The TSJ’s Electoral Chamber rejected the nullification suit filed by Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Díaz against the CNE, for approving Nicolás’ Constituyente and its electoral rules.

Ruling N° 65 dismisses the measure due to “an accumulation of inadequate intentions,” which means that the text contains “nullification lawsuits against decisions issued by two different public institutions.”

They also rejected the request for an injunction and the precautionary measure suspending the constituent process, because the appearance of right, the only requirement for a precautionary measure to be executed, was also dismissed.

The Electoral Chamber took over eight months the last time they dismissed a lawsuit, but this time it took them just four continuous days, while the case of Amazonas’ lawmakers has been collecting dust for 530 days.

The Prosecutor General denounced that her family has been threatened by the Secret Police (SEBIN): “I hold the Executive Branch responsible for whatever happens to my family, threatening them is unacceptable,” she said. This is a most serious accusation.

Express justices

Luisa Ortega Díaz filed a lawsuit challenging the sneaky appointments of 13 justices and 20 deputy justices, made by PSUV after December 2015 elections, but before their National Assembly term was over. Additionally, the Prosecutor General requested the voiding of the plenary sessions in which the appointments were made: “If the justices mentioned in the lawsuit don’t recuse themselves, I recuse them in full,” she said.

Ortega revealed that since the process was illegal, she never signed the notice of appointment or that of the secretary of the Republican Moral Council. And so, Luisa believes it’s necessary to appoint new justices “for the country’s sake,” because the TSJ offers no solutions, amping up the country’s crisis instead. She said she takes full responsibility for her actions and that her opinions are in compliance with the judicial order.

Later, NONEbudsman Tarek William Saab said that the Prosecutor General didn’t reject the justices’ credentials or appointment procedures back in 2015, but he didn’t say whether she signed the notice, or whether she was involved in the disgrace of supporting these justices’ appointments despite their inadequate credentials.

Then, the notice surfaced and it turns out the Prosecutor General really didn’t sign it.


Some people attended MUD’s call to reach TSJ headquarters to adhere to Luisa’s lawsuit against the Constituyente, despite the closed metro stations, public transportation strike and all the troops deployed near the place, blocking not only protesters but also neighbors’ free transit.

Once again, the National Guard and the PNB showed their tendency for inaction after chavistas arrived and not only used fireworks against dissidents and screamed at them, but also beat them, kicked them, ran them over with their motorcycles and even threatened to stab them.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry took over the Miranda state police due to their alleged involvement in human rights violations and criminal networks; this, just as they promise houses, cars and home appliances for GN and PNB if they keep repressing.

Last night, lawmaker José Manuel Olivares confirmed the death of Sócrates Salgado (50), due to respiratory arrest caused by the tear-gas used to disperse protests in Vargas state.


Governor Henrique Capriles explained that after the takeover of Miranda state police, officers must now obey the government’s orders, cautioning policemen not to comply with any order that is unconstitutional. The governor dismissed any justification for the 180-day takeover, which he labelled a military abuse as it was led by Major General and Vice-minister Edylberto Molina, whom he blamed for ordering “all the atrocities we’ve seen over the last few weeks.”

The brass

Yesterday, major general Alexis López, member of the military High Command, former general commander of the Army and former head of Casa Militar, resigned from the Secretariat of the Council for the Defense of the Nation (CODENA) due to his disagreement with Nicolás’ Constituyente. Considering his service record, post and influence, his resignation is a serious blow to Maduro. Whether it echoes the Army’s stance or not, we’ll find out in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the AN’s Defense and Security Committee reported that they summoned Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López and GN commander Antonio Benavides Torres to appear before Parliament on Wednesday, June 14th, to answer for all the violations and abuses committed by State security forces during protests.

The strange case of the DEM

For some reason, while all opposition marches have been brutally dispersed by the GN and the PNB, they never quite manage to prevent any assaults on the Judiciary Executive Directorate (DEM) headquarters in Chacao, allowing destruction and fires, duly recorded on video for later accusations. Yesterday, the highest authority of law in Venezuela, TSJ head Maikel Moreno, said that Chacao was no-man’s land, so he decided to move the DEM from its current building, which was later looted, justifying the use of tear-gas all over the municipality. It’s bizarre that security forces never prevent this kind of vandalism, which only benefits the government.

