If you thought people on the Left had already lost heart and given up on the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, think again. Right now, we’re in the middle of the “Emergency Days of Action to Stop US Intervention in Venezuela.”

“The corporate media – the voice of the Pentagon and White House – has set up an international campaign of blatant lies that try to present the terrorist actions of the fascist hoards [sic] as repression from the Revolutionary Government,” the campaign website helpfully explains. “The truth is that these terrorist acts are directed against state’s buildings and agencies and against the supporters of the revolution. The aim of these protests is to create chaos to declare a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and demand US intervention.”

Who talks like this anymore? The International Action Center (IAC) does. It comes out of the revolutionary communist Worker’s World Party (WWP), both of which are connected to the founding of the International A.N.S.W.E.R. organization (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).

If you’re tempted to think these are just tiny millenarian communist cults, think again. Early in the last decade, A.N.S.W.E.R. organized some of the largest demonstrations against the Iraq war, and International Action Center continues to be a central hub of left-wing activity in major US cities.

The aim of these protests is to create chaos to declare a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and demand US intervention.

That such groups well into the 21st century could be called “progressive” is oxymoronic. They’re living fossils from a bipolar world – remnants from the Cold War when the CIA and the KGB each went around toppling governments in their enemy’s sphere of influence. You remember the Cold War, right? Half of you won’t — folks born after, say, 1982 can hardly be expected to. But some dinosaurs are reputed to have extraordinary memories despite their utter obliviousness to present reality.

For many on the younger Left that came up post-Cold War, this Paleolithic Left is no mere oddity. They show up to “be the vanguard” at demonstrations and “lead” the marches. Another glaring irony: this utterly retrograde, backward-looking left seems to feel it owns its place at the head of the parade.

Then there’s this left’s perspective regarding the current uprising in Venezuela. Insinuating it is a result of “US intervention” removes all agency from the Venezuelan people and imposes a frame as patronizing as anything the imperialists could come up with. Young people in Venezuela take their lives in their hands – they face heavily armed agents of state violence, they get rounded up and imprisoned en masse, when not wounded or out-right killed to fight for what they believe – but none of it matters, because their ideas and thoughts, their very existence as autonomous beings able to think and act for themselves is erased, in one bold stroke, with one brain-dead accusation: imperialists! This is the “white man’s burden” turned on its head.

But these left relics are blithely unaware that they pose any offense to the modern world, nor do they see the contradictions of forming an “ad-hoc Committee to Save Venezuela” that’s simply a reflection of the “missionary mainstream media” they criticize.

After all, Venezuelans can’t be expected to save themselves now, can they? They need us!

Insinuating it is a result of “US intervention” removes all agency from the Venezuelan people…

But in the end, whether it’s this “ad-hoc Committee,” ensconced in the comfortable recesses of their ivory tower where they’re barricaded against criticism by titles and tenure, or the sects making up the “Emergency Days” actions, this entire Left resolves to little more than a millenarian communist cult.

Like any sect, it has its sacred symbols, doctrines and articles of faith. And, truth be told, they really have no interest in “saving Venezuela” or being in solidarity with “Venezuela.”

Actual Venezuelans desperately want to get rid of the catastrophe that the Nicolás Maduro administration has become. That’s what the December 2015 elections indicated, what polls have confirmed ever since, and what the current protests all over the country drive home, day after bloody day. That’s what the kids facing down tanks scream at the top of their lungs. It’s the kind of rebellion the Left was supposed to celebrate… and does – when its political orthodoxy isn’t challenged.

Millenarian “Leftists” aren’t interested in the least in the real Venezuela or in the wishes of its real people. They only want to protect their “vanguard” in power so they can keep alive the illusion that “Socialism” is the future; that the “Revolution” is inevitable and that some idealized abstraction of “The People” — which has absolutely nothing in common with the actual people you meet if you actually go to Venezuela — will win in the end.

What’s at stake here isn’t what happens to Venezuelans. What matters to them is the integrity of their doctrinal system, of its symbols and shibboleths. Preserving this, looking out for its integrity matters to these guys. Whether Venezuelans eat or starve? They couldn’t care less.

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  1. “The aim of these protests is to create chaos to declare a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and demand US intervention.”

