Picking Up the Pieces from Trump’s Empty Threat


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With the transformation of Venezuela into a total Cuban-style dictatorship virtually complete, the international community had started to seriously ramp up the pressure on the regime. Talk of sanctions was on everyone’s lips, a rare international consensus had congealed on the illegitimacy of the constituent Assembly —52 countries and counting— Perú had kicked out Venezuela’s ambassador.

Somebody probably laboriously explained to him how counterproductive that would be.

Global institutions were starting to stake out a much harder position — the Organization of American States reactivated its Foreign Minister’s meetings, several of whom have completely disavowed the Constituyente, Mercosur activated its Democratic Clause, the U.N. was roused from its slumber, the European Parliament picked up the torch, some financial institutions have even refused to trade Venezuelan debt. Hell, even Switzerland, made a statement…Switzerland, coño!

And then Donald J. Trump had to go and fuck it all up:

They have many options for Venezuela — and, by the way, I’m not going to rule out a military option,…We’re all over the world, and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away. Venezuela is not very far away, and the people are suffering, and they’re dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary.

When asked by a reporter whether this military option would be led by the United States, Trump responded: “We don’t talk about it, but a military operation, a military option is certainly something that we could pursue.”

The grown-ups in the administration were pushed back into a by-now familiar role: damage control.

The “we don’t talk about it” part is telling. Trump knows he’s not supposed to say this out loud. Somebody probably laboriously explained to him how counterproductive that would be. Guy can’t help himself. Sad.

It’s clear zero prep-work went into the president’s threat: no interagency process, no heads-ups to key players, no specific planning, nothing. So the grown-ups in the administration were pushed back into a by-now familiar role: damage control.

Soon, the Pentagon was subtly distancing itself from this shitshow.

Then Mike Pence, whose trip to the region was planned months in advance, found himself traipsing around Colombia trying to, erm, retroactively edit Trump’s Friday statement. Which is a shame because Pence actually knows a lot about Venezuela: ever since brokering the Lilian Tintori meeting back in February of this year, he had been one of the most proactive and yielded results.

The condemnation to Trump’s statements was pretty swift, and pretty universal. Without mentioning the US in particular, MUD said it rejected Cuban intervention as well as military threats from any foreign power, and blamed Maduro for turning the country into a regional threat (we’d link to the statement but MUD’s website has been hacked, again).

The Latin American continent, every country in Latin America, would not favor any form of military intervention.

The communiqués followed thick and fast — by 39 local Venezuelan NGOs, by Peru, by Colombia, by Gina — what you’d expect.

“Since friends have to tell them the truth, I’ve told Vice President Pence the possibility of military intervention shouldn’t even be considered,” Colombia’s J.M. Santos said at a press conference, with Pence standing inches from him.

“The Latin American continent, every country in Latin America, would not favor any form of military intervention and that is why we are saying we are intent on looking into other measures some of which are already underway and others to be implemented in the future,” Santos added.

The chances of a military intervention were remote before Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks, and became even remoter right after.

“But a transition in the Venezuelan regime toward democracy must be a peaceful transition. It must be hopefully a democratic transition. And it must be done quickly.”

Even a guy like the CIA’s hyper-hawkish director, Mike Pompeo, had to go to work jamming the presidential toothpaste back into the tube. “What I believe the president is trying to accomplish this week,” Pompeo said, “was to give the Venezuelan people hope and opportunity to create a situation where democracy can be restored.”

The deus ex machina fantasy where U.S. Marines fall from the sky and deliver us of this nightmare has a certain, undeniable appeal to people brutalized by this horrible regime. But to state the painfully evident, the chances that any such thing will ever happen were remote before Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks, and became even remoter right after.

The work of building political, military and diplomatic support for a policy as extreme as invading Venezuela would’ve taxed the skills of even the most gifted and experienced U.S. President. Lining up allies, talking down the Colombians, lining up the U.N. Security Council, figuring out where Russia stands in all of this, earning the support of a skeptical congress, rallying your own State Department, working public opinion… none of this was ever going to be easy. It would have taken skill and coordination, detailed understanding, a mastery of the bureaucracies involved, personal relationships with key stakeholders…and a light touch, as well.

A Lyndon B. Johnson might, just might have pulled it off, or a George H.W. Bush. But we don’t have an LBJ or a Bush père in the White House. We have a guy who freelances nuclear threats and plays footsie with neo-nazis.

So, y’know, good luck with that, Marinés.

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    • There are plenty of empty airstrips in Apure and Tachira they could throw some tomahawk missiles at to make it sound Presidential…

      • You may think Pres. Trump is a pompous fool acting more like he is on audition for the sequel to Jersey Shore than a grandfather,statesman or President and I would agree. Explain why you keep harping on his bombing of Syria, it is the one foreign policy action he has been successful at. Someone got the message, Putin or Assad, no more chemical weapons have been used.

        • Assad paid no price and the slaughter continues and Assad/Iran/Russia are achieving their objectives apace is what I had in mind with my harping, but in terms of what you had in mind, success as you put it has apparently been achieved: the status quo under the Kerry agreement which is slaughter by other means.

          • So as the rest of the world stands idle and does nothing it becomes the responsibility of the US to solve the mess in Syria? On the other hand no military option for Venezuela. Got it, where do you draw that line? Seems that it should be obvious by your comments, but I can not find the obvious factors that lead to must act/can’t act.

    • And most of the pipes (PDVSA and elsewhere) are rusty and leaky. It does make any sense, to me, what Trump says. Let Mad Erne overdose some cocaine with his cronies. Venezuela is doomed anyway. Like some the stories that Kafka wrote, you leave something alone long enough, all that left is rotting carcass (or Caracas). I seemed perfect in the past, but now you have deal with the flies, worms and general decay.

      I am sorry that so many you all fell feel for the trick. And you haven’t reached the bottom of the barrel yet.

  1. I would agree that it was very counter-productive.
    However, if the threat against Rubio was known to Trump, I can see why he would say this.
    Also, if something happens to Rubio, I could see the US responding with force.

  2. As your piece says I too don’t see a US military intervention in the cards. Trump has a motor mouth, idiotic at best but dangerous nonetheless. Also the dark cloud of North Korea is a much more pressing issue for side-show-Trump. To wish for a US military intervention in Latin American today just seems bizarre – Hopefully those days are now well in the past.

      • The ‘banana’ reference we can do without. It’s demeaning and insulting to those in Venezuela who are struggling and who have faced great loss as a result of a criminal government.

    • He already did all the damage he was going to do, although he can just repeat it. There is no casus belli to sell a war or intervention to the american public, there is no way to get anything useful out of that, and is not like throwing missiles at Venezuela like at Syria will do anything but make the US looks like a dangerous out of control rogue state bombing a country not even at civil war yet.

      But hey, what is destroying the work of professional diplomats of all the region including the US compared to running your mouth to pretend to be “strong” the only way he knows – by bullying. I’m sure the uptick in popularity from the small base of idiots that still think he looks presidential every time he goes off-script with his military penis obsession was worth it. For him, anyway, and he is the only person he cares about.

    • Not so sure, Baltasar.

      Trump has cornered himself concerning North Korea, and will be humiliated essentially because USA has not real leverage against NK. Some bombs dropped over few obsolete military spots in Venezuela could be very tempting for him as way to save face. Easy, riskless.

      In this case, Maduro will consolidate his power over the country.

        • Never sure. Nevertheless, the most probable (and rational) outcome is a classical nuclear deterrence between NK/USA. Alternatives are too much expensive in every sens. China could maybe manage to save Trumps’ face (hard work!), but China always plays for herself.

    • Which is what I’m guessing, as well. The regime apparently has come to the point of threatening U.S. interests. Neither Russia nor China openly support drug trafficking, terrorism, and the like.

  3. Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up. Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.

    • Good riddance, then. Because for sure we dont need allies like you or Trump. Venezuela has enough shit for brains leaders already, dont need to import them and their issues, like their pathological need to destroy the hard work of professionals doing their job to build international pressure because they feel so insecure about everything they think they will look tough by talking shit they never got to think about for more than one second and on any other dimension than cosplaying their inmature idea of what a strong leader.

      Go dream of Call of Duty somewhere else.

    • “Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.”

      Wow. Why are you here again? Do you have an actual tie to Venezuela, or is this all some empty talking point you get to use against your dipshit friends in an online shitpost contest?

      Yes. Take your crap back to 4chan or whatever odious bulletin board link brought you here.

      • What are YOU doing here? You aren’t even aware he lives in Venezuela. You are even less aware of what the U.S. policy is, and even less aware than that of what the regime is doing. You must be the type of guy who kicks his dog?

    • Free Speech – The world is gradually emerging from the nightmare of socialism. That does not solve all the problems by any means, but there are those of socialist inclination who placed their hopes in it, and now are trying to face up to that mistake. The phenomenon is the same as the old “I didn’t steal the cookies!! SHE did it!!” (the little boy blaming his little sister).

      I do a similar thing, still, from time to time: when I can’t find something, I begin to think someone stole it, or start to think the bagger at the supermarket didn’t bag it. I do recognize it as an issue I have.

      It isn’t admirable of me to blame others before I accept responsibility myself.

      Now if only someone would get up off their arse and make some decent chess pieces that don’t cheat me every time I try to play the idiotic game, this would be a better world. I issue my heartfelt plea, with all the goodness of my heart and soul, with only the good of the world and humanity in mind, for someone to finally do something and make decent chess pieces! How can anyone refuse to help? (The board isn’t very good either.)

  4. George Bush indeed intervened in Venezuela, ramping the oil prices above 100$ and giving chavismo the deus ex machina they desperately needed:

    Billions of dollars falling from the sky to solve all of their problems.

  5. What you have here is CLASSIC Venezuelan. Never, ever accept responsibility for your own actions, it’s always someone else’s fault. Catch the average Venezuelan campesino with his hand in your pocket and he’ll look you in the eye and swear he’s not stealing from you.

    This is now a win-win situation for me personally because I don’t have many years left on this earth and I no longer care how it plays out. Trump will either save this country from itself or it’ll get what it deserves.

    Oh, and the horse you mother fuckers rode in on too.

    • 1. I don’t have a horse.
      2. All we’re saying is YOU DON’T SAY THAT KIND OF SHIT OUT LOUD!.
      forma y fondo, bro, forma y fondo.

      • Sweet lord. With this line of thinking Venezuelans are destined to plenty more years under dictatorship.
        One day they will stop caring so much about “form” and actually demand that change come.

      • Emiliana

        I do not think that there were any horse left alive. (If you have ever read Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” – you can try some children too, after flamingo’s, zoo animal’s. iguana’s, etc. I have heard they taste just pork.).

      • It is, indeed, impolite to fart at a dinner party (even though everyone farts). Emiliana, you have a point. Just to add some humor, it is apparently more than rumor, that Churchill and Eisenhower and Patton all … um … indecently … um … pissed … on Hitler’s Siegfried Line. That did not end the art of diplomacy, however.

    • Absolutely right. Venezuelans have proven they are too irresponsible/lazy/corrupt to save themselves, and their LA/SA neighbors are mostly all talk/ant-interventionist/have their own Lefty problems anyway. Once again, the U.S. will probably have to save Venezuela’s sorry ass, first by trying economic sanctions, then, if necessary, by force, not for Venezuela’s sake (from the comments here, Venezuela has gotten what it deserves), but for self-interest Hemispheric security’s sake. For those who think Trump is blowing smoke, they might see Pompeo’s recent interview mentioning Venezuela’s threat because of Cuba/Russia/even Iran-Hezbollah, “which are already there”.

    • Dude, you just called Venezuela a shithole and said “Fuck this place.” As far as any reasonable person is concerned, your opinion is of zero consequence from this point on. Where the hell do you get off?

      • You live here? You try to earn a living here? How many friends or family have you seen murdered? How many times have you been robbed at gunpoint? But you’re right, I probably crossed the line with the shithole comment. Apologies to shitholes, at least they serve a valuable function to mankind.

        • This is what you wrote:

          “Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up. Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.”

          Again. This is what you wrote:

          “Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up. Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.”

          You.are.an.ass. Here’s empirical proof:

          “”Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up. Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.”

          This came out of your wretched pie hole because GOD FORBID Trump gets called out on his amateur nonsense.

        • You live here?

          –Moved out at a teenager. Wasn’t my choice but lucky.

          You try to earn a living here?

          –Did automotive work for an Uncle in Valencia.

          How many friends or family have you seen murdered?

          –Lost two cousins. One shot in front of his wife and child. Didn’t see it thank god.

          How many times have you been robbed at gunpoint?


          Do you know how much this has anything to do with your toxic hysterical nonsense?

          Nothing. Not a thing. Own your own damn words like a big boy.

      • The ones who call Venezuela a shithole and say “fuck all the country up” are those who keep claiming that idiocy about how venezuelans deserve chavismo to continue destroying their lives for decades.

