“Who would have thought that the Attorney General could be our savior?” she said out loud. She is still wearing her “yoga outfit” while she has a coffee with a couple of friends at a panadería (bakery/coffeeshop) in Santa Paula, a better-off neighborhood in Caracas.

“I have faith that Venezuela can overcome all of this and maybe Luisa Ortega Díaz is what we were needing,” she said. With all of her family out of the country and a “huge disappointment” after the latest decisions of the opposition, for her, Ortega Díaz is the last hope. “She is now out of the country and she has good information about the government, she will deliver all of that information to the USA or any other government and the truth will come out. They can run but they can’t hide,” she said.

Once Ortega Díaz decided to speak out against the government, she decided to let bygones be bygones. “You know the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is that what they say?” she says, with a laugh. In her 60’s she is now living alone, so most of her time she hangs out with her friends.

Reading up on the news take a good part of her time and, for years, she’s considered herself an escuálida.

She has good information about the government, she will deliver all of that information to the USA or any other government and the truth will come out.

“God helps us to finally put an end to this nightmare,” she told me.

“It’s better to have her on our team, she has so much valuable information, the kind of stuff that can bring down this government, and if she accomplishes that, we can forget all the time that she was part of chavismo”, she tells me.

But not all opositores trust Luisa Ortega that much.

“For years she’s been part of all this tragedy, all this malandraje, and now you’re telling me that one day she woke up and she realized that she’d been wrong? All the innocent people that she sent to jail don’t matter?” a man in his eighties asks me.

“You should realize that people don’t end up in positions of power for no reason, there’s a lot of money involved, maybe there was some betrayal,” he continues.

For him, the solution to the crisis in Venezuela comes from the people.

“We’ll soon wake up as a society. Venezuela is a beautiful country and I’ve always said, to any young person, stay here, fight. Being outside of your country is a terrible thing. I came from Spain and I found this beautiful country, we can’t let that chavismo steal it from us”, he explains to me.

On the other end of the coffee shop, a young couple is talking.

You’re telling me that one day she woke up and she realized that she’d been wrong? All the innocent people that she sent to jail don’t matter?

“We may don’t know what Luisa Ortega’s motives are but we have to take what she’s offering us. What better way to learn more about the government that from someone that was a part of it?” the young woman said as she puts her iPhone away discreetly in a fashionable purse. For her partner, the doubt about Ortega Díaz’s motivation runs deeper: “She put almost all of Voluntad Popular in jail, and now we’re supposed to forget about that? Justice has to be for everyone,” he told.

For him, Luisa Ortega is just holding on to her last shred of power: “She knows that chavismo is finished and there’s no place to run for them, so she’s trying to save herself. Probably she’s trying to take control of dissident chavismo, thinking we’ll want to vote for a new kind of chavismo in the next presidential elections,” he says, then catches himself. “Well, if we ever have another election, once Maduro and his goons are done.”

For chavismo, the line is clear. As Ortega Díaz  travels across Latin America, the party line is to denounce her as a simple “traitor.” But she’s not completely welcome in the opposition, either. “She told us she’s is still a chavista, probably she’s mad because le quitaron su tajada [she lost access to corruption opportunities], the young guy said.

A savior, a blessing or a traitor trying to save herself, the opposition is still not sure how to portray Ortega Díaz. For now, they’re just thankful to see one of the most important players in chavismo is spilling the beans.

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  1. Your last two sentences probably sum up the reality/opinions of most people–unfortunately, LOD’s defection wasn’t/will not be contundente for change.

  2. Luisa Ortega…I don’t think so. I wish someone from the opposition was travelling the world with a corruption dossier on the Chavistas taking the spotlight from her Luisa was an integral part of Chavismo until your Supreme Court attempted to subsume your elected Congress. She was a Chavista when it contorted democracy in your country to a mere figleaf creating parallel governing structures each time it lost a mayoral or gubenatorial election. Accept help from all comers, left and right, but when your chance comes to reset your country jettison all anti democratic forces, including Luisa. By the way, I can not ignore Quico’s total lack of grace when it comes to Trump. I dont disagree with Quico when it comes to Trump, but I am not so stupid as to bite the hand that feeds me. How strange…

    • “By the way, I can not ignore Quico’s total lack of grace when it comes to Trump. I dont disagree with Quico when it comes to Trump, but I am not so stupid as to bite the hand that feeds me. How strange…”

      If Quico were a dog, he’d be an Irish setter, chasing butterflies all day long, and pissing on the master’s favorite recliner when he got home.

      • He knows he fucked up when DT was elected. It’s perfectly alright, many make mistakes with DT. Don’t expect anyone to get it, you have to be plugged in to understand what’s going on. Having said this, DT’s personality is a huge problem and separating that from the serious and informed folks in the U.S. government is not easy. Quico went to a very liberal college in Oregon and has spent the rest of his life abroad outside the U.S. Ahain, it’s very difficult to subtract Venezuela reality within the administration and government if one reads NYT and WAPO. La vaina no es facil and I don’t expect anyone to get it.