    As though the humanitarian crisis is not real enough until an untoward band of so-called right wing imperialists “declare” what is there for anyone to see and suffer through. Whatever American (the English is too fluid to be otherwise) wrote that dross should be made to live in El Tigre for a month. The biggest and most tragic fiction to come out of the Maduro camp is the notion that all is well in Venezuela, save for American puppets, and that all the rest is imperialist spin.

    There’s a place in the Haigue for these psychopaths.

  2. Yes, there have been people on the left who have been wrong about Chavismo. But there have also been people on the left, including the Venezuelan moderate left, who have been vociferous opponents from the get go. And who did not buy this crap from day one. Dare I say it, who comment here regularly.

    And then there are people who bought this crap hollus bollus, when it really mattered, – that is, in its formative stages- and are now making a career out of pointing at others – equally misguided- who still buy it.

    If you keep writing this stuff I am sure Fox news will pick you up and you can become a mini celebrity on Breitbart, and have quite a lucrative career talking authoritatively about the radical left, but really, setting aside the red meat for bitter-old-white-guys circuit, you are talking about a group of people who are at this point on the level of significance of civil war re-enactors and Morris dancers.

    Your country has been taken over by a group with an aspect leaning in the direction of fascist oligarchy. Venezuela is burning down. Are these not more pressing concerns than score setting with a bunch of nut jobs?

    Let me guess….no….

    • I’d just add, as someone who participated in protests against the Iraq war, the notion that they were organized by communists and the like is something that quite frankly, only someone as deluded as a communist would think. I am sure communists showed up. So did clowns, babies, hot dog vendors and possibly some mimes. That does not make those people the organizers.

      • International ANSWER organized and led many of the largest “Anti-war” protests; this is a matter of well-established evidence. As has happened many times before, an established cadre of hard Leftists immediately stepped in to assume control, and the mass of useful idiots followed.

        • I think the historical record shows the supporters of the Iraq invasion had a monopoly on useful idiocy, but what you just argued sounded good even if it was wrong.

          • Wrong:

            Hussein had to go, he deserved it. But that’s only 10% of the equation.

            After 9/11, Americans weren’t “idiots,” there was no idiocy involved, that resulted in the vast majority of Americans supporting the invasion. And by the way, most Middle Eastern countries did as well.

            You’re not so smart. In fact, you’re fucking stupid.

            You seem to have no idea of the historical concept of all this, and your particular idiocy is USELESS.

          • The “anti-war Left” didn’t just criticize the invasion; as in Vietnam, they put themselves on the other side. Remember Michael Moore, telling us the Saddamist insurgents were the moral equivalent of the Minutemen? Or allegedly respectable news media immediately and credulously publishing obviously fraudulent stories about supposed American atrocities?

            ANSWER and its Communist puppeteers didn’t care one way or the other (except that anti-Americanism was always a priority), but the chance of getting a herd of dues-paying followers was irresistible.

      • Exactly. He has come a LOONG way from Berserkeley. As I lived in Berserkeley for a year, I have a pretty good idea how far he has come. He has tested his Berserkeley ideas with the reality of Castro’s Cuba and Chavezuela. Most Berserkely people don’t do that testing.

    • Well said. And Mr Ross claiming the “International Action Center continues to be a central hub of left-wing activity in major US cities” is bizarre, to say the least.

      I guess he’s right, if he means very small scale activity (like a dozen crusty and disheveled counter-protesters who showed up at the OAS for about an hour last week) that has no impact or influence in US political system, locally or nationally.

    • But there have also been people on the left, including the Venezuelan moderate left, who have been vociferous opponents from the get go.
      That would not include Bernie Sanders, which is not surprising considering the decades-long bromance Bernie has had with Fidel Castro. From the sanders.senate.gov website:Close The Gaps: Disparities That Threaten America.

      These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?

      The American dream is more likely to be realized in Venezuela than in the United States, Bernie Sanders tells us. As we all want to realize the American dream, we should emulate Venezuela, Bernie Sanders tells us. Just as Mayor Bernie told us back in the day that Sandinista Nicaragua should be a model for Vermont.

      How accurate was Bernie in his statement about income inequality in the US compared to the above 3 South American Countries? It turns out, not very accurate.

      Today in 2017, the World Bank has GINI (inequality) data up to 2014, so it is fair to conclude that when Bernie spoke in 2011, he had 2008 GINI data available.

