“Because a majority of lawmakers is more powerful than a president.”

The campaign slogan used by MUD for the 2015 Legislative elections campaign has been stuck in my head all week. An Assembly that was meant to face down the dictatorship has, instead agreed to a tacit cohabitation with its most blatant abuse of power. It may look like a truce but is, in fact, a capitulation: the price we’ve agreed to pay for a few state governorships.

Remember that no fewer than 17 lawmakers have already registered their candidacies for governor’s posts. The logic is simple: the election rules will depend on the Constituent Assembly. If you’re angling for a governorship, why would you imperil your certificado de buena conducta?

The tragedy is that those who vowed never to recognize the ANC before it was elected are now recognizing it de facto.

Yesterday I watched Nicolás Maduro say that “the National Constituent Assembly has started a process of peaceful cohabitation with the old legislative branch.” How can we explain that, after four intense months of street protests, of international pressure and institutional pushback from the AN itself, the opposition surrenders the very space where it actually operates?

The moderate MUD lawmakers who’ve obsessed all year about “not giving up spaces,” gave up the historic building that is their seat with nary a peep. Even the toilets at the Palacio Legislativo are out of bounds to National Assembly deputies.

If they won’t fight for the very seat for which they were elected, how will they manage governorships under the straight jacket of the ANC?

Venezuelans didn’t take to the streets and risk their lives for regional elections, so that our political leaders could tell us that we’ve “gained something,” when we’ve actually lost more. 

The tragedy is that those who vowed never to recognize the ANC before it was elected are now recognizing it de facto.

The seat of Parliament has been invaded in every sense. The National Assembly has not only cooperated with the Constituyente installation, though its Directorate of Protocol, it stood by and watched as it was stripped of its usual Tuesdays and Thursdays session days (now they get to convene on Mondays and Wednesdays, because that’s the way ANC wants it) —the ANC even took over the Hemiciclo Protocolar as its permanent seat.

We’re talking about a “valiant” National Assembly — only 40 diputados showed up to Wednesday’s session— who must now enter the Palace walking side-by-side with foreign ambassadors in order to protect themselves. Lawmakers who called for a popular consultation promising to abide by its results, and are now subjugated by a fraudulent body.

Of course people feel betrayed.

Arguing that “they don’t have any guns,” at least 109 opposition lawmakers hope to be excused from their responsibility to their electorate. But are guns the only way to defend spaces? Why wait two days after the ANC’s installation to meet, instead of calling for an emergency and permanent session? Why not meet on the streets, in the same defiant spirit that has guided our months of protests? When you let Hugo Chávez’s portraits back into the Federal Palace, you cooperate in demoralizing a society that sacrificed so much, demanding more from its leaders. At this point, one could even argue that the reason AN failed to appoint new CNE board members, like it promised to, is that its governorship hopefuls feared their chances of reaching a state would be destroyed if a new CNE was appointed.

This National Assembly had the full support of the people, yet chose a few electoral promises without guarantees instead of the legitimacy and the historic role that the country demands of them. With this silent cohabitation, how dare you to demand compliance from a society screaming for freedom?

Of course people feel betrayed.

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Political Scientist and professor (UCV) living in Venezuela -or what remains of it-. Vente Venezuela’s National Coordinator of Political Training and International Officer. Always trying to move forward while the "guagua" goes in reverse. I’m interested in politics, economics, political science and international relations. Carakistán is always a chronicle; our chronicle.


  1. Excellent article Pedro.

    MUD politicians are being politicians and worried for their careers (and all the benefits that come with positions of power) at a time they should be worried about their country.

    We live in a time where if we have political leaders who will stand up for the people and actually lead, streets will be named after them and statues built. History is now calling for leaders to step up, not sell out like Henry Ramos Allup et al.

  2. Can someone honestly tell me what the “defend spaces” faction is thinking of? Those spaces are pretty much worthless with an ANC-shaped Damocles Sword hanging over them, and anyway they just gave up the biggest one. Even if they made backroom deals with the regimen for their self-preservation, the lesson of last year’s dialogo is that their negotiated promises don’t have credibility.

    For better or worse, MUD became pot-commited to a protest agenda when they decided to boycott the ANC election. Turning back has been a disaster.

  3. I have asked this before. How is it that the individual political parties that have signed up for the Governors Elections still have support from their respective constituents? Why are they silent?

    I realize in the USA we have 2 parties, and as such there would be hell to pay, if for example the Democrats, agreed to ban Unions. In VZ are the politics so diverse and contentious that the “MUD” is in essence neutered? That no opposition party has any political power, unless combined, and thus “watered down” creating the lowest common denominator – consensus.

    There must be a 1 or 2 opposition parties that have some clout. Why have they not “seen the light”, by identifing the sham that is taking place and figured out what is to me reality, in that political success is defined by the astute identification of the current political atmosphere. That party lines and agendas must change with the times.

    It seems that all the parties, are resigned to the status quo, and are committing political suicide.

    It seems to me that the risk/reward of 1 of the larger opposition parties, to stand up, announce to its electorate, that it will not participate in this continued sham, that it is willing to be shut out of any political position in this dictatorship, but that it will continue to fight for the principals of democracy, and will promise to in lead the reconstruction of the country after the collapse of government.

    Hero’s like historic political figures are made from courage in the line of fire. Are there any?

