the regime and the Chavistas that are sane and understand that something must be done, gives me hope that the Maduro government will soon be history.
    The former US ambassador stated that the US has a warehouse full of humanitarian aid designated for the people of Venezuela, ready to go as soon as it is possible to bring it into the country. This should give people an extra impetus to remove Maduro as quickly as possible.
    Very informative and frank discussion.
    The world is finally getting serious about the situation in Venezuela and the majority of nations agree that regime change is necessary.

  3. I found the other 3 presenters as too aloof to grasp what is going on: Quico seemed to be the only one understanding the severity of the situation. A kid that goes hungry (i.e. does not nourish his brain) today is doomed for life. This was also reflected in the body language. Quico was holding on to the seat and shaking his head, the rest was either talking pretty, protecting his legacy or showing leg.

  4. Toro’s performance was excellent. The other panelists were very bland, especially the Ambassador of St. Lucia to the OAS, a very well-dressed, distinguished looking fellow. The Caribbean countries receiving subsidized oil from Venezuela are the piedra de tranca in the OAS. They have opposed a vote on Venezuela while venezuelans are dying in the streets. As such they are accomplices of the Venezuelan narco-regime and have venezuelan blood in their hands. We have to make them realize that their actions have consequences. Countries such as Dominican Republic, Haiti and the members of CARICOM which have been bought by the venezuelan narco-regime should be the object of repudiation and boycotting by venezuelans.


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