  6. The knee jerk reaction to Trump’s statement says more about the character of the politicians that denounced it than anything else.
    This regime acts with impunity and with the confidence that there will be no intervention.
    How long can the Latin American politicians keep playing the same tune of Yankee Imperialism?
    Cuban influence coupled with Venezuelan funding has not benefited anyone in the region. In fact this unholy alliance stands to cost the lives of tens of thousands of Venezuelans, deny a future to at least one generation, commit countless human rights violations, immeasurable suffering and a refugee crisis that can overwhelm the neighboring countries ability to effectively provide aid to the displaced people.
    What would motivate so many politicians to so quickly denounce what may become the only viable solution to freeing the Venezuelan people from the illegal regime that holds them hostage?
    Would they be so quick to dismiss a military intervention if they were the ones picking through garbage to find food for their children?
    I still believe that the Venezuelan military will fold if they believe a confrontation with the US military is imminent. While this reaction from the regions leaders may have played well to their own political bases, it has really just empowered the Maduro / Castro/ Al-Assami-Hezbollah regime.
    Sovereignty needs to be tempered. A government’s actions need to be considered.
    The Maduro government is actively involved in the smuggling of illegal drugs into the US and Europe.
    The ties between the government and Hezbollah create an environment for increased terrorist activity throughout the hemisphere. The worsening humanitarian crisis threatens Venezuela’s neighbors.
    Just as your right to swing your arm ends at the tip of my nose, this criminals regimes right to govern and maintain national sovereignty has ended with their crimes.
    Sadly the people that are suffering the brunt of this regime were not the ones that were asked their opinion on US intervention.
    When another 100,000 people have died, the infant mortality rate has tripled and disease is rampant, what will these politicians say then?

    • I swear to God when i read an article like this one written by two amateur journalists, i do not know what to think anymore.
      If this is the serious opinion of the two top people of CCs then i really do believe you both need to take a fucking long hard look at yourselves in the mirror.
      If you truly believe that you are going to sort this situation in Venezuela out with the attitude of pure disdain and holier than thou rhetoric that you throw around, then good luck with that one.
      I can completely accept the exasperation displayed by MRubio and others with some of the space cadet viewpoints being given here.
      Some people here need to get some world ‘real politik’ experience.
      If you do not, you are all going to have a very miserable next 50 years. Because of course you will stay here and not abandon old mother Venezuela for Europe or the States, Especially you Emelia Dutarte also nice hypocrisy picking up on someone swearing when you do it on a weekly basis on your articles, but then for you that is Latin passion….. my arse.

  7. “The work of building political, military and diplomatic support for a policy as extreme as invading Venezuela would’ve taxed the skills of even the most gifted and experienced U.S. President.” Amazingly weĺl stated!

    • Except military intervention doesn’t have to mean an invasion. Imagine crippling the GNB such that a half million demonstrators can actually reach and surround Miraflores without being tear gassed and shot.

        • Classic (lol). That’s what we’re all trying to figure out, good buddy … that’s what we’re all trying to figure out.

          • I’m asking because he has yet to offer anything remotely feasible on how a non invasion intervention can lead to the GNB.collectivos, military, etc, being crippled and a million demonstrators reaching Miraflores without being tear gassed and shot. (And then presumably a democratic government taking over magically)

            And anyone who questions him is called an ungrateful idiot who deserves what they get.

    • I heard that ever since 9/11 POTUS have the authority to bomb other countries without congressional approval, which is why Obama could execute air strikes against Syria, even against the will of the US congress.

  8. Funny article. You 2 Really believe that after trumps speech all is lost? The speech was most surely unplanned but to suggest all is lost is journalistic hyperbole. One could argue that if Latin America is so freaked out about A US intervention then they have now a fire under their ass to get off their ass and make a difference now

    • Well said! After all, according to hysterical liberals,Trump is a mad man, That powerful and dynamic International Community should now work at lightning speed to save Venezuela from him. When can we expect those backbreaking sanction and resolutions against Maduro and regime? Let’s see the list of possible sanctions that will force Maduro to peacefully resign?

      • No, no, Maria! Sanctions have been taken off the table! It has been decided that, “International Pressure,” is the way to go. You know, tough politician statements like:

        “But a transition in the Venezuelan regime toward democracy must be a peaceful transition. It must be hopefully a democratic transition. And it must be done quickly.”

        Now, that is the kind of talk that has Maduro and Co. shaking in their boots.

  9. The rest of the world is at loggerheads about what to DO about Venezuela. I think the Cuban advisers believe that the US et al are left with a seemingly impossible choice: Try and dispose a mega-controversial government by means that are themselves not controversial, that will cost other countries no money or standing in the industrialized world order. I can see the Cubans laughing now, as they have for 50 years, at all the rich talk and analysis and saber rattling, knowing that the planet’s outrage has little effect on their impunity so long as they put diplomacy over action, or even talk about action, which prompted this thread. Granted, it came from Trump – a loose cannon by any definition – and so the talking had to start in again to cover the POTUS’ bumblings.

    I suspect that till some power or confederation of powers is willing to take decisive steps, quite possibly economic,and certainly controversial – Maduro will stay the course till his pockets are totally empty.

  10. Malagradecidos CC. Siempre echando la culpa a lo demás … yep, after eight years of no help for Venezuela under Obama, you now fault Trump. I have googled to the best of my ability and find no strong condemnation on this website of Obama and his Cuban coziness which provided more time for Cubazuela to add to the tally at nuestroscaidos.com. Or the fact that this problem grew under the Obama administration. If there was such a thing from the left-leaning Caracas Chronicles editorial board, my apologies that google did not cough it up. I welcome someone to provide an article from this “editorial board” taking the Obama administration to task for its non-action on Venezuela, in which case I will retract, since I don’t find it. I did not vote for Trump (could not do that even holding my nose), but it is curious that Venezuela has been killed by crazy leftiness, and yet this website endorses same. Watching what is happening in Venezuela to people I love is hard enough; reading here Only adds to the sorrow.

    • I don’t really see how CC endorses left-leaning views nor how Trump is being blamed for something – Not really sure what that would be, not invading Venezuela? On Obama’s attempt at ‘openness’ towards Cuba I believe it was a good move, heck even some Cuban-Americans in Miami thought so too. Lumping Cuba and Venezuela together is not especially useful. Historically, Cuba’s relationship with the US is much more complex than Venezuela’s. Although some insist in likening Venezuela to Cuba I think we should resist the ‘easy’ comparisons. Venezuela no es ni sera’ Cuba. We have our problems but they are ours and the Cubans have theirs. US policy toward each will differ.

          • Already there. “Lumping Cuba and Venezuela together is not especially useful … ” Sounds like it came right out of … oh, never mind.

      • I don’t really see how CC endorses left-leaning views nor how Trump is being blamed for something .

        At the very least, CC articles and Quico – both at CC and at WaPo- have been vociferously anti-Trump for quite some time. “Is Trump like Chavez or is Trump like Maduro?” That does send a certain message, does it not?

        OTOH, it could be said that Quico is merely parroting the party line from Reed, his alma mater, on matters Trumpian. And by US standards, Reed is decidedly left-wing. OTOH, Reed is not far from mainstream for half the US.

        Though CC article writers are far from the only Venezuelan oppos to dump on Trump- recall Chuo Torrelaba not long after the November election.

        When one sees Quico’s track record of being vociferously anti-Trump and informing us that July 30 wouldn’t come off… 🙂

        • It is also of interest that while CC took the time to compare Trump to Maduro or Chavez, as far as I can tell CC made no attempt whatsoever to compare Hillary Clinton to Maduro or Chavez. Here are certain parallels.
          1) The law is for little people, not me me. Hillary Clinton s putting classified information on her private server comes to mind.
          2) Corruption. Clinton Foundation.
          3)Otherizing/demonizing one’s opponents. “Deplorables.”

        • “At the very least, CC articles and Quico – both at CC and at WaPo- have been vociferously anti-Trump for quite some time. “Is Trump like Chavez or is Trump like Maduro?” That does send a certain message, does it not? ”

          Trump’s counterproductive impulses are not the subject of critiques exclusive to the left. As the authors of this post accurately point out, the adults around Trump – presumably Republican-leaning- who do not share or indulge in Trump’s brand of counterproductive grandstanding, have been trying to walk back his blurtings on Venezuela. That strongly suggests that the editors’ particular editorial line here is not partisan, but is in synch with some of Trump’s own advisors and deputies.

          In other words, if you are suspicious of common sense and history, if you are suspicious of the observations of Latin American leaders with a stake in the situation, if you have a particular animus against Oregoneans or whatever, you can find ample evidence that what Trump said was stupid, and good reason that it should be walked-the-eff-back, in statements within his own party and Cabinet.

          • Regarding taking seriously anything that Canucklehead has to say on US politics, I present the following gem.
            Dixit Canucklehead:
            I ask myself similar questions about the supporters of chavez and the supporters of the (current) republican party. Are they the beneficiaries of a corrupted system, the uneducated and manipulated, or a combination of both? Why is it so quiet around here?
            Perhaps some Republican irregulars crossed the border into Canada and burned down his grandparents’ farm. Reagan’s Raiders? Goldwater’s Gladiators? Nixon’s Notorious? Gingrich’s Guerrillas? Cruz’s Cut-throats? Coolidge’s Cut-throats? Hoover’s Hoodlums? Who knows? 🙂

            Ironically for Canucklehead’s POV, a strong influence on my changing from a progressive of the left into an evil right winger was my reading Carlos Rangel’s Del Buen Salvaje al Buen Revolucionario, which I purchased in Anaco.

            In any event, for some time my response to Canucklehead’s utterances on US politics is to roll my eyes.

          • Canuckehead, you didn’t address my point: which is that CC has a long-standing anti-Trump bias. You are going to inform me that CC does NOT have a long-standing anti-Trump bias? Dime/decime otro de vaqueros.

            As further example of CC’s long-standing anti-Trump bias, take a look at my posting re a comparison of Hillary Clinton to Maduro/Chavez. Fine to compare to Trump to those two, but it is apparently sacrilege to compare Dame Hillary to them.

            Are you going to inform me that YOU do not have a long-standing dislike of/contempt for Republicans, even after being reminded about what you wrote about “the uneducated and manipulated?”

            Regarding Quico or others not liking what Trump said about the military option, I have no problem with that. What Trump said was controversial. But again, my point was not about the present, but about a long-standing pattern.

          • Dude, much as I admire what I write, it is sort of an embarrassment of riches having you quote me from the archives, and then watch you do this Ah-ha! schtick with it. Ah- ha! Contempt! Ah-ha! Hillary! Ah-ha! Justin Trudeau!

            You’ve got Maria who wants to dissolve the Republic and restore the House of Bourbon, some guy who has appropriated the Senator from Florida’s name on some repugnant commentary about Venezuelans, and a handful of other similarly bright lights, here to provide some reliable applause, but really, does this just keep going on, in a loop, and is there not another book by Carlos Rangel that would adequately substitute?

        • I think some humanity remains in the authors here, they stare into the abyss presented by Trump intervene in Venezuela, and realize how bad it would be. However much they dislike Maduro they realize Trump is worse.

    • The authors of this website realize the gains achieved in Cuba, and they supported Obama opening relations with them. Trump’s method is one of confrontation, when what Venezuela needs is diplomacy and negotiation – not sanctions.

      • The authors of this website realize the gains achieved in Cuba.”–Judi Lynn, you know, you might be on to something here….

      • Judi Lynn.

        No, just no. Don’t try to take criticism of Trump and purposely conflate it with the idea Maduro and his regime are anything but tyrants and thugs who destroyed democracy and brought unprecedented suffering and misery to the poor people of Venezuela.

        Everyone on this board, and everyone who’s not a paid communist troll or deluded Cuban propaganda believing fool, knows that Maduro and his cronies run a criminal dictatorship. We simply disagree on how to oust him and return Venzuela to democracy.

        • It’s still best to recognize allies where you can get them, at the least the authors here agree with me in opposing Trump and opposing his interventionism and supporting Venezuela finding its own solutions! I have shared this web-site with my friends, it says something that even the most right wing opposition supporters want a solution that comes from within Venezuela.

          • Yes, FT/friends are certainly among “even the most right wing opposition supporters”. BTW, is “Magoo” (new commenter) one of your friends with whom you have shared this website?

          • Judi Lynn, yes! Let’s negotiate! I truly think that’s the *one* angle that we’ve missed.


      • Judi Lynn, you make have struck on the best idea ever. By all means let’s give negotiation a try. Hell, elections sure didn’t work. ????????‍♀️

  11. As someone right on the field, I will make a few things clear for everyone:

    1- I wouldn’t take the content from this site as the ultimate truth. They have show time and time again, to fail to really understand things. i.e: the two bic macs.

    2- Don’t try to “get the picture” from the comments. The dysthopia machinery is right here, planting comments to demoralize, influence minds, and achieve their goals. Also most Venezuelans won’t really speak what they are thinking, out of fear from retaliation, or losing their crumbs.