      • Hahaha good one MRubio!!

        Venezuelans will be Trumps biggest supporters if he follows through on a policy of regime change in Venezuela. Yeah, I dont agree with Trump on everything. I could give a rats ass about conservative or liberal or Democrat or Republican. However Trump is Trump and lets get used to it and it will probably work out in our favor. Never forget, Trump has done more for Venezulela than Obama, hands down (Obama still was always persuaded by leftists who drank the red koolaid who painted Chavez and Cuba as victims and not malandros).

        • Quico has enough humanity to still realie that any solution to Venezuelan problems must come from Venezuela, negotiations and elections. It can’t be imposed by Trump via force or sanctions.

          • Negotiations haven’t worked with the regime. Recall the fiasco with the Vatican last year. Apparently you don’t recognize that “Ni un paso atrás” doesn’t make a good negotiating stance.
            Nor do elections. The only elections Chavismo respects are the elections it wins. “Victoria de mierda”. the reaction to the 2007 Constitutional Referendum, also accurately describes how Chavismo reacted to losing the 2015 legislative elections.
            You have no problems with a solution imposed by force- as long as Chavistas are the ones doing the forcing.

      • on the subject of LOD, everyone should watch this(replying to you, MRubio, as I hope you help spread this among venezuelans), it is around 30 minutes and it talks about the ties of hezbollah with aissami and saab and when luisita started collaboarting with the police of france, I thought it was very important information.

    • Quico appears to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), as do most all media and self-identifying progressives. An annoying (to the rest of us) habit of TDSers is their constant virtue signalling to other TDSers, regardless of the circumstances. Many of those suffering with TDS also have lingering case of BDS. And to be fair, there are plenty of folks that still have a serious case of ODS, and even more that have HRCDS, although her humiliating loss has quieted them down a bit.

  3. “A savior, a blessing or a traitor trying to save herself, the opposition is still not sure how to portray Ortega Díaz.”

    Newsflash: The opposition can’t find its ass with both hands.

    • Forget the avitar, “Conservatives on Fire”. The last time I commented at CC I got in pissing contest with Quico over voting fraud. That was many years ago when I operated my own blog.

      Mr. Rubio’s comment: “The opposition can’t find its ass with both hands.” is, if any thing, an understatement. How is it possible,after months of trial by fire and over 100 dead, and after 7,500,000 Venezuelans turned out to say Hell No! to the constituente, after Smartmatic declared the 7/30 vote a fraud, and the most important countries in the world refuse to rcognize that out come why for the love of God are our opposition leaders willing to co-habitate with the fraud and participate in their frudulent regioal elections? Why, after all we have been through is all the pressure on the regime coming from outside of Venezuela? Why is it that today the only Venezuelan activly applying pressure on the regime is a dispicable Cahvista to the core, Luisa Ortega?

      The opposition leadershipare the epitimy of the temr: sinverquenzas.

      The Barinas Yankee

    • Maduro has never been so lucky as to have MUD as his opposition. They make him almost look like he knows what he is doing. Almost.

      But it is the idiots who met with communists like Zappatereo and the Pope that made progress impossible.

      Communist Popes love their dictators. Yes they do.

  4. She played the entire thing with machiavellique mastery, she is running around the world with her face washed to enjoy all the money she got during these years. Sanctions will not be inflicted to her, some people even respect her.
    If you notice, she is the only one around with a real action plan. She hold information against chavismo in exchange for freedom. SEBIN was surveillance her 24/7, how did she escape?
    We all know this is not going to fall based on her accusations, at least not related to corruption accusations. It think it is all part of the circus.

    • If she spills the beans, especially on Diosdado, let her enjoy all her dirty money. I think it was a mistake for Sebin to show off her posh apartment with all the luxury items there. Par for the course for a Chavista enchufado and I think most Venezuelans know that by now.

      Newsflash: sanctions are working, or at least it gots these guys running scared. Word around town is that the Chavista enchufados are buying up properties in Margarita, especially mansions in Ranchos de Chana (by playa guacucuo). Harder to launder your money abroad now. Way too many Venezuelans abroad to publicly humiliate them in the streets. So rather than vacationing in the French Riviera, hopefully the only place they have left are the oil stained beaches of Margarita and Cuba.

  5. Grandiose and delusional. Pathologically incurable. She could have quit and quietly gone away but no, she saw her chance and made her stand.

    • Excellent analysis.

      It’s the Chavista pathology, and impossible for them to deviate from it.

      I appreciate the balanced views in this article, but it would have been more balanced to steer her further away from the categorization of “savior.” I mean, come on–history doesn’t lie. Look what she’s done.

      I guess some VZ’ers have a problem remembering history, or properly interpreting it.

      Chavez should have been executed, and look at all the idiots who made him president.