      GINI index (World Bank estimate)
      United States 2007 41.75
      Argentina 2008 46.27
      Ecuador 2008 50.61
      Venezuela 2006 46.94

      From the UN’s Economic Commission on Latin America(ECLA/CEPAL)
      Ecuador 2008 .504
      Venezuela 2006 .447
      Venezuela 2008 .412

      The World Bank reports the GINI index on a scale of 1-to 100. The ECLA reports the GINI index on a scale of 0-1. Nonetheless, they give similar results. The lower the GINI index, the more equal the income distribution. By the above figures, the US had more equal incomes than Ecuador and Argentina. While Venezuela had a more equal income distribution than the US, the difference was minimal. .412/41.2 versus 41.75.

      Bernie has the reputation of being a pol who “tells it like it is.” Bernie’s misreporting the differences in equality of income when comparing the US with Ecuador and Argentina shows that instead of being an honest sort who tells it like it is, Bernie will say anything that will advance his agenda- in this case castigating the US- whether it is true or not.

      Bernie is just another BSing politician. Not surprising when you consider that Senator Three-House Bernie is up in arms about income inequality. Equality for thee, not for me, says Senator Three-House Bernie.


  3. The USA has what? 325 Million People, and every type of opinion one can imagine. Most people here in the USA know this, as it is common knowledge that Elvis is still alive, and a few aliens are still stashed in Area 59. But for those in VZ, reading and unfamiliar, this organization has no true voice – at least on this issue.

    I was curious about ANSWER because of a reference to them last week on CC. On their website they had a call-out to members to demonstrate at OAS meeting at 2pm last week, 1 hour before the OAS members arrival. On CC, a commenter, who also went to that event noted (If I recall) a dozen ANSWER protester present.

    I am guessing Elvis was among them

  4. Cant agree more. It is never about the people. Is always about the fantasy of the people. I’ve been told, to my face, that I cant understand the country because I’m “bourgoise” by … well, some other “bourgoise” that doesnt know the language, the country, the history, the political movements, anything except stale ideology. But hey, just recite Marx loud enough and without critical thought and you can be 100% objective, not like actual natives from the place, “bourgoise expats” or not.

    They just have this idea of an “idealized” Latin American country and of course all of them are exactly like that, a dark land of struggling peasants and bad landowners and fascist military strong men and of course if you arent saying the revolution is great you are one of the other 2. Understanding of anything like the actual reality of each country is just going to break that mythology and they cant have it, because again, as you say, is not about Venezuela. Is about buying the XXI century equivalent of a Ché T-shirt.

  5. “Clifton Ross recently published his political memoir documenting his conversion from Chavismo to the opposition”
    Mr Ross couldn’t see evil staring him in the face when he first was confronted with Chavismo?? Really .. my 9 years old son did, can’t stand those type of people that go every which way the fucking wind blows. And now Mr Ross is selling his political memoirs, let’s not buy it!!!! Chavistas are like thieves, once a piece of shit … always a piece of shit!

    • Mr Ross couldn’t see evil staring him in the face when he first was confronted with Chavismo??

      Read the book, To his credit, Clifton Ross changed his mind when confronted with the realities of Chavismo and of Castroism. There are plenty of PSF who have made pilgrimages to Cuba or Chavezuela, who have not changed their minds- who were just as blind after seeing Cuba or Chavezuela in action as they were before they made the pilgrimages. You might be interested in reading Paul Hollander’s Political Pilgrims.

  6. Your book resulted a page turner for me, Clifton Ross. Took me 3 days to finish. And 2 of those were full working days.
    Regarding the tiny german speaking corner of our planet, I consider it highly probable, that in certain academic circles and inside some corners of the SED* successor party “Die Linke” contacts to the chavista propaganda machine has suported some personal careers. How comes? Well, this questions deserves a complex answer. There is clear indication, that other, more responsible corners do exist inside that party.
    This party receives around 9% in nationwide elections.
    An interesting question is, what role direct or indirect funding played. In contrast to Spain and the US, nothing is known about this topic for the german speaking countries.

    You mentioned a german woman in the book, you met in Tachira. Currently I can’t remember her name, but when I was reading the book, I searched her on google. She had a blog that terminated in 2013. After that date, I could not find any trace. You know, what has become of her?