    • They made an example of Ledesma and Leopoldo to everybody that even dare to speak up against the status quo and call rebellion and protest in the streets, thats why when Ledesma and Leopoldo upload their videos telling people to keep fighting they got snatched with the quickness, probably took a short beating before being returned to their homes, VP Leopoldo party is the one of the strongest party and has been pro protests for a long as time, this is why Chavistas call VP a terrorist cell over and over again, Guevara is on sight as the next member of VP to go to jail and the message the Chavistas gave with the ANC to the others is clear, keep the status quo, keep putting make up on me and i might throw some guisos and not throw your ass or a family member of yours in jail, Ramos Allup whos the biggest lets go to election voice from the oppo side, is dirty, compromice and a clear mole, the USA is tracking his brother in law and his friends in Derwick he definetly is one of the that is in a hurry putting the make up on Maduro hoping that can stop the sanctions, might be because he was part of Derwick bussinesses or they paying him to do exactly that, Derwick money is long and they got no problem giving some away if that can save them some problems, even if the Chavistas are ousted from power, i guarantee you the bolichicos will be a devil in the shadows pulling the strains of some polititians in that new era in Venezuela

  4. Hi Dale, yes, there are parties like Vente Venezuela and a few other minor parties that are splitting over this. This is a developing story and there were a few articles in El Nacional today on this. In Tachira, members of Voluntad Popular are saying FU to VP in CCS.

    I hope we see the domino effect and Ramos Allup, Falcon and others are left in the cold after this.

    What I love about this: side with the people. La Salida is the only solution. If you collaborate with the ANC you are a traitor.

    That said, we really need a leader right now because the majority of Venezuelans unfortunately fall under “cacique complex”.

    Marina Corina is saying all the right things, but can Venezuela rally around her??

  5. You know what’s the worst of all of this?

    That pathetic excuse of “we must not give up the spaces”.

    It’s not to demonstrate that the CÑE is making fraud every time its spokespersons speak.

    It’s not to “take off the spaces from chavismo so they have to resort to being more dictatorial”

    No, it’s about keeping the idiotic and useless contracts to make sidewalks and streets, THAT is the reason the SOB HRA is waving around like a trump card against everybody who dares to say something, it’s that his party MUST cling to ANY post as long as they can get even the most miserable crumbs.

    In Venezuela, that’s called a “LAMBUCIO MUERTO DE HAMBRE”

  6. The solution appears to be armed rebellion.
    It is the only way that the criminal regime will be removed. Maduro will leave Miraflores feet first before he will ever peacefully surrender power and face the justice that he and his regime so truly deserve.
    The problem is that Venezuela faces a risk of separate factions becoming powerful in different parts of the country. This normally leads to a complete destruction of the country and immeasurable human suffering.
    I want to see Venezuelans fight for their country and their freedom before other countries (US) are called upon to have their soldiers risk their lives.
    With the MUD confirming that they are politicians, not patriots, I don’t see any other solution.

  7. Ulmalong, great for bringing that up!!!

    Exactly, because municipal taxes dont raise shit. Everything comes from the oil money, and that comes from the central government. This is how you keep states and municipalities in line.

    In turn, the politicians keep the people in line by handing out what they can get from the central government.

    Patron-Clientalism is how Venezuelan politics has always worked…and one reason why you always have the eternal return of dictatorships here (right or left).

    This is “business as usual” in politics. Politicians who are treating our present situation as “business as usual” is the reason for our present predicament.

    It is so hard to “change the chip” of the people here. I played and then coached for a sport team for over a decade here. Jerseys, pitches, whatever, everybody was always looking for a Cacique to be the patron of our team…and where do Venezuelans go first?

    You would never see this in the USA. But just imagine having the mayors name on the back of your jersey in big letters and the name of the municipality in small letters (and this is an AD mayor). I also remember another team asking me for my contacts in Trinidad because a Chavista mayor was sponsoring their team a tour of Trinidad. Crazy, but Patron Clientalism at its finest as long as there is oil money to pay for it all. Very hard to get this out of the Venezuelan mindset…

    And I think it is fair to say that things will not get better in Venezuela if more people do not learn to do things with their own two hands rather than waiting for a Cacique to do it for them.

    The Communism in Latin America is nothing more than a Cacique who wants make all the indios subservient by making them dependent upon the Cacique. Communism is nothing more than the ideology the are using now. The power structure is that of the “Cacique y Indios” in criollo, or patron-clientalism to anthropologists. Somethings never change.

  8. In Myanmar there was an unpopular military dictatorship that cheated all the time and strung its people along to stay in power. No one could beat the thugs militarily hence they ruled for 49 years and still hold considerable sway.

    Chavismo is operating in the same way as the Burmese junta. Sad to say, but the Venezuelan opposition is at the mercy of the Fuerzas Armadas de Ocupacion Bolivarianas. All they can do is continue the non-violent opposition lest they be quashed. Keeping a voice to denounce and embarrass the thugs is very important and probably the only thing that can be done at this time. Sad to say, but in the gorilla cage that Venezuela has been reduced, the opposition has to take whatever corner the gorilla allows, if it even allows a corner.

    Now the Burmese Junta governed with certain competence, if nothing else, it did not make things qualitatively worse for everyone. This in turn cannot be said of Chavismo, and it is here that I think its downfall in the near future lies.