    And finally, let me give you the overall, average voice from Venezuela people. What Venezuelas would say to the world: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am also in the field. I am also a Canadian with little love for American politics. Those poor guys have had a lot of responsibility and criticism over the years with their world policing. I have to concur with “someone” on this, it really surprises me that the CC team isn’t on board as well. My opinion is that we are so out matched, out gunned and just basically way over our heads here with this narco dictator that without massive bloodshed (both sides shooting at each other) they aren’t going anywhere. I don’t see how we can continue with the peaceful resistance approach, they have already wiped their asses with everything the opposition has done up until now. Reminds me of Calvin Ball, as soon as something goes in their favour, there is a quick rule change and we find we are actually running in the wrong direction. Its obvious we can’t win this game why keep playing? People I’ve talked to are fed up with the MUD as well. After all that has happened they can’t believe they are willing to roll over at this point. People are desperate for change and feel helpless and powerless, as Im sure was the point of all that brutal repression. In my humble opinion ER Pueblo would welcome the help from a US invasion. I think they have been fed a lot of misinformation as to exacly what an American invasion entails. Perhaps imagining the worst as bombers black out the sun with carpet bombing etc. The fact of the matter is I would open my home to US troops when they come through, provide them with any intelligence and cooperate as best I could. I know (and feed and shelter) a few police PNB who lead me to believe that the police are also sick and tired of this mess and would not interfere in anyway should their be an invasion. I think if er pueblo was educated on how exactly the intervention would go down and how their would be virtually no collateral damage, they would be more open to it as well. USA have honed their war machine into a razor sharp scalpel which would be used to gently and precisely cut the offending tumours out of the ailing host, thus leaving the rest of the body to heal and recover all on its own.

      • In 1994 Clinton threatened an invasion of Haiti to reinstall Aristide.
        Although it got off to a bad start as one of our LST’s was met with citizen resistance and returned to the US, in the end it was successful.
        A Junta had ruled Haiti for about 3 years and had committed multiple atrocities.
        I believe that the UN Security Council authorized the invasion in order to restore democracy. This allowed the operation to become a multi national force although in reality the brunt of the operation was US forces.
        Carter, Nunn and Powell became involved with last minute negotiations and Clinton told them he was not delaying the action regardless of their activity.
        In the end the Junta folded when faced with an invasion force.
        With the present personalities and interests I do not believe that it is possible to get UNSC approval for an intervention in Venezuela.
        However cooperation of OAS members may have been possible. The Venezuelan regime has some small nations in their pockets that allows them the power to block OAS resolutions. The US also gives funding to many of these nations and many US tourists contribute to the economies of these same nations. The proper diplomatic pressure should be used to sway the votes needed for an OAS authorization for intervention.
        This would allow for deployment of a multi-national force instead of solely US intervention.
        I said it on an earlier post here that I believe the knee jerk reaction from the regional politicians against any US military intervention is wrong. This may play well for local politics and the “Yankee go home.” sentiment of history, but it is a betrayal of the Venezuelan people and only empowers the criminal regime.
        The humanitarian disaster in Venezuela only stands to get worse as conditions deteriorate, food and medical aid is refused, corrupt generals control the importation of necessities, a default is imminent and oil production continues to decline.
        At some point conditions in Venezuela will become so horrendous that the same politicians that are now condemning Trump will be demanding that the US take action.
        In the meantime more people will suffer the brutality of the regime, die from lack of food and medicine and have their futures stolen from them.

  12. As someone right on the field, I will make a few things clear:

    1- I wouldn’t take the content from this site as the ultimate truth. They have show time and time again, to fail to really understand things. i.e: the two bic macs.

    2- Don’t try to “get the picture” from the comments. The dysthopia machinery is right here, planting comments to demoralize, influence minds, and achieve their goals. Also a lot of Venezuelans won’t really speak what they are thinking, out of fear from retaliation, or losing their crumbs.

    And finally, let me give you the overall, average voice from Venezuela people. What Venezuelas would say to the world: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. you guys did not read The Art of the Deal, this is a classic Trump negotiating strategy were you ramp up the stakes in order to get more leverage. All Venezuelans should support Trump and his admin who have done more for us in 6 months than W and Obama in 16 years. A military operation would be relatively simple a la Panama or Grenada, so you would not need the complex skills you quote. This is the only way out. All your international coalition BS would get us nowhere, or can you point out one example of success against a communist narco kleptocracy?

    • “A military operation would be relatively simple a la Panama or Grenada, so you would not need the complex skills you quote”

      Can i have some of what you’re smoking?

        • Massive resistance because international force was used against a regime everyone hates and which is destroying everybodys life ??………, got to be kidding !!, first the intervention would be chirurgical and targeted , it would include the participation of most lat am govts, even if undesirable the possibility cant be ruled out……!! remember seeing Noriega with a machete in his hand haranging several thousands of his followers promising a viet nam style resistance to the yankees if they dared come into the country and only a few weeks after being led to prison in the US.

          I think the question has to be broached from different angles :
          First are we mad at the possibility of a limited scope armed intervention because :
          1. we hate Trump and thus are inclined to disparage anything he says
          2. because we think that under current circumstances it wont happen or
          3. because even if it happens it will not work and instead help the regimes cause or
          4. because as a matter of principle we are opposed unconditionally to any kind of international intervention ever . or.
          We think certain kinds of armed intervention (coupled with posterior negotiations) can work to topple the regime and have no unconditional moral reservations against it being taken but doubt that in todays circumstances it can happen (assumming the declaration came from someone other than Trump)

          These are different topics but people jumble them up when discussing the matter ……. .

  14. As I said before, the civilian population will never be able to oust chavismo without help, the sooner the people accepts that fact the sooner they can put in action some actual way to get rid of chavismo.

  15. These comments from Trump were so incredibly stupid, it seems that maybe, just maybe, Trump and someone from the Venezuelan government side did discuss the Venezuela situation last week. A Washington lobbyist? a Russian intermediary? a Venezuelan diplomat? maybe even Maduro himself. Maybe this person dared Trump to say that the U.S. was not capable of engaging his military in Venezuela. Trump, as stupid as he is, just fell into the trap. Good job Jorge Rodriguez!

  16. I am truly DISGUSTED by the MUD and their readiness to play ball with the regime. As much as I despise Trump as a leader, I think that at this point an international military intervention in the ONLY realistic solution to keep Venezuela to fall into the same Communist abyss Cuba fell 50 + years ago. I also want to state how RIGHT Maria Corina has been all this time and how much respect I have for her now that all the masks have fallen off.

    • Totally agree. The MUD stinks, except for MCM, Leopoldo, Ledezma.. Also agree that foreign intervention would be necessary, given the incompetence and special interests of the “opposition”, and given the low levels of education and propensity for Corruption of our beloved “pueblo”. Yes, millions and millions of average people are also dumb, incompetent, under-educated – if educated at all – highly corruptible, enchufados, leeching off the criminal regime first chance they get. Not to mention the military, police, guards, Sebin… mostly low-lives too. Perhaps half of the populace still loves Chavez, that gives you an idea..

      If the USA/International “community” really want to knock-off our tropical kleptocracy, they should start by forcing China, Russia, India and various Caricom jalabolas to stop aiding, buying/selling from the regime

      And the pressure must come from everywhere, more political “condemnations” worldwide, more street protests, more MUD crap, measured economic sanctions, arrests, confiscations, plus a few covert, surgical military operations, CIA/Seal team 6 type against the narcos. Add all that to the Chavista thugs running out of money to bribe Millions (including our beloved “pueblo” people), plus a worsening of the economic crisis, hunger, no medicines, bad services, inflation, crime…..: people getting even more fed-up, including those who can’t be leeches anymore. The “Cerros” have to come down, en masse. Bigger numbers. The economic/social situation have to get even worse, pa’ que terminen todos de arrecharse, while other countries implement specific ACTIONS to hurt Cubazuela’s Narco-Kleptocracy.

      All of those forces together, or start praying for another MPJ.


    • Everyone opposes military intervention, sanctions against the oil company and so on. It’s too late for your opposition buddies to stop Venezuela’s transition to full socialism. Opposition blocking food distribution will end soon along with hoarding Trump just blew the lid off the whole regime change attempt.

      • Opposition blocking food distribution? Could you splain me that when chavismo controls the dollars, controls customs, contols the thousands of checkpoints across the country and has been in control for almost 20 years?

        If the opposition is so strong today that it actually controls food distribution, imagine what it can do once these bums are thrown out.

        No JL, the problem is that socialism is in charge and has been for a long while. You’re just seeing the results of handiwork but too close-minded to accept it.

        • “Opposition blocking food distribution? ”

          Everytime a chaburro comes and brays that fallacy (Come on, they have to be really stupid to believe that) Shove this page down their resented throats:


          The SICA guides are the system that chavismo uses to track EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE OF FOOD that leaves point A to go to point B and thus CONTROLLING THE FOOD DISTRIBUTION.

          Because too many imbecile chavistas say:


  17. Bunch of ungrateful leftist filth that would rather have us rot under the regime than owing something to the eeevil Trump.

    The Latin American’s left worship of Saint Fidel, Patron of the Losers of the Cold War is a blight upon civilization.

  18. Lets play a game, shall we? As we seem to have so many incredibly sharp commentators that all know how this is a great idea, show us your deep geopolitical and military strategic thinking:

    – What shape would that US intervention have. And why are you sure that is, actually, the shape Trump has in mind.
    – How can it be sold to the American public. How would allies in the region and elsewhere react to it.
    – What objectives could be realistically achieved by that intervention, and explain yourself. No magical pixie dust that somehow transform Venezuela into a new country, just details. You think the US will, for example, stay in Venezuela to clean it of colectivos (even more radicalized after that intervention)? If not, then what is the intervention capable of really achieving? Do you think throwing a missile on Fuerte Tiuna is just enough?Again, what objectives and methods, not just “boom” then “nation built!”
    – If an US intervention happens, explain how this will not make the current bunch of murderous idiots in power martyrs for groups of people inside Venezuela, the continent, and the world, and probably end up with decades of having to deal with guerrilla movements. Explain how the small but present chavistas will not become a problem for years to come. Explain how any government after this can not be seen as a US puppet.
    – Once you do all that, explain how, somehow, none of that was actually taken into account yet and even his own staff looks like it is the first time ever anybody mentioned Venezuela and military options. Explain why the Pentagon feels the need to remind people they have received no new orders at all, and have to remind people that, normally, the one using the non-existing threat of US attacks to prop himself up is Maduro.

    You do all that and shut the fuck up with the “fellow traveller”, “disgusting ungrateful Venezuelans”, and all that bullshit, specially when you go out of your way to insult people that have been there, in the streets, protesting, risking their lives, and who happen to not see how an idiot blabbling about force without plan, coordination, or any idea whatsoever apart from saying shit, is a cause of anything but despair. By all means, enlighten us about how this is a very well thought plan to solve a complex and difficult situation that, somehow, was concieved by Trump alone in 5 minutes and without having anybody else in his goverment aware of it.

    • Personally, I will not reply, because like you I find it too unbelievable that we would. (Well at this stage at least. Add 5k dead in the streets, famine, massive migration, and a bust of tanker full of cocaine on the mississippi, and I think Trump will not care what people think).

      So, I would ask for those AGAINST this “reckless, insane” suggestion of a Military Invasion, to not sit and wait for an answer from others, to Jesús,

      But to draw us a similar brilliant plan on how the MUD’s is going to solve the problem.
      or the international community? UN, OAS, etc
      or individual countries, Brazil, Columbia.

      The silence will be only broken by the sounds of crickets.

      My answer (again), death, destruction, civil war, from the young venezuleans, who know the world because of the internet, and social media, and will not give up what they have seen that the world offers. Then again, they may just all get “out of dodge”, emigrate and leave the brainwashed, “oil is my divine right” adults to fend for the CLAP bags.

      If not the youth, then the game is over.

    • Frankly, I think the only path left is for the MUD to become the leadership of a widespread and constant movement of civil disobedience. Every single day it has to be shout to Maduro face that he is not the legitimate ruler, the ANC is not a legitimate power, and the country is not going to obey. And be ready to pay all the price for that. The situation is no longer to compete in elections, but to insist that this whole charade of a regime has to go away and is illegitimate and unrecognized by the population.

      That may very well end up in civil war or I dont know what. But if there is any real solution, is not going to come from the US, or the international community either. Those can help a bit, and a lot more if Venezuelans manage to remove the PSUV from power when help to rebuild the country is needed.

      But to think that the solution will come from outside? No. If Venezuela is to be saved it will be by Venezuelans. Because at the end of the day, nobody from outside is going to really care, or to stay forever there to fix stuff.

      And I’m fully aware of the irony of me saying that when I left years ago. But well, its what I think, and you asked for my answer to my own question so it is that: from now on, a compromise of all opposition to not recognize any legitimity and to keep to the streets, to general strikes, to all measures of making it clear nothing Maduro or his ANC says is worthy of a minute of attention. That, I think, has more possibilities of rallying people to the cause and eventually get the Armed Forces to split that this whole cycle of yes we are in a dictatorship buuuuut lets see next election.