    Here is that strange yo-no-me-meto reaction of Beatriz Sanchéz, probable candidate of the farer left coalition Frente Amplio. Recent poll gave her a 21% of the votes, so she might have a chance to get into the second round of this years presidential elections. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGCGs_zAKIE (starts at 46:49))

    SED*= the dominating party of the GDR, the stasi guys. Of course, they changed a lot of positions.

    • “Historian” Zeuske wrote two pseudohistory books on Venezuela. They were published in 2006 and 2007 and he apparently received “support” from the regime for a cátedra de Bolívar in Bonn. The books are pathetic propaganda. Wanted to write a long post on it but left it as draft..if you want, you can take a look. The bloke first went to Cuba as a child, his dad worked there as a Marxist historian. Even if the dad had to leave Cuba for political reasons (some inner struggles?), Zeuske remained a strong supporter of castrismo and later chavismo.
      What blogger? Was it that Roth character? She was mad.

      • I can’t find any Bolivar Catedra in Bonn.
        Person wasn’t Roth. Will look up the name.
        I consider it a nacional shame, that there is no Venezuela question on abgeordnetenwatch for Heike Hänsel. It has to be good. Will ask you for opinions, before I post it. Ya debería tener tu email.
        Not sure, if Zeuske really is that evil. You may have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se4zDUcB0ls
        Nevertheless I would enjoy, if you sent me the unfinished article.
        For sure, our academia sometimes can drive one nuts.
        You may take a look of this deutsche Welle cuadriga from last thursday. That bloke from some Ibero-“science” boliche in Berlin repeatedly claims that the constituyente is totally legal -> http://www.dw.com/es/tv/cuadriga/s-7295

        On the other hand, I consider Neues Deutschland the best news source about Venezuela in Germany. Zeit, Spiegel sucks, because they offer zero background information. Neues Deutschland offers space for apologets like Harald Neuber, but also have deep interviews with venezuelan social scientists, who are very critical with the regime.

        The relationship of the more radical left in the so called “industrialized countries” with Chavismo has lots of complexities and never ceases to amaze me (without irony). Clearly there are the apologists like Harald Neuber, Dario Azzelini and the venezuela guy from Junge Welt, but there clearly are other analysts, who do something, which I consider critical thinking. And at that point things are getting interesting. And thats why Clifton Ross, The Dark Side of Utopia deserves a read.

        • Lemmy,
          I suppose the cátedra is no longer there. I googled again Zeuske catedra Bolivar Bonn and there is a 2007 blog of someone else mentioning it. I also wrote a post on him but my link to the Venezuelan embassy mentioning some conversations is no longer valid. You can find my post by looking for Zeuske, Regierung Venezuela. I wonder if there are some archives of what they had in that link (for which I provided a rough translation)

          I can send you the draft, write me at desarrollo.sostenible.venezuela at gmail.
          Zeuske wrote really like one of those functionaries from the DDR. He quoted Weissbrot as independent analyst and certified Chávez was a true democrat.

          Zeuske defines virtually all opposition people back then as racists, he interprets one way the same word if used by chavistas or oppos.

          His Bolivar to Chavez book is a propaganda pamphlet over 600 pages long.

  7. I get tired reading about the problems that exist in Venezuela today. I used live / work there (as for a contractor to PVDSA) for six years ending in 2001.. Their country was always dirty – crime ridden,(its makes Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, New Orleans look placid) – with drugs lords paying off politicians and military leaders. I think everyone who had a brain has left (I know my friends were forced to leave). They were more interested in coke than oil.(by the way I keep hearing that has largest oil reserves – but I like crap – not good – too processing).

    With those remaining there, I suggest that Trump move his wall “wall” to borders of Venezuela. and not let anybody in or out (including news people. And like Schrödinger’s cat,, keep it isolated (with no observation allowed) and a pre-set time open the box to find out who won

      • Just trolling to belittle them by. I make you fl so important.

        It was sarcasm you, By your recognize, I don’t that if hit your between two legs. And I think you are lacking the cerebral matter between your two ear lobes. Do you know anything quantum mechanics (basis physics) and “Schrödinger’s cat”, You could start watching “Big Bank”

        By the way Koelpur of Dutch origins and I don’t believe in paradise (except a old Clint Eastwood movie), nirrinah, or heaven. But is it like hell Venezuelan (and a lot other places).

          • Hi Troll have you learned anything of real use You might even be good at “servicing.” I’ll will leave to you to figure what I mean.

