LGBTzuela: choosing between the tricolor and the rainbow flag

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To mark the occasion of Pride Month, we asked LGBT+ Venezuelans abroad to fill out a survey to tell us a bit about their lives and how their identity influenced their decision to leave. We figured maybe two or three dozen people would reply. Instead, 220 of you did. From teens to seniors, living everywhere from China to Panama, from Sweden to Qatar, you were enormously generous in sharing your experience.

For all the multiplicity of identities out there, the big G ends up being the go-to self-identification. Almost three in four of you identified as “gay.”


Your sexual orientation was one the main migration drivers only for some of you. Alongside it, the usual litany of impossibilities about living in Venezuela today got cited: crime and violence, lack of opportunities, food and medicines shortages, usual shit.

What’s clear is that the younger you are, the less sexual orientation influenced your life choices:

Despite facing prejudice and little-to-no legal protection, and no serious talk of LGBT+ rights, a few of you had managed to live openly in Venezuela. For most of you, leaving was the way out of the closet.

A startling number of you left in the Maduro era: fully 56% of the respondents left after the departure of El Galáctico…

For many, the experience of migration, while always filled with hardships, was also a discovery of more inclusive societies, of living with a freedom they didn’t suspect. Finding others like themselves, becoming part of a community.

For those of you who are used to “keeping it to yourselves,” this was a surprise, one you probably aren’t willing to exchange for anything less than what you have now.

There’s no equivalent in Caracas of Chueca, Christopher Street or La Zona Rosa, though you always hear about Sabana Grande back in the day. Banesco or Pepitos won’t clad themselves in rainbow colors for PR points —TVES at least tried a couple of times— and, as far as I know, there’s no Venezuelan Stonewall. No great unifying event where queer Venezuelans stand together.

Instead, we’ve had fear, violence, rejection, silence, giving way exasperatingly slowly to a degree of acceptance, tolerance and celebration in a few, select circles. It’s no wonder so many LGBT Venezuelans have just left. 

To shine a light on this seldom-acknowledged corner of the Venezuelan exile experience, we reached out to different people across the map and ask them a bit about their stories, their desires, and what it means to be queer and Venezuelan.

Some of the interviewees wished to remain anonymous, but their testimonies still manage to give us a glimpse into a reality that, for most, is ignored:


Everyone is always saying that they knew they were different all along, but I think that only applies to a certain extent. We’re all born and live our early years in a specific environment and throughout our lives, without exception, we go through a process of realizing that we are different to that environment.

Víctor is a doctor living near Madrid. Back in Venezuela, he had to go through endless late shifts, lack of resources and the harassment of malandros in one of the country’s largest public hospitals.

In Spain, his life couldn’t be more different.

“Crisis or no crisis, I think I would have made the same choice.” It was only many years later, once he was living in Madrid, that he got to live his attraction to men more freely and came out to his family. Their reaction wasn’t positive, and the wounds have, as he says, “taken years to heal.”

Though he’s open to his friends, he admits he tends to keep it to himself. After all, in many instances, Spain is not quite the paradise of acceptance many like to imagine. Still, it’s miles ahead of Venezuela.

“At least you don’t see here people setting up a witch hunt to figure out who’s the mandatory ‘office faggot’ so they can ridicule him,” he says

Transphobia and homophobia are as harrowing in Venezuela as they are everywhere else. Its effects are often deadly, from trans sex workers killed in Avenida Libertador to young people burned alive just for not being straight.

In Víctor’s opinion, what really gets to you, though, are the microaggressions, small hints and side comments from so-called tolerant people that are always “making you doubt yourself,” which most people don’t notice.

“At least, here you don’t see people setting up a witch hunt to figure out who’s the mandatory ‘office faggot’ so they can ridicule him,” he says.

For him, his rights aren’t just an issue among many. It’s all one interconnected issue and facing it means not just changing the structure, but also the people. As he puts it,

Venezuela is in a deep crisis and the social and legal situation for the LGBT+ population is part of that crisis and that requires work, same thing with shortages, crime and others problems. You can’t just solve it by dealing with one problem at the time.

Some shift has happened, that’s undeniable. Movies like Azul y No Tan Rosa, Pelo Malo, Liz en Septiembre and Desde Allá show that queer voices in Venezuela not only have lots to say and in very powerful ways. They are also recognized and celebrated at the Toronto and Venice Film Festivals and win Goyas and the Golden Lions.

We have openly gay personalities like Boris Izaguirre and Gisela Kozak. We’ve elected Tamara Adrián, the first transgender MP in South America despite some religious protestations, and the TSJ finally said they would look into changing name and gender in public records.

But these feats feel small and overdue compared to other countries across the continent, including some governments that were, at the time, allies of Chavismo. What’s their excuse?

The Chavista tragedy has been the perfect excuse to avoid advancing our rights.” Víctor says, joking that LGBT+ rights are obviously a first world problem, “just like a working healthcare system and fighting corruption.”

Despite his bitterness about Venezuela, something shared by many regardless of orientation, he has a clear picture of how things should be, “we have to end violence. As long as the goal is to get rid of others instead of understanding each other we are all moving targets since we are all ‘others’.”



I realized it when I was in fourth grade, I think. I felt a certain affinity for people of my own sex. I thought that was common. As I grew up, I understood I was different from the others.

Teresa is a lawyer, currently living in Chile. Like so many others, she has found in her new home the tolerance and peace of mind she couldn’t find back in Venezuela.

My life is now different because the country where I live now has an inclusive mentality and people are used to seeing it as something natural. I’m not constantly in fear of my parents seeing something they don’t like, even though they’re fully aware of my identity.

Despite the contrast to her previous life, Venezuela remains in her thoughts. Back home, she was your quintessential opposition comecandela protester and, in Chile, she’s no different, despite having to keep her orientation private from her fellow activists.

Living throughout what is probably its worst crisis since the Federal War, it’s easy to dismiss LGBT+ rights in Venezuela as as secondary concerns, thinking we first must focus the most urgent problems.

But despite all these disadvantages, Teresa still hopes to return to Venezuela in the future.

But depending on whose numbers you believe, anywhere from several hundred thousand to a million or more Venezuelans get to add homophobia to the unmanageable list of problems Venezuela throws at you on a daily basis. Social solidarity —so crucial to survival amid the crisis— is withheld. Job opportunities close out —as though there were that many to begin with. It all adds up. 

I ask Teresa if she thinks it’s a mistake to talk about LGBT+ rights in Venezuela at the moment and she gives me an answer only a lawyer can:

I don’t think it’s a mistake. The restitution of the rule of law in the country, must mean the restitution of inherent rights, such as the freedom to love. To build the country most Venezuelans want, that must apply to everyone. The general right to be and to act with the same liberties. If we have the right to express ourselves, then why we don’t have the right to express our love?

Chile, while far from perfect, offers civil unions, legal name and gender change —albeit surgery is required— and explicit protection against labor and housing discrimination. Venezuelan laws, in contrast, are mostly vague or nonexistent on the subject. And when the mechanism exists, the authorities simply might choose not to exercise it, which for years has been the case many trans people deciding to change their name to match with their identity.

But despite all these disadvantages, Teresa still hopes to return to Venezuela in the future.

Above all, Venezuela is my country; my roots and my essence are there. I would love to return and feel the same liberty and solace that I feel here. But things have to change for me to return.

And what does she want?

Where I currently live, civil unions are allowed with the same rights as marriage and, well, my partner and I want to start a family. If this is legalized in Venezuela, we would happily return to our land.

Same-sex marriage has traditionally been the hot-button issue regarding LGBTrights, since it means an equal footing before the law with several organizations and initiatives in the past focused on it. Despite their efforts and small gains, it doesn’t seem that Tersa and her partner will be able to come back any time soon.


I was 2 years old when I realized that my way of being didn’t fit what others expected of me. I arrived at my daycare center with Aladdin’s shoes instead of Jasmine’s, like the girls over there. They noticed it. That was the first time I was bullied because of my masculinity.

Jess is a 28 year-old public relations professional living in San José, Costa Rica. Though not originally part of his plan, circumstances forced him to make this country his home, and for this he has nothing but gratitude.

