Neomar and All Our Fallen


With the death of 17-year old Neomar Lander at yesterday’s protest in Caracas, Venezuelans — or at least those with access to independent media — find ourselves once again mourning a life lost at the hands of this dictatorship.

Once again, the government propaganda machine wasted no time in spinning the blood of a Venezuelan into a deceitful web designed to confuse, accuse, and forestall the inevitable. One more soul’s truth has been subjected to indignity by a regime built on a false promise of dignifying all. At this point, I’m almost surprised the government hasn’t just come out and touted its abject loss of humanity as another win for the revolution. They should be so proud.

We don’t know what killed Neomar, but we know that he is dead, like the dozens of protesters over these months, and the hundreds of thousands of crime victims over these years. Victims with mothers, fathers, children, friends who will endure the pain of loss forever.

We’ll know what happened to Neomar when the official forensic report of his death is released. It really doesn’t matter, though. Because we already know who’s responsible for Neomar’s, and those countless Venezuelans’ deaths: a government that represses using lethal force as a deliberate state policy, and now clings onto violence as a means of survival.

We look forward to the day when the lives of all Venezuelans who’ve died through the government’s acts and omissions, be it due to of out-of-control crime, lack of medicines, malnutrition or repression, are properly honored. For now, while details of Neomar Lander’s death emerge, and in defiance of indignity, please take a look at Nuestros Caidos, a moving and well-researched tribute to lives lost in protests so far.

We owe all of them that much.

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  1. Thank you for this Emi, a powerful, well written and devastating piece, as always.

    What an awful price Venezuela must pay in order to rid themselves of these vicious animals. But what a greater price still there will be if the chavistas remain in power.

    May this hellish, surrealistic nightmare of chavismo come to an end soon.

  2. During World War 2, by the time the invasion of Okinawa started, everyone new the the Japanese empire was facing inevitable defeat. Surrender then would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
    The Japanese leadership wanted to kill as many Americans as possible to hopefully make the US agree to a peace deal. Tojo ordered that all US POW’s were to be executed at the first report of an American invasion of the Japanese islands.
    None of this deterred the US forces. It strengthened the resolve of every combat soldier and every officer.
    In essence the actions of the Japanese leaders proved that they had to be unconditionally vanquished.
    The Maduro regime has done the same to themselves.
    In previous protests they scared the people into going home. The problems that brought the people out in previous years have just become worse.
    Starving families, letting people die from easily curable maladies and most disgusting, killing children that only seek to live in a free country, has not deterred the protesters.
    Every protester that is robbed, beaten, tortured, killed by a tear gas canister or summarily executed in public on the streets, no longer serves the purpose of making the people recoil in fear.
    The actions of the government have convinced the people that the government must be replaced. The more brutal the actions of the government, the more determined the people have and will become.
    The people that have died at the hands of this disgusting criminal regime are the founders of a new and free Venezuela.
    I do hope this memorial is built. I live in the US. I will solemnly come to lay flowers, say prayers and honor the people that have sacrificed everything for others to live free.
    I hope all of the people of Venezuela take to the streets until this regime is vanquished.
    That is the true way to honor the people that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    • John, can you draw examples from Latam postwar history to draw analogies and comparisons from? I can think of many examples in the XX century without recurring to Hirohito and the Empire of the Sun which is a rather long stretch IMo

      • Larry,
        I used the Japanese as an example because it was so obvious and prolonged.
        The Japanese never recovered from the defeat at the Battle of Midway.
        The ensuing years brought a tremendous amount of suffering on both sides and incredible suffering to the civilian populations throughout the Pacific theater.
        Even after the first use of an atomic weapon the military leaders did not surrender.
        It is so irrational that I don’t think anything comes close in modern history.

  3. Neomar was killed by a lucky shot fired at long range. Very surprised at the damage inflicted at that range and wonder about the munition used. To see a CS canister do that damage at 60+ feet is shocking. God bless his soul.

    • Larry, read again please. Neomar was killed by this regime.

      Their social control policies, including currency devaluation, selective starvation, and psyops (Orwellian nightmare) pushed this kid to be at the same time and space of your “lucky shot”.

      Loosing attention bandwidth in discussions about what ammunition, what home made explosive, etc. misses the point and plays to the regime’s objective.

      Clarity of mind and intent is needed in the resistance.

      Chavismo killed NEomar. Period.
      Chavismo is killing Venezuela. Period.
      Venezuela needs to fight back for survival. All is fair in war.

      Clearer now?


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