            My ancestors have been here over 350 years in what now called U.S.A. What is your origins or did come from out egg in Jurassic Park (no pun intended). I am getting much enjoyment out silly / sally communications. Get a life. And learn a little bit about useful. And learn a bit the Netherlands. Most of all I think you just need get a need a life

            I look forward to next reply.

          • My origins? Born and raised in Venezuela. Being back and forth between the Middle East (where your people are practically treated lower than dogs) and the US for about 25 years. So, you can keep blowing smoke out of your ass as much as you want but you are not fooling anyone.

  8. One thing for Americans to keep in mind when hearing terms like “far right” applied to Venezuelan politicians is that those same politicians would likely be considered left-of-center in the States. That’s how some of the same authors on this site who call for the overthrow of Maduro, turn around and write charmingly of socialists like Bernie Sanders.

  9. Always know that you hit the mark when trolls and shills come out of the woodworks.

    Commies are a bunch of spiteful bastards, the main example is the bunch of sadist thugs that govern Venezuela, all too willing to punish the country for rejecting them. Their constant attempts to justify violence commited in the name of their causes is enough to hate them, never mind the catastrophic results that their precious ideology causes when in contact with the real world: Hunger, poverty, misery.

  10. I supported the US-led invasion of Iraq and so did much of the rest of the world and US politicians on both sides of the aisle. And given the same circumstances, I’d support it again today.

    The invasion was a thing of beauty. The occupation, not so much.

    • It is abundantly clear now that the invasion was radical Islam’s greatest victory, instantly radicalizing many thousands of young muslims and providing Al Qaeda with a propaganda bonanza. The idea that we could take out Saddam, and then orderly democracy would flourish and Shia/Sunni/Kurds would get along, was immense folly. No invasion then no insurgency, no AQI, no Zarqawi, no ISI and later ISIS, and probably a Syrian opposition that wasn’t full of jihadists.

      Just because far leftists happen to have been right about something (along with most of the world) for once doesn’t change the truth.

      • Yes, we should have known those dumbass arabs would forego their shot at democracy and go bat-shit crazy instead.

  11. And had the US not adopted a zero-Baathist-in-government policy during the occupation, perhaps we’d not be having this discussion about gifts to radical islam.

  12. The attitude we have to radical leftists who see the light is analogous to the attitude we should have to Chavista fence-jumpers; cautious acceptance. There’s no tactical or strategic reason to claim special clairvoiyance about Chavez.

    We’re all subject to error; some earlier, some later. Now
    let’s build a better country together.

  13. Clifton Ross isn’t the first to pimp off onetime progressivism and he won’t be the last.

    The ruling circles in the United States don’t harbor one good intention towards Venezuela and its people. As screwed up as ANSWER is they’re at least stepping up to oppose a US or proxy invasion. Btw ANSWER is an arm of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (or is it Liberation and Socialism) which broke away from Workers World years ago.

    Much of the protest in Venezuela is violent as readers of CC know and the violence is hoped by some of you to precipitate an outright invasion of Venezuela.

    • Invasion? By whom? “America First”-led Donald Trump? Please.

      The prospect of an external military intervention in Venezuela is (apart from nearly impossible under the current geopoltical circumstances) a cheap smear used by chavistas to denigrate the opposition: “ustedes los escuacas no quieren más que ver la patria de bolivar y chavez ocupada por el imperialismo yanki!!!1!!”.

      And yes, Weixel, we who read Caracas Chronicles know there’s a dangerous element of violence in the protests. In case you haven’t, read ‘s piece about what is going on in San Antonio de los Altos. As Quico often mentions, violence coming from protesters is an almost unavoidable consequence of a country awash in firearms, but it doesn’t compare to the obscene spectacle of carnage put by the GNB and SEBIN on a daily basis.

      • Knowing there are exceptions I see remarkable restraint on the part of the police and guard in Venezuela. Feel like tossing a Molotov cocktail or a shit bomb at some cops? I’d advise you not to try that in New York City or anywhere else on earth but Venezuela’s protest scene where you’d have an excellent chance of walking away.