Like so many trans people, he’s had to face something of a double closet as he struggled to understand his identity. First he thought of himself as a lesbian and then, last year, after a life of pain, he came to the realization that he was a queer trans man. This year he starts hormone replacement therapy, which soon will be provided by public hospitals in Costa Rica.

Jess says that while his father was very supportive every step of the way, his relationship with his mother was strained. “My mother made me repress my masculinity and attraction to women until I was 23, when she kicked me out of the house.”

Beyond the standard-issue challenges gays and lesbians face, trans people face obstacles all their own, often in terms of accessing medical care and legal recognition of their identity. They face prejudice, exclusion, and even violence that prevents them from leading a fulfilling life; in some cases they have been cast aside and discriminated by groups of cisgender (non-trans) people within the queer community.

It has happened to me, especially since I realized I’m a trans man. Sometimes, due to machismo, they can’t understand me, accept me, or respect me as a man because I have a feminine body.

But even before his realization, things were tough for Jess in his professional life.

I was the leader of a crew and we had a special event at the end of the day. They told us we should dress in formal wear. Although I was still in the closet and living as a woman, I dressed in a blazer, suit pants and flats. We had a planning meeting and from the moment I stepped in, I was the target of mockery because of my clothes, which kept on happening throughout the rest of the day. 

Transphobic violence tends to target women and feminine-presenting individuals, but this doesn’t mean men like Jess are exempt.

“When I sent a complaint to Human Resources,” he says, “they told me they couldn’t do anything about it.”

Numbers on trans people in Latin America are dire, over 75% of all recorded transgender and gender-diverse murders worldwide happen in the continent, with Venezuela in the top five. 65,5% of all reported LGBT+ murder victims in Venezuela were trans people, most of them trans women forced to be sex workers due to lack of opportunities.

Transphobic violence tends to target women and feminine-presenting individuals, but this doesn’t mean men like Jess are exempt. Just earlier this year a trans man in Aragua was reportedly beaten by two police officers while others watched, doing nothing.

I think the crisis is very intense but that also, it’s a human rights crisis. While Latin America has taken great steps forward by recognizing the human rights of the LGBTTI population, Venezuela has gone backwards. Dealing with the crisis also means dealing with these problems: they are part of it.

He simply doesn’t see any of these changes coming to Venezuela in the near future, less so this becoming a safe place for him.

As a queer trans man, there must be a deep change in government policies, one that doesn’t create conditions that allow discrimination or violence against my gender identity or sexual orientation, one where I could be part of the job market, legally change my name and gender, have access to the medical attention I require as a trans person, and overall, have quality of life and the chance to manage my life plans.

Jess simply wants the same as Víctor and Teresa. The same than everyone else, really. Laws that guarantee his protection, opportunities for work and education, access to basic healthcare and other social service adequate to serve his needs. A future.

And above all, respect for who he is.

Living in Venezuela is hard to begin with, and for the LGBT+ community the hardships are compounded in ways that can be invisible. Staying closeted becomes a survival strategy. It’s hard enough to survive without facing yet another form of oppression.

Homophobia in Venezuela is normalized — it slips seamlessly into the fiber of every day life. The easiest way to insult someone? Question their sexuality, something both chavistas and opositores do with ease. The easiest way to get a laugh? Gay jokes. The popularity of characters like Charly Mata —with a longevity unheard for most comic characters— and Los Fabu Fabu show not much has changed in this regard.

Even tío Simón did it back in the day!

Is it any wonder so many LGBT+ Venezuelans end up throwing in the towel and moving abroad?

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  1. A slightly different view from a gay writer

    Not sure myself, both things seem to be right. LGBT+ people face the standard Venezuelan nightmare plus the one that every other Venezuelan seems to decide its their birthright to inflict on them. But with the basic current situation, there is no much sense in protesting LGBT+ rights; I mean, it makes sense, but if you put them together with every single other right, because right now you dont have any.

    Optimist me would like to think the fall of chavismo would also imply that, given that all rights have to be restored, may as well go for the ones that should have been there from the beginning. Pessimist me thinks the LGBT+ community will just have the “good luck” to be able to start from 0 in their quest for them, instead from minus infinity as right now.

    • You know what, I want to thank the commenters here. Really cleared my mind. Clearly, I was wrong. Yes, the situation is so bad that the right to be gay or trans and not being treated like shit seems not that urgent, given there is no right to not be treated like shit for living in Venezuela anyway.

      But you all opened my mind, really.

      Fuck you, bunch of idiotic, ignorant, hateful homophobes.

  2. There has been discrimination between people since the beginning of humanity.
    Jews against Muslims and vice versa. Rich against poor. Between blacks of different tribal origins. Educated versus uneducated. Against fat people. In school yards. Everywhere. This will stay with humanity.
    In the past gay people lived brave lives, they went about them without caring what others thought.
    Today gay people seek acceptance for what they do from society because they do not accept themselves. They are seeking an absolution that they should not be seeking.
    But I believe that there is also an economical motive: they want also that somebody pays for their condoms, sex change surgeries and hormonal treatment.
    Why should society pay for them?
    It is also claimed these days that drunkenness is congenital. I do not see why gay people could complaint if the drunkards fight for their “recognition” and demand that society pays for the alcohol bills.
    I believe that society should not pay for either.

    • Sure, diverse sexual orientations are pathologies comparable to alcoholism. Let’s hope your stupidity is congenital so society does not have to pay when they treat you and your family.

      • Why do you call me stupid? Why do you involve my family? Is not that hatred?
        I know neither what the causes of homosexuality are nor the causes of alcoholism. Some say it is genetics, some say it is lack of character, some say it is the result of original sin. I have no idea.
        But a common thing to them is that both homosexuals and alcoholics claim it is something they can’t control.
        Therefore, they are the same thing to me as far for me being responsible for paying for their alcohol or their sex change.
        What happened with being responsible for our own actions?
        If a born male chooses to have tits together with a beard or a male voice, does he has a right to demand from me that I look at it and accept it as normal? He/she should have the strength of character to not care about what I think and not to demand my money.
        That somebody can’t control himself makes me liable to pay for his tits?
        Natural Law is there. When the mosquito population grows so does the population of predators so that a balance is re-established.
        Likewise, when those “enlightened” societies like the Scandinavian do pay for sex change and abortion it has an effect in society: the original “enlightened” population contracts and they must allow immigration from Muslim countries to carry out their trash such that Muslim population grows and eventually will take over and reverse all that “progress”. The final stage is going to be a lot worse for homosexuals.

        • if you can’t control a behavior then BY DEFINITION you aren’t responsible for it!
          that is the principle by which people are declared not guilty in courts even if they committed a crime — INTENT is KEY, with no control there is NO INTENT, get it??
          you seem to be extremely unfamiliar with law!
          your arguments have so many holes!

          there is no right to discriminate but there is a right to equality — so YES! you cannot attack or discriminate people you dislike or disagree with, that is part of life, of being a mature adult, a member of a society and tolerance is a sign of a healthy democracy! because discrimination is inequality of treatment and justice needs equality before the law! you must find a way to criticize without being disrespectful and dehumanizing and abandon the idea that your stupid “values” have supremacy over the values of others —- nobody cares if you feel threatened, you have to live with it and find ways to disagree like a well-balanced person

          but it seems like you are very unbalanced, so maybe you can’t help yourself and thus cannot be held responsible for making your brainless comments!

          I am glad that less and less people think like you, you will soon be a very minor minority — should we tolerate you, when the majority disagrees with your irrational hate-mongering?

          not only are you a homophobe, you are also an Islamophobe and yet appear to also be “pro”-life?? such incoherent and contradictory positions! you don’t want abortions to happen because you have “principles” but you don’t show any care for immigrants fleeing for their lives, you care about people….UNLESS they disagree with you or are different from you, then you want to impose your sick little world-view on everyone else like the little authoritarian imbecile you are, discriminating, excluding, insulting and hating the “other” you have seethinlgy created …. must be lonely to be so batshit crazy and disconnected

          • And the lack of population growth in the First World is due to sex changes. Amazing theories.
            BTW much less enlightened countries -such as Venezuela- where there are no LGBT rights and abortion is illegal, are doing so well.