    Chavismo is a nefarious movement which is coming full circle. It demolished the cosmopolitan Venezuelan middle class with gleeful support of the less fortunate. Escualidos, majunches, they called. But now, as Venezuela’s development retreats to the days of Gomecismo the less fortunate will starve and receive medical treatment 100 years old with no place to go.

    Chavismo will share the dubious honor of not leaving a stone upon a stone in Venezuela.

  9. “How can we explain that, after four intense months of street protests, of international pressure and institutional push-back from the AN itself, the opposition surrenders the very space where it actually operates?”

    And on top of that they validate the Castrista ANC by participating in fraudulent and useless regional elections. How can you explain it? Several reasons, in addition to what Mr. Guacharaca pointed out:

    “MUD politicians are being politicians and worried for their careers (and all the benefits that come with positions of power) at a time they should be worried about their country.”

    Sure, and plenty of Muddy Chupamedias are simply your typical tropical jalabolas, lambucios; some are plain scared to be persecuted, sent to jail or exiled. But above all, many just want a piece of the pie. Any piece left. They are hovering like vultures and salivating hyenas over Kleptozuela’s decomposing remains. They want stability, power and $$$, as always. (When have Venezuelan politicians ever been honest? Historically, most of the Adecos, Copeyanos.. certainly weren’t.)

    And you can bet your last reina pepiada that many of these highly corruptible, muddy ‘diputados’ have already accepted Chavista bribes, future kick-backs and multiple promises of ‘segundas’ and ‘regalitos’.
    It all depends on “buen comportamiento” now, as CapoCabello just put it..

    A lot goes on during ‘cafecito’ breaks and over the ‘wijkisito’ at night in Kleptozuela.

  10. You got it all wrong.

    Why do you say that there is an agreement?

    Are you ready to march tomorrow and put your chest up to receive the perdigones of the repression?

    Make the news tomorrow together with Maria Corina and join the martirs.

  11. wow, the more I read, the more depressing it is. The curse of oil, and its effects on the fabric of society seems overwhelming. From names on little league uniforms, to CLAP bags, to refrigerators and housing for votes. Politicians, the military on the take, and family and friends being offered unqualified positions in industry.

    How in the world does one envision 15 or 30 years of social “hand-out” conditioning that occurred, to convert into even a nominal supply / demand, competitive, value for work performed, based country?

    To me, only by blowing the whole thing up, and starting from anew.

    That is …. Death, destruction, and years of pain, then finally a re-boot, when there is nothing left to give. Sad, very sad

  12. We all know the AN has finally crumbled and yes, capitulated (perfect word) to Chavismo, just as Diosdado planned from day one. Call to elections was a master move by Chavismo, they divided the opposition and demoralized civilians – brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    The opposition’s leaders have been cowardly defeated: they are both defeatists and cowards who’ve never had a firm stance nor been resolute on fulfilling the objective of regime change nor restitution of democracy. The country as a whole has clearly perceived this and is deeply frustrated and resented at them. Accepting regional elections a couple days after they cried out fraud, after dozens of mayors incarcerated or in exile is an embarrassing situation, as embarrassing and ridiculous as the cheap commercials of the ANC candidates we so much laughed about.

    Our opposition leaders are the laughingstock.

  13. The MUD is DEAD. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And, as a salute to Emi, the Regime now has them by the short hairs, and their call to their defrauded 7.6mm/more supporters to march this Saturday should be met with a “Shove it!”, as well as any call for support by these traitors for Regional election candidates. Only Trump will have the balls to save Venezuela, and he wont do it for the worthless Venezuelan Oppo leaders (MCM/AL excluded), but for strategic U.S. hemispheric security concerns.

    • Not just Trump. It will be a coalition the beginnings of which we saw in Lima. Fuck the UN. It’s time to make history. Latam is going to war. Give the troops the war they finally crave. Drop dead PSFs

  14. So much for Maduro’s telephone call and meeting with POTUS. You can run but you can’t hide.. St Vincent? Nyet! Cuba? Nyet! Ecuador? Nyet! China? Nyet! Russia? Maybe. Iran? Yes. Pack your fur coats!!

  15. America’s enemies miscalculated President Trump. Russia, DPRK, Cuba, Venezuela. They just enabled him. DT is a war president who has to prove his mettle by not committing the mistakes of his predesessors. GWHB set the bar for winning wars in the modern era. James Baker set the bar for building war coalitions. Scowcroft, Powell and Schwazkopf rounded out team. Trump’s team is as good IMO.

    • No need to go that far, our very own Quico Toro is arguing against Trump statements in pretty much the same Falconista terms.

      I gotta admit he’s open enough to allow this excellent article to be published, i’m surprised really, kudos Quico, shame on your radical Hillarismo though, it’s pathetic.

    • The tragedy in Venezuela has been a job conducted by many hands, from a very diverse plethora of people only unified in their rascality.

      Those folks are against guarimbas, against general strikes, against US military intervention, against sanctions, against other countries expelling Venezuela from international organizations, what else? They should put their red berets on and openly praise the dear leader Chavez! If they are not already doing it.

      It’s an absurd tragedy escalating to an unimaginable outcome — if nothing is done –, and yet that’s precisely what those folks want: nothing being done!

      They are those people that, perceiving that you are in the middle of a fight with a criminal in a back street, they will hold your arms and tell you that violence is not worth it, and tell anyone calling the police that the arrival of cops could only make the situation worse. Of course, after the criminal beats you to death, they calmly move away as nothing had happened, whistling: “¡Oh, eh, oh, eh, oh! La constituyente va!”