      • You’re right, but the MUD has sold out for crooked CNE Regionals, has lost its legitimacy, lost most of its following (1000 marchers in Saturday’s “La Gran Marcha De Caracas”), and is seriously being questioned as to being a legitimate/effective Oppo interlocutor for solving Venezuela’s misery.

      • Maduro lost his right to claim his presidency was legit the day that the recall referendum was illegally stopped by criminal courts in a number of states. That was the day the MUD should have gone with the nuclear option and not let up.

    • Jesús Couto Fandiño

      Thank you. You will not get a coherent answer from those who think US intervention is coming, or are unable to understand the obvious reality that Trump’s comments were counterproductive. You will get insults.

      • Why were Trump’s comments counterproductive? Did he reveal a secret? No one had even thought of the concept of US military action and now the cat is out of the bag?

        Or perhaps negotiators were just a gnat’s ass away from finally getting Maduro to step down and boom, he won’t do it now that Trump said military action was still on the table?

        Counterproductive in that chavistas were beforehand reasonable, clear-thinking individuals who analyzed every word Maduro said and now they’ll fall in line like zombies and believe his every word?

        Help me out here.

        Personally, I think Lorenzo said it best:

        “If I were a negotiator, I would appreciate having the Commander-in-Chief of the mightiest military force on my side, chomping at the bit. And if he were a little bit crazy and unpredictable, so much the better.

    • Exactly.

      The solution here is not military, but through elections. The opposition just needs to win those, instead of hoping for Trump to put them into power. The route of protests is already losing steam and has failed.

    • Well, these are interesting questions, but I wonder whether you’re asking: “What would Trump do?” or “What should the US do in Venezuela?”. These are very different questions with very different answers. You seem to be more interested in well-deserved inveighing against Trump then in Venezuela.

      But I’ll be nice and answer both sets of questions:

      * Trump will do nothing. The political calculus is against this.
      * Since Trump will do nothing there’s nothing to sell.
      * etc. etc.
      * Trump has no thoughts before twitting.

      As for what the US should do:

      * The regime is so frightened of economic consequences, it gives the ultra-capitalists of Wall-Street their every demand, whereas every ideological and economic motivation should have led to default long ago. In short, properly applied and supported economic sanctions can topple the regime. If and only if Venezuelans rise up, military intervention can be justified to the public as saving ordinary people from the violence of the regime.

      * One of the key elements of this crisis is international indifference. That said, the regime has done a bad job in cultivating friends and worse in PR. Its position is more akin to Gaddafi than to Assad’s. Other countries don’t want to do the work, but they’ll be happy to see the regime gone. It’s a PR embarrassment for the Leftists and an enemy to the Rightists.

      * The current starvation campaign is entirely based on coercion. Even anarchy would have a better human rights outcome and less crime, because nobody would be able to enforce the crazy price fixing laws. Difficult to think of a likely intervention scenario which is superior to the current state.

      * The first thing I think about when looking at Maduro is how charismatic he is… not! The current group is too grey and their record too known to be martyrs for anyone.

      * Trump has no thoughts before twitting.

      • Correction: Difficult to think of a likely intervention scenario which is NOT superior to the current state..

        I also forgot to note that just about every possible alternative won’t turn down international humanitarian assistance.

  19. This is a blog that said the ANC was a bluff from Maduro to start a negotiation, so take what is written here with a big grain of salt,

  20. This blog said the ANC was a bluff from Maduro to start a negotiation with oppo leader and international community, that it will be called off by friday, so yeah sometimes caracaschronicles needs to be take with a big grain of salt sometimes

  21. Degrade the GNB and PNB enough that people can actually march to and surround Miraflores without being tear gassed and shot, and Maduro falls.

    Cruise missles and air strikes would accomplish that goal. Thereafter, Venezuelans can sort out what’s left.

    • The amount of people the oppo rallied in the take of caracas was enough to Walkthrough every GNB and colectivo, that march had the regimen actually shooked, of course it came to a nice relieve to the regimen once the leaders told everybody to go home at 3pm and denounce that every act of violence will be declare as an infiltrate, code word for if you guys engage with colectivos or GNB we will wash out hands of your actions.

    • This is your greal plan? For this… idiocy… you feel entitled to call everybody else a traitor and an ingrate?

      Your great idea is that the US president, just because he loves Venezuelans so much, will send hundreds of missiles and air strikes to “degrade” the GNB and the PNB (which according to you are easily to hit without hitting anything else), just like that, just because he can.

      After that, an unspecified mob of unspecified political leanings and leadership will storm Miraflores, somehow not finding any resistance from either the colectivos or the whole rest of the Armed Forces of the country, No, those are going to just watch. And then once in Miraflores this group of people lead by who knows who will do… something… and right away have a stable country to run, instead of a civil war in their hands.

      And anybody not seeing how wonderful this stupid 5 seconds non-plan that will never happen is, you label an “ingrate” that “deserves” everything.


      • I recall sitting in my office in Maturin when Chavez was elected president, and recall telling everyone who would listen, that it, his election to control the country, would end badly.

        l’ve also watched Venezuelans for the better part of 20 years scratch their heads and question what he was up to, but still go vote for the freebies. I’d tell them, “by the time you figure it out, you will have given him so much power that it’ll be too late”.

        Well, here we are, and what does the opposition do after over 100 days of protest and over 100 dead patriots? They fold their tents, let the streets cool, and go to regional elections.

        Yeah, I’m one bitter mother fucker and feel I’ve earned the right to call the idiots ungrateful fuckers for blaming Trump for screwing the pooch.

        • All of that is besides the point and not part of this discussion. We are talking about Trump’s comment about US military intervention.

          How is criticizing Trump’s comments (because, in our opinion, they will make building a coalition for military intervention actually harder) make one ‘ungrateful’? Are you suggesting we should be grateful for his comment? I must have missed, what did it accomplish for Venezuelans suffering?

          • I’ve stated my point elsewhere but I’ll restate it here since you asked.

            I’ve read this site for a long while though I mostly posted at the Devil’s Excrement until Miguel was almost killed in a biking accident and his site went dormant for almost a year.

            Debating whether Trump’s comments are harmful or not to the issue of how Venezuela responds to Maduro, isn’t the problem. For me personally, he’s been a non-issue and I don’t recall ever starting a conversation about the man here. My problem is that the staff here have gone out of their way, AGAIN, revealing their leftist bias, and dragging Trump into it when he’s been the only president I recall to speak out strongly against the destructive forces of chavismo in Venezuela. The only ONE.

            Do you think Obama got blasted by this staff for diddling while Venezuela went down the toilet? No. These guys are so left of center that I recall one of them, Quico I think it was, extolling the virtues of Bernie FUCKIN’ Sanders!!!!

            MUD finally got off their asses and started applying pressure in the streets and making a difference by controlling the narrative. Young patriots were murdered and maimed, fighting tanks, tear gas, and rubber bullets with stones and bottles and cardboard shields. They were literally giving their lives to stop a dictatorship. They were winning? And then, boom, 31 July it all falls silent and “hey, let’s go to regional elections”.

            I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster over the years watching all this play out. Capriles can beat Chavez I believed. Okay, that didn´t work out but I know damned good and well Capriles can beat Maduro. Screw that, they stole the election and everyone knew it. Wow, but look at how the people turned out and gave the AN a mandate to take control of the country and bring order to the government. Finally! Progress. Okay, well, the AN was de-nutted but in 2016 the constitution says we can legally throw Maduro out and new elections will be called. Okay, so it won´t happen in 2016 because the cunt Tibisey Lucena dragged her feet giving Venezuelans their right to vote but at least we can force Maduro to name a successor in 2017. And we all know how that worked out.

            Then I open this site a couple of days ago and see these hypocritical leftists here with an article about “Picking up the God-Damned Pieces of Trump’s fuck up”! The fucking nerve.

            It put me over the edge and I apologize to no one. I´ve had it. I’m done hoping Venezuela will solve its own problems. I’m convinced the country is incapable of doing it and it will only happen if an American president has the balls to do it and over the last 20 years the only one I’ve seen even remotely interested in doing it is Trump.

  22. There’s a basic insight the trumpistas and pro-invasion people here just aren’t seeing.

    Trump’s threat made an eventual U.S. intervention less likely, not more!!

    If you seriously think the U.S. should invade Venezuela (setting aside for the moment the question of whether that’s a good idea or not) you should be livid at the way Trump is handling this.

    By tossing out threats with zero prep-work, he makes the whole concept of an invasion politically and diplomatically toxic. He puts Pence, who genuinely wants a tougher line, in an impossible position where he has to spend his whole trip explaining and spinning what his boss just said.

    If you want an invasion, you should demand the guy to do the actual work it takes to prepare: courting allies, mobilizing opinion, rallying congress, doing the heavy lifting it’s going to take to push the Overton window on this issue. Cuz right now, the Overton window is a few time zones over from where y’all want it to be…

    If you just skip all of the boring, tedious prep-work and mouth off, you turn the idea into a joke.

    • I believe that Trump knows more about moving the Overton window than you. He plows ahead and then everybody catches up to the new normal.

      (I mean, following US politics, you have seen that was once unthinkable now is commonplace. For better or for worse).

      • BINGO…That how Trump won the Presidency. We are NOT dealing with traditional geo-political logic. These are uncharted waters.

    • Quico…Trump DOES NOT play by the rules…that’s exactly how he became President of the United States. If he really wants to go hardcore against the regime he will do it. We are swimming uncharted waters here and any effort to predict an outcome based on conventional geo-political logic is FUTIL.

  23. You’re right–I’d discuss each and every point at length, but I have to run/line up for my subsidized Harina Pan, since it’s my Cedula’s last number day, and then go to the funeral for 2 80-yr. old friends, who were shot in the head during a home invasion, and for their long-term maid, who, was knifed to death….oh, and I forgot to mention the home security neighbors’ meeting called by a Sebin comisario, who with his wife was tied up/robbed/house cleaned out last week–those evil Imperialist Cochon from the North, who the fuck needs them, anyway–Venezuela ES LIBRE, ES AUTONOMA, ES LA PATRIA DE BOLIVAR–it can solve its own problems, especially with the help of its friends/neighbors, troubled Temer and culiudo Santos.

    • Yet you have time enough to call people living the same situation, but taking their time to document their thoughts and explain why this is bullshit, all kind of insults.

      Pony up. Emiliana made her case. Naky made her case. Put your case forward, a CASE for what this is a SOLUTION, instead of this jump from “things are bad and something has to be done” -> “this is something” -> “this has to be done and anybody saying the opposite is Fidel’s lover”

      Because if you dont have a case, all you have is anger and an idiotic fantasy that a guy that doesnt know you and dont care one bit about you will deliver you from evil by some magical process you cant even understand or explain, and isnt just using your suffering as a soundbite to sound tough in the 5 minutes he dedicated to think about Venezuela at all.

      • I have made THE case in many different posts as to the WHY; as to the mop-up HOW, can’t Venezuelans be counted on for anything to properly organize/manage their own affairs?

      • If that is your answer, apart from again not answering (thats not a plan, or a case for how an invasion/intervention can help), then the only conclusion is that Venezuelans dont deserve anything.

        Happen to find that idea both repugnant and fundamentally wrong. Again, under that view, you dont need an intervention, you need a protectorate, as Venezuelans are incapable of governing themselves.

        Again, no one here on the Trump is right side has said what shape or form will that intervention take that will deliver the results, except MRubio with the most idiotic plan ever that somehow bombing the GNB and the PNB (and good luck doing that without hitting civilians) will make an unspecified mob of people (not 2, 3, or several conflicting groups, just 1) storm Miraflores against the colectivos and the rest of the armed forces this plan left standing and puff, deliver a stable democracy.

        Not to mention the US does all this, killing thousands in the process and firing what, a hundred, 2 hundred missiles? All because Trump loves latinos that much. There goes any pretension of the US not being a rouge state that start wars agains countries that cant defend themselves, there goes everything from international alliances to the markets.

        • Do you really believe the US is incapable of strategic strikes against GNB and PNB targets? The US can put a cruise missle in the third window from the left on the 4th floor of any builiding in the world if it wants. And don’t put words in my mouth. I never said there would be no civilian casualties, especially in places like Fuerte Tiuna where there are civilians crawling all over the base. But in the state capitols and elsewhere, the GNB bases are usually fairly isolated and could easily be struck with minimal civilian casualties. I’ve personally been inside many of those bases so I’m not talking out of my ass.

          Alternately, we can let Maduro rule for another 30 years. No civilian casualities in that scenario.

    • NET, I am so very sorry for your losses. Every time the phone rings, one trembles at what is next … Having now read this whole thread, not a Trumpista, don’t believe an invasion will ever happen, but my point stands … this website has a far-left bias, even though the far-left media played a sizable role in the Cubazuela situation, and this website criticizes Trump for doing SOMETHING, while never criticizing Obama for doing NOTHING. As for comparisons, the politician most like Chavez was Obama … push it through, never mind no consensus and no public support, and they’ll be stuck with it, and won’t be able to undo it. Obamacare, right out of the Chavez playbook.

      • They are criticizing him for his careless comments, not anything he’s done.

