At around midnight last night, the freshly U.S.-sanctioned head of the government’s National Elections Council popped up on our screens to announce the results of yesterday’s doomstituyente election. By results I don’t mean “the winners” — only the governing party was running— but turnout: how many people actually showed up to grace yesterday’s with their presence. Her number —8,089,320— instantly underlined what we’ve known for some time: damnit, we’re going to need a new Elections Council

These people somehow figured out a way to commit fraud in an election where they were running unopposed.

To believe yesterday’s turnout figure you’d have to believe that somehow, amid the most terrifying economic and social crisis in Venezuelan history, with 3 out of 4 people actually losing bodyweight because they’re so hungry, the government got more popular, not less. Miraculously an extra 2.4 million people decided they want to go for the government, compared to their tally of 5,622,844 at parliamentary elections 19 months ago.

Somehow, we’re told, the Constituent Assembly is virtually as popular as Hugo Chávez was, with cancer, at the height of the 2012 oil boom.

It’s a figure that strains all credulity, and whose only function is to establish beyond a shadow of doubt that CNE, on top of enabling all kinds of unfair play in the run-up to an election, can no longer even be trusted to do the one thing it had just about managed to do credibly up to now: count the actual votes.

These people somehow figured out a way to commit fraud in an election where they were running unopposed. It’s amazing — like cheating at solitaire.

Since 2012, CNE has suffered the same transformation as the Supreme Tribunal has: going from a reliably friendly pro-government organ that nonetheless recognized the need to keep a minimum plausibility, to “pass” as an actual institution, to a fully subservient branch office of Miraflores.

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  1. Vote early, vote often. I take it that Tibisay Lucena will not make a list of Famous Graduates of the New School. Perhaps Infamous Graduates. I predicted 8 million.
    Is the Carter Center going to certify this?

    • Yep, I am wondering what Carter or Noam Chomsky have to say about all this?
      Any public figure that call themselves a true humanitarian should immediately rise their voice condemning what is happening, especially when you were part contributing to the problem. Do they have any guilt?

      • Not holding my breath on Jimmy the Narcissist (I can certify from thin air, because I am a man of peace). This is what we knew they would do … enough to trump July 16.

  2. I wonder if the intellectual authors of this sorry sham are the very old Cuban guard applying tactics that might have worked in the age of TV and Radio but a total failure in todays interconnected world.
    Who in the age of Social Networks and Photos everywhere are going to believe them?

    It never cease to amaze me how a few illiterate men are causing so much damage to so many people.

  3. I hope that now that the ANC is behind us, the many of you who thought that the government was going to stop this madness now understand that there is no negotiation possible with these criminals. They will keep going full throttle, do not act surprised when you see it.

    Given this, what will the government do?

    • Cheating at solitaire….indeed i think Quico was the solitary voice stating that the ANC was a bluff. Soothsayers!
      ‘Ad captandum vulgus’

  4. Well, according to CNE, we then have about 5.5 million “Agentes Fantasma” who went out to vote but nobody saw them! At least, their 8MM figure is an implicit acknowledgement by the government that we did get 7.6 million votes in our very open and very public world-wide plebiscite of July 16.

    For those that feel despondent and believe it is all over, I say: This is the beginning of the end.

    The Maduro regime and PSUV are fully de-legitimized both in Venezuela and abroad. Consider that only Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia support them openly. Consider that neither China nor Russia have stepped in to offer their support. CARICOM? only relevant to block resolutions from an already legally fang-less OAS and to be accomplices in Maduro’s drug trafficking.

    What really happened yesterday during the ANC election process (not the CNE so called numbers!) showed that not even the threats of firing people from their jobs or taking away their CLAP bags managed to mobilize a meaningful number of voters. They lost the people and there is no way they will win them back.

    CNE, in order to enable their massive fraud, removed any means to prove what happened in the voting process, up to the bizarre order to prohibit media presence HALF A KILOMETER away from voting centers!.

    PSUV is now just the political facade of military-run drug cartel that pretends to be a government.

    The Maduro regime is not a government. It has neither the ability nor the inclination for actually implementing public policy. It does not have the ability not only for their lack of expertise, but also for the lack of cooperation from the people; it does not have the inclination because its purposes are simply to remain in power at all costs to further their criminal enterprise. It has revealed itself as just a criminal gang that happens to be in power, something like the Mafia but without the cool factor.

    They have armed thugs on their side. Eventually the people will rely on their right to self-defense. Then their armed thugs will realize that there are many more of us than there are of them, and that their bosses, will leave them to their fates.