    • You know who else are like that? Women. There has always been discrimination and violence against women but in the past they lived brave lives and just accepted it. You know why I think things are different now? They have an economic motive. Can you believe that? They don’t want to be brave and silent anymore, like they mostly were in say the medieval period where they were burned at the stake if they decided to be brave and not silent.

      Anyway, discrimination against women is just the way things have always been and I wish things were just the way they always were. Maybe I should move to Saudi Arabia or rural Iran where they don’t worry about things like discrimination.

  3. My guess is, authoritarianism and homophobia are a wedded pair in Venezuela. It has seemed to me in other parts of Latin America, like Mexico, as the society becomes more democratic, as the economy modernizes, attitudes start to change fairly rapidly.

    I live in a society where homophobia is broadly unacceptable, though it certainly remains. That is a fairly new phenomenon- maybe in the last decade and half the shift happened. Still, to hear that only a “few” of your respondents live openly in Venezuela is both a confirmation of what we all know to be true, and a sad indictment. It is an indictment of a society that is trapped in a bygone era, where intolerance is a tool for political manipulation, and has not yet been outed as a stupid, dangerous impediment to improving things and getting things done. I can’t see Venezuela becoming a modern economy and a healthy democracy without these attitudes radically changing.

    Good work on this piece. You’ve been doing some really interesting writing for Caracas Chronicles.

  4. Numbers I see indicate that scarcely 3% of the population is NOT normal heterosexual. Why do 97% of us have to suffer what we consider obnoxious being shoved in our faces as if it were “normal”? Frankly, I do not consider conversation about sexual proclivities to be acceptable, let alone polite. I find it obnoxious. Rude.

    Venezuela is burning, and you want to talk about sex????

    • Exactly, no time for identity politics!!!

      Once there is a new government, then you can add another gay rights bill to the gargantuan stack of new bills that need to be passed…

      • If we are to discuss sexual orientation and discrimination, I point to a majority population more discriminated against than any other. Women.

        Personally, I’m a champion of MEW. This is a little-known minority movement which has been violently discriminated against for thousands of years. Yes, thousands. And it is critical to the survival of Mankind. That’s why I champion it. Of course it has to do with sexual relations! Specifically, the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. This is a movement which should be brought to the forefront of the popular forum of public debate and commentary.

        For thousands of years, approximately 67% of women went through their entire lifetimes without ever experiencing a sexual orgasm. That bears repetition: For thousands of years, approximately 67% of women went through their entire lifetimes without ever experiencing a sexual orgasm. No one cared!

        It was Alfred C. Kinsey who published, in 1953, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.” At the time, it was considered controversial, even lewd, even “inappropriate” ground-breaking work, as it finally began to knock down the barriers of non-acceptance, and the woefully little attention paid, to the long-suffering female population.

        There was a great deal of discrimination and prejudice to overcome, not the least of which were the Puritanical attitudes towards female sexuality. This subject of female sexuality has been so horribly suppressed, that it has taken more than a century from 1953, in this modern age of medicine with all manner of instruments and availability of specimens to study, and with the marvels of MRI, for the shape and size of the clitoris to be made public: If you think of a clitoris as a “tiny pearl”, you are just looking at the come of the volcano, so to speak.

        “The Atlantic” is a highly respected leading U.S. magazine, named “Magazine of the Year” in 2016. From the Atlantic article linked to immediately below:

        “However, heralded by some as a sexual and physiological revolution, a new 3-D printed model of the clitoris is being used to change the public’s view of female sexuality. Free to download, the life-size model was designed by the French engineer, sociologist, and independent researcher Odile Fillod and released early last year.

        “At 10 centimeters in length, from the tip of the glans to the end of one “crus” (or leg), the model clitoris is bigger than expected. That’s tactical: It was created to dispel misinformation. Many dictionaries and even medical texts dub the clitoris as “pea-sized.” ”

        Most women have no idea that they can experience ejaculatory orgasm more intense than that of the male. Most men do not know how to bring about an ejaculatory orgasm in their wives. This highlights the need for bringing this entire subject to the forefront, and out into the open!~ No more “closet sexuality” for women! Step out into the light! Be proud!

        Thus my championing of More Education for Women (MEW).

        MEW Pride Parade downtown, tomorrow, and to heck with protesting Maduro.

        (And, oh, btw – you guys, like I’ve hammered here before, really need to get something going as far as studies of the agricultural sector, because you’re rapidly running out of food. Crops need time to grow, and calves aren’t made overnight.)

    • No, we’re talking about discrimination, which is one of the main causes of the flames consuming Venezuela today.

    • Yes. Although it shows precisely why articles like this one are so necesary in the first place (even if LGBT rights are not a priority…)

  5. “Teresa is a lawyer, currently living in Chile. Like so many others, she has found in her new home the tolerance and peace of mind she couldn’t find back in Venezuela. ”

    Yikes. Chile is well known for its social conservatism, and even they beat us?

  6. Until Venezuela can better afford the medications to treat AIDS, it is probably best to discourage homosexuality.

    • Discourage? Being gay isn’t a choice one makes, nor does it automatically bring you AIDS.

      Let me fix that for you: “until Venezuela can better afford the medications that treat AIDS, it is probably best to discourage promicuous behaviour.”

  7. This is very anti-heterosexual post. Gays should assume their life style with bravery and do not ask for neither the understanding nor money from the rest of society. I myself am not antigay, I am currently at a party in a male cuple’s house, they do not hide, they do not flaunt and don’t complaint.
    Those are my type of gay up guys and gals!

    • Yes, asking for respect for the basic rights of LGBT people is by default anti-heterosexual. How bloody stupid can you be? It’s not antiheterosexual, it’s anti-moronic-bigot, like you, which is why you’re all triggered.

      I hope that gay couple who were hosting your bloody night out kicked your sorry ass to the street.

  8. This is a quote from the authors in some other article of his:
    “When I realized it wouldn’t be, I did my best to keep my mind focused on my job: writing pop culture articles, including film reviews. Two times a week I would go to a movie theater in a shopping mall in Las Delicias Avenue. A few blocks down the road where protests would take place. One time I watched 12 Years a Slave as the ruckus from the protestors clashing with the police filtered into the room.”
    But he did not join the protest.
    This is the same attitude that would make gays to want society to pay for their sex change.
    The title of the article is itself offensive: “LGBTzuela: choosing between the tricolor and the rainbow flag”
    Is he first gay and then Venezuelan?
    This is an unmanly attitude that has nothing to do with being gay.

    • Chamo, gays DO NOT WANT A FUCKING SEX CHANGE, gays are perfectly happy with their gender. Read some Wikipedia and when you get your shit right do back here to keep spewing venom down our throats.

  9. Every single shithead comment here is the embodiment of the point the post is trying to make.

    De bolas que los LGBT se van…who’d want to stay to face this kind of troglodyte shit day in and day out, on top of all the other shit?

    • Che Guevara was not Argentinian, he was not Cuban and he was not Bolivian. He believed he was an Internationalist, a citizen of the world. His ideology became what he was, his identity.
      I guess that for the gay people that this article speaks about the approval by others of their sexual orientation has become their issue above everything else. I cannot help but bet that those are the ones that do not accept themselves as they are.
      And then they have made an ideology, a crusade of it.
      And it becomes their identity, their homeland, to the point that the author has a dilemma, whether to choose between the tricolor and the rainbow flag. And it is because they have no flag like Che Guevara.
      It makes me sad.

    • What is the difference in calling somebody “shithead” because we disagree with what he says and calling somebody a “faggot”?

      • A shithead is a common insult referring to a person who disguises his hate in the form of inane commentary and stupid questions like this one.

        • Why doWhy do you say I hate homosexuals?
          My points are:
          1. Those that seek approval from others do it because they do not approve themselves. Including gays.
          2. The author expects somebody else to fight for his rainbow Venezuela. He does not protest.
          3. Society should not pay for sex change operations in the same manner it should not pay for veterinarian care for somebody’s goat lover.
          you say I hate homosexuals?

      • “What is the difference in calling somebody “shithead” because we disagree with what he says and calling somebody a “faggot”?”

        None. And I see that in my country too, people raised in undeveloped/third-world societies are far more intolerant with other people’s opinions than people raised in developed countries. To not be able to hear what the other has to say, even if disagreeing completely, is the root of things like Chavismo.