        Try to keep up.

        Please help, what did Obama do with no consensus, no public support, and they won’t be able to undo it? I didn’t know he (or Trump) had those powers?

  24. Can somebody in this blog made an article about how Venezuela is going to get out of the narcoregimen because if what trump says is bullshit, bluff,never gonna happen, idiocy,etc where is the light at the end of the tunnel? or at least be honest about it and tell the people yall still got 15 more years till the goverment ran out of money,lands and resouces so please, try to endure a couple more years of hunger,poverty,murders,impunity,broken dreams and the rest of the 7 plagues of egypt, oh and dont forget to vote in the regionals :thumbsup:

    • The light at the end of the tunnel is opposition admitting defeat and ending hoarding and protests. If not they can face arrests.

      • Seems like an ideal peaceful solution to me–I could sure use that can of hoarded tuna, especially when the last independent comerciante and the Polar management are thrown in jail

      • Oh Judy Lynn, I read you and don’t know where to start…
        You should get better information from somewhere other than Telesur and RT, they’re not really independent alternative news outlets, just because they say so doesn’t make them independent.
        Check who controls customs and distribution in Venezuela, you won’t find any escualidos (maybe some enchufados but they’re not the ones out there protesting). You’ll see plenty of cubans and military controlling everything in ports, airports, borders.
        Check reports on corruption in cuban & military controlled customs, how they’re happy to let food rot if they don’t get their respective kickbacks (and there’s a lot of those to go around).
        Check the results of Chavez’s Expropiese! Campaign, how many of those expropriated companies and fincas are still producing at the levels they were before “scorched earth” hugo. And how many are now empty shells, having been raped and plundered by the wonderful chavistas.
        There are many, many, many, MANY other things I or anybody else could tell you, but I guess this is enough to start.
        Maybe it won’t do anything for you, I don’t even know if you’re reading this, and you seem like you have already swallowed the official story which makes the regime the poor, poor victims, but I wanted to write this anyway so you can’t ever say, if and when the truth comes out (if it ever does, I’m not holding my breath here), that nobody ever tried to take you out of your ignorance.

  25. I know it doesn’t look like it, but in back rooms, way out of the limelight, in several countries throughout the Americas, there are serious adults who actually know what they are doing who are “working the problem”. And guess what? You have probably never heard of any of them. The blunders of the players who are public figures won’t make a bit of difference. The international consensus you alluded to in the article will not be undone, because the reasons for that consensus have not changed. Are Trump’s intemperate remarks an irritation? Yes. But it won’t affect the plans (whatever they are) from going forward.

  26. – Social Activist-in-Chief Obama doing the wave with Raul Castro in a baseball game played by Cuban Slave Athletes: “Cool, common-sense politics. We finally have a statesman doing cool things towards Latin America.”

    The guy did absolutely NOTHING for Venezuela in so-called diplomatic terms.

    – Trump states in undiplomatic terms that he’ll consider all options, including (but not necessarily) military to take weapon-less Venezuelans out of their miserable lives: “How dare he? Now we’ll lose support from political “giants” like Leonel Fernandez, Juan Manuel Santos and Rodriguez Zapatero, and it’ll give Maduro ammo to justify crackdowns on the opposition.”

    Like Chavez and Maduro ever needed anything to justify their destruction.

    Commenter above is right: You’d rather see Venezuela destroyed by another 10-15 years of this shit than owing something to Trump and Pence. “Ay, que asco y que fos estos Republicanos racistas-fascistas-capitalistas-taxidermistas-submarinistas-kkkistas- diciendo que quieren ayudarnos a nosotros, que siempre hemos sido contra las armas, a defendernos de una tiranía.”

    But at least the President of the ANC is a woman, so it’ll all be alright, Emiliana. As for Toro, you keep making money out of being wrong all the time and writing leftist talking points and politically correct crap wherever they let you.

    • This is what people people dont understand, the goverment hold all the cards, all the powers and know he can stretch this ruin for a few more years, there is already an offer to russian of some very rich in oil lands in exchange of money and wheat, and if you add they are a narco-estate, they got terrorist in the country, flyring around with Venezuelan passports,etc, you can tell people in the country just want this shit over and doesnt matter if is peaceful or it comes from the hands of a foreigh military intervention, the funny thing is all this scandal, screaming,bitterness, salutes to the flags, and respect my sovereign war cries because Trump said military intervention is AN OPTION, he didnt said is coming, he didnt said is in motion, he said is AN OPTION

      • Of COURSE military intervention is an option. The Pentagon has a file with a military option for invading every country. People in the dept. of defense have flunkies who get paid to come up with invasion plans to have on hand just in case for every possible scenario. YOU DON”T TALK ABOUT THEM OUT LOUD!

        • Of course you do, if it might help in avoiding the use of them (in the case of Venezuela, fracturing the military)–these are no flunkies talking about threats–Pompeo, even McMasters, reading between the lines, now VP in BA , reading between the lines. El quien no escucha consejo, no llega a viejo….

        • Emi, understand it’s difficult to keep allegiance at bay. Not flunkies but our best and brightest. Maybe you need to watch ‘An officer and a gentleman’

  27. I think we are all pissed that Trump said it in public.
    To excoriate a venezuelan politician for saying that he does not support an foreign intervention is quite stupid.
    He HAS to say that in public, he HAS to, no matter what he really thinks.

  28. If I were a negotiator, I would appreciate having the Commander-in-Chief of the mightiest military force on my side, chomping at the bit. And if he were a little bit crazy and unpredictable, so much the better.

    Another brilliant move, Mr. President. Keep ’em guessing!

  29. CC is also plagued by the polarization we have in Venezuela, albeit to a lesser degree. It’s good to have healthy debate in this forum as a result of multiple points of view. Viewing Venezuela simply as right vs left is just not very productive. The writers at CC attempt to understand Venezuela, something that’s no easy task for so called experts & journalists alike.
    Trump has said and will say stupid stuff, that’s his shtick. His mouth moves ahead of any rational, thoughtful deliberation. Acting & sounding though is also part of his bag of antics. But to think that Trump will come to the aid of Venezuela militarily is naive. That aside, wishing for a US military intervention is just bizarre. Have a look at any history book on US interventions in the region if you need evidence of how wrong that course of action has been.

      • Like in Chess those are ‘little pieces’. Chile & Argentina during the Cold War are much more significant examples where outcomes were brutal.

          • Point taken. But remember the Canal was already in the hands of the US back then. In fact the US backed Panama’s secession form Colombia and helped foster nationhood there for it’s own interests. Historically US interventions in Latin Am have been nasty, and people there remember that.

          • The point that many people are making is that it truly, 100% can’t be worse than the regime. Even if Trump takes PDVSA, so what? Beats letting the Cubans have it and, you know, maybe will make the lives of those that have to live on this damn country a little more bereable.

    • Gee, notice how the guy is back-pedaling like crazy away from Trump’s wild, crazy, off-the-cuff, loose-cannon comment about the military option. Heh, heh.

  30. There are many obstacles that an armed intervention has to overcome before it can happen , much depends on circumstances and factors over which no one has control but which either make the road more or less difficult , one factor which wont make it more difficult is Trumps indisposition to consider it even if conditions make it advisable ……., His declarations are visceral , impetuous ,gutsy , not elaborately thought out , so his making them doesnt mean that the US govt will act on it……..unless the political and administrative establishment after doing its homework gives its ok…….., but his having made them means that how ever far in the hierarchy of measures being considered it is …….its on the table !!

    I sense that we have already given up on our sovereignty long time ago when we took so many loans that we mortgaged our economy to outside interests , when Chavez ideological whims made us subordinate our national interests to those of Cuba , that sovereignty being so compromised already , an invasion by a foreign powers wont alter things that much provided they dont stay and leave us to our business once they are done .!!

    If sovereignty lies in the “people”and 70 odd percent of these want this regime out , having an international intervention get it out doesnt violate our sovereignty , rather the other way around …!!

    • Respectfully, to argue that Venezuela is not today a sovereign nation in order to justify military foreign intervention that would recover some semblance of sovereignty is a little strange.

      • You’re right, a 2.4mm voted ANC governing the Country, changing its Constitution, not being recognized by virtually any major world democracy, and jailing/invalidating as many Oppo democratically elected leaders as possible, certainly makes Venezuela sovereign..

  31. I’m just worried about the rifles that are headed for the White House in New York!!!!! I guess ignorance is indeed inherent in the Maduro clan.

  32. Many groups of the venezuelan resistance including army veterans sent to the WH a letter formally requesting military intervention yes like in war. Also in many polls online asking Venezuelans about military intervention the overwhelming majority approves. I would love to know CCs solution to oust the narco communist regime and make justice.
    This is turning out to be the Pendejos Chronicles.

  33. Yo entiendo que Francisco Toro escribe básicamente para los tenedores de bonos, que son quienes comparten su visión del mundo y los principales interesados en que nada cambie en Venezuela. Esos tenedores de bonos y sus compinches son los mismos actores políticos que van a ir a las elecciones regionales contra todo sentido común y de supervivencia, y de espaldas a la gente. También entiendo que esa visión del mundo en el nuevo contexto global es obsoleta, y que una intervención militar de Estados Unidos es posible y probable y que nadie en el mundo la podría detener. Latinoamérica puede condenarla simbólicamente, pero hasta ahí, porque latinoamérica es débil y cada país tiene sus propios intereses. ¿Acaso Santos va a perder a Estados Unidos como aliado por “principios anti-imperialistas”? No. ‘La Unión Europea? Tampoco.Y Rusia y China no van a hacer nada más allá de asegurarse ciertas cosas muy específicas. Esa es la verdad.Si Estados Unidos quiere intervenir en Venezuela, lo va a hacer ante la mirada incrédula de todos los francisco toros del mundo. La forma de hacer política en el mundo cambió, y los análisis deben hacerse con otro criterio. Las reglas del juego no son las mismas ya.
    El único obstáculo real y no imaginario es la falta de voluntad por parte de la oposición política de formar un gobierno de transición. Pero a mí me parece que si la MUD no quiere formar gobierno, surgirán otros actores políticos que sí lo quieran hacer y la gente obviamente los respaldará porque salir de la dictadura es algo de vida o muerte para ella. La MUD, hundida en el pantano moral e intelectual en el que está, no tiene capacidad de reacción. Como depende completamente de Maduro para existir, se va a aferrar a él y va a hacer uso de cualquier falacia que su mente miserable y decadente pueda inventar. Pero la gente no quiere perder su vida y sus bienes (amenazados por la ANC) y va a apostar por quien le aporte una solución real al conflicto y la defienda.
    Me parece que las cosas se están aclarando y que nos espera bastante justicia poética. Por ejemplo, yo respeto y admiro mucho a Smolansky alguien valioso y honesto, y me duele mucho ver lo que le pasó. Pero lo que le ocurrió a Ramón Muchacho por ejemplo es para mí como justicia poética, porque yo recuerdo todas sus mentiras y acusaciones durante el 2014 contra los manifestantes. Como él o peor acabarán todos los julio borges y ramos allups y manuel rosales. Atrapados por la misma dictadura por la cual traicionaron a la gente,hundidos en la miseria moral para toda la historia y sin ninguna posibilidad de abrirse camino en un nuevo gobierno

  34. Did you know that expressing any kind of disagreement regarding something Trump says will immediately brands you as a leftist? Me neither!

    • CC & Quico @ WaPo have posited the question: Is Trump like Maduro or is Trump like Chavez? Trump is compared to the two. So be it.
      Hillary Clinton has certain resemblances to Maduro/Chavez:
      1) The law is for little folks to follow, not for me to follow: her private server hosting classified data.
      2) Corruption: Clinton Foundation.
      3) Demonizing/otherizing oppponents: deplorables. (Escualidos.in Venezuela)

      Yet, to the best of my knowledge, CC has never posted a comparison of Hillary to the dynamic duo.
      That speaks to me of a certain bias, leaning leftward. Or at least leaning towards Democrats and against Republicans.

      At the same time, while CC may lean lefty- which I see as an inevitable consequence of living in a Petrostate where the government is the biggest player- it does NOT lean totalitarian lefty. Consider what Quico wrote on the death of Fidel Castro.The Worst Latin American.

      • I’ve said it before, and will say it again, the Venezuelan extreme right would be considered left of center in the States.

  35. One of the characters of the Venezuelan crisis is how some people exploit it for own political purposes in countries outside Venezuela, but do not care at all about the people. Some people appear to even profit politically from existence of the regime while condemning it rhetorically (for example, as a way to attack the local political opponents as being similar).

    I wonder: Did anything really change in VZ after President Trump said its comments? Did it stop being a dictatorship, and its people stopped starving? There is no excuse for international pressure to let up, regardless of what Trump said or may say. If one’s priority is Venezuela, than one should be pushing the international community on, not providing them cover to do nothing.

    • His remarks did accomplish something: it showed how vapid his supporters are and how quick they are to send all of Venezuela to hell for merely -criticizing- a palpable lack of skill. Trump people are monumentally self unaware.