      • I used to read people that was always accusing oppo member of traitors or being in

        bed with Chavistas as paranoids or maybe angry whos comments were driven by

        impatience and despair but damn, a little pressure of the USA and you got Chavistas

        and Oppos singing in a choir denouncing those action, and the most cynical

        comment by the oppos we can solve this ourself even tho they got 18 years failing

        and even when they are winning they lose.

  16. I don’t understand…the story you cite as cooperation is an account of their denial of cooperation. What is the actual cooperation you are talking about?

  17. Calling for a foreign invasion is insane.Just look at the last places the U.S. invaded and you will get a pretty good idea of what would happen.This won’t be pretty and thousands would die.Not that some people not even living here in Venezuela would care as it’s all a video game apparently.

    • Nah, i’m thinking NATO Bombing of Serbia, Panama, Grenada… pretty much perfect interventions, with minimal human costs, and incredibly effective long-term democratic results. The Middle East is a whole different beast, the current wave of religious extremism plays a huge role in the shaping of those interventions, there’s no comparison really.

      • I don’t know, I am desperate for these thugs to leave obviously but a foreign invasion sounds dangerous.Luckily we all know Trump talks out of his ass and is most likely full of shit but still it is a dangerous thing to toy with.Did you see the look on his ministers faces when he said that?

        • Exactly. Trump threatens military action which emboldens the regime’s worst, gives new life to its ideologically driven base, weakens the possibility of a meaningful regional response (because associating with a Gringo warmonger is politically fatal), and he’s not going to follow through ( as with his threat of economic sanctions), because the notion came to him on the spot and is a child’s idea of a solution.

          So all around, a stupid and counterproductive bluff that will have all the effectiveness of his last bluff.

          • Trump’s threats won’t embolden Chavismo’s ideologically driven base, because that base is now so small as to be insignificant. (And of course, I refer to today’s Maduro interpretation of Chavismo.) Further, after looking at their crimes, do you think they need further reasons to justify their actions?

            In today’s VZ reality, the only thing that matters is might (military) and money. Trump’s threats aren’t hollow, and don’t count them out so quickly. The only real threats to Madurismo are the oil embargo and a few strategically placed drone hits.

            The people are starving. They’re dying from minor bruises because of lack of simple antibiotics. They’re scared to walk in the streets for fear of being robbed, kidnapped or killed.

            If you think they give a shit about some ideology when the Americans come in and hand out thousands of tons of food and medicine (and toilet paper?), make the streets safer, and clean up the corrupt military…

            Well, we disagree.

            VZ is a perfect case scenario for military intervention, with the vast majority of Venezuelans helping in the transition.

    • Fabian, comparing apples with oranges…and most likely you do not live in Venezuela if you are saying this.

      1. Remember, this is a population that is COMPLETELY DISARMED and only the malandros and colectivos have the guns. We are being held hostage.

      2. We are not in the Middle East where everyone is armed to the teeth, full of religious fanatics who will die for 52 virgins in the sky and we do not share a border with Israel or Iran. Nor are we part of any “great game geopolitics” (read Halford Mackinder the Geographical Pivot of History). If anything, this is the “geopolitics of cocaine” here and what is at stake is to crush the “Foro de Sao Paulo” where Latin American revolutionaries looked to make Cuba the mecca of the socialist international (after the fall of the Berlin Wall) and Venezuela would be the gas pump fueling revolution across the region. You cannot blame Peru one bit for kicking out the VE ambassador because Cubazuela is a security threat for the whole region (hence Marco Rubio talking about a domino effect if we do not stop them now)…Furthermore, never forget the Monroe Doctrine.

      3. 85% of the population wants this government out!!! It is not 50/50 or even 40/60. The vast majority of Venezuelans support the opposition/ resistance. Whatever liberation force liberates Venezuela will be greeted as liberators. Any anti-Americanism will be held by a few bitter-enders who are scumbags anyway while the rest of the good people of Venezuela will be thanking the gringos for saving their country.

      4. We are talking about the Venezuelan military hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahaaha They are only good at robbing Venezuelans and will run for the hills if the Marines are coming. Heck, all you need to do is send the drones first to take out air defenses, take out all armored units, and these guys will fold before even the first Marines land on shore. People will be celebrating in the streets and the US Marines off at the whorehouses getting shitfaced drunk on rum before even a shot is fired against them.

      5. We need to disband the GNB and purge the police forces. We need an international peace keeping force here while we retrain a new police force. In all honesty, Venezuela no longer needs a military, because it will always end up in a dictatorship. Police forces only.


      It gives the opposition a big boost and demoralizes the Chavistas. We need to keep up pressure however we can because the MUD is pathetic and the resistance needs time to reorganize.

      • I do live in Venezuela and and always have and I have never left the country besides a quick venture into Cucuta.I do not want a military invasion and neither does 90% of the country because it is insane and people will die.So if you think it’s a game and funny then I doubt you would be laughing when friends and family of yours are dying from USA bombs and missiles.The rhetoric is just playing into.the hands of the Reds and you and I both know it will never happen and while you may like the gunboat diplomacy it is not reasonable in a situation like this where Venezuela does not pose a threat to USA
        All the warmongers Wil not be laughing when real war stars and people.die and not just 125 in 4 months but thousands in a few days.