        I remember, while in London, of being introduced to something called Speakers’ Corner, in Hyde Park. As a third-world citizen, I was totally amazed with that. How can people say the most bizarre things there without being stoned to death? Where are the socialists to arrest those people openly stating their opinions as if they were free citizens? I was totally impressed with that, and still am!

        For how long would a speaker’s corner last in Venezuela without Sebin being called? The same can be said about any other country in Latin America, exception being probably Chile — mentioned in the text as success case of tolerating sexual diversity, what is no surprise to me.

        It may look paradoxical at first, but many times the ones calling for more tolerance on the group of people they supposedly defend act with intolerance when people have opinions different from what they have. They are the other side of the same coin, and reflect what we are in Latin America, even after moving abroad. Or undevelopment is something very difficult to break away from, it’s in our economies and cultures, and reflect what we really are: upcoming, even if eternally.

        • People have not been rounded up and sent to concentration camps because they are “shitheads” Marc. They aren’t hunted, tortured and imprisoned in places like Chechnya, or Zimbabwe, or Saudi Arabia, because they are jerks. There has never been a plan to eradicate jackasses (I mean, really eradicate them) that was put into practice, that I can recall.

          So yes, there is a difference between calling someone a shithead and something else. But it takes a fucking iota of human understanding and judgment to see the difference, so I can appreciate that the difference would be lost on Juan.

          I’ll defend the right of people to spew whatever nonsense they want to spew in the public sphere, but I don’t need to let go of my right to exercise some judgment in respect of what is being spewed. There is a difference between insulting a person and directing hate at a group, particularly a group that has a long history of being marginalized and persecuted for just being who they are. I’ve got as high a threshold for understanding the importance of freedom of speech, including hate speech, as anyone, but I’ll reserve the right to call it what it is and not have some jackass suggest I’m being “intolerant”.

          I’d just add, on the suggestions here that Venezuela has lots of problems, so why focus now on discrimination against LGBT people?… I find it disheartening that people here will rush to the defense of the journalist who is fired for speaking the truth, or the shop owner who is put out of business arbitrarily in the name of socialism, – both of which are injustices- but somehow, the fact that a person cannot love who they love in peace, as they are, without being fired, demoted, been made the object of slurs and violence, being driven out of a family or a community, having to take their talents to another country to exercise them, being forced to the margins of society to work alone on the corner on Avenue Libertador at night in one of the most dangerous cities on the planet- that THAT injustice is somehow of lesser consequence or priority. I find it disheartening that this OTHER concern is just too unimportant for people who have the lofty work of getting an arbitrary, unjust, violent and oppressive regime out of the way.

          Being denied a job or the right to exercise one’s profession, or being under constant threat of getting beaten up or worse, because one has a particular political viewpoint, is just as much a problem as being denied that job or that professional opportunity or being subject to that violence because of -as the expression goes- who one loves. This should be obvious.

  10. “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what you can do for your partner”. But, seriously, Jose, thanks once again for one of your always well-researched, thought-provoking articles.

  11. Homophobia takes a little while for some cultures to overcome. (Hell, and in predominantly Catholic countries with churches ruled by the Vatican?)

    Come on. What you can you expect?

    I appreciate this article’s intents and insight, but I don’t buy the notion that you can somehow crowbar LGBT rights issues into this current crisis where the BASIC human rights of EVERYONE have been so violated.

    Of course it’s going to take a back seat to everything else. This shouldn’t surprise or shock anyone.

    What happened pre-Chavez is a different story, or maybe the same story:

    I was shocked visiting my soon-to-be-wife and friends/family in 1988, and we were on the beach in Macuto. A very effeminate guy was walking, doing something, who remembers…

    And my wife and others were laughing, making jokes to themselves, etc. Now to me, living and being raised in NYC, and working with many gay folks, I couldn’t understand this. This guy wasn’t “out of the ordinary” to me. He was just obviously gay.

    But would have I felt this way 20 years earlier? I didn’t.

    It just takes time, and meeting people out of the closet, and realizing what wonderful people they can be. Just like “normal” people.

    Thank God, after my wife moved to NYC with me, it only took her a few months to learn this, and she isn’t turning back!

  12. The comments here are why we can’t have nice things.

    Also a good display of how fucked up Venezuelan society is – comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, ffs, what an impressive display of ignorance, retrograde thinking and just blatant idiocy…

  13. Great article, Jose. I loved your other piece about your fear and hesitance about protesting and I think you’re a great writer -your work shows insight, a wonderful reflexive capacity and critical thought, plus a good narrative flow.

    I’m going to leave and never come back to it though because some of the comments are so insidious I might break my keyboard.

    • Jose did choose not to participate in the protests.
      But he expects that in that Venezuela that others will conquer for him gays will receive sex change operations paid by society.
      How could we call this attitude without being called a “shithead”?

  14. I see many writers of the blog just easily dismissing the comments because they come from “shitheads”, or “troglodyte thinkers” (a use of ad-hominem which, may I say, is sadly not uncommon from the editor-in-chief).
    Yet what I don’t see is one well structured comment trying to convince us why the state (ourselves) should pay for trans surgeries. Way to encourage debate guys!

    • because they are citizens and deserve the same that everyone else gets, meaning: they get access to the medical services and procedures they need, just like anyone else

      applying dogmatic morality to public health services is a dead end, a total waste of time and incoherent in that it would admit discrimination while claiming to represent “good values”
      and who would you make the arbiter? yourself? are YOUR values the right ones? should the beliefs of ONE person affect the health of ANOTHER?? isn’t that a violation of self when OTHERS have the power to decide what happens to YOUR body? a human’s body is what a human is: a body — our bodies have the rights of self-determination, if you take away a human’s right to say yes or no to something that affects them, you erase the human

      if values would dictate medicine then would you say we should let people get injured or die because they:
      – were driving under the influence when they caused an accident in which they (& others) were injured or died
      – were addicts that OD’ed on drugs
      – tried to commit suicide after murdering someone
      – got a heart attack because they didn’t take proper care of their nutrition nor exercised
      – got lung cancer from chain-smoking
      – got liver failure from drinking
      – were injured as a result of their own reckless behavior
      – got fractured while practicing an extreme sport…?

      How many injuries and deaths would you have “morals” cause?
      such a society is no modern democracy, that is a draconian totalitarianism of “morals”
      Also, such doctors wouldn’t be doctors because they would be violating their hippocratic oaths since their inaction would certainly cause (potentially mortal) harm

      we ignore “morality” in THOSE cases, but then, why not when it comes to the very important right of self-determination and freedom of expression of SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS? why should you have access to health services no matter who you are or what you do and deny such treatment to others? because it conveniently excludes needs or problems that YOU have? that CONDITIONS healthcare depending on WHO a person is or how they IDENTIFY themselves as

      Doctors save lives IRRESPECTIVE of who their patients are or what they did
      The law pursues justice IRRESPECTIVE of who their citizens are and identify themselves: they all have EQUAL RIGHTS (including access to health care, no matter what kind it is, which values a person follows…), they all get punished equally (not more) – there is no justice if all citizens are not considered equal in the eyes of the law

      also identity is very important, I don’t understand the aversion and vile directed at identity politics —- IDENTITY characterizes a human
      the body is what a human is, so is personality, culture, self-expression, gender, sexual orientation, etc. — people are multi-faceted, there is nothing wrong with exploring our preferences, so why is there such a debate about it? if you don’t like a practice, don’t share a sexual orientation, don’t identify as a gender other than the one you were born with , don’t practice a certain (if any) religion — then you don’t! it is as easy as that!
      why should somebody that doesn’t experience what you do have a say on your personal expression?

      And if none of those arguments convinced you, then look at it from an utilitarian perspective: it will be much “cheaper” to provide health services than to pay for the consequences of not doing so
      – We are all part of a society, when people are ignored and discriminated they will deprive us of their ideas and contributions to the economy, they might regretfully acquire mental health problems or addictions (which can increase human suffering, health care costs, petty theft to feed addictions, neglected family members/friends…) , they might work under their potential and maybe even in illicit industries or commit robbery because they can’t access labor opportunities, they might suffer exploitation , they might commit suicide, leaving loved ones behind (like dependents who will have to be taken care of) …. I mean I am sure you yourself can easily come up with other examples of how societies suffer when they are unequal
      – UTILITY MAXIMIZATION and all, you know (the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people)?

      just live and let live — I support the LGBT movement without any difficulty even though (or probably: BECAUSE) I don’t belong to it and YES I am a “libtard” millennial …

      • What is the difference between bestiality and homosexuality?
        Are not those that are born with sexual attraction for goats entitled to have equal access to housing so that they could leave with their goat-wife in an apartment building? Are not they entitled to veterinarian care for their partners?
        If gays are entitled to sex change procedures paid by society how could you deny those rights to goat lovers?