    • That “the Maduro regime and PSUV are fully de-legitimized both in Venezuela and abroad” des not mean “this is the beginning of the end”. They have shown they are good learners of the Cuban model, whoch has worked to keep castros in power for decades. The narcos threatened prison for protests, and Caracas stayed home. While the chamos are valiente and willing to die, most are still not. Cowards will leave in droves for a more comfortable existence elsewhere, cry for their lost country, and the narcos will have the place to themselves, as was always their plan.

      • Katey, although a Cuba scenario is not impossible, I find it unlikely for several reasons: First, I believe people magnify the skill of the Castros. They stayed in power thanks to the fact that they were “guapos y apoyaos”, meaning that they were ruthless in rooting out and exterminating or exiling any viable opposition and that they were given charte blanche by the Soviet Union to do as they would in Cuba. Without the protection and economic support of the USSR (and without the support of all of Latinamerica during the special-period and of Chavez afterwards) it is unlikely that the Cuban regime would have survived a well organized attempt by the USA to depose them (not a half-hearted, unprofessional op like the bay of pigs clusterf*ck). People in LatAm like to magnify the Castros, but they have never been little more than thugs. Also, this is 2017, not the 1960’s and it is impossible for Maduro’s regime to keep its atrocities out of the public eye, and the anti-americanism that fed Latin-america’s despicable complicity with the Castro communists is no longer in the same vogue. It is now harder for countries to find any justification for continuing to support Maduro. Even Russia’s admonition today is curiously muted.

        Having said that, I do not live in Venezuela right now and I am not in a position to condemn those that do not find the courage or recklessness to go out in the street to challenge the National Guard or the Colectivos. Nonetheless, I do feel that numbers do matter and the Regime should be very afraid of that moment where enough people realize that they really have nothing to lose and that if they do not fight back they will eventually die as well…

        • The castros stayed in power because USA and the URSS made a deal, that in exchange to taking away the sovietic missiles, the regime would be left to do as they would please forever and ever.

      • It’s a lot easier to keep 11 million Cubans stuck on an island in check, then to keep 30 million Venezuelans with access to other countries in line.

    • Patrick, well said. This is a criminal regime the likes of Russia, Iran and DPRK in that all deal in narcotics (Russians control cocaine in places like Antwerp via mafias).

      The Cuban controlled regime is betting on US led military action. I think Colombia under Santos is a wild card along with POTUS’ inability to develop relationships with Latam leaders. So we are not there yet.

      I do see the Ruskies doubling down on BRV. China too. I predict continued military armament support from these two.

      U.S. will cut them off and BRV will spiral down into Africa territory (alongside Haiti and Cuba). Trump cannot conduct a military operation in the first term IMO and may not be around for a second term.

      The Cubans have this figured out. Global whack-a-mole promises to keep U.S. eye off the Venezuelan ball. Militarily, yes we can. A multinational coalition can be summoned up but it ain’t gonna happen under Trump.

      For the regime, repression is the only hand left and they have room to go. The U.S. can and may out the drug cartels starting with Cilia, Nicholas, Adan, Tarek and the generals further eroding their support but nothing will happen. All roads lead to military action and the U.S. has done a poor job of educating the American public. Cocaine is now a socially acceptable scourge that gets no mention in the American media. It’s all about opiates and legal cannabis while cocaine (the champagne if drugs) goes unmentioned. Thus there is no threat to America from Venezuela.

    • Patrick really, really well-said. If economic sanctions/Ven. military fracture don’t do the trick, outside military force will have to (Venezuela is now, more than ever a danger to Hemispheric stability/security/democracy).

    • Very well crafted comment. I agree… “beginning of the end”. Chavismo has just spent the very last of their political legitimacy. In addition to being morally bankrupt, they are now also politically bankrupt.

  5. We are going to have some issues with the claim that they cheated. We are going to need some proof. How can we now say is fraud if we accepted the results in the 2015 election? I feel they cheated but still we need to have some proof.
    Could it be that there are 8M people that can be coerced to vote? in other elections some of these people would have voted for the opposition but now didn’t have the option.
    I think and feel that they cheated but we are going to need something stronger to support this claim.

