#TheWeeklyArepa Editorial: A way out

Each Friday, Raúl regales the members of our mailing list with a scrumptious little nugget of wisdom in our Weekly Arepa. Here’s this week’s.

Luisa Ortega, former evil chief of prosecutions and current champion of our hearts, just went and did it. She dealt one of the most potentially effective, smartest blows against the government yet.

After the Supreme Tribunal’s Constitutional Chamber dismissed her request to, as she put it, clarify whether democracy was still in force in Venezuela, she filed a motion before the Electoral Chamber to have the CNE nullify the Constituyente process. She filed before a group of judges that up to now had been laying low, gazing at their navels, most likely trying to stay quietly far from Uncle Sam’s sanctioning eye.

Injunction against the National Constituent Assembly by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

It’s genius.

She’s actively pressuring the group of judges to, simply put, choose a side. Will you be indifferent to the annihilation of the rule of law and will you be responsible for prolonging violence and death in Venezuela, Your Honors? They will have to decide, while the entire country’s eyes are on them. Plus, she’s creating an opportunity for all Venezuelans (RED, yellow, and blue) to support her motion.

Obviously, this does not mean that the Constituyente is doomed and will be dismissed.

Even though doing away with the extremely unpopular Constituyente may sound like a logical option for the government —Luisa’s motion may serve as a life raft for many chavista bigwigs— history has shown that when faced with choosing between the right thing and a pile of excrement, the government dives headfirst into the latter splashing shit over the whole country. That’s why I double down on my challenge to Quico’s theory: I bet two Big Macs that they’re going to take the Constituyente to its absurd and painful last consequences.  

Whether or not Ortega’s course of action has a significant impact on the forces trying to stop Maduro, it proves that somewhere on her desk lies something that you may not find anywhere else in the opposition: an evil little black notebook with a plan in it.

I won’t say that’s why we needed them. I definitely won’t say it.

After all, Luisa is saving chavismo.

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