      • Not to worry. At the rate you millennials are signing up to take Gender Study courses, in five years there will be twenty Gender Councillors for every single TG person.

        • how egregious to compare homosexuality with bestiality! Denouncing people for ad-hominem attacks yet not hesitating in making incredibly offensive comments yourself (hypocrite much?) — claiming you want a good debate yet not answering even one of my questions … your shitty comments DEHUMANIZE PEOPLE, yet you dare speak about values and rights…

          Bestiality is a crime according to ANIMAL ABUSE LAWS and CRIMES AGAINST NATURE
          — it is abusive behavior towards animals, as they lack the cognitive capacity to give or withhold consent, be a conscious/informed participant and express their desires

          Don’t compare human interaction to one with a goat! humans have auto-determination, cognitive abilities for complex thinking, the ability to speak , the ability to understand and CONSENT , to love each other and in ways that expressly communicate love to their partner…

          The law makes a clear distinction between humans and other animals! and there will OBVIOUSLY always be a distinction by function of the characteristics imposed by BIOLOGY! It is so dumb to try to argue that animals will ever have the right to a fair trial or the freedom of thought, conscience and religion —— so why don’t you see how stupid it is to argue animals will ever get any human rights? Human rights are rights for HUMANS (does an alternate word-order make it possible for you to understand the idiocy of your remark?)
          necessarily, rights and entitlements will always only be received by HUMANS!

          So clearly public healthcare can only ever be received by HUMANS (thus that isn’t even an argument) — are you suggesting we assume the costs of treating cows for colds and chickens for fevers ? What about pets? Farm animals? Why stop there? Should we assume the costs of fertilizer for plants? Do you have some delusion which makes you think horses have their own houses? the apartment would be granted to the person in your ignoramus scenario you daft wanker — Maybe you should access the health care you plan to deny others…

          you must not have any answers to my questions nor any counter-arguments WHATSOEVER so you have chosen to answer such a boneheaded response

          Are you a troll or something?

          For dimwit number 2: sorry to crash your little worldview but I am studying ECONOMICS — and at least by the time we are done, we will all have a better and more nuanced understanding of gender , oooh such a tragedy!! Way to feel threatened by a non-threat! —— the prejudice directed at millennial is so ridiculous, you are supposed to be more mature than us yet all you do is disparage and belittle —— you are the embodiment of “the old hating the new” cliché , wonder if you even realize that…

          • the half other is taken up by hate comments! gotta balance it with support!
            yeah you are older, but not more mature it seems…
            if answering shitty arguments with detail is a “rant” i wonder what you call your little nasty remarks?
            obnoxious diatribe? please act like the older person you are!

  15. “Numbers on trans people in Latin America are dire, over 75% of all recorded transgender and gender-diverse murders worldwide happen in the continent, with Venezuela in the top five.”

    I bet that even albinos are killed in absurd proportions in Latin America/Venezuela, not to mention Jews, elderly people, babies, people wearing Batman customes, etc.

    We are all being killed like flies in this continent.

    That’s the sad truth. I long for the day that this will cease. Actually, that’s the main problem in Latin America in my view: violence against humans.

  16. Some of these comments…wow. Sad. Certainly many of these older folks out there, who tend to hold the most ‘traditional’ views of gays, would be very surprised at the amount of closet gay people they’ve socialized or worked closely with over their life, much closer to them they would ever imagine. In any event, with each passing year the number of those with these homophobic views dwindles (at least in the West).

    As for LGBT rights and Venezuela, the way I look at it with this current Regime there is nothing and no hope, but without this regime there is hope and endless possibilities. Anything that divides or distracts from the effort to remove this regime should be discarded until afterward.

  17. Some folks still don’t get the point on this.

    It’s not about “forcing someone to pay for someone else’s sex change operation” nor “letting those monsters to corrupt our stupid children”.

    It’s a thing about not being targeted by a systemic discrimination and hatred from the society, I thought that venezuelan people, of all the people in the world, would at least be able to understand a bit better what it is to survive under a relentless capaign of vitriolic hatred that rains from every of the society’s strata.

    • Let us cut the chase.
      Out-holes are not meant to be in-holes, so there is a misuse and abuse of biology, it is abnormal, it is an aberration. The out-hole is not physiologically prepared to be used as an in-hole.
      Facts are stubborn. You will not be able to change that with gay pride parades, with civil laws or with calling me shithead.
      If it is repugnant to me why do I have to lie and say it is ok?
      And people are targeted for discrimination all the time, from school yards to the jungles of Africa. And it has happened since humanity exists. And it will cease only the day humanity cease to exist.
      And those societies that pay for sex changes, for abortions and condoms they are only bringing about their own end. Look at what is happening in the enlightened countries of Europe that are being taken over by the Muslims, and those, better believe it, will not pay for sex changes and abortions, they will hang you.
      Are you gay and do not want to be discriminated against? Be a Ricky Martin or an Ellen DeGeneres and you will find some of those that despise you now pay good money to go and see you. I don’t.
      So instead of calling me shithead give me a reason why an out-hole should be treated as in-hole.

      • “Nosotros aceptamos la sexodiversidad, ese es problema de ellos lo que hagan con su culo, pero tienen que ser serios, como Ricky Martin. Acepta el reto, maricón.”

        I think Juan is Pedro Carreño.

        • Ya como no pueden decir que los odian por relacionarse con su mismo sexo porque no tienen los güevos de usar argumentos viejos, ahora los acusan de vestirse feo. Qué patéticos.

      • ** “Out-holes are not meant to be in-holes, so there is a misuse and abuse of biology, it is abnormal, it is an aberration. The out-hole is not physiologically prepared to be used as an in-hole.”

        Reducing this issue to simply “that hole is only an exit” is an absurd oversimplification, a simplification that could be compared to the same scale that dictatorships inflict on their enemies.

        You staunchly believe that “missionary sex with the explicit intent of procreation” is a law of nature, bad news for you, nature hasn’t evolved through billions of years by “laws set in stone”, everything that wasn’t manufactured by mankind was the product of sheer luck and coincidences.

        Now that you speak of biology, we could claim then that humans engaging in monogamy are an aberration, since the human physiology is designed for the man to be able to impregnate several women to have better chances to pass down his genes, yet still lots of people in modern times prefer to stick with a single partner for decades, it depends even on the society where the person lives, I guess that in islamic countries monogamy could be seen as an abhorrent behavior.

        ** “Facts are stubborn. ”

        Humans are not the only animals that display different behavior to the “male + female = family” thing, there are some other animals that do it as well.

        In fact, humans are also in the niche sector of the animal kingdom of species that also engage in sexual activity for ends that are not specific procreation, if they’re not the most creative in ways to use the “tools intended for procreation” among all the animals, then they’re very close to the top.

        ** “You will not be able to change that with gay pride parades, with civil laws or with calling me shithead.”

        Neither you will change a thing by subjecting them to discrimination and harrassment, but yes, good news, civil laws are there with the goal of PREVENT discrimination from happening in the same way laws are there with the goal of preventing other crimes too, and discrimination is a crime no matter how you see it.

        ** ” If it is repugnant to me why do I have to lie and say it is ok?”

        That I find repugnant about one third of the people I meet in the street on a daily basis doesn’t give me the right to discriminate them, learning to accept some differences without killing each other for it is usually called tolerance, and it’s been one of the factors that helped the human race to thrive and survive this long.

        ** “And people are targeted for discrimination all the time, from school yards to the jungles of Africa. And it has happened since humanity exists. And it will cease only the day humanity cease to exist.”

        And that doesn’t change the fact that discrimination is still stupid, but simply shrugging, looking the other way and saying “kids will be kids” while a sector of the society is mercilessly reduced to fifth-grade scum by a circumstancial shift in the balance of power has been the cause of countless disgraces and crimes since humanity exists.