        • If you’re not a troll, then you’ve been drinking too much Commie Kool-Aid. I suggest an extended vacation in Cuba might clear your mind.

        • “I do not want a military invasion and neither does 90% of the country because it is insane and people will die”

          Your blindness, is unbelievable!! Open your eyes. 120 people have died on the streets. 10,000’s have died of malnutrition, lack of drugs, in childbirth, to violence, malaria etc just this year

          You live in Venezuela and ignore this, doing nothing is “saving people from death” or do only bullets count?

      • The American people don’t want our troops in Venezuela. Keep dreaming.

        It’s a nonstarter, unless mass killings or down game changer happens.

        Ideally a coalition of Latam countries with the us providing air and naval support, That’s the only way I realistically see any us military involvement.

        • Rory, the American people, and obviously you, don’t have a clue about what’s going on in VZ.

          Seriously, you just don’t know.

        • “unless mass killings”

          300.000 murders during the chavista regime, more than 300% of increase of violent deaths related to crime in the first year of the chavista rule.

          Also, the first big demonstration against chavismo was met with government-backed gunmen that murdered two dozens of defenseless protesters, that was 15 years ago.

          And we haven’t counted the amount of deaths caused by the chavista policies that brought famine and the complete lack of medicines.

  18. Last time the CNE brought elections forward was to give Chavez time to electioneer one last win before he died , they knew that if elections were held at the normally anticipated date Chavez physical condition would not allow him to offer himself as a candidate ……now after announcing that regional elections would take place in december there is a proposal from the ANC to hold them in october , almost 2 months ahead of time , why?? because come October they probably anticipate a formal or de facto default or some such like event which will make things so much worse for most people that they will become even more aroused against the govt …..october is the time in which some 3200 million US$ must be paid to an importanr group of international creditors, already understand that Pdvsa has delayed delivery of certain mandatory information on its financial situation to its creditors , oil production exports are down , prices are moving into an hyperinflation mode and Rosnef has told its creditors ( worried about loans to risk wrought Venezuelan entities ) that it will discontinue further funding of Venezuelan proyects or govt. They must move faster because the ground they stand on is thinking under them !!

    The elections will be rigged of course , the rigging and other fraudulent and persecutory behaviour by the regime against the oppo and its main figures will make their international situation worse , and peoples mood much darker , but if you heroically defy the regime by forfeiting any participation in those elections then the oppo will be allowing the regime to have things their way WITHOUT ANY OUTWARD SHOW OF COERCION or RESISTANCE something that helps their image……..!! . The thing is to participate in the elections not necessarily to be allowed to win , but to show numbers , to show the regimes acts of coercion , to make evident to everyone that this is tyranny un bound …….!!!

    • Now you’re talking! Couldn’t have been said better! Add in disband/eliminate Colectivos. Did you see VPL’s statement to Trump’s–in effect, “not fair”–reminds me of crooked sheriff’s statement to Clint in “The Unforgiven” (without a doubt, one of the best westerns of all time) before Clint blew him away for killing his best friend–“I just built a house–It’s not fair,” to which Clint replied, “Fairness has nothing to do with it.”–although, from a Venezuelan standpoint, fairness has EVERYTHING to do with it. Venezuelans have typically/traditionally/customarily become accustomed to IRRESPONSIBILITY for their own personal/political actions, since sanctions, with the exception of this Commie Regime, have usually been weak or non-existent. The message here is, “You can fuck up your own Country/people all you want if you’re too lazy/irresponsible/corrupt to do anything about it, but DON”T FUCK UP THE REGION–there ARE CONSEQUENCES!

    • Bill, the Opposition hard work to show the world the real nature of the narcoregime is already done and successfully. No need to endure another “election” to show what everybody knows, there is global consensus.
      The only scenario in which I see going to regional elections is if the MUD got word from the US or OEA (in private) to play along with the regime and make time while something big is prepared.

  19. Several foreign governments have put it on record that they will not recognize the ANC’s legitimacy or authority and yet we can’t even count on our own damn politicians to do the same. They’re taking the “play by their rules” approach to its biggest extreme and coming off as collaborators and enablers. This is beyond disappointing.

  20. The NATO bombing in Serbia was favorably reported by the US media.
    The lead up to the Panama invasion included the absurd declaration of War by Noriega and the desire to ensure the operation of the Panama Canal.
    The media claimed that Reagan invaded Grenada to distract people from the Bombing in Beirut. Reagan had spoke publicly about the deterioration of Grenada before the bombing. The media just had a problem with Reagan’s Conservatism.
    The boxes are being ticked for some type of US intervention in Venezuela. The Venezuelan crisis is the most important event currently unfolding in the Western Hemisphere. Considering the scale of this man made catastrophe, the media response is muted at best. The media is so focused on destroying Trump that all other news seems to take a backseat to negative reporting about the administration. In another time, Venezuela would be front page news and the lead story on every news program.
    The media is largely Liberal. Chavez was the darling of the Liberals. UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, faced with the truth about this murderous regime, is still unable to criticize Maduro. Bernie sanders seems to also be in the same denial.
    The Lima meeting is being followed up by VP Pence’s visit to Latin America. I believe things are starting to fall into place.
    Trump will not allow Venezuela to become another Cuba. Trump also is looking at the big picture. The effects on the Castro regime from the loss of Venezuelan support.
    During the campaign, Trump criticized the Obama administration for allowing planned military operations to become public.
    I hope for a surprise in Caracas. A big surprise.