        Invading Latin American countries is as American as apple pie. Peru’ s president has been advocating for that for months. US military forces are currently based in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Curacao, and Brazil with the 4th Fleet not far from Caracas. US courts have indicted top Venezuelan officials for drug offenses allegedly perpetrated in Venezuela. The invasion of Panama with hundreds of civilians dead isn’t ancient history. Check out the latest NYT op-ed about Venezuela. I’m glad someone is trying to mobilize opposition in the US to a possible invasion. Too bad it’s ANSWER but presently our liberals are on a McCarthyite anti Russia tear.

        • I’d normally apologize for such a long reply, but this sort of inanity requires it, Weixel:

          1. “An excellent chance of walking away”? Try telling that to the poor university students being tried at military courts, held in captivity against court orders for their release. At least in NYC you’d get the chance of a fair trial and a fair punishment for your actions.
          What you don’t seem to have understood is the fact that, if the people in Venezuela have to resort to throwing bottles filled with excrement at the GNB is because they do not see any other way out of their crisis. The events of the past 18 months have shown them that a political solution will not happen with PSUV’s people in power. Security forces there do not act to protect the citizenry against crime, but to uphold the regime. At the same time crime runs rampant everywhere in Venezuela, the government is expending its dwindling resources to stop political rallies.

          2. Can you cite an specific example of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski calling for an armed, US-led invasion of Venezuela? You keep trying to prop up the absurd boogeyman of an armed intervention, while completely ignoring all the elements (both military and political) working against it. Venezuela has both a territory and a population that’s 12 times larger than Panama’s. The logistics involved are infinitely more complex than the 1989 invasion, which only required 20,000 troops (most of them already deployed to the US-administered Canal Area) for little over a month. Despite what your feverish white guilt complex is telling you, it is quite evident that there is nobody in the United States, either in its military or political establishment, eager to invade Venezuela.
          The idea of a foreign invasion of Venezuela is nothing more than a fantasy upheld by three kinds of people: anti-“imperalist” chavistas; US-based anti-“imperialist” left-wingers like ANSWER and yourself; and some fringe, desperate members of the Twitter-based Venezuelan opposition, who’d rather gamble their luck with the US armed forces than stand another minute of socialist revolution.

          3. The indictments against Venezuelan officials only affect their US-based assets. And drug offenses were committed in US territory, if the dope they’re supplying ended up there. Their Venezuelan-based luxuries and freedoms are out of reach.

          4. “McCarthyite anti Russia”? What is publicly known about Russia’s actions during the 2016 US election is well-known and well-documented at this point. You have Manafort, Flynn and other actors involved. It wasn’t long ago that the GOP was the main Russia hawk, with Obama and Clinton calling for a reset. Then Putin annexed Crimea and everything went south. Suspicion of Russia at this point is well deserved.

        • “US invasion against Venezuela”

          Keep shouting that from the roofs, maybe somebody will believe it someday.

          Learn something about Venezuela and then you’ll have the right to say a peep about it.

    • I doubt it. There are enough “progressives” in the US who would do this for free. It is very chic to be “progressive” on US campuses. Chris Carlson, now a grad student at CUNY, used to write for Venezueanalysis. That he no longer does so indicates to me that the money ran out. The regime no longer has the cash to pay bloggers. True believers will do it for free.

  14. Dolar Today is reporting that Leopold Lopez rejected house arrest and through his wife he stressed that he did not negotiate in any way with the regime. Lopez insisted that all other political prisoners must be released before him and that he must be the last to go.

    “López was visited recently in the military prison of Ramo Verde (periphery of Caracas) by Rodríguez Zapatero, the chancellor Delcy Rodriguez and Jorge Rodríguez, prominent Chavista leader and mayor of a municipality municipality, Tintori revealed Sunday.”

    Lopez released a clandestine video that he recorded in his cell urging people to stay in the streets and to protest peacefully.
    The pressure is working. The regime has dug a hole that they can not get out of. Eventually there will be a chaotic collapse as these rats attempt a great exodus in order to save themselves from the sinking regime.
    The stress from the protests, coupled with the paranoia and mistrust within this regime must be incredible.
    They can’t run to many countries. The US has a long arm and many are already under indictment. Their assets are being frozen around the world.
    It would not be a surprise to see defections and possible negotiations with US prosecutors.
    The clock is ticking.
    Viva Venezuela!!

    • Yes the clock is ticking and the gobierno knows the explosion is imminent. Maduro’s regime is balancing on Havana’s precarious support ledge. What would the regular troops (ejercito) do when called for repression? That is the BIG question and the gobierno is not sure on the answer.
      In the meantime, WSJ reports on another fire sale of $5 Billion in bonds (apparently at 80% discount)… but not generating much interest. With little bucks for the ANC and other “needs”…it won’t happen!