    • Actually, No, we don’t. They are the ones who had to give credible evidence of their electoral results, after all, they are the CNE! and they made very sure this time that no such evidence is available: No mandatory voting centres, no ink, no fingerprint scans, no independent international observers and, on top of all that, no media allowed within HALF A FREAKING KILOMETER of the voting centers! It is not up to us to prove them wrong. It is up to them to prove that they are no lying. Also, the opposition has learned to accept when they lost, but also to challenge when the government had lost. They did it in the Rosales/Chavez election; they did it in the Maduro/Capriles election, but they also questioned the government’s intentions in the constitutional ammendment referendum (the “victoria de mierda” Chavez dixit) and in the 2015 National Assembly elections. The government’s lack of credibility and the opposition’s trustworthiness are acknowledged worldwide.

      • I’m not trolling, although I can be a bit contrarian, we are going be able to answer this questions because the Chavistas will use those arguments in the international instances.
        I don’t know how many people can be coerced to vote but there’s a lot of people that work on the government or rely on some kind of government assistance that were afraid not to vote yesterday. I don’t know how many but I bet some of those would have voted against the government if the opportunity existed.

        • Yeah, I kind of think you are trolling…

          You pretend to be semi partial to the Opposition, but you plant little seeds of doubt. I am not buying it. The whole world knows this was a massive fraud.

    • You have all the proof needed. Just look at the pictorial record of yesterday. If 8MM plus voted you would have seen plenty of pictures recording the fact.

    • It isn’t up to the skeptic to prove an outrageous claim of another.

      Outrageous claim: The moon is made out of cheese.
      Skeptic: Uh… no it isn’t.
      Outrageous claim: Prove I’m wrong….

      Outrageous claim: The ANC had 8 million voters for Chavismo.
      Skeptic: Uh… no it didn’t. The logic alone…
      Outrageous claim: Prove I’m wrong….

  6. Isn’t 8,089,320 the Bolivars viejo to the dollar? Or did the CNE just use the BF inflation rate on the votes?
    Does CNE get preferential exchange rates on votes?

    Here’s to hoping that trump bans Vzla petroleum shipments to the U.S. The country is top heavy with people being bribed. When the bribes stop, the loyalty will stop.

  7. It strains credulity simply because of how unnecessary it was. It just can’t be repeated enough: they didn’t NEED a specific number of votes. The didn’t NEED to announce participation numbers. They could even just have announce total number of votes vs. total number of voters. It’s beyond the pale and, as Puzkas said yesterday: it will take so much for Venezuelans to begin to trust the electoral system again. How can they, 18 years later, continue to surprise?

  8. So many people were broken spirits living in defeat this morning. Especially the Miameros. My friends mom was freaking out in Miami. My girlfriend in Venezuela was freaking out and talking of leaving the country.

    Time for a chill pill Venezuela.

    The thing we have to tell everybody is that we have to make this the joke that everybody laughs at.

    What happened on 30J was CHIMBISIMOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    We have to laugh at it. Viral videos will start popping up this evening mocking 30J and the prostituyente. It was absolutely pathetic from the time Maduro scanned his carnet de patria, to empty polling stations across the country, to the recirculating crowds of Chavistas at Poliedro, to the fat lady singing at the end of the day to the tune of 8,000,000. This has to be made as the joke of the world because 30J WAS PATHETIC!!!

    THESE GUYS CANNOT WIN!!! If they actually received 8 million, then I would be really really worried. Be know that is a lie. All of Venezuela knows it is a lie. And better believe that millions hated doing that walk of shame to the CNE polling place. The Constituyente is the second death of Chavez. They no longer have el pueblo and they know it.

    Now is the time to keep pressuring these guys and it starts with everyday forms of resistance. Humor can be used as a weapon as well. We cannot let Diosdado break our spirits. We have to break his. The biggest part of this struggle now is that our spirits cannot be broken and we have a lot to fight for. Gloria Bravo Pueblo.

    Yeah, lets plan for war, to show these guys were not backing down. No doubts about that. However, laughing at the tyrant and exposing them for what they are is also a part of the struggle. The spiritual battle is every bit as important as a potential armed struggle. We go on.

    • Guacharaca, yes a fighting spirit is a must. Venezuelans have it.

      An inaccuracy has to be brought up: Your reference of Tubisay as “lady” (which for most is a woman of good family, well mannered, polite and in essence having that very elusive quality which is CLASS) is not fair to other women, when it is obvious that you are dealing with a sorry ass bitch which has been only too happy to be the front of a criminal organization that has stolen the will of the People for many elections.

  9. I continue to watch in frustration how this situation unfolds in favor of the dictatorship.

    PSUV is playing to win. Everything they do is organized, logical, coherent, and consistent with their goal of solidifying their dictatorship. Even though they *sound* like helpless ideologues, their actions are very practical; realpolitik at its finest. They know how to keep a coalition together at both national and international level, and they know how to make these coalitions act as a unified entity to both crush their local opponents and rally their supporters.