        If I remember correctly you live in USA, right? Have you ever asked yourself the reason some (And I’m saying SOME, NOT ALL) people get a firearm and kill a dozen of their “peers” in a highschool and then usually they end killing themselves? Did you know that even a huge chunk of the terrorists that besiege the “western world” are on it to “avenge” some discrimination they’ve been subjected most of their lives? I assume you know the Apartheid in South Africa, or racism in general, which has been the ultimate stupid form of discrimination since it takes in account the shallowest aspect to judge a person as the tone of their skin, I think that racism is even stupider than homophoby, also, Venezuela is even more racist than USA, it’s just that the racism here is directed from “those who look like Chávez” against “those who don’t look like Chávez”, and that’s just ONE way of discrimination here.

        ** “And those societies that pay for sex changes, for abortions and condoms they are only bringing about their own end. ”

        Oh boy, now this sounds like something said by that crackpot that my mother loves to watch in that fundamentalist channel that’s so boring, in a single sentence you put in the same bag three things as if they only applied to homosexuals (Since those are your main concern, men sticking their schlongs in the wrong hole)

        First we go with the abortions, all the “non-choice” folks want to paint a woman that has one of those as a debaucherous succubus that will throw away her unborn kid as one washes the filth off when taking a shower and PERIOD, when there are reasons where an abortion is the only viable choice, such as when the pregnancy is highly threatening to the mother’s life, there would be other possible reasons, byt the risk of health is the only thing that would justify it.

        Now about the contraceptives, which are called by some extremists as “abortive methods” since their motto is “have kids till you drop” and ANYTHING that stops the sexual act to conclude in a bun in the oven is seen as an abortion by those folks, which is incredibly absurd, and you know what else causes that idea of “having kids everytime you screw” mentality? Yeah, women with more than five kids, and will never be able to get out of the misery mire they’re stuck now.

        You’ll surely try to say that it’s “unfair to pay for someone else’s condoms so they can bang like rabbits”, which is the same mentality that can be extended for ANYTHING in society, like some folks I’ve heard debating about the “right for free education”, and many of them claimed that same thing, that “it’s unfair to pay for someone else’s stuff”, sounding like cheap caricatures that escaped from a socialist / communist propaganda, which, surprise, it’s the same way of thought that when taken to an extreme gives us rabid chavistas.

        ** “Look at what is happening in the enlightened countries of Europe that are being taken over by the Muslims, and those, better believe it, will not pay for sex changes and abortions, they will hang you.”

        Which is also aiming outside the target, because Europe isn’t being screwed by muslims because there are gay people among them, Europe’s being screwed by muslims because these take advantage from the condition of refugee in order to enter into european countries and wage a war, because yes, the muslim extremists are in war with every one that doesn’t kneel to them, much the same way that chavistas want to destroy and kill everything that doesn’t lick their soles.

        ** “Are you gay and do not want to be discriminated against? Be a Ricky Martin or an Ellen DeGeneres and you will find some of those that despise you now pay good money to go and see you.”

        Because those two examples have never suffered any discrimination, ever.

        Yeah, never, ever.

        ** “So instead of calling me shithead give me a reason why an out-hole should be treated as in-hole.”

        You’re still missing the point, which is the right to not to be discriminated.

  18. Does this site have a mechanism to block the one asshole spreading hate speech such as comparing homosexuality and bestiality? There is a limit for tolerance of intolerance.

  19. Homosexuality is comparable to bestiality insofar as that those who practice both claim that it is their inclinations, that they are just like that.
    As a matter of fact, there are several US states and Canada where bestiality is legal. Search it!
    The liberal elite wants to censor me because I confronted them with the physiology abuse of the out-holes converted into in-holes?
    Who have double moral standards here?

    • I can’t’ even tell if you are serious? Out-holes converted into in-holes?

      Gay people aren’t gay by choice buddy. No one would choose to be gay in this world, it’s hard enough as it is.

      • Of course, I am serious buddy.
        Out-holes used as in-holes is repugnant to many people regardless of whether it is done by choice or by an urge to do it.
        See? Going to the bathroom is a physiological need that many times is urgent but most people choose not to drop their pants on the street and do it right there in public and they rather soil their pants than to do that. That is called having decency. Defecating is something that most people want to do in private.
        Sexual preferences should be something kept private out of respect for others.
        Gay bashing and harassment is wrong but so are the Gay Pride parades. They do not march to demand respect, they march to defy society, to flaunt their lack of decorum and respect for others and worse, the lack of respect they have for themselves.
        These are questions for the author and for the liberal elite in this forum: have you not seem in those Gay Pride parades couples dressed and using chains to send the message that one is the master and the other the slave? Is not that a degradation of the human condition being taken to the extreme? Do you defend a goat from abuse but do not abhor this type of behavior?
        So, the use of out-holes as in-holes is at the end one of the most benign example of homosexual behavior.
        And it is yet intrinsically wrong.

        • how about HETEROsexuality?? that is also just an inclination, you just are straight, it doesn’t happen after making an explicit choice!

          are heterosexual relationships comparable to bestiality? do you have a girlfriend, a wife? I wonder how they will feel when they hear about how you think of them…

          to be so scared of a celebration is quite pathetic really… I don’t abhor BDSM when BOTH PARTIES ARE ABLE AND DO IN FACT CONSENT TO PARTICIPATE
          animals can’t consent! also, why haven’t you answered any of my questions? I am just as stubborn a commenter as you so how about answering ?

          you don’t deserve what you don’t give others, and that is: respect
          the word ‘morality’ should be BANNED from your mind and pie-hole

          the way you talk so disparagingly about “elites” IS SO DAMN CHAVISTA-LIKE!
          why don’t you try calling me a sifrina esbirra escuálida and be done with it?

          you, in ALL of your comments are INTRINSICALLY WRONG

          • Fabiola, here are your answers:
            Heterosexual people make choices all day long about: not grabbing some beautiful tits or asses, being faithful to their spouse, etc. Sexual inclination might not be a choice for sexual behavior is a choice.
            I never compared heterosexual relationships with bestiality. I said that those that practice bestiality feel entitled to it like those that practice homosexuality.
            I do have a wife, but I do not think of her as a goat.
            Could anybody with a sane mind consent to be a slave?
            I do respect people as people and not as gay people.
            You are part of the liberal elite. You place yourself above natural law and you support of the human body.
            I suspect that you are not “escualida”, it seems to me that you are, like the author, first and above everything else, gay. That is why I find this article so appalling.

          • are you saying sexual harassment and infidelity are extinct?
            yeah, you say the only way bestiality and homosexuality are similar is that people claim to have those preferences INHERENTLY —- heterosexual preference is ALSO INHERENT, so if you say homosexuality is like bestiality SO IS HETEROSEXUALITY (that was my point)
            where do you leave the heterosexuals that feel entitled to practice heterosexuality?
            yes, there are lots of people on this earth so it stands to reason that many might have preferences that you find strange — not a difficult thing to understand — since you dislike BDSM don’t practice it! punto y final
            “natural law” is a man-made concept , a construct that intends to limit and direct how humans on this earth are supposed to act like …
            I am not gay, I don’t think that the author is either and if I was I wouldn’t be ashamed of it…
            i just happen to be highly allergic to bigoted hate-mongerers that think of themselves as intelligent people with “values” , your nastiness makes me answer your brainless remarks
            your comments are what is appalling on this site

  20. I suggest to simply stop feeding the troll and ignore comments which are obviously directed to provoke and insult.
    Does anyone have an opinion on Luisa Ortega?

    • She’s still a cretin, more so when she couldn’t leave her inner chaveco chained as she should do and snarkily insulted the AN (And by extension all of the opposition) on her statement by saying that “Well, AN, it’s your problem thay yourselves went and got stuck in that hole by your own ignorance, do whatever you want”

    • Offend?
      Slave-master relationships paraded for everybody, including children, to see in Gay Day Parades are the epitome of human degradation. A goat is fiercely defended from abuse but a fellow human is exalted for his pride in showing up his misery. I realize I am wasting my time here.

        • I made a factual statement: master-slave relations are encouraged by Gay Pride Parades. And, by extension and your silence, by you.
          Live with it!