  21. Check this out and connect the dots:

    “AMAZONLOG is a unprecedented Multinational Inter-agency Logistics Exercise in South America, led by the Brazilian Army Logistics Command (COLOG) and inspired by the Logistic Exercise “Capable Logistician – 2015″, conducted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in 2015 , in Hungary.

    In the hostile and challenging Amazon Rainforest will be built an International Logistics Base composed of Integrated Multinational Logistics Units (ULMIs) that will be trained in the support of civilians and military personnel employed in remote and disassociated regions, as typically occurs in Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance.

    The Multinational Logistics Exercise will be held from 6 to 13 November 2017, in Tabatinga, Amazonas State. A triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Throughout the region will being developed joint actions by multinational and interagency troops from Brazil, Colombia, United States and Peru. The exercise will allow the participation of military personnel from Friendly Nations and civilian personnel from industry.”


  22. How frustrating. But be assured that politicians in Venezuela are no different than politicians anywhere else… their own self importance is what drives them. And a politician is useless if they cannot get elected. So the vast majority will do and say anything to get elected.

    Drop to their knees and kiss Delcy’s ass? Lick Cabello’s boots? Wash Maduro’s dog? YOU BET! They think that by playing nice with tyrants, they can facilitate change from within… forgetting the lessons of last month/year, that the Cubans can and will change the rules of the game at the least whim. If they actually cared about the rules, the Cubans wouldn’t have seated the frauds currently sitting on the TSJ.

    Castro’s pets don’t care who win the local and regional elections… its all academic. They have proven this over and over, since they didn’t care who won the National Assembly. MUD could win every single election and it would remain as powerless as they are now.

    Venezuelans must endure until the bond payments are due. Only when Maduro runs out of OPM (Other Peoples Money) will the Cuban house of cards collapse in Venezuela. And Maduro doesn’t have the superpower to pull cash out of his ass, nor the power to force people to work. (Yet… any more capitulation by MUD might render that statement false)

  23. Sez Guapon: “Venezuelans must endure until the bond payments are due. Only when Maduro runs out of OPM (Other Peoples Money) will the Cuban house of cards collapse in Venezuela.”

    I’m sounding like a broken record on this one but watch and see it happen.

  24. Check out LatAm’s response: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-venezuela-military-idUSKBN1AR2GR This is why most in the U.S. say “F ’em.” We try to help, and get a joint rebuke. We do not owe you our help. We are not LatAm’s private police force, taking orders to do as LatAm’s arrogance and stupidity dictates. Venezuela voted to ask the American’s to leave. We left. Venezuela expropriated American assets. We sued to recover losses. Venezuela voted for socialism. Venezuela went down the tubes. Now Venezuela asks for American help. The majority of American’s, right or wrong, say, “No.”

    • The majority of Americans know shit from Shinola about what’s right/wrong about U.S. foreign policy–I’m sure they could not find North Korea on a map.

      • Right. Most of the U.S. did not want to get involved in WW II. It’s not the same situation at all – just the non-involvement sentiment part of it sounds very similar.

        I read a couple of very brief stories to the effect that Mercosur and Chile as well as Peru are saying that the idea of military intervention in Venezuela is wrong (or more elegant words to that same effect). It’s hard to tell what Venezuelans think of it because of course the official statements are, well … “nays”. And I doubt anyone in the opposition is going to shout out through a megaphone urging the U.S. to invade.

        It’s curious to me how South American countries would align with the regime’s position. Maybe now HRA’s participation in the elections sounds more rational – maybe he realized that other SA countries would come out as they have (I haven’t read anything about Brazil, but Colombia is against it). I really think he’s negotiating for a slightly larger jail cell for Venezuelans.

        I do not understand how those people expect the situation in Venezuela to be resolved around a negotiating table. Have they not been paying attention? I think I’m allowed to say, that I do not understand that. Heavens … I wouldn’t want to be considered an offensive American!

        Are those SA countries content for the regime to remain in power? Do they have a secret voting mechanism all set up to vote the regime out of SA? Heck … I’m just repeating what Marc said, above, only he said it better.

        I’ll put up the popcorn. This is not fun to watch. Everything peaceful has been met with lies, stalling, tear gas, and some 150+ dead – only to be followed by more lies and repression.

        • “Most of the U.S. did not want to get involved in WW II.” and we did not, we let europe be run over by the nazi’s. Only after Pearl Harbor, did the nation change. In one day, changed the mind of a nation

          • You’re right. Maybe the U.S.’s SA Pearl Harbor day was today, when NM Jr. said in the ANC that, if provoked, “the Revolution, with rifle in hand, would attack NY and overrun the White House, worse than Viet Nam”….

  25. I am not in favor of foreign intervention. In particular I don’t want to see U.S. military intervention. I think that a U.S. military intervention would undo much of the positive changes that have occurred in U.S./Latin American relations over the last 30 years. If an intervention is absolutely necessary, I would prefer it come from Colombia and Brazil, who both have the most immediate national interests in preventing a massive refugee crisis in their respective countries. But, even with this intervention, Venezuela will end up being the dependent little brother to the other LatAm nations for decades to come. The very best scenario for Venezuela’s future is to solve their own problem, albeit with international pressure and support.