      • His incompetence was obvious for reasons well beyond Venezuela well before his comments. But that’s not an excuse for making the regime feel a bit more secure and giving excuses to do-nothings. There were much better ways to reject military intervention while keeping the pressure on. For example:

        * “A military intervention is not what Venezuela needs. Yet, Trump’s comments show how dangerous the situation has become due to the regime’s action. International action is needed to…”

        * “Trump’s concern is justified, but America can help Venezuela better with these actions…”

  36. It seems from some of the posts here that a US military intervention is being viewed as the magic bullet. A solution to all problems in Venezuela. This is no doubt far too neat and simple. The likely scenario will be far messier and might involve less direct intervention from abroad as well as internal pressure. Arguing against military intervention does not however automatically make one a ‘lefty’ or any other such term. US policy aside, we in Venezuela got ourselves into this mess and it’s up to us to find a way out. Support from abroad is there now more than ever too but not in the form of troops invading, I don’t think.

    • Its not really about boots on the ground. Its just what is popularly understood in the American imagination as a sole military option and the fact that Trump alluded to it. There is no nuance to be found here, just pop culture garbage masquarading as subject matter expertise.

      The unifying theme here is that Trump said it. And as you may have noticed, Trump supporters are a very touchy lot when you criticize him.

  37. This article is ridiculous. Toro, you’re an old enough guy, you should know better. I can excuse Emiliana on account of her youth.

    Want to make another big mac bet on military intervention not happening? I seem to recall you being very wrong on 30J not happening. You should probably write an article, after making such a bold call, on why you were wrong and what you missed.

    That would require an open mind, acceptance of criticism and self-reflection. You might just make it and grow politically afterwards.

    If I didn’t know better, one might wonder if you writing for someone’s particular economic interests.

  38. One more thing. Never underestimate what could happen when dealing with mad men. Traditionally rules go out the window and unlikely scenarios start becoming much more likely.

  39. Raul – You attack the wrong person in an insulting manner, and with inaccurate data and false assumptions at that. Usually, people who merely insult others personally, lack a foundation for themselves. The Democrats here is the U.S. attacked President Reagan, and he turned out to be one of the best presidents the U.S. has had. The attacks by the Democrats on President Trump are double the attacks on President Reagan. These Democrats are socialists, do you understand? The same socialist ideology that has brought so much death and misery all over the world.

  40. I find it quite arrogant that many people commenting here think for some reason Venezuela is the center of the universe.There are brutal wars going on in the Middle East where hundreds of thousands have died ,North Korea threatening to nuke Guam, terrorists attacks in Europe and countless of other things going on and I am sorry to say but this “diet dictatorship” where you have maybe a hundred dead in 4 months of street skirmishes is not the main focus of the world.Not many care about Venezuela besides their neighbors and they definitely DO NOT want US intervention. Maduro will finish his term and if he stays beyond December of 2018 then you can start calling it a dictatorship but until then he is just another corrupt Latin American politician to be democratically elected by the people 4 years ago.I mean the guy in Brazil has like a 6% approval rating and was appointed by a committee basically and is totally corrupt as well so you will have to deal with it and don’t expect Trump(aka king bullshit) to do anything about it besides empty rhetoric.

      • There is famine and war everywhere.Enough of the theatrics and I am not “spitting ” on anyone’s grave.I am being honest and the world is a rough place and unfortunately with all going on and looking at it from a neutral point of view, Venezuela is not on the map as far as today’s tragedy’s are concerned.Also not sure where you are coming up with that 7500 number.

        • Oh, that’s right, for you, all the deaths in Venezuela since 1998 have been from natural causes.

          Obvious chaveco troll is obvious.

    • “Maduro will finish his term and if he stays beyond December of 2018 then you can start calling it a dictatorship”
      Luis, this reflects your utter complete ignorance on the situation.

      I mean that comment is so bad that makes you look s*****d

        • Call me a Comunista a Chavista what you may.The fact remains Venezuelans need to figure this out themselves .The U.S. has the right not to buy oil from Venezuela.They have the right to sanction corrupt officials.They DO NOT have the right to send in the Marines and invade any country much less one that is not a threat.Venezuelans voted for Chavez then Maduro so it’s your mess to deal with.Your responsibility.No one else’s job to bail you out sending troops and risking American and Venezuelan lives.

          • “maduro must be allowed to complete his term and only then you can say anything”

            Sounds like chaveco troll, smells like chaveco troll, and speaks like chaveco troll.

            The answer is obvious, don’t bother trying to rebuke anything, you buried yourself saying that nugget.

      • Venezuela is the most urgent situation in the Western hemisphere.
        The risks to neighboring countries and the region are very high.
        The connection to terrorists and Iran are a valid concern of the US.

  41. In this post, you have very good and useful points. A regime change would improve things, but the meat of the thing involves policy going forward, and the implementation of that. I have forgotten who laid out the plan, and I don’t have the link handy, but one prominent Venezuelan politician did lay out “five steps” to begin the reconstruction. They were basically what I had thought about, unifying the currency, re-enabling imports of parts and supplies, reconstructing the oil sector production (repairs, efficiencies), and (the hard part, in my view) doing away with price controls. His plan for that was to do it gradually, so as to allow the employment picture and the currency picture to improve before the inevitable rise in prices to their equilibrium.

    If you would kindly, as Cocosette very lucidly explained, refrain from insulting the President of the United States, more people would listen to your [real] thoughts.

    • The above was directed at Baltazar’s post beginning with “It seems from some of the posts here that a US military intervention is being viewed as the magic bullet.”

        • You’re reading things exactly wrong. Sorry, but that’s the truth. For us in the US, the establishment politicians are like the regime in Venezuela. And President Trump is not like the MUD for inaction.

    • Let’s be clear here, Gringo. I wasn’t for one minute defending the right of the Trump supporters to be brittle little shits. In fact, I ask that you all grow up and focus on the task at hand instead of throwing a fit every time anything Trump says/does is criticized, and then call the criticizer ungrateful / leftist / communist, etc.

      You’re in a personality cult and you don’t even see it. High irony since many Venezuelans are very accustomed to what that is like under Chavez.

  42. Maria Corina position is in favor of military intervention is clear to me, understanding that she can’t openly support it and have yet to show her direct rejection.

    And that twitt in support is backed by huge numbers of Likes and Retweets.
    The translation is:
    “To free Venezuela from this destructive narcodictatorship we need help from the democratic world now.”

    Original: Para liberar a Venezuela de esta narcodictadura que nos destruye, necesitamos la ayuda del mundo democrático ya.

  43. I am reminded of a news report some years ago when there were extensive floods in Eastern Pakistan and hundreds of people who could have been saved ended up dead because Muslims refused to share boats with Sikhs.

    Churchill on the other hand, when responding to a question about his befriending Stalin, replied:

    “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

    If Churchill were leading the Venezuelan opposition, I am sure that he would be encouraging Trump right now to escalate the threat level and to back it up with some diplomacy and realistic planning. This sociopathic regime is not going to bow to moral pressure – international or national. It will fall only after it loses the support of the FANB or that support is forcibly eliminated.

    So how is that going to happen? Economic sanctions? They will certainly induce rapid chaos but the first victims will not be the enchufados of the regime. And ultimately, one perverse outcome might be to drive Venezuela directly into the arms of the Chinese or the Russians who step in as saviours to claim a pretty prize on the doorstep of the US.

    A UN police action is required but it is not going to happen while China and Russia have a veto on the security council. A police action fully supported by OAS states would be a second best, but that is not going to happen either when the OAS can’t even drum up sufficient support for a verbal slap-on-the-wrist after months of negotiation.

    Calling Trump a fuck-up seems pretty counter-productive. Better to guide US plans than try to thwart what may be the only hope.

    • The countries that have stymied the OAS resolutions make up less than 10% of the population of the OAS countries.
      The regime has these countries in their pocket with the subsidized oil and possibly other benefits their leaders receive. There is no reasonable excuse to refuse to condemn the actions of the Venezuelan regime except for self preservation. I have to believe that the investigations that will come about after the regime falls may show actions that are illegal involving many of these countries politicians.
      The Odebrecht scandal has revealed how ingrained corruption is throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
      Many of the countries that have refused to support Maduro also receive aid and favorable trade with the US. Their economies are also highly dependent on tourism.
      The proper diplomatic pressure may sway enough countries to agree to resolutions condemning Maduro and possibly supporting regime change.
      The carrot and stick approach in this instance would be two fold if I had any influence. The countries that refuse to support an OAS action against Maduro, will lose their US Aid. At the same time the countries that decide it is time to help restore democracy in Venezuela will be reimbursed their cost of lost aid from Venezuela. Using the funds that are taken away from the holdout countries to accomplish this is the proper way to do it. When one country realizes that the OAS is going to succeed without them, they will realize that their aid from Venezuela will be gone and their aid from the US will be lost, they will be scrambling to come on board. We only need to persuade a few countries to meet the either 2/3 or 3/4 requirement ( it has been a long time and I honestly don’t remember the the number).
      Once the resolutions are passed, the OAS countries could look at involvement in the same way that the US and other NATO countries intervened in Yugoslavia without the UN Security Council approval.
      If all else fails, an assembly of American countries similar to the Gulf Cooperation Council may be the answer.
      I don’t see this regime leaving under any peaceful diplomatic conditions.
      The absolute worst thing that can happen is arms coming into the country and having resistance without any leadership. That is how Syria became the hell hole that it is. Venezuela is dangerously close to this type of rebellion occurring. This tends to lead to factions controlling different areas within a country. Bringing everyone together in a peace process is incredibly challenging. The usual result is a country with destroyed infrastructure and immeasurable human suffering. Somalia, Libya and Syria all come to mind.
      Many times foreign policy is influenced more by politics and media than by career diplomats. The people that have the best understanding of situations find themselves drowned out by people that don’t necessarily have altruistic goals. I believe that Trump is motivated by the human suffering as much as the illegal activities and the terrorist connections.
      I am not concerned about Trump’s statements that military intervention is an option. That single statement may influence the regime more than all of the other condemnations they have received from across the globe. If it serves to temper some of the human rights abuses, it was successful.
      Removing any military options, just as the MUD refused to call for physical resistance, has allowed the regime to act with impunity in the comfort of considering themselves out of the reach of international courts.
      The outcome of Noriega’s regime in Panama should never be far from the thoughts of the leaders of this criminal regime.
      I am certain that Trump’s remarks have given them pause and added to their paranoia. I would actually like to hear him make some statement regarding the military having a chance to redeem themselves by removing the regime. Waving a get out of jail free card may create the long desired split in the armed forces.

  44. While people are concentrated in discussing the stupidity or brightness of Trumps words. Maduro, AN’s “truth commission” and Diosdado are starting to wipe out whats left of opposition and street protest in Venezuela.

    We should concentrate on reorganizing the MUD,organizing a serious underground movement with teeth and a plan to get rid once and for all of the Chavista regime.

  45. I’m convinced a faction of Trump supporters have made Venezuela their personal cause and have taken over the comments section on CC.

    The problem is, they’re ideological and devoid of moderation. This is Trump’s approval rating in the United States:


    His term average is a full ten points below any other US president. The majority of Americans roundly reject Trump. The types who do are increasingly self-selecting.

    Yet to the people posting here, he’s infallable, what does that tell you? Even the slightest criticism of him will set off a cascade of insults. What does that also tell you? It tells you they’re insecure and are “triggered”.

    Its a shame this even has to pollute a Venezuela-based bulletin board.

    If you call Venezuelans ungrateful, and say Venezuela is a shithole, and call anybody who disagrees with Trump a liberal, a leftist, and so forth, when we’re all on the same team and frankly get called “right wing oligarchs” by leftist stooges, something is really off with you.

    Trump is divisive enough in the United States. Please don’t bring your divisive baggage here. This is not Washington Chronicles.

    • Hey – you and other socialist buddies of yours stop moving the subject to President Trump with nothing but insults, and we won’t bring it up. You socialists are so very snide, and so very idiotic. Venezuela is not socialist? Look in the mirror and you’ll find the source of your problems – because you DO have problems.

      • “You socialists”

        You know what? I’m fine with you calling me that. Because your internal definition of “a socialist” it is apparently anybody who disagrees with Trump or his supporters. Which is a gigantic camp and includes a great many storied conservatives and former presidents, not including the last two Republican ones. Lets not also forget former Republican nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney. I suppose they’re all collectivist lefties who build cobb homes on rented farm plots and write articles in Green Left weekly? Come off it already!

        Oh, also Romulo Betancourt was also a socialist. Not that you’d ever hear a Chavista say that.

        Never forget your untethered hostility stems from an inability to accept criticism of a man you slavishly praise for reasons which become increasingly murky each day he is in office. Doesn’t it bother you that you’re this emotional about it? Shouldn’t that set off some internal warning that perhaps your blind support is on pretty thin ground?

        • RCC, I get emotional about it because I live here, immersed in it every day. I think some here fail to understand how chavismo has come to affect virtually every single thing one tries to do to be productive.