        • As you grow into adulthood I hope you lose the urge to write so many
          words in the upper-case. That, and the inability to cope with Hillary’s defeat, are two things you need to work on.

          • BDSM is practiced by heterosexuals as well, so NO your comment is NOT factual AT ALL
            what is the problem between two consenting adults?

            I don’t live in the US so Hillary is none of my concern

        • It’s mostly that he can’t get over his own double standard, people that discriminate are too stubborn to envision anything that doesn’t fit in their biases.

          He behaves just as pedro carroña who says “They’re free to do whatever they want with their asses, but capriloca is still a fag (and by extension all the escuálidos are too) and thus we are entilted to treat them like garbage” or nicolázzz in the satirical article from El Chigüire Bipolar who says “Sissies will have their rights once we’ve discovered the cure for being a faggot”

  21. Someone in this forum is strangely obsessed with gay master-slave relationships.
    Coming back to Luisa Ortega, well, but maybe we could cautiously give her a chance to help, I don’t know…

    • Yeah, she certainly is way more willing to oust narcolázzz than the MUD itself, even if she has the interests of the chavistas seeking for guisos who are basically a worse MUD now, since we have on one hand the MUD who wants to control the hyper presidentialist-socialist-rentist system, and in the other hand these chavistas who want the same thing, but also rubbing that garbage about the “Legacy” and keeping 99% of everything that’s wrong with the chavismo, all of its disgusting mafias included.

      The problem we face here is that narcolázzz, drogadado, alsaimer and the rodrígueses are sole-lickers of the cuban invaders, so they’re even worse than drug kingpings like Alcalá, people who have destroyed the country’s economy like pedorentes and king of deep-fried pamplina giordani, not counting the recursive human rights violators such as Rodríguez “headshot” Torres and the Luisa herself.

      The other problem we have is that these “legacy-rescuers” are still treating the opposition, from MUD to the last anti-chavista as sub-human garbage, which might aim for the “worse than chavismo” boogeyman so many like to bring up as the excuse to not to oust narcolázzz and his cronies.

  22. Oh, and one more thing, someone here is appalled that gays are protesting so that his tax money will be spent on benefits for gay couples. The system is already extremely benevolent to straight couples with many laws that grant tax cuts and so on, therefore denying the same benefits to gay souples is discrimination. Tell that to the serious (closeted) male couple from the party you’re at.

  23. “Natural Law” is not a man-made concept. It is all around us: gravity for one is there, ignore it and jump off a cliff!
    If all humanity were heterosexual it would not hurt humanity. If all humanity were homosexual it would hurt humanity. Therefore, homosexuality is, objectively, a regression, a mistake of nature like Down Syndrome, genetic heart disorders and all other genetic occurrences that make us less able to function in the world.
    So, where is the “pride” in being homosexual? Where is the pride in having a heart defect?
    There are some in the LGBT movement that use the pronoun “it”, others use “they”, some want to tamper with the sexual identity of children, is not that a diminishing of their own humanity?
    Please read this story:
    This is a paragraph from the story:
    “A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy who wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty — so that he can have more time that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender.”
    Any comments?

    • I am back to responding because hence your last entry I think you are genuinely misinformed.
      Yes, the rules of nature cannot be broken. Therefore, if you jump off a cliff, you cannot break the law of gravity. That is correct. You cannot break the laws of nature, not even a percentage of the time, because then, they wouldn’t be laws of nature.
      The problem is you pose that all couples being invariably heterosexual is a law of nature, and it is a fact that not all couples are, but a percentage of them is made up of partners from the same sex. How can this be if it is a law of nature. If it was, no one would be able to form a same-sex couple, no more than would they be able to jump of a cliff and fly.
      Statistics are something else. The majority of couples are in fact, heterosexual, but that does not mean that the ones that are not heterosexual are abnormal, only that they are in the minority. They are not any more abnormal than left-handed people, which are certainly rare, but lead normal, productive lives and being left-handed causes them no discomfort (other than the one caused by bullying inflicted by some belonging to the majority of right-handed people). I hope this helps clear up your point of view.

    • bestia, pero es que no pegas NI UNA… with “Natural Law” people refer to DOCTRINES (codifications of beliefs/ principles created by HUMANS) in political, legal and/or moral THEORY — Natural Law IS most certainly MAN-MADE, by SEVERAL DIFFERENT men, from different cultures with different definitions and conceptions regarding the role of morality in determining the authority of their norms! And to his day different philosophy scholars (following different philosophies) are STILL working on creating their own doctrines, or revising, modernizing, adapting existing ones — “natural law” is anything but set in stone

      For example:
      – the Church of England: “to live, to learn, to reproduce, to worship God, and to live in an ordered society.”

      – Islamic natural law: the five maqasid or higher intents of the Islamic sharia : to protect religion, life, property, offspring, and reason. Some add also honor.

      – Hobbes’s natural law: every individual has the natural right to wage war against all the rest for personal survival

      – Hugo Grotius: “even the will of an omnipotent being cannot change or abrogate” natural law, which “would maintain its objective validity

      Which doctrine should we follow? YOURS? why should anyone have to live according to the beliefs of OTHERS? Do you think of yourself as some supreme leader? Are you sure you are not a chavista? (Seriously “elites are evil” talk should have been eradicated by all democratic Venezuelans’ thinking…) What if YOU are the minority? Will you accept being discriminated for being heterosexual? I bet you would attend the “heterosexual pride parade” (love is love!) to assert your existence and demand rights!

      Natural Law ≠ Law of Nature

      Law of Nature = PHYSICAL law (“scientific generalization based upon empirical observation” / laws of science: “statements that describe, and predict phenomena as they appear in nature”) —> i.e. GRAVITY

      Science does NOT dictate HUMAN BEHAVIOR (only studies it), doctrines and beliefs do!

      Also, genetic mutations are a precondition to evolution and speciation — mutations are not always harmful, beneficial genetic mutations happen all the time
      e.g. people with LRP5 gene mutations have stronger and denser bones (resistant to fractures and bone degeneration!) , people with Apo-AI and PCSK9 gene mutations are more resistant to heart disease …. OUR SPECIES IS EVOLVING
      why do you think that the human is a “done product”? Evolution didn’t stop! It never stops! we will be studied someday as less evolved hominids by our superior offspring (our species might even die out altogether like the Neanderthals , replaced by more capable animals…)

      If all humanity were homosexual then NECESSARILY we would have been constructed in such a way that would have made it possible for humans to procreate in the ABSENCE of heterosexuals! If that is not possible, then neither is your dumb scenario — how can x exist if what would produce x is unfeasible?
      in millions of years our human offspring might not need a heterosexual couple in order to procreate — men might be able to become pregnant too, who knows? some frog and seahorse males already can, and they are a product of NATURE —— heterosexual procreation would become irrelevant then, anyone could produce it… If all humanity were homosexual, that is simply how our species would be! (No “wound to humanity”)

      Furthermore, there is NO “shame” in having a genetical condition (it is NOT a regression, and is only harmful to the person that has is, not to anyone else, not to “society”, geez!!) You just have it, it is VALUE NEUTRAL —— you are just born the way you are born, and no matter HOW, you are a HUMAN, with HUMAN RIGHTS
      people with genetic mutations, be they harmful (to the human with the condition) or not, are ALIVE, they are our compatriotas, CITIZENS, and thus, EQUAL ACCORDING TO LAW —— are you suggesting people with genetic mutations have LESS rights BECAUSE of WHO they are? different levels of equality, especially if specifically conditioned on genetics, is the TEXT BOOK definition of the worst kind of DISCRIMINATION , don’t go down that lane for goodness sake!!

      Pride celebrations are protests for acceptance and recognition, asserting their humanity and right to exist as they are, to be treated as the equal humans they are! It is about denouncing discrimination and demanding respect and acceptance! NOT accepting and treating everyone equally (including children) IS what diminishes humanity, what erases the human!
      & not that I really know anything about it, but I would imagine that transgender children that are accepted as they are, grow up with less pain, mental anguish, anxiety… same with homosexual youth, who I think are unfortunately over-represented in suicide statistics!
      Letting Tammy DECIDE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER BODY is about the healthiest way that I have ever heard to deal with such a child, I imagine it can be traumatic to a kid to see their body grow differently from how they see themselves as…

      People have to accept themselves to be happy, I suggest you follow the link posted above to the “am I gay?” test and accept the results of it! You might still find occasion to abandon all your ridiculous, vitriolic hatred and become a happy, balanced and tolerant person! there is potential in everyone…

      seriously, identity politics is important! it can be practiced alongside other concerns — we are capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time , no need to pretend we aren’t by falsely diminishing our capabilities
      To study humanities is important everyone! Juan, seriously! You ought to expand your horizons!

