Pope Francis knows. He knows about each of the around 70 Venezuelans that have been killed during protests, the hunger and the devastating humanitarian crisis that Venezuela suffers through. He knows because he was informed today in detail by the leadership of the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference (CEV) during a 30 minute private audience in The Vatican.

“He was very touched by our description of the cases reported over the last couple of days and he offered us his full trust and support,” said Mons. Diego Padrón, president of the CEV.

“We don’t represent a side, neither the government nor the opposition, because we are interested in helping the people. We came to present to the Pope the situation of the Venezuelan people, of those who are close to the government or those who dissent, and we do not differentiate between them in this regard,” he explained. It was an honest and open conversation in which the bishops spoke freely and said all they needed to say.

The Venezuelan bishops gave the Pope two documents. The first is a dossier of the deaths registered since April 1st, when the protests started. The second is an overview of the pastoral exhortations and activities lead by the local church between 2016-2017. It also includes a report prepared by Caritas which has a special focus on Venezuelans malnutrition and lack of medicines.

He was very touched by our description of the cases reported over the last couple of days and he offered us his full trust and support

During the meeting, Mons. Padrón openly criticized Maduro, reminding the Pope that the Venezuelan president refuses to accept the opening of a humanitarian channel. “The government wants to remain in power at all costs, it has the will to have people subdued, silenced and to prevent them from protesting. This is achieved by leaving them without food and medicines, by keeping them occupied in finding solutions to their daily needs: sick and hungry people who suffer and can’t stand up.”

The meeting with the Pope, which was requested by the CEV, also served to quell rumors about a split between the Vatican and the church in Venezuela. “We reiterated our full communion with [the Pope], and he ratified his full support to us,” said the Mons. Padrón.

The unity with the Vatican was confirmed by Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, who also attended the private audience. In an interview with Catholic news agency Zenit, he stated that the “Holy Father is the Pope of everyone, and no one can expect him to favor a political group.”

The bishops also shared a working lunch with the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, and met in the afternoon with officials from Caritas Internationalis. As expected, the Vatican did not provide details of the meetings and left all the communication to the leaders of the Venezuelan church.

The Vatican did release images and footage of the meeting, in which a smiling Francis greeted the Venezuelan bishops.

The CEV delivered.

Moving forward, there should be no room for diplomatic mistakes or excuses in general. Because now we know that the Pope knows.

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  1. Of course the Pope knows. He has known all along.
    The CEV requested the meeting and told the Pope in his face what was going on and now the Pope could not pretend he did not know when he meet his God.

    • I wonder if Che Pope knows about the thousands of people killed by the Castro Bros. (or the Florida strait sharks). I guess he doesn’t. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been pictured with a big ol’ smile along Fidel.

      • Don’t be silly. Of course he knows. He knows more than you, that I guarantee you. The Pope got backed into a corner. Nothing he can’t get himself out of. I remain hopeful. They seem to be rectifying​

      • Oh he knows he had always have, but the thing with those who have the left in their hart, is that they become blind to the horrors inflicted by the left they adore.

    • When an adult is baptized, they are asked the same questions that the parents / godparents are asked if an infant is being baptized.

      The celebrant questions the parents and godparents:


      Celebrant: Do you reject Satan?

      Parents and Godparents: I do.

      Celebrant: And all his works?

      Parents and Godparents: I do.

      Celebrant: And all his empty promises?

      Parents and Godparents: I do.

      They could substitute Maduro for Satan.

    • From the scriptures we may say that God does not dialog with the devil but that God confronts the devil with the truth.
      That is what the CEV did.

      • I am a Catholic that has become very disenchanted with the Church. The idea that the money that I gave to the church, was used to harbor pedophiles from justice and to pay hush money was more than I could stand.
        The widespread abuse of children is absolutely disgusting. Cardinal Law should have been jailed rather than protected by the Vatican.
        Pope Francs offered hope for a new emphasis. Sadly he has supported the very people that are against what the Church stands for.
        He has shown himself to be a Socialist that has been molded from Argentine politics. He is unable to speak out against the political systems that cause so much suffering. Rather than criticizing Trump for building a wall, he should have addressed the conditions that spur people to abandon their homeland in search of a better life.
        The Vatican being surrounded by a wall, shows his hypocrisy.
        Pope Francis stating that the Falkland Islands are rightfully Argentinian, even though virtually everyone on the islands has voted to remain British, shows his utter contempt for individual rights of self determination. He encourages violence with statements like this.
        My solution to the corruption of the Church has been to take on my own relief projects and cut out the middle man. That is why I have been so active in trying to get supplies to people in Venezuela.
        I honor my God, my parents and I teach my children when I do good works.
        I welcome any voice that speaks with authority against this criminal regime. The Pope is very late to the party. Thousands of dead Venezuelans too late. The Pope should have come to Venezuela, instead of the Bishops having to come to him.
        The Pope’s insistence on the opposition ceasing activities against the Maduro regime while the phony “dialogue” proceeded just gave the government more time to organize the oppression of the people.
        Personally, I feel that the Pope has blood on his hands.