          In my case, I want to grow FOOD, but there’s no seed, fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide,spare parts,tires and on and on and on. One of the best companies in the world, AgroIsleña, was confiscated by chavismo and promptly destroyed.

          And this process has been steady, every year bringing insanity that overcomes last year’s insanity and it never stops. But instead of mentioning the rotting corpse of the elephant in the corner, the CC staff whines about Trump.

          After seeing what the opp has done starting 31 July, I’m convinced that Trump will either clean this mess up, or we’re lost. So yeah, I’m at the end of my rope and lashing out.

    • Because people suffering under the regime couldn’t decide on their own that anything is preferable.

      Dictatorships don’t go away with votes.

    • I’m convinced a faction of Trump supporters have made Venezuela their personal cause and have taken over the comments section on CC.

      There is a very simple way to test that conjecture- find out how long a given blog name has been commenting and on what the blog name has posted on. If the blog name is recent and is all about Trump, you may have a case. Put a blog name into Advanced Google Search.How long has this blog name been commenting here? This method is not perfect, but it is better than nothing. “Cocosette,” for example, appears to be new to the comments.”If By Whiskey” also appears to be new to the comments. By virtue of their being newbies to CC, it would appear they might fit your “Trump supporters” narrative. Guess what? Those two are NOT Trump supporters. “Katy Parece” is relatively new to comments, but her comments are very much rooted in Venezuelan affairs, so she is not a Trumpista who couldn’t distinguish an arepa from an aardvark. “Katy Parece” doesn’t fit your narrative.

      You are perturbed at what MRubio has written. I suggest you take a look at his other comments in the last year.“Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up,” which to me is a succinct put-down.You may not agree with his comment- nor with the expletives that follow. But it appears to be an exasperation rooted in his experiences in rural Venezuela. NOT “4chan”- which to me seems an absurd suggestion.Someone who has been experiencing Chavismo in the countryside is entitled to be exasperated at times.

      Thus far I don’t see much supporting evidence for your conjecture.

      ¿Me entendés, pana?

      • A poster perturbed By MRubio’s words? Heavens!

        This is what M Rubio wrote:

        “Yeah, Venezuela was doing such an exemplary job before Trump screwed it up. Fuck the whole fuckin’ lot of you ungrateful mother fuckers, this shit hole deserves what it gets.”

        I mean, is one supposed to be happy? Grateful? That’s right. Venezuela should be grateful to become the Ugly American’s latest vanity project. And if somebody disagrees, ‘fuck you!’ Very manichean viewpoint the Trump cultists have.

        • MRubio is located in rural Venezuela. He is pissed off, and has good reason to be so. If YOU lived in rural Venezuela, or had read his posts in the last year, you would understand why he is pissed off. He is LIVING IN what he describes as a “shit hole.” He is one pissed off Venezolano de monte y culebra :). Pana, no sabes nada de Venezuela. (Tr: Venezuelan from the sticks. Dude, you don’t know a thing about Venezuela.)

          “Trump cultist” is not accurate. It is rather that MRubio is annoyed at the shrill anti-Trump tone of CC for the last year or so- especially given that Obama wasn’t very successful in HIS policy on Venezuela, but got little criticism from CC for that.. BTW, one reason MRubio is pissed off is that Quico, who has been very anti-Trump, put his foot in his mouth and predicted that the July 30 referendum/election wouldn’t happen. I would also add that doesn’t exactly increase the credibility of the CC anti-Trump crowd.

          It is exceedingly presumptuous on your part, suddenly coming to this blog and making ignorant pronouncements, especially about someone like MRubio who is living the Chavista nightmare.. Que atrevido sos. YOu definitely have some chutzpah.

          • Or you could say, based on the evidence we have in these glorious comments sections, that MRubio is a guy who idlely engages in vile, counterproductive, juvenile musings about pussies and Venezuelans and liberals and other perceived enemies of his while his country burns.

            And to be clear, bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Senator from Florida.

          • Cannuck, my vile, counterproductive, juvenile musings about pussies and Venezuelans and liberals and other perceived enemies of mine have only come about of late as I’ve reached the end of my rope. As you’ve pointed out though, my country is burning and all I see are people who would solve the problem by pissing on the ashes. Thanks for the urine.

      • Raul Castro Convertible is right.

        Since Quico compared Trump and Chavez (and I believe he actually said they were different), almost overnight, a whole bevvy of alt-right nutbars showed up here and they haven’t left. I haven’t detected any obvious Russianisms yet, but maybe it is time to start asking commenters to fill in that little box with the letters and numbers to check if they are actually humans.

        • Since Quico compared Trump and Chavez (and I believe he actually said they were different), almost overnighta whole bevvy of alt-right nutbars showed up here and they haven’t left.

          Who might they be, oh condescending one?

          • Well, by way of example here’s something some poster wrote on the Macondo with Oil article a few days back:

            “Look, for America, Venezuela is just a big problem. Another headache that we don’t need. This year immigrants from Venezuela seeking asylum in the US will exceed 40,000. More than from any other country, including even China. And for two decades we have put up with every kind of vitriol and hate speech you can imagine from Venezuela, and I kind of suspect most Venezuelans even today hate us.

            Now it is a failed country. And you know what? It will take massive American aid and massive American capital and American know-how and maybe even American lives to put the country back on it’s feet again. And all the while the ivory tower experts will be harping and criticizing everything we do and just hoping it all blows up in our face so they can lecture us again on how stupid we are.”

            I mean, how do you even begin to unpack this kind of poorly informed, myopic quintessentially ‘Ugly American’ jingoist nonsense?

            You’re going to tell me a Venezuelan wrote this?

          • You’re going to tell me a Venezuelan wrote this?

            No, I am not. But if you are of the opinion that this poster- Lorenzo– fits Canucklehead’s narrative of appearing at CC “Since Quico compared Trump and Chavez” you would be mistaken. The earliest Trump/Chavez description at CC I can find was in March 2016. One can find a Lorenzo comment at August 2015. Which doesn’t fit Canucklehead’s narrative.

          • BT, after cannuck wonders where all the new “alt-right” posters have come from, Judy Lynn informs us she’s shared this site with her friends! LOL

            She’s a longtime avid poster at the Democratic Underground, or as I call it, the Lunatic Underground. I’m already seeing anti-Trump comments showing up elsewhere by handles I’ve never seen post here. Cannuck will love the new company, I”m sure.

          • If a poster says Venezuela is just a problem Americans must deal with because ugh Immigrants, or that its a shithole, or that we should go fuck ourselves because we deserve what we get, OR if a poster hopes Trump gets all the credit (not venezuelans currently resisting this regime and putting their lives on the line) I don’t care if they showed up years ago or yesterday. They’re being an asshole.

          • Raul Castro Convertible:
            They’re being an asshole.
            That particular classification is less likely to be disproved- in contrast to your and Canucklehead’s previous attempts.

            or that its a shithole, or that we should go fuck ourselves because we deserve what we get.
            From a Venezuelan living in monte y culebra, I might add. My point of view is that those of us who are living in safety and comfort outside Venezuela should cut some slack for those who are experiencing Real Existing Chavismo. Living in increasingly exasperating conditions can lead to comments expressing that exasperation. That is apparently not your point of view.

        • If I have a point of view on this, I’ve been pretty clear about it. We’re all in this together. if you spit in the air, it lands in your own face.

          A less expressed point of view, which I will now express in concrete terms is as follows: Pulling out the Venezuelan dick tape measure to see who is more Venezuelan, and therefore has earned the right to tell other Venezuelans to go fuck themselves, is about the height of absurdity. How about not telling other Venezuelans to go fuck themselves, and that their country is a shithole ONLY BECAUSE they dared to criticize God Emperor Trump? It’s a suspiciously tendentious point of view, regardless of where your feet are planted. Its also no allegiance I want any part of as a Venezuelan.

          Lets be clear. You can either make it about specific posters or the points of views that have been expressed. Intersectionality is a reality we live with as many of us are now dual nationals. And sadly, some of those people are going to have well-meaning but clueless Trump supporting friends and they might hang here and occasionally spout nonsense. Some of them may have showed up recently, some of them may have been old posters who foolishly took the 11am Trump train to Magical Thinkingville.

          I do suppose I should have some “gratitude” that Americans have taken a cursory interest in Venezuelan affairs, and I actually do. It genuinely comes from me and doesn’t need extraction. Nobody needs to say, bend the knee and express gratitude. Here come the American keyboard warriors to Save the Day!(tm)

          I am perhaps less happy when some of those Americans put their jingoism on full display and declare that Venezuelans should be grateful to be invaded by US “boots on the ground”, because we’re all little children who can’t mop up our own pampers. (paraphrasing). As a Venezuelan, that makes my blood boil.

          It also boggles my imagination that a Venezuelan, especially one self-identifying as “in the thick of it” would just dismiss all the hard sacrifices of other Venezuelans out in the streets every day trying to effect change, yet quickly heap praise on a foreign king who happens to say something favorable in a forgettable statement. And worse, insult the country of Venezuela and its people because some other posters on some messageboard DARED to express disagreement. It shows that affections are rather lopsided and perspective all lost. Like some teenager who has a Pop star poster taped to her wall.

          • Hey JCC I must have gotten under your skin in a serious manner, the way you keep quoting, paraphrasing, and just plain insulting me from post to post. Clearly you are an Oracle not to be questioned.

            It is just that, as an American (retired geologist with a soft spot for Venezuela), I found your accusation that the US was using Venezuela for, “showboating,” and your other condescending and self-righteous remarks in that comment, how shall I say, stupid. I tried to give you a little insight from the average American’s point of view, and I apologize that Venezuela is not our top priority at the moment.

            You say my comments are too ill-informed, jingoistic, etc. for you to “unpack”. Well, you could try. But I might remind you of a quote by Winston Churchill:

            “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

          • It’s not about Trump, RCC. It never was.

            It’s about my frustration after almost 20 years of warning those around me that this would end badly but seeing them actually voting over and over again for more free stuff when all the warning signs were telling them to stop.

            It’s about seeing the opposition FINALLY growing a pair of balls and putting real pressure on the dictatorship and then suddenly, like a fart in the wind, ceasing all operations, betraying those who literally gave their lives for them, and now naming candidates for regional elections that will most surely be rigged.

            It’s about my desires to actually produce food for this pueblo, surrounding by thousands of hectars of fertile ground but seeing the government fail to give credit or provide even the minimal resources to those who can produce, who know how to produce, who have a desire and the equipment to produce, but instead watching while the same goverment spends millions of dollars encouraging those in Caracas apartment bulidlings to grow vegetables on their balconies so they can claim Plan Hallaca was a success.

            It’s about me reaching my limit with it all. I’m done. No more hope from this dumb-ass gringo. I’ve been suckered for the last time. This country, I believe, does not have the will to do what it takes to oust this regime. And if they don’t, if I’m right, then fuck ’em. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat a huge plate of crow.

            Prove me wrong, please Venezuela, prove me wrong.

    • I doubt I have ever initiated a conversation about Trump on this site. To me he was never the issue. I despise hypocrites though, which is why I have a low tolerance for those who start bashing him as, almost to a person, they sat silent while Obama hardly uttered a word about the country for his two terms.

      • I concede that Obama’s policy towards Venezuela was shameful. But MUD has only RECENTLY gotten on the international lobbying bandwagon for real. In the last years, their attempts have been tepid and uncoordinated at best, and straight up sabotage at worst: In 2014, MUD even went as far as to lobby AGAINST sanctions. So many players are involved in the failure of U.S. foreign policy towards Venezuela, empezando por la MUD misma.

        • Which supports my point. Blast your own countrymen for their lack of success and don’t waste your time on Trump until he actually fucks it up. To date, he has not.

    • Well, thank you, Emiliana, for conceding Obama’s Venezuela policy was shameful … that was my whole point about the double standard in criticizing Trump for at least speaking up. And while MUD et al have done quite a good job of demoralizing los chamos valientes, now they know (one part of the) USA is with them. My observation is that the common Venezuelan folk (cuando nos van a mandar los marines?) seem pleased with Trump’s utterances.

      Thank you, Baludo Tejano (best name in the board 🙂 for mentioning that I do not fit RCC’s profile. To RCC, I am a conservative, but I am not a Trump supporter; I lodged a protest vote that actually helped Hillary squeak out a narrow victory in my state. On the other hand, there does seem to be a recent influx of Democracy Now types who don’t have a grasp of the basics on the ground in Venezuela. Let’s just have elections indeed!

      Yes, my posting on this website is fairly recent, but I am by no means new to Venezuela. I was never inclined to get involved on this website because I frequently disagree with the content. And there is No chance I will outline the extent of my involvement and connection with Venezuela on a public message board read by chavistas. Due to the circumstances — this time — I dared to hope we would raise international awareness, and the world might finally pay attention. With so much going on minute by minute from April to July, I could read here every the morning to get a quick rundown of anything I missed overnight.