    Nevertheless, as much as a do not want to see an intervention, I want even less to see Venezuela lapse into a brutal dictatorship for decades to come. That outcome would be a disaster for Venezuela, and festering sore for the entire hemisphere that will drag down all of us. It cannot be allowed to happen, no matter the cost.

  26. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Frankly, and others you shall not know ,cause it’s my problem and you’re not invited or are you?

  27. Hay una hipótesis que resulta racional y plausible para explicar la capitulación de los diputados opositores. A ellos los mantienen tenedores de bonos soberanos y de PDVSA, cuyos intereses (unos $2 mil millones) se pagarán en octubre y noviembre. La dictadura ha pagado esos intereses de forma puntual, sacrificando la importación de alimentos y medicamentos, como lo ha señalado Ricardo Haussmann. Un cambio de gobierno implicaría el no pago de los intereses, o al menos una renegociación de la deuda. Eso no le gusta a los tenedores de bonos. Los políticos opositores también tienen que “comer”, así que tampoco quieren cambios bruscos ni transiciones. Todo se hace por la paz de los sepulcros, las cárceles y las torturas. Además, hay ahora que pagar campañas para las regionales, con carta de buena conducta emitida por Diosdado. Venezuela está podrida de arriba abajo.

    • tu ramos alup eres del diablo diciendo que eres? a tus fanes le pregunto, tu vales como el 70 % de la poblacion o los carajitos que te quieren a caer a coñazos, tu, cinta negra malvada, te quitaste costillas para chuparte el pipi, con tremendo trabajo de lengua, Henry Ramos all up se chupa su propio pipi, q divino!

  28. Another reason for the US to send some drones to Vzla:

    It begins with “C” and ends with “OCAÍNA”

    And Venezuela’s chavista government has been smuggling hundreds of tons of that powdered turd to USA with the explicit purpose of “destroying their capitalist society”

    cuban drug dealer-backed lobbyists burns Venezuela’s funds by billions to guarantee that smuggling drugs as part of a country’s foreign policy will never be considered an act of war.

  29. Wall o’ text I copy from someone else’s Facebook:

    De arrogancia e incoherencia está pavimentada la autopista del autoritarismo madurista.

    Nunca había enviado un artículo a los medios de prensa, y es posible que esto jamás salga de las vías del siglo XXI ajenas a la trampa política en la que vive Venezuela y que se extiende a los medios de comunicación tradicionales.

    Empiezo declarando que no discrepo de la necesidad de recuperar pacíficamente la República y las libertades, que ello es una labor titánica y que además debe pelearse en todos los campos. Pero también pienso que no soy el único dentro o fuera de Venezuela que siente indignación cuando observa la arrogancia de algunos dirigentes y defensores de la MUD ante las críticas que se le hace a la pobreza de estrategia y la incoherencia de su discurso, y que ha sido explosiva en este fin de semana del 12-13 de agosto, manifiesta en sermones y hasta reproches.

    Como si fuera falso el que la MUD ha desaprovechado tiempo y vidas de venezolanos y extranjeros, muertos por la acción u omisión del Estado, forzados a largarse o a lanzarse a las calles ante la desesperación e impotencia, únicamente para que la represión criminal del pranato les aporree, dispare, secuestre, viole y asesine, les destruya la santidad de su domicilio y los bienes que hoy son irrecuperables, tanto como lo único verdaderamente de valor que recuerde alguien de 35 años: la seguridad de haber llegado a casa, por aquella garantía de tinta de la inviolabilidad del hogar doméstico (art. 47 CRBV), la única de las consagradas en la Constitución que no había sido abusada burdamente por el Estado.

    Concuerdo con Gonzalo Himiobi en que participar en las regionales es importante, pero sobretodo en que la MUD adolece de efectividad en su mensaje, pues en lugar de explicar que participar de ellas forma parte de una estrategia de múltiples acciones, salieron sus dirigentes a regañar a los que ven en dicha participación a ciegas la excusa de legitimación que constantemente esgrime el pranato.

    Y es que parece que la MUD aspira que, cual maduristas escarba-basura-rodilla-en-tierra- enfermos-desahuciados sin ninguna capacidad o voluntad de reflexión e intoxicados por el fanatismo radical que atiza noche a noche Capello y los narcodependientes de VTV, aceptemos su mensaje sin respuestas ni evidencias, de que «más allá de ahí en un punto que no sabemos dónde está, hay unas puertas que se nos abrirán al paraíso y en él, los pecadores serán juzgados y los justos se regocijarán por toda la eternidad».

    Y el problema es que el discurso catequista no resuelve preguntas como el porqué la única estrategia visible de la MUD es manipularnos para que demos muestras de civismo y voluntad democrática sin fin, cuándo y dónde a ellos les place; o porqué tuvieron que pasar 500 días para que la Asamblea Nacional empezara a ejercer sus competencias vía designación de magistrados perseguidos o un plebiscito de ambiguas preguntas y casi nula repercusión tangible en su estrategia.

    La MUD, de momento el único ente organizado y con capacidad de convocatoria que aglutina a la oposición, debería asumir mayor responsabilidad para con la ciudadanía que les votó a la Asamblea Nacional, así como para con los que se vienen sumando en rechazo al pranato desde todo los sectores del país. Debería por tanto cuidarse de incoherencias como el desafortunado comunicado del 13/08/2017ii donde habla de una “…nuestra Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana…” y el rechazo a la injerencia extranjera en los asuntos internos del país, cuando a la vez andan rogando a los gobiernos extranjeros se conduelan de Venezuela e intervengan de algún modo.