  24. Gay sex is not natural. Sexual intercourse is meant for reproduction and the tools we have are meant for that. Any other use is unnatural

    • So, sex for recreation/enjoyment is not natural (for example, sex between older couples past childbearing age)? Humans have been doing that since the dawn of time. Dolphins also do that, and I believe several other species.

      Gay sex occurs in other species, and has occurred in virtually every human society ever recorded in some form or another. I guarantee you that there are people you’ve lived and worked closely with over the years who were closeted gay people. There are several I knew in university and training who came out years later, some of the best people I’ve ever known who have given so much to society and to others. Some of them had girlfriends and one was married. I’m saddened that they lived in a world where they had to hide their identity to the people they loved, let alone society.

      Anyway, I’m not sure the point in arguing with you further. Recognition of the rights of gay people is a done deal in the West, although as usual Latin America is behind. Each passing year the percentage of folks who understand and support equal rights for gays increases, as older generations die off. Pretty soon the only folks who still discriminate and legislate (and sometimes hate) gay people will be the Islamists.

    • You better answer the reply I posted to one of your longer comments above, Juan, or I’m going to spam it after every reply you post trying to evade what I answered you.

      You staunchly believe that “missionary sex with the explicit intent of procreation” is a law of nature, bad news for you, nature hasn’t evolved through billions of years by “laws set in stone”, everything that wasn’t manufactured by mankind was the product of sheer luck and coincidences.

      Now that you speak of biology, we could claim then that humans engaging in monogamy are an aberration, since the human physiology is designed for the man to be able to impregnate several women to have better chances to pass down his genes, yet still lots of people in modern times prefer to stick with a single partner for decades, it depends even on the society where the person lives, I guess that in islamic countries monogamy could be seen as an abhorrent behavior.

      • I have never spoken of “missionary sex with the explicit intent of procreation” in this forum.

        I have never spoken of monogamy/polygamy in this forum.

        Sorry, you are barking up the wrong tree!

        • The only argument you had against homosexuality was that it was “unnatural” according to the doctrine you follow — which suggests that you think the only “acceptable” sex is the kind that can lead to procreation —- That argument falls apart by the fact that, as pointed out by someone else, not every sexually active HETEROSEXUAL couple CAN procreate —— so should infertile heterosexuals refrain from having sex? If not, then why can’t homosexuals have sex? not having the ability to procreate doesn’t invalidate sex, it is discriminatory to rule it out for homosexuals while it is incredibly common in heterosexuals (having sex without procreating)…

  25. The anatomy and physiology of sexual organs are there for all to see. They do not need explaining.
    Heterosexuals that are faithful to their partners is because they choose to do that.
    Heterosexuals that rape another is because they choose to do that.
    Heterosexuals that molest children is because they choose to do that.
    Humans that engage in sex with animals is because they choose to do that.
    Sexual inclination or desire, regardless of urgency, does not excuse heterosexuals from responsibility.
    Likewise, homosexuals that use the sexual organs un-naturally is because they choose to that.
    I guess that the argument here is that if they do it to themselves then it should not be of concern to me.
    And it is not a concern of mine until the Gay Pride movement wants all of us to bless away their responsibility including sexual slavery and, of course, pay for sexual changes.
    To me, discrimination and harassment of homosexuals is as wrong as it is to demand from me my approval and society’s money to further their causes.
    And I know several gay couples that share these views.

    • What gets and doesn’t get called “un-natural” is MADE UP by humans! ANIMALS OF MANY SPECIES THAT ARE HOMOSEXUAL OCCUR NATURALLY, IN NATURE — don’t confuse doctrines with natural science …

      these are not issues of responsibility but of sexual PREFERENCE! Nobody has the obligation to follow your dictates…
      BDSM is NOT slavery …And if it offends you so much, why don’t you call your local government about that and see how they respond to your totalitarian urges to force everyone to act ONLY the way that YOU “ALLOW” them to…

      You cannot decide which people can and cannot have access to the rights that everyone has by virtue of being a citizen —— the law doesn’t work that way, and neither does medicine!! if you don’t pay taxes you are committing fraud , no matter what your imaginary gay friends have told you in your head… you DON’T decide which schools your taxes funds, who in the military gets armed, which road is built , who can receive entitlements … the state does!

      • No, what is unnatural is not defined by men. It is self-evident.
        It would be unnatural for me to want to have surgery to have an elephant trunk implanted on me.
        It would be unnatural for me to want to live in a fish tank.
        The use of a piercing on the tongue is unnatural, it interferes with the function of the organ.
        The penetration of the anus is unnatural, it interferes the function of the organ.
        I can’t make anybody to do anything.
        But I can exercise my political rights in opposing the Gay Pride goals.

        • you are confusing things AGAIN
          homosexuality occurs IN NATURE, ACROSS SPECIES (physical law)

          There is a difference between what is NATURAL, POSSIBLE & IMPOSSIBLE

          – acquiring limbs from other species: IMPOSSIBLE (as of yet, at least)
          – piercings: POSSIBLE (& no tongues don’t just stop functioning when pierced…)
          – human living in fish tank: POSSIBLE FOR SOME TIME with steady oxygen supply / IMPOSSIBLE forever, or w/o oxygen
          – homosexuality: NATURAL (it occurs in NATURE, & NO it doesn’t interfere with any bodily function)

          where do you leave lesbians?? do you have issues with their love? I mean, according to you, the whole body argument is the key factor in your opposition… if homosexuality between women is ok, then your discrimination is specific to men??

          any rule that seeks to determine how a human can and cannot BEHAVE is NOT a physical law of nature (not science!), IT IS DOCTRINE & it changes depending on when and where you live!

          do not think that your opinions are NATURAL FACT, they are not!
          try telling homosexual penguins that they are “un-natural” , then instruct brown bears, chimpanzees, lions, chicken, salmons, etc., to not be homosexual and only act according to your dictates —- see how that works out for you…

        • You are confusing concepts AGAIN !

          There is a difference between what is NATURAL, POSSIBLE & IMPOSSIBLE

          – Acquiring limbs from another species: IMPOSSIBLE (as of yet, at least)
          – Human living underwater: POSSIBLE (w/ steady oxygen for a limited time period) / IMPOSSIBLE (forever, or w/o oxygen)
          – Piercing: POSSIBLE (& no, tongues don’t just stop working when pierced!)
          – Homosexuality: NATURAL & THEREFORE POSSIBLE

          Where do you leave lesbians? would your dictatorship allow females to love each other? Or is your discrimination directed at men only?

          Do not confuse your opinions with NATURAL FACT! They are NOT!
          Try telling penguins that their homosexuality is “unnatural” – see if they listen, if they act according to your OPINION —— then go and instruct brown bears, orcas, chickens, bisons, ostriches, chimpanzees, salmons, lions, etc. on “acceptable” behavior and see if their homosexuality disappears!

          goals? As if equality, tolerance & non-discrimination where a goal and not rights! You sound like the obnoxious type that wouldn’t accept the imposition of even a slight limitation to any of your rights, so why should others accept it?

  26. When you say sexual organs “were meant” for reproduction, you mean meant by who? God? Then that explains everything, you are basing on religion, which equals superstition and short-mindedness. End of discussion and bye to all.

    • God is not necessary to affirm that the anatomy and physiology of the sexual organs are equipped for procreation as the eyes are meant for seeing and not the wear eyeglasses.
      Likewise, the anus is not equipped to be penetrated.

    • I guess you have a tiny cock, right? That’s why you spit so much bullshit in this article, because men who have small dicks tend to be like you, stupid, obnoxious, conflictive. Due to the lack of sex. I pity your wife, que seguramente te esta cabroneando, GUEVÓN (In Spanish sounds better).


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