        • To me, this Pope is at best a senile charlatan. At worst an enemy of Christ who has tried to reinterpret the Gospels.
          Have you noticed that he speaks more about politics than about Christ?
          But not about Maduro! It would be another thing if it were about Trump!

    • To misquote old radio “Only The Pope Knows”.. (Not the Shadow!!!)
      I don’t know what that is and he probably doesn’t either. But I am safe and watching in El Notre and not in the Ranchos. I wish the Bishops luck but I just know how. The USSR had wait for long time reality took over.

      • “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men…The Shadow (Pope?) knows (mysterious/malicious? laughter)….”

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  3. I would really like to see the Vatican make some type of public condemnation of the Government for the human rights abuses being committed in Venezuela. However, I fear that is too much to ask for. It would not be the first time the Vatican turns a blind eye to human rights abuses despite being fully in the know.

  4. Catholic Church information operations played this well. They must be aware of how previous lapses played into the regime’s hand. The bishops are tough as nails and I would hope that the Pope nips this in the bud so killers like Benavides, Reverol and Padrino quit quoting and retweeting his Holiness.

  5. “Holy Father is the Pope of everyone, and no one can expect him to favor a political group.”
    Maybe, but I thought that denouncing evil behaviour formed part of his job description.

    • He does not hesitate to criticize right wing or Conservative political parties and candidates.
      He may not favor one side over the other, but he has certainly shown disfavor with specific people.
      The Pope has the same problem as many other Liberals.
      He refuses criticize his own.
      Even when the truth is staring him in the face.

  6. What did he do as a churchman during the Videla years? It is known the church knew perfectly well what was happening then, and holds some responsabilty.
    Why are we venezuelans so naive and so innocent?

    • Actually I, they are being the opposite, cunning and political. This move is needed to play the pieces of the politics chess: now he knows that we know that he know! and so it goes.

      Every next move the pope makes or fails to make in regards to Venezuelan developments is to be interpreted in this new light.

      The Vatican is a very strong diplomatic players, further more in the catholic stronghold of latam.

      current circumstances, with a pope form argentina, a Jesuits leader from Venezuela and the struggle between the castro controlled americas and the open market economies (alianza del pacifico v. foro de sao Paolo), the Vatican is even more important.

      The CEV is paying in the big leagues.

      My hope is for the best. We will see what happens next.

      ( what he did during the Videla years was to develop a hard resentment for the right seeing their abuses on HHRR and his congregations at the time!)

      • I hope you are right. I am not a catholic, even though I went to a catholic school and was raised as one. I have no faith in that institution. Of course the church is very important, but I don’ t think it is as powerful or relevant today as it once was. And maybe that is actually a good thing.
        I live in Argentina, and Pope Francisco is hated by many liberals here. What I am saying is that he is not considered a heroe here by the leftists. On the contrary. He is a highly controversial figure. I am not claiming he was guilty, by the way. I doubt he is clean, but I am not taking sides on that issue. I am sure he is just as dirty as the last Pope was, but nobody cares.
        It is funny that many venezuelans say he is a socialist, when many socialists in his own native country actually hate him.
        I don’ t think politics have nothing to do with chess. The guys who invented chess,perhaps were thinking politically (in a platonic sense), but the the ones who simply play the game, no matter how good they are at it, are not doing politics at all. They are just playing a game. They are just wood-pushers. Only If you stop playing or decide to change the rules ,that can trully be called a metaphore of a political act.Bobby Fischer for instance, tried to change the rules, and even created his own variation of the game. That is a proper metaphor. What we call politics today is not politics, it is bureaucracy.We don’ t have politicians, we have technocrats (and sometimes not even good ones). This is not so far-fetched as it seems, if we actually had thought about politics instead of just its effects, perhaps we could have defeated chavismo long ago or prevent it from happening. And it is not only us, the whole world is starting to suffer from this sickness, A lack of political philosophy can actually destroy a society.

  7. I am not Catholic but my husband is & I respect the desires of Venezuelans to look to the Pope as an intermeduary but cannot see how he can do this if he says he does not take sides. Anyway, the communist regime Maduro is trying to impose does not respect the Church, but as he is too busy imposing his hold through supressing the people, his faith must be the last thing to interest him.

  8. SO was the Pope during WWII “The Pope to everyone” Should he have not favored one political party in Germany? Should he not have spoke out against a political party? His reputation is scandalized even today for not acting. Calling out evil surpasses any political party or preference..Evil is Evil. Condemnation is condemnation…


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