The villain of the day

It’s hard to pick between Diosdado Cabello selling the Constituyente as the guarantee for new humiliations; Ramón Rodríguez Chacín claiming that Oriana Wadskier, the girl who was run down by an IVSS driver, “jumped in front of the vehicle”; Ernesto Villegas saying that “only truth will enable us to find spaces for peace and dialogue”; Elías Jaua and his text “Who are the murderers?” and Social Security asshole Carlos Rotondaro, saying that there’s no humanitarian crisis but they’re looking for medicine providers that can sell them in bolívares due to lack of dollars, while transplant patients are at risk of losing their organs because they can’t find the required medication.

This Monday, Spanish authorities detained a Venezuelan ship loaded with 1.2 tons of cocaine, the second such detention in barely a month, a sad export.

Honors to the amazing (and erased) Tweet by PDVSA explaining why we lost the U-20 World Cup.

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  1. Wow, this is very interesting, although I have no idea how important or what it’s possible implications may be. (which is why I come to this site!)

    Already in 2015 she was no longer a fully loyal Chavista and not fully rubber stamping their dictatorship moves….I wonder what else will come out.

    • It is strange and interesting. She was loyal enough to keep quiet until they dumped this case. So now that it can’t go her way, it looks like she’s going to start releasing her stash of kompromat. In the name of rule of law!

      What I don’t think has dawned on the Prosecutor General yet is that she is the key witness in her own case, and that you can’t be those two things at once.

  2. We have to pray she can pull this off and she is genuine. Again, a life raft for moderate Chavistas to jump ship and advert more violence from the bitter-enders. Now, the conspiracy theorist can state that this is nothing more than a show thus giving Chavistas a much needed break. I hope it is really separating the moderate Chavistas from the Maduristas.

      • There is the urban legend that in the april 11 of 2002 power void, some people found out where those two were hiding and gave them some slaps in their heads.

        The post I made was in reference on how in retrospect, those two scumbags deserved much more than the couple of slaps they received that day for being such a-holes.

  3. Maybe this has become personal for her and not political. We know her family has been threatened but we do not know what else has been going on behind the seen.

  4. Hi Gringo, lets hope so…

    Maybe she remained a Chavista for so long because “membership has its benefits”. Yes, the enchufados are greedy slime bags who love bling bling. Also you have to see “enchufiando” as a way to extort Chavista funcionarios: i.e. “membership has its benefits, but we got you by the balls.” A devil’s bargain to say the least. Certainly she took part in some of this as did most all high ranking Chavistas and their cronies. Remember, at the end of the day, CHAVISMO IS A CULT and the high priests of this cult are compensated for their loyalty. A Chavista illuminati.

    All that said, maybe something was troubling her deep down. Obviously she knows what is going on behind closed doors, in 5 star Chavista hotels and overseas. Maybe just maybe it is a bout of consciousness…Or like you said, she got F*$%ed over and this time it is personal. There will be hell to pay!!! Would love her to have some really dark stuff on Diosdado (sorry diablodado) in her little black book!!!

    Either way, we have to pray for a political end to this constitutional crisis. Otherwise the bitter-ender Chavistas will get their wish and turn this into a civil war.

    Honestly, we are all tired by now and and have suffered long enough. Time to pray for Luisa to pull this off and hopefully this nightmare will end soon. We need some light at the end of the tunnel.

    • “Otherwise the bitter-ender Chavistas will get their wish and turn this into a civil war.”

      Chavistos never wanted an all-out war, forget that fallacy, what they want, their wish is for this status quo where they can steal as much as they want while the perraje starves to death to remain like this and continue FOREVER.

      In the case of a civil war, chavistos would find themselves outnumbered about 100 to 1.

  5. From what I understand of politics, it is not a one-man game. You have to know who will stand with you, and you build your support. Ultimately, it is a game of truths over lies, because the truths work, and the lies just create confusion. Because of that simple maxim, one must work (and work hard!) to preserve one’s own principles and sense of truth.

    Speaking of confusion, the TSJ seems confused. It is they who are inept, incompetent, and an accumulation of incompetence and bad intentions. Someone should give them each a mirror for their birthday or whatever – just don’t make it a perfectly clear mirror (the shock would kill them … but, thinking about it, they’ve been on a suicidal path for quite a while now)..

  6. Praises again to Naky, a voice to be heard over the din, and to Javier for translating her meaning faithfully and clearly. With people like you and the other heroes of the opposition, the medics, the citizens, the teenagers … I don’t see how Venezuela can fail to win out.

  7. I live thousands of miles away and this may be unfair to your Prosecutor General but she has been on the Chavista team for a long time while your democracy has been undermined without opposition from her. It would ne a tragedy to suffer as long as you have only to end up under another Chavista regime. The phrase Trojan Horse comes to mind. Sorry to be so cynical.