      The real strength of this website is not in the articles, but in reading the comment section. (Case in point, the infamous two Big Macs — por Dios, how could ANYONE who has observed chavismo for 18 years not know they would absolutely go through with the ANC — de bolas, les sabe a mierda y saben exactamente lo que están haciendo y lo van a seguir haciendo hasta el día que la fuerza les pone un paro.). The explanation didn’t cut it, either … Quico, you “took a risk”? NO, Neomar took a risk, Pernalete took a risk, la abuela del tanquete took a risk, MCM takes a risk every day — you are just out of touch, and too inclined to see fairy tales in socialism.

      I still pine for a source that explains the Venezuelan situation in English, to the average gringo, and the articles here often miss that mark by failing to define acronyms, not using full names, assuming a basic level of knowledge (try explaining to the average gringo what CLAP is — thrown into articles with no definition, so I have to write a long preamble whenever forwarding CC articles), and by throwing in sabroso Spanish words that are lost on the audience I wish to educate. So I post only infrequently to once again ask that the writers here keep in mind that preachng to the choir isn’t what we need — please think about editing every article for a global audience, because you are all we have.

      • KP, you absolutely need to post more often.

        I call others out for bashing Trump when they sat on their fat little Trump-like hands while Obama did squat for this country and i’m called a Trump bot as though it was all about it him. It’s not. It never was. But as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve come to the conclusion that if anyone is serious about doing something for this country, it is he.

        I put myself at great risk posting here and speaking openly and honestly about what I think needs to be done but that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it will help others, even one, realize how dire the situation has become. Something drastic needs to be done now or this one is over. Give this regime another year to further consolidate their power and there will be no other option to oust them than a military option. Unfortunately, I believe we’re already there.

      • Like your blog name, also. Que te parece? There is also a CC in-joke with regards to Katy as a blog name. Juan Nagel, who used to share CC responsibilities with Quico, for years used Katy- the name of his wife- as his blog name here.

        My point about fitting RCC’s profile was more that RCC presumed that there were commenters who came here because of Trump articles and whose comments focused on Trump. (The irony of course being that those who fit that profile were, as far as I can tell, mostly anti-Trump.) You made detailed comments about Venezuelan affairs which made no mention of Trump.

        The main reading audience for CC appears to be three-fold: Venezuelans in Venezuela, expatriate Venezuelans, and Latinos or gringos who have worked/lived in Venezuela. (For example, there is a Peruvian, who lived in Venezuela as a child, who comments here.) All have a command of Spanish- though gringos will not necessarily have a completely idiomatic command of the language. For example, I needed assistance not long ago on a certain proverb- which I got soon after my posting.

        A link for Venezuelan idioms might be a good idea, such as:
        /wiki/Venezuelan_Spanish#Some_examples_of_Spanish_words_common_in_Venezuela.2C_including_some_native_Venezuelanisms_.28slang.29″>Wiki: Venezuelan Spanish.

        Yes, there is a problem for the newbie here. For example, CLAP has been discussed and explained many times here. As such, CC writers don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel and give a history of CLAP every time CLAP gets mentioned. It might be a good idea to have a glossary. OTOH, newbies could do a Advanced Google Search to better inform themselves. OTOH, as I have not financially contributed to CC, “put your money where your mouth is” could be termed an appropriate response.

        At one time CC had a section of articles for those new to the website informing them about Venezuela. One excellent article in this newbie section was The petrostate that was and the petrostate that is. There are many newbies who assume that before Chavez, little or no oil revenue reached the population at large. The petrostate article disabuses that notion. (The current condition of Venezuela with $40-$50 oil, compared with Venezuela in 1998 with $11 oil, also disabuses that notion.)

        At one time CC articles predominantly came from expatriates. This is no longer the case, as there are now a slew of articles coming from those who directly experience Chavismo every day.

        Has CC gotten a lot of newbie traffic recently? Don’t know.

        • (The current condition of Venezuela with $40-$50 oil, compared with Venezuela in 1998 with $11 oil, also disabuses that notion.)


          In 1998 one could find AND afford just about anything one needed, certainly spare parts, tires, etc. not to mention FOOD, and plenty of it, imported canned goods, you name it.

          Today we should have 4 or 5 times the access to such products but instead we live at a fraction of it.

          What’s the difference? The rotting corpse of Chavez I would suggest.

          • “Atrevido”, also–one who takes on the RCC’s/Balts/Canucks/et. al. of this world, and, with historical FACTS (Heaven forbid!).

          • Boludo does refer to bolas grandes. It comes from Argentina- cattle country. Big dumb cattle w bolas grandes. As Ulamog points out, it is synonymous with “moron” or “jerk.” Not really atrevido these days, though at one time “boludo” WAS used for cannon fodder at the front. But over time those were seen as more dumb than brave. So not as in “Que bolas!” Just dumb.

            But it can be used in a friendly manner w friends. Not w strangers. (I am reminded of blacks using the ‘N” word among themselves.)
            Argentina has another and much stronger slang term referring to bolas grandes: pelotudo- but they are now big AND hairy. There is never a “friendly” connotation to pelodudo- translate it as “A-hole.”

            Which is why I put the following on a Che T-shirt: Si sos hincha de Che, sos hincha de pelotudo sin cerebro.
            (If you’re a Che fan, you’re a fan of a brainless A-hole.

            I have noticed that a number of times native Spanish language commenters have addressed me as Tejano, not as Boludo. Perhaps they do not consider me a real Boludo so don’t want to call me that. Or they consider it vulgar to use such a word. OTOH, if someone writes, “You are a real Boludo,” they are quite correct, as that is my blog name. 🙂

  46. Jesus! Of course The US and other countries in the region should carefully think about a military intervention. A communist Venezuela will be used as a military base for countries like Russia, China and Iran. Of course everybody should think about a military intervention!

  47. To all the naysayers, the binders have been dusted off and Pence/McMaster are on message. The option is on the table. See you in 2019.

    PS to the spy who loved me, never say never again

  48. Latest speech from Mike Pence about Venezuela makes it very clear where the Trump admin stands.
    It looks too me that Trump admin will come up swinging when all they have to destroy Maduro including intervention if needs to be.
    Very Hopeful !!

  49. Flash! FT just tweeted black margin right that “He gets it, the whole Marines-fall-from-the-sky-and-end-it-all-fantasy…escapist appeal”; If, as things look now and for the near future, no major internal changes occur, I wonder what crow will taste like two or so years from now?

  50. http://m.telegraaf.nl/article/28941519/vs-stellen-hennis-gerust-over-venezuela

    Defence minister of the US visiting his counterpart in the Netherlands and stating; quote ” chances of a US military intervention in Venezuela are ZERO, the Netherlands doesn’t need to worry a war will breakout right next to their Antilles Islands (Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire )”. Only 16nm of the Venezuelan coast. There you go, Cubazuela is here to stay for many many many ….. many years to come.

    • What James Mattis said, according to the US releases (and according to various English-language versions of the Dutch press) was “there is no chance that the United States will ARBITRARILY take military action against Venezuela.” (My capitalisation.)

      The Dutch defence minister, Hennis-Plasschaert, said afterwards “he has assured me that there is no chance.”

      I hope that the distinction is clear to everyone.

      The main aim of Hennis-Plasschaert is to offer reassurance to the residents of the Dutch Antilles, which is a fair enough objective. At the same time, by wilfully dropping Mattis’s contextual qualification like this, she is carelessly offering reassurance to the leaders of the Venezuelan regime. Evidently solving Venezuela’s problems is not high on her to do list.

  51. Maduro et al don’t fear the Dutch Antilles. When their police force arrested Hugo “el pollo” Cavajal (a wanted narco general) with an invalid diplomatic passport, the Venezuelan government managed to get him released within 48 hours and before he could be flown off the island by DEA. There is, afterall, PDVSA refinery in the islands.

    • Not divulged at the time were the very crude threats made by the regime (privately) to take all manner of actions against all netherland interests in Venezuela and to run both Curacao and Aruba to the ground economically unless el Pollo was released . The decision was extorted by turning the arms of the Netherlands , not by appeals to any principles of international law (gangster style) .

      While the Pdvsa refinery in the island is run with venezuelan oil , the lease under which it operates is soon to end and after many attempts to have Pdvsa assumme the obligation of upgrading the refinery as a condition for renewal failed , the running of the refineries will be taken over by a private chinese concern when the lease expire next year.

    • Last bar-fight I was in was on Statia about ten years ago. Punched the chief engineer on leave from a tanker. I told the police he got the bloody nose because he was drunk and hit the floor face-first. They bought it. NA police are pussies!

      • Forget the name of the bar. It was in upper Orangestad and owned by a Chinaman. The bartender was a black lady (islander) and the barmaid was her drop-dead gorgeous 18 yo. daughter. Anyone can help me out here would be appreciated.

        Sorry for the totally OT story. Just thought this post could be lightened up a little.

  52. So, even after the regime begins mass arrests of the opposition (executing hundreds, sending tens of thousands to labor camps in the interior), sends drug-addled colectivos to shoot all guarimberos and street protesters, purges the FANB of any potential dissidents, and imports 20,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a praetorian force, and while hundreds of thousands of starving Venezuelans flee by land to Colombia or by sea to Aruba and Curaçao, US military action would still be right out, because the solution must be peacefully negotiated.

    Yeah, ri-i-i-ght….

    Willl all the above things happen? Probably not. But these are all plausible actions the regime may have to take to keep power, and they appear to be determined to keep power at all costs.

    If anyone sees any possible way of the regime giving up power peacefully, describe it. Write out the story of how it happens, in detail. Narrate the specific events, name the important actors. If no such scenario can be plausibly described, then ISTM there is no such possibility. And then – if the regime will not go peacefully, lay out a scenario where the regime is ousted by internal force. Again, narrate the events, name the actors. If no such scenario can be plausibly described, then ISTM that external force is required. And who but the US can provide such force?

    • Thats a straw man argument.

      Rejecting Trumps hamhanded posture (or even Trumps stupidity in general) is not the same as rejecting the use of force. In fact, its time that opposition interests start arming and outside forces to provide logistical and intelligence support while also trying to fragment Maduros power base. But there is an outside game here that needs tending. The closest thing to regional agreement must be achieved so that the aftermath doesnt create a power vacuum or illegitimacy. This isnt novel, its how these things are done successfully. Taking down Milosovic for instance.

      But Venezuelans should be the ones taking down Maduro, not American troops. For both moral and patriotic reasons. As both a Venezuelan and an American taxpayer, I am not comfortable with my tax money or my neighbors teenaged sons being used to kill my own cousins.

      • The opposition should have recognized that it is in a war situation years ago… What can they do now?

        “its time that opposition interests start arming…” for a rebellion? Yes, it would be great if that happened. I don’t see how it can.

        If you do – write the story. Narrate how the opposition how the opposition gets arms, recruits and organizes fighters, attacks and defeats the armed defenders of of the regime. Show every step – no “underpants gnomes” shortcuts.

  53. “But Venezuelans should be the ones taking down Maduro, not American troops.”

    Agreed, but then they decided to go to regional elections thereby giving Maduro another Get-out-of-jail-free card good for another full year. This should give the ANC (you know them, the ones the AN is sharing space with) time to put the rest of the political opposition behind bars.

    • From your article dated 14 August, Maria:

      “Now, you can only buy sugar from street-corner speculators at the black market price, about 7,700 Venezuelan bolivars a kilogram,” she said.

      FINALLY found and bought a kilo of sugar yesterday, 16,000 bs. Can’t wait for the ANC to put those price controls in place, then we can buy everything at affordable prices. MRubio rolls eyes.

  54. Utterly terrible article.

    Venezuelans are losing their freedom, descending into slavery to the Cuban controlled state. Elections are stolen or ignored. There is an assembly with absolute powers “elected” in blatantly crocked elections. Hundreds of opposition politics and protesters are in prison, in subhuman conditions. More than one hundred protesters killed. Rampant crime in the streets. I estimate that more than 60% of the country private companies have been finished in the last 10 years. Hyperinflation.

    The oil industry and huge oil reserves are being stolen from them, in clear view. Most Venezuelans live in miserable conditions, with a salary of around 20 dollars monthly. They survive because the state sells them a monthly crate of food for 2 dollars. Most of them don’t realize that they are slaves of the state now.

    Internal opposition is now neutralized. Controlled by the state, forced to go to rigged elections, to keep control of diminishing local government budgets. They are finished. The state will allow them to exist as a small force, to keep a facade of diversity. Now Venezuela destiny is in the hand of external forces to decide what happens with it.

    Diplomatic measures will accomplish nothing. See Cuba. Economic sanctions, if implemented, will do nothing. See Cuba as living proof. All that these could accomplish, is to serve the government to place blame on international community, for the population starvation.

    Venezuelan state is near phase 2. Where they use gained resources, to spread the ideology to neighbor states. This is a mayor destabilization risk for the region. So countries like the US are forced to do something for self-defense.

    In this scenario, the US president tells that the US is now considering the need to use military force, to stop the unfolding regional collapse. And all that Caracas Chronicles can come up is with this? Trump is the one that “fucked it all”. What???

    What a way to completely miss the point. Venezuela government department of propaganda may congratulate you for this article.


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