    At a national level PSUV performs daily power-grabs while they continue to murder, torture, and psychologically crush civilians; while at international level they continue to successfully block widespread condemnation from any international block save MERCOSUR.

    Meanwhile, MUD is inefficient, slow, and incoherent. They continue to proclaim civil disobedience (350), but don’t form a legit government. “Hora zero” was a complete bluff. In fact, they obeyed Reverol by suspending Friday’s massive demonstration in Caracas. Instead of forming an alliance with Luisa Ortega and using the TSJ judges they named to legally challenge the dictatorship, they keep calling for pointless demonstrations while doing absolutely nothing more than crying out for help to the treacherous FAN and to the sterile international community.

    There were so many political moves the MUD could have carried out to fight PSUV and they did none. I guess I am officially Team Screwed.

    • The biggest enemy of the MUD is the MUD.
      From personal experience, i can say that as a Military/Chavista policy, agents were placed within the MUD at a low level years ago, and over the last decade have become influential enough to be whispering in the right ears.
      In the same way Chavez deposited billions of $ years ago covertly, for use within a guerrilla war should they be deposed.
      I would trust a gocho long before some illustrious member of the MUD.
      An nescis mi fili quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?

  10. There was a reason why Chavez would at least try to make this look like a regular democracy, how could they get away with fraud at this scale? Besides the anecdotal, there has to be tons of hard evidence of how this was a completely made up number. I have checked the CNE site (which was down earlier today) and they havent disclosed any details per mesa, center. They are promising that will come today with “el segundo boletin”. Someone is hard at work now creating random numbers mesa por mesa (they probably could have done that upfront as they knew this would be a huge fiasco, but since they fail to get so many other things right I’m inclined to believe someone is doing it now)… To do so they will have to be careless, and leave plenty of traces of all the marramucias… many people would be on the know – CNE employees, cleaning ladies… I’m convinced now that there’re people on the inside who are sabotaging them too – how else would you explain the whole carnet de la patria disaster live on TV? Someone purposely deactivated Maduro’s carnet as they knew he would be on TV doing that…

    Other ideas – Smartmatic is still trying to run a business I presume, a very simple audit would reveal how big the fraud was… do they really want tie their fortunes with a regime that has been acknowledged by the rest of the world as a dictatorship? What kind of pressure we could do/actions they could take?

    • Hi Virgina, great to point out this:

      “I’m convinced now that there’re people on the inside who are sabotaging them too – how else would you explain the whole carnet de la patria disaster live on TV? Someone purposely deactivated Maduro’s carnet as they knew he would be on TV doing that…”

      Thats everyday forms of resistance at its finest. We have to resist the tyrants by any means possible. Millions went on their “walk of shame” yesterday to vote. However that created thousands more enemies against this tyrannical state and I hope some will get into the business of sabotage.

      Also, real smart to go after Smartmatic. We need to have PR campaign against them so they tell us a back door or something, or just say that these guys are a fraud.

  11. Comparing similar events, Constituent Assembly election in July 1999 had 46.2% turnout, with Chávez still enjoying his honeymoon with Venezuela and popularity around 60%.
    Tibisay Lucena announced yesterday 41.53% turnout.

  12. FT belatedly discovering the agua tibia that the CNE is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg–believing that up to now it had “credibly” been counting the votes “reliably”–no one has won FT’s crisp $100 bill offered long ago for proof of Ven. electoral fraud, because the Govt. controls the proof, and those who talk are dead men/women walking (like one of the original SmartMatic fraudulent machine introducers who became disaffected/liability and conveniently died with others in a light plane takeoff from Maiquetia soon after the first SmartMatic big electoral fraud in the 2004 Referendum, where the 60/40 Chavez “no’s” were inverted to 60/40 Chavez “si’s. The Chavez constitutional referendum vote loss by a squeaker 1% or so was really a 5-10% loss, and was forced on the Govt./CNE by a then-still-semi-democratic military, as was the 2015 AN vote favoring the Oppo. Caprles really beat Maduro in that presidential election, but was declared a loser,, because he couldn’t force the CNE to open up the 5m actas where fraud was probably clearly visible, which would not only have revealed his win, but that many of the pro-NM voters claimed to have voted had probably never even voluntarily registered to vote (REP of 20mm voluntary registrants 30/more% illegally inflated).