    Este fin de semana salieron dos opinólogos a reprochar las críticas a la MUD, uno de ellos Jesús Torrealbaiii, que creyendo interpretar realidades políticas vino a decirnos que la represión en Lara se debe a que ahí hay un gobernador de la oposición, al único al que por cierto, le llovieron cabillas y cemento cortesía del pranato para construir un mega monumento dizque para atraer turismo religioso en un país en que ya la gente no tenía con qué limpiarse el trasero, pese a que todos los inviernos las quebradas devoran avenidas y taludes, se abren socavones o se condena al abandono las obras de saneamiento de la cuarta área metropolitana del país.

    Contexto que nos hace pensar que tanto interés en quién va a la gobernación tiene por finalidad única el conservar parcelas, ya que todos sabemos que las gobernaciones apenas fungen de cajas de nómina y eventuales asignadoras de contratos. Y sí, aunque son espacios para seguir desenmascarando al pranato, cualquiera puede hacer ese trabajo, hasta el perro del vecino, pues pocos han votado a los candidatos de la MUD desde que existe como alianza electoral por su propio nombre y valor sino porque eran la opción electoral de la MUD.

    Y ciertamente, “los extremos se juntan”, sólo comparar la arrogancia de Tulio Hernández en su último artículoiv que recuerda a la prepotencia de los hijos de un secuestrador, hoy enseñoreados y destruyendo la democracia que les permitió ser alguien, cuando nos dice, palabras más palabras menos “si no te gusta la música, recoge y hazte tu fiesta”. Pues no Hernández, la fiesta no es de ustedes porque ni han puesto la casa, ni los reales, ni los asistentes. Y a su pregunta (y enfatizo en el usted, porque además nos tutea a los ciudadanos con un deje que suena a la actitud perdona-vidas típica de los que extorsionan al pueblo con las cajas CLAP) de qué propones, pues le digo:

    ¿Qué espera la Asamblea Nacional para asumir el art. 187.14 de la CRBV e instruir la remoción y autorización de nuevo personal diplomático en los países que ya han reconocido la dictadura?

    ¿Qué espera la Asamblea Nacional para ejercer acciones de presión ante Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Australia, Francia, Suiza y Canadá para bloquear el financiamiento por nulidad constitucional de acuerdo al art. 187.9 a todo proyecto que carezca de la aprobación de la Asamblea Nacional, entre ellos la destrucción de la Guayana por mineras como Gold Reserve Inc.?

    ¿Qué espera la Asamblea Nacional para mostrar un plan económico y andamiaje legal sobre la transición que esboce un horizonte para ciudadanos, inversionistas e intereses venezolanos y extranjeros?

    Entendiendo que ya acabó la fase de demostrar que Venezuela es una dictadura, hecho asumido por el hemisferio y Europa, salvo los alcahuetes del Frente Amplio uruguayo y los chulos del ALBA, y que además está secuestrada por una organización criminal que ha hecho metástasis en el Estado incluidas las FAN, que recuerdo, no son Bolivarianas como increíblemente se ha desdicho la MUD, ¿Qué espera la Asamblea Nacional para solicitar vía el art. 187.11 la restitución del orden constitucional, entendiendo que los agentes de control constitucional TSJ y FAN no actúan de acuerdo a la Constitución y las leyes?

    ¿Estamos condenados a que si la FAN es bolivariana y además delincuente, no pueda solicitarse a nadie la deposición del pranato por culpa de un chovinismo que habla de soberanía “indivisible” y un izquierdismo trasnochado que rechaza a rabiar intervenciones extranjeras de países “imperiales”?

    Como ciudadanos, aunque no le guste a la MUD, la Asamblea Nacional y a sus defensores de opinión, tenemos el derecho de exigirles responsabilidad y una dirección coherente. Es inaceptable esa rabieta de “si no te gusta como lo hago, arma tu partido” pues no estamos en la era de Punto Fijo, más si se trata de la actuación de diputados, responsables ante sus electores y el depositario de la soberanía, que es el pueblo; soberanía que de nada sirve si no se puede ejercer en el marco del contrato social acordado y aprobado por sus depositarios legítimos; menos si sólo existe como excusa para que tiranos y delincuentes cuenten con patentes de corso y feudos para operar, desatendiendo las responsabilidades para con los ciudadanos, lo cual en palabras llanas resume lo que se considera un Estado fallido y describe a la Venezuela de 2017.

    Luis Antonio Camacho Agüero


    i Himiob, G. (2017) Las regionales: Qué, por qué, cómo. http://runrun.es/opinion/contravoz/321424/las- regionales-que-por-que-como-por-gonzalo-himiob-santome.html
    ii Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (2017) La Soberanía es Indivisible. 13 de agosto de 2017. https://twitter.com/unidadvenezuela/status/89674361384097382
    iii Torealba, J. (2017) Trump, Caguaripano y elecciones regionales. http://runrun.es/opinion/321456/trump- caguaripano-y-elecciones-regionales-por-jesus-chuo-torrealba.html
    iv Hernández, T. (2017) Tuiteros del infortunio. http://www.el-nacional.com/noticias/columnista/tuiteros- del-infortunio_198381


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