  6. Caracas Chronicles was started to hold the regime accountable 15 years ago and it is essential reading(most of the time) in English on the crisis in Venezuela. Many keyboard war mongers who post here, have no clue about the consequences of military action and want to get rid of the regime at all costs(bombing Miraflores) It seems to me Quico has the right idea and I find his positions very rational and logical.Venezuelans need to solve this problem on their own.If they can not solve it then so be it.The US Marines should not come to bail them out of the mess despite what Trump says. He tends to talk out of his ass and contradicts himself constantly.He campaigned on no more wars and he has already threatened war with 2 countries, bombed one and is funding a proxy war killing hundreds of thousands in Yemen continuing the status quo by the previous administrations.I for one am calling his bluff but with all the domestic turmoil he is in, so early in his administration he may just be crazy enough to launch an invasion and if he does,it will not be a cake walk like you think it will be.It will be a bloodbath that will devastate the country more than you can possibly imagine.Much worse than Chavismo could do in 18 years.If the Marines come, they won’t bring you “freedom and democracy” they never do…Hopefully you do not get your wish.

  7. Tracy, first question: are you in Venezuela? Are you Venezuelan? Have you ever lived in Venezuela?

    We are completely disarmed and we are being held hostage now. This is not the Middle East where every Arab has an AK47 under their bed. If you are comparing the situation in Venezuela to the situation in say Iraq or Afghanistan you are comparing apples and oranges. Most everybody here has friends and family in el Imperio. Our cultures are really not that different. Even your average polar light drinker on the street who will they are against intervention will greet the gringos as liberators. All those babbons who are putting on the show in Plaza Venezuela and putting on their “boot camp chimbo” wont do shit if there is an actual military intervention. The only ones who will fight back are the bitter enders (colectivos) and the Cubans. The lower ranks of the FANB will disolve once the first shot is fired and the officers and generals will be left to go down with the bitter enders.

    What we suffer from here is the complete and utter incompetence of a corrupt criminal regime who is hell bent to run this country in the ground before they give up their positions of power and all the benefits that come with it. Your solution of DO NOTHING is exactly what the regime wants. And the only result from this non solution is that WE (people who actually live in Venezuela, not keyboard warriors) suffer more.

    If you actually live here, you realize that things will get really bad really fast because the ANC does nothing to resolve the actual problems of the country. Their only answer is doubling down with “more revolution” and all readers of CCS Chronicles know where that leads. The DO NOTHING approach will only lead to a social explosion much sooner than we think. Once the dollar hits 30,000 and “no hay” really is “no hay” the ramifications of this will be far worse than any collateral damage brought on by the Marines.

    If you want to know what the discussion is among neighbors right now is, it is preparing for this Mad Max scenario. Seriously I could see Venezuela running out of gas.

    The worst case scenario that I see the Marines bringing to Venezuela is a few broken tables and beer bottles after a drunken fist fight among themselves at a whore house. And I hate to say it because I am Venezuelan, but they would be kind enough to pay for their mess and admit fault whereas you typical Venezuelan malandro will not have the money to pay or will make up a bunch of bullshit and will say they will pay “mañana” (and we all know what that means).

    We got into this mess because of Venezuelans plundering Venezuela and I really do not see how we can get out of this if this is left in the hands of Venezuelans (because we have taken CHIMBO to a whole another level). If things went different in the wake of 30J, I might be singing a different tune, but sadly Venezuelans are clearly not able to resolve their own problems (the MUD is case in point).

    And if you dispute my claim that Venezuelans are not capable of resolving their own problems, just come and live here and then you will see what I mean.

    • Guacharaca,I am not Venezuela but I do have Venezuelan friends and I tell them the same: The United States is not the world police.We are not going to bail you out.Sorry but you are on your own.While I weep for your country, I weep for many others that have it worse and I wish you the best but it is not my governments problem to come rescue you from an incompetent government that your people elected.It just isn’t.

      • Ditto. Mostly….

        VZ has no path forward to freedom, just varying degrees of choking socialism and communists. Handing the country over to the MUD is not likely to be any less socialist. MUD have not named one nationalized service that would be returned to private stakeholders. Just different shades of Marxism.

        We are free to talk about the levels if ineptitude on display in it her counties. But it is an entirely different issue to invade another sovereign nation.

        Trump will not invade. He will only protect USA interests. And I like that!

  8. LOD , aprovecho un resquicio que fue la matanza de mártires perpetrada por Padrino López y su cartel de los Soles ( Maduro es un títere ) . Se escurrió por ahí y piensa que nadie se ha dado cuenta ; planifico todo para salvarse y debe ser estrictamente investigada cuando sea el tiempo de juzgar a toda la banda de criminales chavistas de la cual ella formo parte . La fortuna que amaso durante sus años complicidad con Chávez y después con Maduro debe ser ubicada y recuperada para resarcir a sus víctimas . Al regresar la justicia en Venezuela se debería implantar una jurisdicción especial deacuerdo al modelo que funciona actualmente en Colombia para las FARC . La actitud actual de LOD ; sin el adjetivo de Óscar Trujillo , ya que no me consta ; podría funcionar como un atenuante de la pena a la cual debe ser sentenciada , pues no podría eludir las rejas , sus delitos no deben quedar impunes.


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