Malnutrition skyrockets at Caracas Children’s Hospital


When children, the most vulnerable of our society, are faced with an uncertain future, the consequences of Venezuela’s failed policies become clear. Not even clothing and diapers are the main concern: Food is.

The cases of severe malnutrition treated at J.M de los Ríos hospital has risen silently.  In the course of a year, Dr. Ingrid Soto, Chief of the Nutrition, Growth and Development Dept. witnessed a 267% increase in the number of children with skin tight to their bones.

She hears the same problems again and again from parents. Mothers cut back on what they eat to save the little food they have for the youngsters. Parents and kids eat same-sized portions. Dr. Soto notes that 60% of the severe malnutrition cases were kids who could be breastfed, but aren’t because the mothers are malnourished themselves.

Consequences? Dr. Soto says nutritional deficiencies won’t take their toll only on the children’s growth, but on their development. “These are children who might not finish school or get to university because malnutrition affects their cognitive development. These children are more prone to get sick and die. And it will only perpetuate poverty.”

This will haunt them forever.

To fight the scarcity, parents feed their children with bottles of spaghetti-water or rice shakes, fruit juice or diluted milk, food their stomachs can’t process yet. None of these options presents them with the amount of protein needed for their age.

Since the Caritas foundation began monitoring the country in late 2016, severe malnutrition has approached the international level of emergency. It’s a sight too common: Skinny children wrapped in diapers made of plastic bags. The mandatory question I dread asking is “What do you feed your baby?” and the answer is gut wrenching: Creamed rice, whole milk or “barley milk” obtained by letting the barley sit in water.

The revolution’s food sovereignty is really the ghost haunting every household: hunger.

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  1. As Gringo said above, this is how socialism always ends, in hunger and genocide. Latin Americans still can’t grasp that quite correctly, what makes them prone to new electoral mistakes, we keep running in circles!!!
    But please tell me that that picture is just illustrative and not from a Venezuelan baby, please!

    • Wrong. This is not an accident or misguided series of choices but the actual goal of socialism.

      Pol Pot.

      The list goes on.

      But, many will argue that “we haven’t socialized enough of society… damn you gringos!!!”

      I shed no more tears while people continue to stay and fight for your freedoms.

      This blog should be Caracas Cowardice instead since fleeing to the USA and Canada are safe for snowflakes.

      You get the gubmint you deserve.

  2. Plenty of pics of babies recently delivered in Maternidad Concepcion Palacios and placed in supermarket boxes, you can find them everywhere in the cloud. Many of them undernourished.
    Just last week several pics of 5 recently delivered babies placed like sardines in a medium sized crib circulated in the Web. Glaringly obvious was the lack of dentification bracelets (How could they be identified to the mother? Were they branded in their bodies with a pen/marker?.
    >880 babies died in Maracay’s Central Hospital during 2016. Lack of equipment, poor sanitary conditions, etc etc.
    You must have seen people on the floor receiving treatment. On the floor. Filth.
    But the regime says: We have Patria…

  3. It would cost nothing for Maduro to seek foreign aid to prevent malnutrition. He would in fact gain by being able to steal most of it. This is Dictator 101. Even North Korea allows some foreign aid! He refuses aid and economic sanity because there is indeed an economic war – the economic war of the regime against the people. Unable to feed the people or maintain their support, the regime decided to be rid of most of them.


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