  13. There is an atmosphere of militancy in Venezuela. The people knows they have to oppose harder or live under a dictatorship for the foreseeable future. Protests will become more violent.The abolishment of the National Assembly will trigger even more widespread protests. The army will be called out the oppress the protesters and this will be Maduro’s undoing. Sections of the army sickened by the violence heaped on their own countrymen will rebel and join the people to fight back. Venezuela will descend into civil war. Meanwhile the economic screws tighten until the centre cannot hold. The regime will collapse and UN peacekeepers will be sent in to maintain order.

    This is what I can foresee for Venezuela. The picture is not pretty.

  14. .net, others, please do not fall down the election fraud habit hole again!

    Some of us know about free and fair elections (ideal) and how far from the idea does the CNE run their shop, alas, not only the electoral administrator but the whole chavista state (nacionalizaciones, cancilleria, military, etc,….)

    18 years of “elections” have the meta purpose of distraction and pretend, and still many here fall for it.

    Do you need to discuss intrinculis on electioneering, once you have paramilitary and military occupation forces killing your youth in the streets without remorse or fear of justice?

    I do not. So, please lets keep focus on how to survive the dictatorship, how to organize for the resistance and how to strategize and win freedom to have a chance to then, rebuild the nation.


  15. Somehow, I think that this morning, the leaders of the Opposition are smiling grimly to themselves. I think that the Chavistas fell squarely into the trap that was set for them. They heard all of the calls from inside and outside imploring them halt the Constituyente and, being who they are, they defiantly did the opposite.

    Yesterday, Chavismo was in control of what was considered the legitimate, albeit tainted, Venezuelan Government. Today, they are in control of a Constitutional Assembly that grand majority of Venezuelans and most of the Americas and Europe are refusing to recognize. I am predicting that, very soon, we will see country after country deciding to recognize the existing democratically elected National Assembly as the sole legitimate governmental authority of Venezuela.

    If it happens, you heard it here first…

    • I would be very pleased and surprised once things are know to learn this was, as you state Roy, a trap, and that our leadership played as hard and cunningly as they did. Kudos to them.

      Meanwhile, the planned destruction continues and extreme measures are needed to safeguard life (from bullets, hunger and disease) in the country, amen of disarming the genocidal time bomb, chavismo has been investing in for 18 years.

      God bless Venezuela.

    • Crusader July 30, 2017 at 8:23 pm
      30th of July 17 will go down in Venezuelan political history as the biggest own goal by a sitting Government ever!
      Roy I think i was there with you, yesterday!
      ‘ab uno disce omnes’

  16. To me, it’s clear Tibisay doesn’t care about her reputation any further. She’s already an international bandit, her name printed in blacklists around the globe, right next to those of terrorists and drug dealers. She’s turned to survival mode, the same goes for many of the thugs ruling of the nation.

    • Tibisay might care, i read that she was threating her cancer on a clinic in Houston, but that doesnt matter, the radicals and Cuba got everybody playing ball like it or not, this is the time to pay with inmolation all the good years, all that money and luxury the revolution gave to her, if not she would join all the Venezuelans that his party has throw to the darkness of Sebin HQ, and with her illness, she would be puking her black soul in a week

      • Lucena is a cancer. If they cured it, she’d disappear. But not to worry, she won’t be visiting the states any time soon. Plan B is for the cunt to head to Cuba and let the witchdoctors there work their magic like they did for chavez.

  17. They needed to use a number higher than that of the popular consultation from the 16th to claim that “we would have even won that eventual referendum to ask if there would be constituyente or not, also, we’re still more than the phyrric minority of those blonde snob fags”

    Also, the war isn’t over, this guy puts it in a clear way:

    • Thanks Ulamog, excellent video. Like how he was addressing all the debbie downers today. They cannot break our spirit and we have to resist any which way we can.

      They played their last card with the Constitutyente. That is all they have besides more repression. Hard sanctions are coming and they will be crushed in about 2 months. We have to have faith and keep up our fighting spirit. That is what matters more than anything else.

  18. CNE’s credibility was currency worth a lot to the regime. Yesterday, they burned all that currency. Their credibility went from very little to nothing. This makes a difference. The only thing left for them is the use of brute force and we now have strong evidence that they will continue to use it. Which brings the question, for how long are the middle ranks of the armed force going to accompany this suicidal race?

    • In that you are wrong, the regime does not give a damn about cne credibility. They have made it pretty clear that cne is nothing but a psuv agency and show us to our faces. They have said out loud, but without words, yes, we manage cne as we want, so what?


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