    • It may be of some interest that Ministro Calvani way back in the 1970’s when the oil was nationalized described the American oil interests a Trojan Horse. I don’t have the quote, but his words were to the effect that extracting oil, paying for it, and taking it off to be refined, pretending it was a fair deal, was un Caballo de Troya. The actual, then, would be that foreign oil interests were depleting Venezuela’s non-renewable natural resources.

      The irony was not lost on me that the Caballo de Troya was socialism, communism, massive corruption – a Pandora’s Box of inefficiencies and abuses, and he was opening the doors of Venezuela to it.

      My thoughts then seem to have come to be worthy. Perhaps this is just pure coincidence, like a broken clock being right twice a day?

    • “without opposition from her”.
      She has been on Chavez’s prosecution team since 2002 and was made Prosecutor General in 2007. She was on watch during the prosecution of Judge Lourdes Afiuni, Raul Baduel and Leopoldo Lopez to name but three of about 100 prior to 2017. She was not a passive bystander; after 2007, she was the mouthpiece for the government defending the perverse justice system under both Chavez and Maduro.

      “chavista team yes.
      maduro team NO”
      See her official public comments in defence of the prosecution and imprisonment of Leopoldo Lopez (and against Nieves), as well as her defence of Venezuelan justice at the hearing on Afiuni at the ONU Human Rights Commitee.

      She may have had some sort of epiphany, but let’s not turn her into some sort of saint.

  8. Javier, mi amigo, NONEbudsman does not work. Yeah, I get it, but come on dude, don’t reach for the first freshman quip you think of, just write plain English. You are pretty good at it.

    Great work, I read your translations every day. Be yourself, no need to reach.


  9. Y Javier, cosa mas. You and Naky are writing from the maelstrom; your grandchildren will collect everything you have written and talk about it on NPR. This war, and it is a war, will recede and green shoots will return, and you will love and relax and eat and eat again.

    You and the Caracas Chronicles staff in VZ are all we have. I hate to lay it on your shoulders, but I know no other shoulders except yours and I depend on them.

    (I assume you live in VZ, Javier)

    Keep punching. Your work will liberate many if you stay the course. God bless you. If I can help, please ask.


  10. Completely in agreement, keep punching (and moving).

    TWS is a “bate quebrado”…Is this all the regime has to counter LOD?

    Let’s wait for tomorrow’s military announcements (defections-non support to ANC). Tic toc tic toc tic…………

  11. It may be worthwhile looking at lessons from the history of Maximilen Robespierre. I can see some distinct parallels here. Like Luisa Ortega he was a lawyer and came from the Bourgeoisie. He was an ardent supporter and framer of the French revolution, and is held responsible for the founding of “the Terror”. He executed with ardent fervour not just aristos, but also heretics and deviants from the one true revolutionary path. Things did not end well for him, but history is not always the best tool for making predictions..

  12. If you live in Venezuela, you will understand that Chavismo will be dead for the next 20 years once this is all said and done. Everybody under 40 years old HATES Socialism, hates Chavismo, hates Cuba.

    Hopefully Luisa Ortega Diaz represents the “clean rats” that we allow to jump ship and at least allow them and their family members to have future careers (hopefully not in government, but in the private sector) and we can peacefully co-exist.

    The dirty rats, well no life raft for them, they have to walk the plank or go down with the ship.

    If all the “clean rats” want to save are a few social programs and want representation in congress, based on the new electoral map, well then fair is fair and we have to be democratic about this. Furthermore, in the age of social media, it will be harder for an “enchufado” to get elected and nobody will forget what happened for almost the last two decades. PSUV is dead. It will have to split into several socialist parties.

    But for now, lets stop all the arm chair quarterbacking. I know we all hate socialism here in the CCS message boards. However, filosofo 777 (sorry all in Spanish, but a great source of news on youtube) said this best (though a bit cliche): “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

    Now is not the time to divide ourselves. If the moderate Chavistas want to split from the Maduristas, well we have to hold our nose and provide a life raft for the moderate Chavistas. They know that the “Caceria de Chavistas” (Chavista hunt, just look it up on youtube) will only be worse if Maduro and his merry band of malandros stay in power longer and this is why they are jumping ship. It is getting ugly here and it will get even more ugly if this drags on. The writing is on the wall. I do not see Louisa Ortega Diaz as a trojan horse. Furthermore, we are all on the lookout for a trojan horse because we know the Chavistas by nature are “tramposo”. I merely see her as wanting to throw a life raft to Chavistas who want a future in the new Venezuela (and yes, to save her legacy and the legacy others like Maripili Hernandez).

    filosofo 777


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