    • I have been told by people with deep access within the whale that Jorge Rodriguez despite his agrresive speech is one of the most promient among chavismo high circle of power who are advocating for a transition type cohabitation with the oppo , his argument is that as things are going chavismo wlll utlimately self destroy and that the smart thing to do is give the oppo a chance of making a mess of things so that they can then launch a roaring come back….!!

      • Not long ago on CC, Jeffry House discussed his experience with the 1990 elections in Nicaragua, where the Sandinistas lost 54-40. He wasn’t in on the high-level Sandinista conversations about what to do, but he knew people who told him what happened.

        Godfather Fidel didn’t want to accept the election results. The Comandantes came to a consensus to accept the results. The reasoning was that if they refused to accept the results, the Sandinistas would be forever finished as a legitimate party in Nicaragua. If they accepted the results, they would be able to come back. Which is what happened.

        As far as I know, none of the Sandinistas went to jail for corruption or human rights violations. Au contraire, they were able to keep the proceeds of the Sandinista piñata , where state property was transferred to top-level Sandinistas.

        This is one profound difference between a potential transition in Chavista Venezuela and the one that occurred 27 years ago in Sandinista Nicaragua. All Sandinistas got the amnesty card. The oppo is not willing to give the amnesty card to all Chavistas. Some must be jailed. Some must have their fortunes confiscated. The Comandantes were pikers when it came to theft compared to the Chavistas, given the vast wealth difference between the two countries.

  15. The author seems to imply there is a “good left”, as if there is such a faction within these people that advocates for something different than big government control of every aspect of our lives.

    You’re funny, Cliff. I’ll give you that.

  16. Clifton, excellent, especially your description of the Left’s support of downtrodden peoples, only if it fits their paradigm.

  17. The Hollywood left supported the invasion of Afghanistan and also refused to condemn Pol Pot, even to the point of denying that the massacre even occurred (Noam Chomsky). These people blindly support any leftist government no matter what evil it does. Try to get a comment from Bernie Sanders on the Venezuela situation-he just clams up and changes the subject. Once again we are getting the paranoid “the gringos are coming to steal our oil’ neo-colonialism approach that has been so successful for the last 100 years. The oil is poor quality, world production is increasing, fracking is booming, and PDVSA can’t even maintain a decent production level. The Venezuelans could all be as rich as the Saudis, but they have chosen to worship the false god of revolution that took them from the frying pan into the fire. The stores were full of food and there was medicine and at least some semblance of a modern society before the Chavistas destroyed it. Communists will not hesitate to fill mass graves if they have to to stay in power.
    There was no intervention in Ukraine when the famine was raging, none in Rwanda when Bill Clinton said “don’t say genocide or we will have to act,” and none in Cambodia just to name a few places. A little intervention is better than millions of dead.

    • Try to get a comment from Bernie Sanders on the Venezuela situation-he just clams up and changes the subject.

      See my previous comment on Bernie Sanders on this thread. Bernie HAS spoken on Venezuela- not that today he would like that comment widely known.

  18. this pseudo “international call” is quite crazy also :


    but it is noteworthy that it is intended, desperately, to respond to another, much more serious and clearly anti-Maduro call for “depolarizacion”, launched on the basis of the post-chavista “Plataforma en Defensa de la Constitucion” joined by an ex-MUD and by leflt-wing figures in LA academy like Maristella Svampa (after E. Lander, etc.) and subscribed later on in the US and Europe by (mainly but not only) many respeced left-wing academics (like 100 times more than the REDH “call” and its “aplastar-los-terroristas” style), which is still somewhat ambiguous but fare enough and in anyway useful in these days


  19. Keep in mind that while socialist ideas were an important part of Plato’s Republic of ancient Greek fame, and article in ‘monthly review’ stated “the first theoretical expression of a genuinely socialist position came in Thomas More’s Utopia, written in the early years of the 16th Century” [1516]

    And that the communal nature of socialism was tried and rejected in the first permanent English speaking settlements in the colonization of the Americas.

    In other words, the basic concepts of socialism have been around for at least 500 years and have brought on failure and misery and finally oppression down through the centuries.


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